Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Luck and 2022 Energy

Health and Beauty Birthday Talk with Bryan, new Renovated Auditorium

Bryan Birthday Month Talk

Venue: Civil Service Club Latest New Auditorium

2nd October 2022: 21022

Fees: $25 ,   Door Gifts



First 15mins compile what i have talk in health and beauty summary past 20 years

Rest 1.5 hours. New topics, for wellness, from detox, five organs healing, music therapy, yoga, stretch, Qi Gong , foodcure and acupressure.



 Hi how is everyone . Is been a long time i have written a blog article.

As i am mostly on facebook live sharing. But I believe there are still a group of students may prefer reading a blog. My Singlish articles:>


After 2 years of  whatever covid, this month we witness the changes. 

I have earlier mentioned that  April is a massive trnasformation changes and we need to take note of the energy to welcome new energy. And yes, see what we got. A brand new MAY 2022.

Living in this era, we are overwhelmed with alot of uncertainty and challenges. If younger days we were educated more  the concept of uncertainty in life and learn from the Wise one, we may not have to go thru things we shouldn't. But again that is what we call life. 

So in May 2022: Take Chrysanthemum Tea and also use Kaffir lime and healing Trees oil can greatly give changes and protection to ur energy.

Affirmation when drunking this tea is

I am doing better than I think I am. Every cell in my body is full of positive energy. I am awake to the precious value of this moment. I choose the thoughts that create my experience.

 May be an image of food and indoor

Drama and You

In a typical TV drama what makes it interesting are thee appearance of Villians. In HuanZhuGege, if there is no Long Mei Mei, it will not be a impressive drama already. In ur life, if there are no challenges than u are not living a life. Most important is believe in yourself and not external . Like ask this fortune teller, as that fortune teller, in the end u still need to handle things yourself.

 Whether your life is good or bad, i can tell u , it depends your state of mind. Well being say, i dont know what u have gone thru in life. May be now u think u are going thru the worst....

What are the worst we think we can go thru in life?

1) Lost of love one

Grief needs time, but when we think carefully, everyone will go thru this , why not live the best of our life and honor them with courage love and compassion. Be a good person and make them proud. 

2) Family members or children issues

We cant choose our family, or children. Some people have a wonderful family with alot of wonderful pic in facebook. Some may have a challenging family . But again, u dont put yourself as an observer in situations and remember i say in the movie u need to have difficult people to make the movie success. So make urself the actor, observer and u are the Director of ur life.  Go and sort things out, u will be ok.   Everyone has a mission in life. What is yours?

Mine ? Bryan? Is to love my parents , understand them, good or bad accept and may this actions , motivate people around me to be filial and conquer any hatred and understand the Heaven and Earth Energy

All children have their own life, as parents do ur part. Educate them with moral values is more important than wanting wanting to be number one in everything. Being number 2 is best. Because u can be successful , yet humble and wont invite jealousy .

 3) Health issues personal and of family.

 Well, if only 养身 is part of our educational system.. Things wont be so difficult to handle on health when people aged.

My dream is that in all primary school there will be a 2 hours a month on health talk. And I will be the Head master for all school in that ahahah.

 Alot of health issues  may be are conditions from past life (born strong or weak) but mostly caused by our  ignore-ration . 

When Uncle Bryan was a baby , he stayed in hospital with loads of anitbiotics and thats why he is only child and cant have brother sisters also.

And uncle bryan since young time educate himself with herbs and foodcure. And now old le hoping to share with more people. But , sigh all so lazy to attend workshop , dont know busy what. Come one year 2 hours also no time and personally text people to attend workshop, normally is busy. And normally he text 10 person only la and give up. So are u the 10 pax to receive his text》 ahahaha

4)Job not good and people dont appreciate u?

If one job, 2 job have people issue, than probably is people issue. If every job u also have issue than is ur issue. And come on.

U cant change people around u , u just change ur mindset.

 I know I have this issue so i can only work alone and i take risk of giving up being engineer and be what i am today.

At work, learn to share and be kind. Difficult people sure have a weakness and make them "difficult". 

10 years ago, those "difficult" people u encountered, probably now give u wonderful memories which  make ur life interesting. 

Will u remember all those colleagues nice nice one alot? For me i remember my difficult senior manager but now think back--- is cool and thanks to her for making who i am now.


