Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Green Phantom is Back this Supreme Grade

 Hi all it is truly difficult to find this Grade of Supreme Grade green phantom

Supreme Green Phantom Healing
I had my first green phantom crystal as a gift 20 over years ago when I was working as an engineer. And also that year I got my phantom bracelet. And looking back. Is amazing.
It facilitate healing and is a master healing.

It is a clear quartz with green inclusion (many now in Chiaanaa thet do injection green to it).
For people who work with energy and need to be around with alot people it protect ur energy for being drained. All phantom crystals is a facilitator of self grow. When a person work for greater good or caregiver etc. It helps to purify the energy when working with people.

Allows you to have more pure energy. Is a fantastic to use for detoxifying your emotion and aura. Removing unwanted things from within you and clearing.

It has a super grounding energy and release excess emotion that u have been holding and allow the earth absorb as fertilizer to nourish the earth.

Let me know if u want one 93804581 (contact Grace)

Dont forget to register the Dance studio class at waterloo Guan Yin temple beside

Healing with Bryan Lao Shi

Hi if u miss my radio here it is

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Period 9 : Is just another period for next 20 years

Times are different and we cant get back the enery that we are used to and need to face new energy coming our way.

In life is not the number of obstacles and welath and dramas we experience that define us. IT  IS HOW WE MANAGE THEM

Whether rich or poor , happy family or lucky family, success people , without out doubt, no matter how lucky you are you will definitely face trauma of some kind or other in your lifetime. 

Everyone will have to deal with at least one of these life changing events; 

1) Loss of loved one  ( use peppermint and bergamot)

2) Loss of status or job ( Use affirmation blend)

3) Illnesses ( Bryan relax blend final rinse 4 times a week)

Many times we see people posting very happy or success photos in facebook but it is two sided.... It may create jealousy or upset to people who are not successful. 

No matter how happy or successful you are, share just within ur members... U can make it public but not too much, as u are not superstars , people dont bother.

Example, a students has lost a job for 3 months and his classmates keep posting very success pic and bosting his life ...... Well....

Negative energy starts to accumulate and point back to this success person. Like it or not..... . So be mindful.

In older days remember when there is no facebook , we share our happiness when only with specific people. Unless u so superstar post ur success in newspaper.

 Affirmation to have  A GREAT energy everning Morning:

Use lemon rosemary and egypt geranium a drop in tissue.

New Dragonblood mask is infused with powerful ingredients not only with healing properties but good aura for skin. The mask $50 will be ending this week. And will resume $68 

Click here: Dragon’s Blood Frankincense Cream Mask $68 ( promo now $50 for first 30 pax) – Omhealth (


7th July 2024 Healing Qi Gong AND acupressure class i will be sharing with u on healing to release the imprints of past event and bring in Divine love energy on how you can better manage your emotions and mind when facing current change and challenging events.

A clear music therapy with body movement  lead you to clear past trauma’s imprints that have left you with fear or limitations whether consciously remembered or subconsciously in your cellular memory.  And help you to achieve a good energy and positive  mindset.

Date: 7th July 2024

Venue: Dance studio NEW at Waterloo beside Guan yin Temple (power right)

Time: 930am to 1130am

Fees: $55

Email :

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Positive Thinking

 I have just done a ZOOM class sharing that positive thinking is extremely important in a harsh energy environment sometimes. But sometimes is difficult to have positive thinking when u are going thru alot. Is it ?

Well if u have a determination u will be able to transformed in this period 9. This year energy is not easy to handle but with essential oil like five element oil. Bryan relax Blend, rosemary and Orange blend. U will be fine.

I want to share with u that saying affirmation is not fake. Is something like a homework u do daily. U dont care what happen just say it. IS free is the energy of power of words that pierce thru negativity.

SAY IT daily and when saying use some aromatherapy oil.

All students remember start wearing your black tourmaline bracelet. Version2 and 3 still have u can whatsapp Grace for details range between $288 to $380.  93804581


In the mean time, stay tune for 2 class this year.

1) Garden walk $10

2) Healing class with Bryan lao shi exclusive at dance studio. $68


Launch of Dragon Blood frankincense facial mask. 

