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19th Feb 2017

19th Feb 2017
(see below how to register)
This is a powerful gathering class which includes

i)6636 palm calculation
ii) Simplicity yet complicated Numerology in 20mins
iii) Prayers techniques
iv) Group Affirmations
v) Chanting Cundi Mantra in a group
vi) Niam gao gao good luck tips

Left 20 seats

Health and Beauty with Bryan Lao Shi PART ONE

Image result for five element

Date : 2nd April 2017
fees: $38
Venue: National Library
Time: 930am to 12pm
Free gift for early registration now

Topics will be aromatherapy, tea, herbs, techniques and music therapy too.

This workshop can be attended by new and old students as we have new things and also more reminder what to do:>

For all newbies u will love this class and for old friends u will too.

Class@omhealth.com ; 

Niam Ni Gao Gao Good Luck talk (Super Bai Bai content) 

19th Feb 2017 ( Besides sharing will include a topic 6636 calculation)

6636 calculation is using finger to calculate issues whether positive or more work need to be done.

this 19th Feb class left 50 seats:> Have u registered?

This workshop is a gathering for students who have attended my Bai bai class and also Welcome talk:> Do register fast

Related image

Date: 19th Feb 2017
Fees: $50
Venue: National Library

All will receive a special blessed gift

Time: 930am to 12pm

Our yearly niam good luck talk
1) Joss paper DIY formation new version
2) How to handle difficult emotion with sweeping
3) Art therapy of Symbols (10 years anniversary by bryan)
4) How to work with TZI beads for good health
5) How to find out what numerology number u lack of and in details how to increase chance of success
6) Guided Music therapy breathing exercise for
1) Abundance
2) Health
3) NOW
7) Meditation 5 mins a day with bryan
8) Ah ma method clearing negativity

A wonderful Chant and also making the tea for better health

Monday, January 23, 2017

19 Feb 2017

Image result for 吉祥如意

19th Feb 2017

Left 18 seats:>

Image result for color pencil
Is one of the gathering for Bai Bai Niam Good Luck talk

We will have very powerful gathering.

Please bring alone color pencil a box. U need to. This color pencil will be so lucky u can use in future.

U bring the color pencil a box !!!!

Change luck improve luck with Bryan Lao Shi using color pencil.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Temple Walk

For temple walk

for those who need to get ur

yellow heng ball
bai wu jin ji coin
and five element oil  (comes with a heng marble)

u can inform leng leng, and only collect after all event at the LUCKY tree :>

Version 3 of Dragon turtle: Wish come true Dragon turtle

Under light u see very nice. U receive bring the bright area and enjoy the wealth energy send to ur family.

If your house energy have been very stagnant for many years.

Invite a dragon turtle ruyi that helps u to have ruyi to u now.

Ru Yi has the meanings of  all things will be ok and helps to bring good energy and wish and hope to u

It represents power, authority, wealth and high rank.

Dragon turtle has the head of dragon and the body of turtle. It brings u fearlessness, courage and protection

Study desk or office desk. It helps use to have support from power people and if place behind ur desk ur work desk to prevent all forms of backstabbing and betrayal, allowing for the opportunity of promotion. If not can place right corner of desk

Some like to put dragon turtle at SE of house no matter what flying star of the year.

Good in family wellness and all wellness.
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Saturday, January 21, 2017

LIVE 815pm later Facebook FAQs

Thank You All Friends for omhealth charity Group

Temple Visit 2017 5th Feb ( registeration by Wednesday)

It will be morning 8am report for 10mins briefing and than pray urself. The pray set is self put in the box in the temple at $3 a set. So bring exact to put in to the donation box.

Than eat mini cake than we walk opposite to the trees and to the market u all can eat breakfast there.

Register to class@omhealth.com with name and mobile if u coming at 8am. Any other time no need register.

Those arrive 8am, may have the Kuek for u to eat (one per pax) after pray.

So if u are coing do register for we know how many kuek to prepare.

Bring ur own lighter, if joss paper too many, we will ask temple burn for us so no need all queue up. Is a aged temple and space limited, so be in order:>

Temple address:

Opposite the coffee shop of blk 45 Sim drive

Address of temple : http://www.beokeng.com/disptemple.php?temple=mun-san-fook-tuck-chee

Last month we have done Cambodia and Nepal. So year end we have done it for Sri Lanka

Distribution of food for 200 poor families in Sri Lanka.  Thanks to all students in omhealth charity group. Wishing all the best in coming lunar new year . Happiness, good luck and good health!

Charity Group Complete

Really all of us have food to eat and stay in a safe country. please put aside all ur worries and etc issues . Compare to many is nothing.

We come to the world alone and why not learn to be contented and help others within ur means.

Omhealth has always encourage to do charity as u can on ur own. Only once a blue moon we have this year end group charity. Project completed le.