What u think is bad, may be is good for u. The world is a balance of Yin and Yang. too much good is bad, too much bad dont worry good is coming. For me balance.Good time, i do charity and help people, bad time, i reflect and cultivate new qualities to benefits the world and myself.

 5) Aging and fear of age

 Errrrr, think omhealth way and use omhealth product. Use my cleanser, serum, rose water , moisturiser and mask, sure ok.

Hair use hair tonic and serum (no harmful chemical la)

10 Percent discount for till 15 May 2022 for above $168 ----- fu10 promocode

Lucky Draw: 2 new bracelet design by Bryan .

6) Lack of courage to break thru

Sometimes, if u find u cant breakthru , have a break rest . And calm ur mind, use some aroma oil like Awakening blend. Things will flow in. If u quiet ur mind, things will flow in. Energy will come in to help u.


Cant find a job? Because u keep wanting to find a perfect job, and the more u want, the universe will give u the thing u dont want more.

So never say I want this , i want that.... I always say, I am in the process of having a successful life, everything is in Divine order.

 7) Husband or Wife issues.

U choose one.  Errr. No one only u can resolve. SOmetimes before u married, u already know this kind of character. But u choose one. So .... u handle ba.

8) Bored and lazy.

Dont complaint and tell people u are bored. As is luxury to feel bored. If in war, see u have time to feel bored. Dont take things for granted. When u are bored or lazy. Attend some good courses. Support youngster when they conduct course or when youngster have a booth in shopping mall. Buy a single items from them. Make people happy.

Uncle Bryan when young has booth at shopping mall. Sell essential oil I still remember , many days no people buy things. But one day a young lady supported me and buy my oil. Till today, i remember and give her my blessings.


Believe: 相信

The power of believe. I always tell people everything begins with believe. What we want in life is actually , Career, family, Health.

So start believe u will success. Also I believe in what I have written. SO if u dont believe than dont read anymore.


Whats the diff between Successful and Non successful people

 Successful people , motivation, is to be successful and take care of wellbeing of people.---- Go far

Non successful people, motivation is to be successful and only think of self.   ---- SHort term.

  Work on this.



For 25 years I have met countless , pyschic or tellers. Some are good and motivate u and some are hmmm instillling u fear.  And i have started to do reading coaching for many last 2 years using my card, healing therapy helping many to walk out of situations.

I will use the best 1 hour to help u to get thru situations. Actually all of u have the answers or solutions in life just that is blocked by a dense of clouds.


Thursday, March 24, 2022

Ammonite Energy since 2004

Hi all time flies . With the changing of Universe energy we need more and more inner peace to fight against the " test", challenges or self induced worries.

As a person age what worries most are

  • Health (physical, mental , spiritual)
  • lost of love one 
  • relationship with family or love one
  • Money
  • Learning to let go
As we pass 45, if u dont know how to let go things that u no longer need and also keep worrying. Ur health may be affected. The burden creates the tightness ur chest always feel there is a stone there and unable to enjoy happiness.

U can see from the list above (can be a long list) , since young we work hard, passing exam and test with hope that we can no longer need to study. Than we go work, facing boss and work with alot of sianness and stress. Than ur personal relationship and family. Follow by ur age parents, the fear of loosing them.

How can u not now be awaken and see all things are impermancne. With so much TV drama u are watching why are we still lock in the situations that we know is not right.

Well, when a person is in grief or in sorrow or depress. It really depends how much good energy they have to lift them out of situations. Some people have all resources to get over things and welcome good energy. Some people are not so lucky. They dwell in sadness and worries.

Omhealth method:
1) Talk it out and write it out 
2) Do morning gratitude exercise

3) Use aromatherapy oil ( and i say use three times a day)

Choose a blend: Positive affirmation blend, Awakening blend, Purification blend, Equilibrium blend

Choose a Single need oil: Rosemary Spanish, Tea Tree, Lavender, Lime, Kaffir lime, Bergamot

Use in Final rinse, tissue inhale and massage (dilute with coconut or rice bran oil)

Everyone has a vibration. I always believe aromatherapy with good quality has high vibration. If the only thing i can help myself within reach is essential oil. Omhealth oil will be around as long as i am around. As i know things are impermanence. So use it when I am around and i wanna say how fresh it is.

4) Listen to music with flute sound in it. 

Have u tried. Use a music from youtube and do a yoga pose.

 (this is a yoga pose do it 3 mins a day)

5) Learn a Qi Gong.