This mask apply on skin leave it on for 20 mins. After wash off. U will feel a silky emollient on ur skin and is very healing and of course good luck.

A creamy moisturising mask with the skin rejuvenating properties of Dragons Blood, a sap from the  Croton Lechleri Tree which is native to South America.

Active Ingredients: Dragons Blood, Jojoba Seed Oil, Chamomile Blue Extract, Resveratrol, Frankincense Oil.
Directions: Apply a thin layer evenly to cleansed skin. Leave for 20 minutes and then gently rinse off using any cleanser u have best rinse off with Astiquer cleanser. Recommended for use up to 3 times per week.

This mask is $68.

There is a promo today for above $150 is $12 discount. If u want whatsapp Grace items list 93804581

Friday, April 12, 2024

Happiness from WITHIN

 Our body is a vehicle for our true soul. The soul is actually connected to the Divine True Source of Power and love and compassion.

Because of worldly concern we face daily. Many times we lost touch with our Divine Soul which is fearlessness and calm.

Start today Connect to the Divine Source. In  non religious way. I will close my eyes smile and 

1) 5 deep inhale and exhalation.

2) Normal breathing.

3) Set intention connection with Divine source for purification

4) Relax breath in and out 5 mins

Do it daily. One day, u will notice, daily people and environment issues wont eat ur emotion up and u become more "see open“ 安定。

You start to notice you’re living in the flow state more. It’s easier to make decisions that resonate powerfully within yourself. The troubles and past drama crumble from your existence and fall wake of your forward movement.

Light some Sandalwood powder mix with high mountain incense. Try. Or spray tranquility Mist ok:>


Stay tune i may conduct a healing class base on 28 years experience once this year:> I am attending a number of courses lately. Do support ur ok:>

  Allow yourself and myself and everyone to feel Happy

In Buddhism we learn to end suffering to be happy. But i think we dont have to wait for end of all of our suffering before we can feel happy again. U and me can feel happy now.  We need to change our idea of happiness to recognize the happiness that is available to us right here and right now. 

Lotus flowers need mud to grow; they cannot grow on marble. Without suffering, happiness is not possible. So , if you know how to suffer, you dont suffer as much as anymore, and out of our suffering, a lotus flower of happiness can grow.

We can use our suffering to generate happiness, understanding and love. When we embrace our suffering and look deeply into it, we can understand it better, and we can better understand the suffering of others, too. With this comes compassion and forgiveness. understanding and love are the foundation of happiness. B

By embracing our suffering, understanding it, and tending to it, love and compassion will be generated. So we see that happiness and suffering are two sides of the same coin. They inter-related. We cannot have one without the other. Once understand this u learn to use 平常心 handle 无常。 Whatever u are going thru now, cannot injured ur pure soul which is fearlessness and Joyful. U are just here in this life to expereince life. Take it this way.

regards Bryan Lao Shi

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

aura Amber energy


To make a bracelet of aura amber of highest quality needs alot of fine cut on the best area in a rock.

These elements absorb and reflect light to produce a stunning blue hue.
THe benefits of this bracelet

1) Clarity and focus
2) Enhance a person mood and energy, it can be place near pillow to enhance calmness
3) Memory improvements
4) It has a inner strengthn activation energy
5) Grounding

I activate thhis bracelet with intention of u feeling good and happy.

Wishing it to bring good luck and wealth to its owne as it carries a gentle, calming energy that can help ease away tension, fear and worry.

Activated 3 pieces at $280. Who wants can whatsapp Grace 93804581

Saturday, March 30, 2024

How to achieve Good Energy in this 20 years MY sincere writeout Bankaccount PARTONE

I am so so paisei when u all call me teacher. And i am also still learning and glad to have a chance to share and help more people. April what to do? See video below.

I can say being in this health body mind emotion luck business for 28 years. I have met many Masters and people and students. And even the most powerful master from Bangkok, Tibet and Singapore. Most of them has passed on.  All i want to share is , how to tame ur heart and enjoy a peaceful life in this stress environment etc and not to lost yourself in this fire period 9.

