Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Music Mantra Meditation Mudra Class M4:>

Hi all today let me elaborate abit more on this class.
This class include techniques base on my experience to calm the body mind and emotion. Many time the blockages in our life is caused by energy blockages in body. Work with sound and hand movements and many surprises:>
By working with music, mantra, colors , acupressure and breathing exercise we can definitely improve our life.
A reknown music teacher is invited to teach u all a mantra song u can sing when u visit indian temple or at home for relaxation and super good luck.

Last time to learn the healing method of this courses, one need to spend alot. But my purpose is to share with all simple and direct way. Is a class full of fun and laughter. DO come ok;.

Health, Luck, Relationship development in on Course.

Music Mantra Meditation Mudra Pranayama Course. [ Contain religious content of mantra ]

For those attended in 2012, u can come again as upgrade and learn extra new things)

Date: 6th July 2014:
Time: 930am be seated complete at 12plus
Fees: $50
Email to , name , mobile. Fees will be asked to transfer

Venue: National Library Possibility Room

Hi all this is a once a year workshop to work with the silence of your body for healing. Extremely good for learning different relaxation methods and techniques.

A) Sound Vowel Therapy
B) Multi Muscle relaxation method with music
C) Seating Posture and yoga method for relaxation
D) Self Healing Meditation
E) 21Om method for healing.
F) Sydney 100 mani dance.
G) Sound dance

Music Mantra Meditation class is extremely exciting and fun. It will be conducted once a year for next 2 years. Dont miss 2014 Music Mantra Meditation class:>

Have really come a long way in my work since 1997. And what touches my heart is... everyone of your supported me in a very positive way. I dont have fans or fans club. But I have a group of wisdom compassionate students like u all.

Now I call you all friends. I dont believe in attachment to a teacher or master, you have your own life and space.

I dont believe in followers, and u all are not my followers but a group of angels developing beautiful wings. I am glad all of u appear once a blue mooon in my class and show progressions.

 Life may be harsh on u and me but the peace and harmony is always within you

. Spend 5 mins, do a search and bring out that beautiful violet flame within u---- strength.

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