I have been teaching Qi gong for years. And wish that it can benefit u all. U know before pendamic everyone says miss attending physical class. And urge me to conduct. And yes now we have a class. yet i find it difficult to find attendees. Ahahah weird right. Luckily , i am teaching because i hope to benefits those that want to help themselves. So if u think u can register for this class.

Date: 17th April
Venue: CSC club dance studio
Time: 930am to 11am
Fees: $60
Email to and details will be given


6) Vege  Cai Xin Help 

Eating Some Choy Sum can re attune a person energy. It can clear jealousy energy,. Do u know in life worst thing is see people of ur same trade or same level succeed and u jealous over it. Or sometimes people hold evil jealous thought on ur success.

U can bless all people who are jealous of u and says: I work hard to achieve to who i am, and to all my competitor i send u universal blessing, if u work hard u too can achieve this.

Cai Xin





Work with Ammonite:

Ammolite: The Gemstone with Spectacular Color Properties

U notice lately  i have re launch the ammonite. It was first intro almost 20 years ago and now the nergy has re emergy

Ammonites have spent eons absorbing cosmic energies and this allows them to stimulate Chi (life force) within us. Ammonites are often used to help activate Kundalini and life path energies. The Ammonite is also often recommended to put in the home to attract health, prosperity and success.

+++++ Those who wants ammonite of activation can message Grace 93804581)

++++++++++++ Bryan Personal Words++++++++++++++++

Omhealth has been in the market for 26 years. And this journey is not easy. From a one man show to deliver classes of different variety and to ensure each class is not a waste of ur time and energy.

I have done my part. And I am announcing semi retiring. There may not be welcome talk anymore but i will just conduct small classes when there are still people want to attend.

People are too busy and yet when comes to health and wellness, they always dont make extra effort . But omhealth will continue to teach in fb live which sometimes only 6 people watching. But I assure u the energy is good and will reach to those who need it.

Thank you.        

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Healing Symbols 2022 Feb to March

 Feb to March is WOW ( Products can be found in

  1. New Launch
  2. 1) Snow cream (sold out , do order and avaliable in March)
  3. 2) Shower Gel New
  4. 3) Shampoo New
  5. 4) Latest Eye Gel

Life is not easy le. I truly understand. And many in waiting list for me to do reading. But again the timing need to start only after 18th Feb 2022. So now what i can do is something helpful for u.

February is a month to breakthrough and from 18 Feb is to  rise above what holds us back from our happiness and take back the power.

Leaving behind regrets, anger, fear, anxiety, and the temptation to look back and try to fix the past, behind us. 

Listen u and me , we can choose happiness or even u say u are in a difficult state now but this too will pass. Is that NOW u are reading this article NOW u are ok so stop all the " WHAT If?" questions. This energy shift we have a transformation to complete and we must look ahead, reach for the stars

Remember thats why we need to put a 5D coin in living room with $1 coin and also I mention star 5 at center disturbing our emotion. But all this can be controlled.

ONE SIX D and ONE 5 D which all of u have. Now is to activate ur energy with the following methods.


From 4th Feb to end March 2022 is a very big change of energy. Things u may find

  • A) Fatigue
  • B) Feeling  aimless lost sometimes
  • C) Headaches
  • D) Stomach issues from constipated to loose stool
  • E) Unknown anger or people gets impatient 
  • F) "What is my future, " How ? Not happy?

So all this is due to the star sign movement and your body which is high percentage water is affected by the pull and pull.  So where there arre blockages impeding impeding the energy flow this raised and forced energy slams into them causing these symptoms.

There will also have a lost and confusion energy

Transformations are always good and valuable but we wanna reduce the symptoms. First is to be aware of it. Once u are aware u know there are some omhealth remedies to do . U will feel better.

                       Essential Oil: Peppermint royal or wild  + Rosemary Spanish + Bubble protection

I suggest day time use peppermint and rosemary in tissue inhale abit and carry this tissue with u throughout the day. U will feel the shift.

Evening time,  a pump of carrier oil on ur palm and 2 drops of bubble protection massage legs.

Also draw the following symbol 

Symbol: To smoothen the flow of our energy and power of three to activate 

3 Lines:

i) Loving kindness  ii) Courage  iii) Joy

 3 Triangle

i) protection ii) Healing  iii) Now with effect


A) Inhale rosemary and peppermint from tissue abit. Than quiet ur mind by doing 3 deep breathing. Put the tissue one side.