Emotion for this Period 9 (affect health and money luck)

U see, the media has alot of teachings and media on how to have good luck and how to have a better life and emotions but why do we still feel easily affected by people around us and situations. Alot of times can be very disturbing the anger. Even we know is no good to be worry (period 9 next twenty years the fire worry energy can be disturbing and affect our luck if we dont cultivate)

Worries Type: Health, relationship, friendship, children , misunderstanding, jealousy, ego. "Bu Gan Yan" , unfairness.

Alot of people are in tension. But how to handle?

First I need to explain everyone has a bankaccount (read my famous bankaccount articles, see left side under the label bankaccount). Alot of times when we have good luck and things happen our ways is because we have good positive bankaccount (福德)。

All everyone are same whether u are good looking of rich or poor. The only different is how much we have in bankaccount (福德,福报)。  You see some people very good luck all the way but when aged suddenly alot bad luck happens. But sometimes cannot blame everything to bank account, example when an elderly die of illnesses , is the nature law is nothing to do much with merits. All people need to face the route. SO u need to be more wisdom when undertsanding this.

Since now you know the only way to have more good life and energy in this life or may be next life. Is constantly upgrade our bankaccount. U dont use up.

What causes bank account to burn off?

1) Anger, u remember when u get angry , sometimes the anger can eat you up. Like ur husband dont know what you want and do things abit not ur liking, u angry whole 2 days. Well u re burning ur bankaccount.  So now u know. Next time u angry alot, just say to urself " aiya i angry again, let me confess, i will improve myself and sorry to my body and heart and feeding u with toxic. I will be a better person"

Say out aloud, u need to improve urself and not burn our fu de. We need to 修心 。 Cultivate our heart but being aware and watching it. I know we are still human, U can get perchek or anger sometimes but at least aware and dont happen too often. Slowly you will be less angry and less 怨气

how to have more merits? you need to 修心。

多看别人的优点。 相信你会更好, 过后你会慢慢变得有自信,一旦有了自信 你的智慧就会提升。

We are not young anymore we cant keep living our life with worries and anger. Time to do sometimes for ourself and our bankaccount. Accumulate merits.

Last time my master 20 over years ago give me a 法号。sonam thubten。 And the wisdom of my master so powerful. Unknowingly i have been sharing to teaching people to accumulate more merits in life. My Fa Hao meaning is SONAM (accumulate merits)

Alot of people like to go PUJA prayers , big scale temple prayers, IS good. But many times we go for sake of going and than the moment puja finnish a phone call comes in , u scold people or lost temper when reach home. Whats the point?

So cultivate ur heart.

How to cultivate heart and improve luck?

I love to bundle with essential oil and crystals, acupressure and music as a tools to help me. As they balance my aura fields

So when i get very angry or worries, I will sing the music healing Sa Ta Na Ma which many yoga schools teach and do some simple yoga. ANd than inhale some aromatherapy and for that 15 mins i listen to music also to relax. Than i repent why u lost temper etc.

WOW u feel good after that.


Power ONE method period 9
 1) Spray tranquility spray 安定 cultivate 不生气

Slowly ur thinking improve and ur auric filed strengthen wa , no negative energy will affect you.

FAQ: What if the person really unreasonable and anger u and situations.


U aalready known is unreasonable, so if u are affected (surely will la). Just say in ur heart, life is an experience. My experience now with this difficult person, to improve my level. Is ok, dont get angry and burn my aura bank account. Go back use essential oil like auric roller and shower and wear my crystal and send this person alot of good energy ( I will visualise pink bubble surround him )

Wa no anger and no happiness, u feel 自在。  I always visualise above pinnk bubble send to difficult people and wear my black tourmaline. Wa power. This black tourmaline is version 3 design for heaven earth energy. Again , u may say bryan lao shi selling things. Yes I am selling, for i design this with good intention. But even without black tourmaline is ok. Work with Pink Bubble.


April what to DO?

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Thunder Bead

Hi all The $48 Thunder bead is one of a kind of good energy.

Period 9: We know is fire. So wood will be affected that affect a person emotion and energy.

So I have decided to have a thunder wood for people to wear just for 5 mins when needed to calm down and good energy. It has a pulsation energy some student felt it and wishfulfillng energy of good protection and healing. I have personally thread a 5 color string so, u can take out one side pull out and become a necklace.

A very good to adopt but left 6 bead:>

To order u need to whatsapp 93804581 to Grace to ensure have stock.