Now wear ur 2022 any bracelet that u have, if not is also ok. Draw left line middle line third line. Than triangle draw from bottom to top 



A cup of this (Big flower 1) small one 3 .

Will cleanse heal when u drink when warm in the evening time. Also when drinking u can light abit HIgh Mountain incense. This incense launched till today received tremendous results.

This small ritual remind us to be humble and go for simple life. Because simple life is the most comfortable type of life where one does not have to face many problems. Be humble be simple. Be kind. Humble doesnt mean people take advantage of us. Is comfortable.

Be contented with whatever is avalible and make ur life simple and free from worries ok. 


Many ask for water crystal; Water crystals need 3 weeks to reach u. All who order water crystals will have free zoom healing class.

Water crystal usages in facebook live.

Link for the water crystal ; Water crystal to order message Grace 93804581

Monday, January 31, 2022

South and NE

Dont forget the ZOOM free class 6th Feb with things to buy and good news to share and a QI Gong demo.

Zoom Address 6th Feb 930am to 1030am

 Do email if u are attending and above is the link.                        

Extra Use of 5 D coin at South of house

Look for SOUTH of your house or living room. Just put a 5D coin happily.


Number 9 star sector in 2022 has this Facing 3 Killings. It magnify all the energies that happen to be present, proper remedies must be employed.

So just hang a 5 D coin at South of house at wall or etc,

South is 9 purple star in 2022 and yes it has returns to his house and will definitely amplify. As I mention is a year to amplify things and also future luck of 9 is coming so i feel this sector is a place we can pay some attention to it.

Situation: Doors, bedrooms, study rooms in the South section. 

 5D Coin Activated – Omhealth



The 9 Purple You Bi Celebration Star returns home to the South in 2022. The 9 Star’s element is fire. 

It brings wealth, fame, promotion, and celebration. 

This makes South section one of the three most beneficial areas in 2022. 

The South becomes a wealth-making and celebration area for things like pregnancy, getting married, job promotion, or receiving a special honor from the government. 


If you desire to build a love nest, you can use the 9 Purple Celebration Star energy to encourage a potential marriage to happen. 


Benefits: Beneficial for fire-related businesses.

Strong Peach Blossom luck for females to get married and for married couples to receive a baby. 

Friday, January 21, 2022

Start Work Day

 HI all


Promocode Shun12 last day will be Saturday; Spend above $150.

The ship is a must have:>


This 2022 you need to

 5D coin

1) Change the 5D coin at rice urn

2) A bowl of $1 coin with 5D coin at living room.

3) Affected Tai Sui u can carry 5D coin to instil positive energy

4) Fridge u can put one to amplify the wealth energy

5) NW is double worth corner, u can put all lucky things here and this year the BOAT is powerful.


6D Hulu


1) do remember to change the door knob one before 4th Feb 2022. 

2) If SW is ur working area remember put a 6 D hulu 


Bai WUJin Ji COin

A must to carry this 2022 in ur waller and on the 8th day of Chinese lunar new year touch and make wish. 

                   Best Start Work Day

This are according to chinese calender for those who wants to follow. But alot of time we cant follow. So u can just bring the BWJJ coin with u and spray the office area protection spray mist and remember start work with the oil of Bergamot, PAF Lime and Grapefruit pink with rosemary

The powerful blend.

4th Feb 2022   Horse No

5th Feb 2022  Goat No

7th Feb 2022  Rooster No

10th Feb 2022  Rat No

14th Feb 2022 Dragon NO

         6h Feb 2022 : We have a zoom for all who attended welcome talk and also if u are interested u can stay tune register with at



Thursday, December 23, 2021

Elestial Quartz and Why it is very needed in this era

Working with the following crystals is amazing in handling daily tension and stress and worries.

Example: Clear quartz, Rose Quartz and Black tourmaline

No photo description available.

Introducing the limited omhealth edition elestial quartz ( Range between $50 and $68 and 3 pieces of $88 ). DO email to for availability.

 Left few pieces but those who know Grace can message her to see for avaliablity

Also dont forget welcome talk 2022 in Jan see previous post and register from

Crystals comes to me at different moment of time. Elestial quartz is capable of handling the build up negativity or stress in our body and dissolve it so we can have a better energy to deal with daily life and shine love and light at all situations.

Elestial allow u to receive a healing energy at a level u are comfortable with without feeling overwhelmed.

May be an image of text

I find that a small piece of elestial quartz is amazing to be kept with u a piece at the room or work place . It is said that it heal our deeper soul and karmic level.

As an adult, you have probably experienced your fair share of emotional pain and traumas.

Our souls are truly impressive as they have the power to heal themselves. All you have to do is unblock the energy and allow your soul to heal as if by memory.

By doing this, you can expect to see significant improvement in other areas of your being, such as your emotional, mental, and physical state. It’s amazing how all of it is interconnected and it all makes  us happy.

Healing Your Soul

Hold the elestial Quartz.  

1) Address the root cause of ur issue. SOmetimes u tot u already know but just want u to seat down and reflect. And release

2) Unlock the compassionate love of metta. Try to hold the elestial quartz and listen to any metta guided mediation for 5 mins.

3) Move on and come back to this elestial quartz healing .

And in soul healing  

Ask yourself every morning; "What can I do today to help someone?" "How can I serve?" "Who could I call to lift their spirits?" When you give out of service and unconditional love you feed and heal your Soul. Being kind, loving and supportive of others is its own reward.

Elestial Quartz (Extracted from websites)

Amplifies your natural leadership abilities making it helpful to those who may be starting a new business, career or leadership position.
~ Receives full spectrum light energy and adjusts until can be absorbed and utilized by one’s physical.
~ A powerful earth element crystal that carries frequencies that structures and regulates energies.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

House Cleansing Day And Pray Tai Sui Date

                                       House  Cleansing Dates 2022

 Items to Use

  • 5 element, Egypt Geranium
  • High Mountain Incense
  • Protection Spray

Place to clean must include toilet and using coconut brush and 5 element oil , egypt geranium and coconut brush.

 A)   13th Jan  ( Monkey no)    9am to 11am, 11am to 1pm

 B)  20th Jan (Rabbit no)   7am to 9am ,  9am to 11am

 C)  25th  Jan (monkey no)  7am to 9am, 9am to 11am,11am to 1pm



                 Pray to Tai Sui Date 2022

All animal can pray to Tai Sui for a smoother 2022. But the affected animal should go temple to pray;

The animal affected by Tai Sui are Tiger, Monkey, Snake and Pig. At welcome talk zoom we will have tea recipes and iphone screen saver suggestion slides.

A) Essential Oil: peppermint (either royal or wild peppermint) and rosemary and Grapefruit Pink.

B) 5 D coin carry and rem change.

Pray Tai Sui Dates Suggested (of course u cant make it, u can choose any other dates, these are just best dates)

7th Feb Rooster no   , 9am to 11am or 11am to 1pm

8th Feb Dog no  , 9am to 11am

10th Feb Rat no, 1pm to 3pm

13th Feb Rabbit no,  11 am to 1pm., 1pm to 3pm

Next week: Start work Day.

2636 eye brow3640 eye4656 nose5666 mouth

Monday, November 29, 2021

Flying Star Center of HOUSE

 I find that 2021 is a year of handling issues from emotions to family and health. EVen normal friends or relatives may change pattern.

Seems that alot of test but i believe something good is really coming on its way.

2022 I am looking at more positive changes putting aside of the pandemic...

I believe in amplification of energy for 2022 be it for the world or for yourself.

If everyone attending my talk or read this blog plant a positive thoughts for 2022. THE power of 2 will amplify the energy.

Welcome Talk 2022 , 16th Jan 2022, Fees : $18 , register by, limit to 180 pax , closing date 8Th Dec. Wont have repeat talk.

FLying Star 5

The flying star 5 will be center of the flying center. Well oh well, i dont want to make a big HOOO HAAA about this flying star. Even u can perfect the flying star placement things happen. So i will just focus on few star which i feel is more than enough.

Living room put a bowl of $1 coin with 5 D coin. And main door doorknob change ur 6d coin hulu.

May be an image of jewellery 

Simple and effective to

Activate wealth and prosperity and capture the positive energy. The coins represent magnetic capacity that will draw the GOOD QI

 Placing a 6d hulu coin near the door  to encourage  family health and harmony.

 U can find 6D hulu at under omhealth coins.



Thursday, November 11, 2021

FLY to THE STAR 2022

HI all

Welcome talk 2022 will be in ZOOM at $18 per ticket: 

Date : 16th Jan 2022

Time: 930am to 11130am

Lucky Draw: worth $3000 of items for attendees . Grandprize: Liu Li $488.