Now have a promo of $12 discount above $138.  Promo ends 1st April.


Period 9

 Period 9 is a time of transformation, enlightenment, and passion. This period is expected to bring rapid changes, increased visibility for individuals and causes, and potential for growth and progress.

Is a year we must cultivate tolerance yet not keep the anger inside body as it is a toxic to our health. So I suggest if anything happen. Use tranquility mist alot this 20 years. And also final rinse body with 4 drops bryan relax blend in shower with warm water.

Many newbies dont believe but when they try the final rinse method. The whole energy aura improves. The power of bryan relax blend and powerbath u can see this blog right side label (more than 15 years le)

  1. Rat (鼠):Energy of  able to  have new opportunities. Rats are advised to embrace changes and be open to transformation. I suggest u can use more rosemary oil and orange oil
Ox (牛): Stability and diligence, may initially find the dynamic energy of Period 9 challenging. If u area able to persevere and adapt. all will be good. Peppermint royal and healnow blend

  1. Tiger (虎): Tigers : To express their ideas and take the initiative. Use Orange oil and eucalyptus

  2. Rabbit (兔):  is abit challenging Rabbit, but u have alot of opportunities for personal growth. Being mindful is good for u. Also be flexible. Use Lavender and peppermint

  3. Dragon (龙):  Good fortune in the beginning of Period 9. Strength and courage is important to face challenges. Use grapefruit pink 
Snake (蛇): U have wisdom and intuitive , improve urself do more reading; Use Healing trees oil
  1. Horse (马): Feeling free-spirited nature, alot of transformation and inspiring, embrace changes and be happy; Use Egypt geranium with lemon

  2. Sheep (羊):  Time to step out of  your comfort zone. While this might be challenging, it could also lead to significant personal growth. Use Ten Spice oil and royal peppermint

  3. Monkey (猴): you could find many opportunities for success in Period 9, especially in areas requiring innovation and transformation. Use grapefruit pink and wild peppermint
Rooster (鸡): U have the energy of diligence and practicality, should use the energy of Period 9 to work towards their goals with renewed passion. Use Poisitive affirmation oil blend
  1. Dog (狗): Good luck begings if u are honest you will need to navigate the changes of Period 9 with care. Time to be open to new energy and think out of the box. Use Peppermint and lavender

  2. Pig (猪): U have the energy of abundance, could find Period 9 to be a time of personal growth and transformation, particularly if they embrace the changing energies with an open heart. Use egypt geranium and lemon

Monday, March 4, 2024

A Great Launch Thank You all

Hi all

we  have now gone through the CNY and now is officially Period 9. Is so important to take note the period 9 is about handling emotion, mental stress and anger and sadness. 

Once we able to be aware and mindful. We will sail thru this 20 years with success. How to do it. I have share with many, using mantra 

  • 21 Om daily
  • High Mountain and sandalwood incense 
  • wishfulfilling coil incense
  • Use more lemon and organic frankincense
  • cleanse house with rosemary , lavender, 5 element oil
  • healing breathing exercise do daily (dont be surprise with positive affirmation blend)
  • Powerbath warm water with bryan relax blend
  • Use Tranquility mist on yourself and protection mist at house
  • Carry ur gui ren bag and make wish
  • carry ur Tai Sui coin 2024 (sold out not in production, every year will design a coin for all but use for a year)
  • lucky food eat for the month which i update here
  • listen music
Do one or 2 items of the above no need all 

Is my dream to launch a medicated oil  and I am glad this launch was amazing and receive many feedbacks as shown on facebook.

Promocode extend till Wednesday $12 for above $150. Get ur face serum and essential oil ok:> Hair tonic super good.

Lemon oil and organic frankincense is amazing. Shop at or whatsapp grace 93804581 with address, mobile and paynow to my mobile , grace will advise.


For 28 years I have been giving event at mall and workshops. Yesterday the sharing was amazing at NEX mall Thanks for coming and i see many old friends come and support.

Dokou Doukou may help the following issues (but have issues must see doctor, but i find it help to release the issue gently combine with doctor treatment.

( Also must apply on fingers and rub chest and inhale few times first before starting any treatment applications to affected part.)

In metaphysic: Nutmeg medicated Oil Blend: Heal sadness, clear stagnant energy

Sleep Quality (apply chest stomach abit when wake up middle nite)
Gastrointestinal Spasm
Upset Stomach
Muscular Aches And Pains
Muscular Injury
Menstrual Cramps




enhancing luck and good fortune. It is often included in luck-related rituals.


Associated with protective energies, it is used to ward off negativity.



Mental Clarity

Nutmeg is believed to enhance mental clarity, concentration, and memory, making it useful for studying.

Digestive Health

Traditionally used for digestive issues, nutmeg is believed to aid in digestion and relieve stomach ailments.


Known for its calming properties, nutmeg can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and encourage restful sleep.


Nutmeg is used in traditional healing practices to address various ailments, including pain and inflammation.



Health Beauty Luck Event with Bryan Lao Shi and Han TCM

24th March 2024

Time: 930am

Fees: $38



May be an image of text that says "BRYAN LAOSHI AND WITH HAN TCM WELLNESS AND LUCK EVENT National Library 24 March 2024 (Sunday) 9.30am to 11.30am 1) eye issues 2) back pain and neck pain 3) Gua sha method upgrade 4) Bryan demo do together digestive qi gong 5) affirmation with frequency for good luck 2024 Fees: $35 Το register, email to: Door Gifts a $48 activated powerful medallion Dr Xu and Dr Ma will be coming With Han TCM free vouchers"

Friday, March 1, 2024

Period 9 and Emotions

Hi all , if we take into consideration of the period 9 2024 flying star chart. We will notice the quarrelsome stars fly to the center of the chart. And the star in the center of the chart, affect the energy of 12 animals signs. So star 3 is quarrelsome and troublesome.  Also this star cause people to change their mood and people u think nice may change pattern. So this is a year we must make full use of Gui ren bag and the MIST。

 More and more u dont think is simple. As and when, smile even there is no people , put on a smile. When I am typing to u, i left my corner of mouth and smile. It break the anger star.

People and things will happen in a unexpected way to make people angry or heart very 烦。 Especially started from CNY many people may feel like there is a kind of obstacles or obstruction.

Dont worry , this star although is troublesome, we can handle it by 3 main way.

1) SMILE and Say " I let go, everything is ok and for highest good of all. (OWNSELF Keep smiling if can, the face fengshui for this year need to lift up the corner of ur mouth even is fake smile). This smile will break the star energy of quarrelsome.

2) Go home, is a must use any aromatherapy (any brand) scrub or final rinse with essential oil. U must use something that smell nice and high energy this year.

( My power way is use heng heng body scrub or, 3 drops lemon and 1 drop lavender oil and 1 drop royal peppermint in a small pail of whater, final rinse body)

If really dont have all the oil, at least use peppermint and lemon final rinse body.

3) Listen to a music and do deep breathing than 21 OM. Spray Tranquility mist above u

This two months, there is a star, some may experience le, that let u feel heavy and not happy. To break thru this star, do the above

FOODCURE for this 2024 march

Lettuce, Mushroom, lemon, brocolli.


March: Wipe ur house and floor with lavender and lemon and rosemary mix. It will clear negative energy and bring wellness to house.


I have designed the DOukou oil and so far the feedbacks was amazing. Do use it the energy is very pure and make u feel smoothen ur energy and release stress.

I have extended the promo. To order whatsapp Grace item list 93804581 with clear address and mobile . 12 dollar discount for all for above $150. 


Monday, February 26, 2024

Omhealth Products 28 years le

Every few years omhealth has product for wellness of a person. Most important is to improve a person energy and character and improve a person heart and mindset. Doukou medicated oil blend officially launched to represent the unconditionally love of mother and healing.

When u use omhealth healing products like auric roller, clarity roller, rose balm or the new Doukou medicated oil。 Use with kindness energy. When apply set intention of kindness and u will find ur aches and pain will get better. (if sick or what must see doctor, using all these items is a compliment to ur treatment, for people allergy to many things do skin test first)

A method can improve relation with yourself and others. Period 9 u must do these when using my healing products when free.

Began the daily practice. Think of others and wished them well with phrases like “may they be happy,” “may they be healthy,” and “may they find peace.” And think of ownself, may I be happy, may i be healthy and may i find peace.