Register at All attendees are eligible to CNY Kai YUN qi gong ZOOM worth $18. 

Alot of times , when register we reply you the ZOOM address and class details, if u no receive and acknowledge, is really cannot blame the admin. Also many times, ur zoom no sound is u off the speaker and so go find out. All payment need to be made once register.

Cindy is very strict in reply acknowledge email. BEcause she was scolded twice unnescessary by newbies years ago because they never read their email but luckily she has evidence email sent.


what I want to share with you is Things to get

This 2022 the flying star I suggest as follow

1) 1-2  5D coin and 1-2 6D hulu.

2) Protection and Tranquility Spray Set $90

3) 5 element oil for floor matt.

4) FLower of life coin 1

Above $280 , you can get a special 3 coin for carrying in wallet and is activated. Strictly for above combination. Please dont whatsapp for changing in products to be fair to all.

Main door facing and floor matt color will be shown soon. Star 8 and 9 very important will do a FB live. 

Those who want this set can order, as long we saw above above $280 from today; We will give the 3 coin. DO email to once u make ur order with order number to receive the activated power 3 coin.


Flying Star 2022

 Flying Star





The positive energy invites good luck, good omen and good reputation. It assists with bringing benefits in personal development, launching of new projects. It can also enhance social status




 This star brings wealth, romance, and good negotiation luck. 

lso 1 White Star is water in nature using a 5d coin lock the wealth and amplify the luck.

Sector is good for people in business, academic achievements, loan officers, bankers, public relation, water related business, casinos and clubs.

Use: 5D coin





It makes one prone to sickness, tiredness, problems of socialisation, physical or mental discomfort. Elderly and people with chronic illness can be sensitive to it.



At all time 6D hulu behind main door door know. Time to change in January 2022.

So if u main door or bedroom is at SW it is more prone to encounter fighting, gossip, and legal problems. 

Be on guard for these problems if you use this section as the main entrance. 


Use: 6D hulu



It can cause payment issues, unnecessary expenses, quarrels, conflicts. It can affect reputation and cause career problems.



Light Peacock incense this sector when encounter alot SHIFEI .

Because it can represents ambition, expansion, gossip, argument, misunderstanding, fighting and robbery.

Use: Put something red here and light peacock incense.




It is beneficial for studies and romantic relationships. The energy of love will boost success in sentimental affairs. It also assists in the accumulation of knowledge and brings wisdom.


So this star talks about achievement in academic and also whether a person mind is creative and also talks about whether u have good relationships in all area.

Block and sluggish" Activate this sector of ur house.


Use: Some green Deccor






Try to avoid activities in this sector. Not to activate it. Keep it quiet and clear. It can cause  misunderstanding and be emotionally and mentally draining.


The 5 Yellow Star stands for delays, obstacles, fires, lawsuits, sickness, and casualties. Its element is earth.

So if u have projects or things kept blocking. Check North of House is it dirty, untidy or got spoilt things. keep North of house quiet.


And this 2022 the star 5 energy is enhance and affect all.




A bowl of Singapore $1 coin

And also a 5 d coin.


(How to do i?)



The energy is beneficial for career, financial luck, creative ideas, social promotions. Hard work and perseverance can bring about success.

This is a metal star and it represent power and authority and wealth.



WOW use ur flower of life coin hang here and spray tranquility Healing spray around ur body standing at this sector.


Poems: Is metal and water energy
Hold flower of life coin and

 spray Tranquility SPray above head. And say

"Gui4 ren2 shi2 fang1 lai2
Tu3 Sheng1 Jin1
Hao3 yun4 dao4 wo3 Jia1"


USE: Flower of life coin and

Tranquility Spray





The negative energy brings trouble related to violence, fraud, money loss, unfair competition or accident.


 The 7 Red Star is metal element. It is a competitive and fighting star. It is also a star of breaking through, so it brings both promotion and fighting.   U can see beside bad but it can bring career promotions.

 he 7 Red Po Jun Star visits the West .  Is a star that we dont want to disturb because it can bring havoc to a family sometimes. But aiya knowing its sector benefits us so we know how to handle.


USE: 5 D coin and put Protection Mist here.




Brings wealth, material gain and prosperity as a reward for work done. Help to increase the quality of life. Can assist to lead to good financial returns or an improvement in reputation.






It has a multiplication effect.  It can enhance and bring significant positive effect. Hence activating beneficial energy of the star can aid in gain in material goods and popularity.