By the end of a week of directing kindness toward others, you will notice a change in yourself and your aura will emit a loving energy and you will become happier.

After  some time of practicing kindness, you will start to feel  less judgmental toward people in this way improved his mood, helped with anger, and helped him in difficult interactions.

So now u know , a simple medicated oil or balm when u apply is infused with this good intention energy.



Auric roller

Clarity roller

Auric roller and clarity roller was launched 8 years ago. So people and parents when need can use the roller on the neck and temples (Tai Yang Xue) to release stress and headaches.

Rose balm: Calming, Loving kindness , compassion and healing. Aplpy neck or chest abit and inhale. It helps to calm a person.

Rose balm was created same time as the roller. Many use on spot on chest or neck apply abit to release stress and tension. Also the energy is to improve relationships with ownself and people. But why apply balm can improve relationship? Well rose balm the scent and aromatherapy energy calm a person. When a person is kind, 不斤斤计较,不麻烦别人。人缘 and energy will improve. 

I dont believe apply what good luck oil and luck will good. To me want good ren yuan and good luck is to change own character and daily reflect.

Read : LifeStory of A Singlish Aromatherapist (


May all of you in peace and well.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Yuan Xiao Jie Promo

 Hi all

promocode heng12 $12 discount for above $150 at

also launch of doukou oil le

click the facebook link here

regards Bryan

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Period 9 to take note

 Hi all the CNY is coming to an end but the period 9 energy has just began strongly.

From 21th Feb to 29th Feb take red apple . Is very good for cleansing and healing energy.

Red apple is important this few days but in general it will be powerful for period 9 this 20 years. As it is planetary water element, it represent prosperity, luck, 


This coming 24th  March will be a very good day to make any wishes. So use your oil for and crystal to make wishes. U all remember to follow my facebook for alot of updates ok:> (Facebook is bryangan ( me and a dragon dance pic)

Facebook Live 2024 (元宵 好运的方法)

I will be launching the Dou Kou Doukou oil on 24th Feb 2024. Below is the video on how to do the 5 angbao method. 

DouKou DouKou medicated is made with purest nutmeg and nutmeg flower. The main purpose is it can release stress , tension and unhappiness. To use this oil. U must first apply some to ur fingers and rub ur chest and than inhale deeply few times from fingers. Than u apply to affected area. For those who cant sleep well. Apply chest and stomach abit and inhale.

DouKou DouKou oil launched 24th Feb 2024. U can go shopping cart. And all will have a promocode of $10 for above $128. Promocode will be announced here and facebook on 24th Feb Stay tune. 

Remember the Ang Bao method i teach many. U can do it the whole year of 2024. Remember 5 D coin and 6D hulu u still have time to put. I strongly recommend all of you to take care of mental stress. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Period 9 What to taKE note

 Hi all

4th Feb we have entered period 9. And yes is a big transition in many ways. Especially we have been through past 20 years of period 8 and now we step into the new era of period 9. 2024 to 2043.

People's fortune varies in each period, either good or bad. Generally, it changes every ten years, and BIG changes world wide every 20 years. So this change is good and challenging. For us, we have been thru so much in life. Period 9 is more on mental health and spirtuality. We need to re think what is the purpose of your life. And how to handle ur monkey Mind, that is depleting many energy past few years. 

Attend the 24th March event ok at National Library

Period 9 is governs by fire energy and also it talks about fame and prosperity too. But the EGO also rising, causing many to be intolerant over others easily. And get angry easily. 

Period 8 is about building wealth and technology and grounding. Period 9 is working with the technology and gaining fame and wealth. But depleting owns energy if one is not careful.

Instead of talking about theory about period 9 which is all over the internet i prefer giving u some simple tips.

2024 Numbers energy is also works with Numbers lol.

This 2 gropus of numbers is very good luck. If u have friends phone number or date of birth have this 2 group of number either one group ahahaha whatsapp them.

[369]   so as long phone inside or date of birth or etc have this 2 group number either one group also can 


Example if phone number is 32789622    win liao or date of birth 8th Mat 2022 also win liao. ADD them whatsapp them ahahah.

OIL: Lemon and frankincense please use this 2 oil alot from Feb to June. Is good for eyes. inhale and frankincense apply eye brow area.

Have u order omhealth Lemon and frankincense set at $30 and $55 total $85.

For those order this 2 oil. A special gift for u . But now is resting time le, all order will be processed after 20th Feb. Get ur organic frankincense. Those who have grapefruit pink also same .

Lemon/Grapefruit Pink Open your Golden energy of healing and frankincense amplify the healing. Currently Lemon arrived and grapefruit pink is out of stock.

Top 5 Tips:

2024 entering period 9 water energy is missing. So the wealth part we need to work extra hard. Scam is at its peak now so dont be greedy and falls for any scam. 

Take care of your eyes, liver and heart . Once u take care this 3 meridians u will be fine.

Omhealth Items: Constantly spray the protection mist around the house and before u go out spray the tranquility mist. If u have them use it. 

A) Using 2 mist

Protection Mist: This mist is also a great way to remove bad vibes and cleanse any space to create a balanced atmosphere. 

Tranquility Mist: mist created to lift the spirit and open the heart to compassion, love, healing and grace.

Use Tranquility Mist  spraying in a circular motion above the crown of your head. As the mist falls down all around you, breathe deeply and feel the purifying power of  this mist and remove anger and surround u with good energy.

Both Mist is now 20 years LEEEEEEeeeee

Ensure u drink 8 cups of water throughout the day. If u dont have mist is ok at least have good intake of water slowly. Not one shot

B)  Sometimes ur stage now, u always says. I just want to have peace of mind. U mind will keep thinking , only if u have less work and go on holidy ur mind will be peace and happy. 

Just to tell you the truth, ur mind is constantly finding things for u to worry and think of. Why not have the awareness now. NOW is the time peace is here. While reading this blog, this sentence, take a dEEEEEp breathing in And OUT. U are at peace now. When thoughts appear, let it be and be an observer and smile. Is just a thought.... Each day our mind creates lots of thought if we give energy to all these thoughts we can never be happy or at peace.

But if we are aware ( aware of ur breathing, ur reading of blog) any thoughts appear, u just observe and says is just another thought, immediately peaceful appear. Some people never have peace, once CNY come or special days come, the mind keep telling them. 

u must go pray, u must do this , u must do that..... Time to observe ur thoughts, u will laugh. How many times, ur endless thoughts has cause u to deplete ur energy. Once again everyone, u are at peace now. Can u feel the energy that i am sending you now when reading tis blog. With my certified reiki energy. Look at the pic below feel it.

I have infuse energy on this pic below. Close your eyes open ur palm feel the tingling energy of kindness and smile.

C) Do below pose for month of Feb and March 2024

Liver energy need to be protection and strengthen. Perform the below pose . Apply some essential oil and stay in this pose 9 seconds for 9 times.

D) Launch of Doukou DouKou oil end of this Month.

This is perfect oil for period 9 it warms the heart and healing. refer to

E)  Be a kind and helpful person and spread ur good energy. But first love urself.


1) 5D and 6D coin hulu can put this whole month and March. Dont need rush as long as is SUnny day and before 3pm.

2) All old items can throw le those wood items. Except liuli and jade items and the two coins Baiwujinji and Shilaiyunzhuan coin can keep.

TaiSui coin that all of you buy this year. USe for a year and start using it by carrying it around in wallet. It brings wealth and good energy.

3) Period NINE and NINE trigram Coin is good to have to carry and forever one or put house to correct house fengshui

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Rice Urn Set

 As we know now we are entering the Period 9 . Which is 4th Feb 2024. I hereby wish all of you good health and yes a free half hour zoom tomorrow.

Rice Urn Set  ( u can put whole month of feb to march) . As leng they all travelling so some orders will send later.

The rice urn set harness the energy of period 8 and bring the wealth to period 9. Is to put inside the rice tupperware no need to have a big rice urn.

This rice urn set is carefully designed by me to be used for a year and the couch shell inside to be take out after a year to amplify energy is very useful.

Rice urn set is avaliable.  Do rem to order from the cart ;

Dragonfly oil also good. rem to order

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Topic: 立春好运meet

Time: Feb 4, 2024 09:30 AM 


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