No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing

Friday, January 20, 2017

North 2017 and ur indirect wealth

 2017 Power Space extra
As I mention in the flying star page, the number 6 star is located at North sector of your house. And this number 6 star is metal and north sector is water. So water and metal is in the productive cycle. It will be a very auspicious location.

If North sector of your house in 2017, is toilet , ur family may spend more money and wealth not easy to accumulate in 2017. But anyway , a simple lemongrass oil in a salt bowl (omhealth himalayan salt)  will solve the issue if is toilet.

Now if u can North sector of house, u can put omhealth lucky items..

Also people who stay in North sector of Singapore u will enjoy quite good energy.

A) Dragon Tortise or the elephant or 3 leg frog.
No automatic alt text available.
Palm Size Dragon Tortise with ruyi very auspicious activated. $280
We have limited edition dragon tortise very good , u read blog.

Keep north sector of your house clean, u can put essential oil there  or any plants. But 5 D coin is simplest to activate this star. Plus u can spray either of omhealth spray mist.

North can bring alot of good wealth to ur family in 2017.


 Measure of  your 2017 Indirect Wealth and how to maintain wealth and what affirmation and essential oil to use

Choose ONE of the below and answer will be out tomorrow.

A : 7 of Swords

No automatic alt text available.

B) 7 of cups
No automatic alt text available.

C) Fool

No automatic alt text available.

D) Four of cups

No automatic alt text available.

E) Wheel of fortune

Image may contain: phone

No automatic alt text available.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

2017 SUN mala

No automatic alt text available.

Symbolise of this mala
Image may contain: jewellery
Using this color is a good idea when you feel a lack of confidence or shyness. It will bring on laughter, fun and joy and it lifts depression.

It is a laughter color. Laughter is internal aerobics as it massages your organs thus it goes without saying laughter is one of the best tonics and luck

This mala is is full of creative and intellectual energy. As "sun color", it makes us feel happy and optimistic.

It helps awaken mental inspiration and stimulates higher mentality. Thus, it is an excellent colection for people who are burnt out and cheers up 

Work with it in breathing exercise for warmth and radiant energy. It helps with flexibility, self awareness, self control and keeping your personal power it imparts logic, humour, efficiency and organization.

Is activated with the Tzi Tzu sa at $108 for all students:>

omhealth beautiful Collection

Omhealth seldom have big items but normally CNY time we have few for u to invite to ur house to renew the whole house energy and u can see how auspicious it is

This represent longevity abundance of joy health and career success and courage.
It is sitting on a base of ingot and coins to represent prosperity and wealth.  baby turtle on the back also represents good beginning and wonderful support luck at all time and watching ur back in office
wellness longevity, harmony and money.

How to place it?
  • You can display it almost everywhere you like (except bath room and bedroom)
  • Displaying it near to where you sit can enhance your relationship luck. If you have arguing troubles, you can display it behind you. In this way, it can give you a good support.
  • Display it in Northeast for scholarship and further education.

If you place t 3 killings 2017, it can help to dissolve the bad Chi from the Three Killings and prevent you from being betrayed, cheated and suffering loss of some kind.

For me place anywhere in living room and face facing openings will do.

No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.

Omhealth Qualty Oil

More and more new comers... like to ask me what is my oil quality.

Being 18 years in the field let me once and for all


and read my life story to understand more....

Monday, January 16, 2017

Power updated for u

Item 8 is updated for u what animal do what

it will be updated daily from today.


Dates u can put items updated long ago


Slides I have email to all attendees for 8th Jan 2017 le.

Friday, January 13, 2017


Poems for getting of house;

No automatic alt text available.

As more and more people do not stay in a house of perfect fengshui (landed property, has mountain, river...) our personal energy can be easily affected by environment pollution and also the technical equipment and people around us.

So I suggest to do a Chinese Affirmation base on ancient method so when u open ur house door and say this poems daily before u go out of house.

For me I will either hold one of the following

1) Gui ren bag  $38  (when need find job or waiting promotion)
2) Yellow Bag of auspicious  $12  (need extra protection and remove worries and bring happiness)
3) Liu He Gui ren. (i put as key chain) $26  (need mentor luck and suppport from people and situations)
4) Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin  (need to visit weird places and go new kind of project or luck very unstable)

Oil :

(interchange between this few oil) if u have floor matt, put few drops in main door.
Awakening OIl
Purification Oil
5 element oil

Oil can drip to the yellow bag:>

And say
Chinese Taoism or Buddhism Pattern
晨也光,夜也光, 天上带来吉祥光

x 3 times


Free Thinker friends or the ang mo pattern friend, u can use Awakening oil dap on wrist
Bryan's English Version
Step out of house poem, step out of house poem, I meet all Angels of Protections and Love
I call upon arc angel Michael for protection blessings and guidance
I am the being of White Light, I am the purity that God desire.
Love and Light , Love and Light.

x 3 times



Sometimes when after a long day work, I dont want to bring back the tired energy back home. I will touch my main door knob the 6D hulu and deep inhale and exhale all negativity.

Thats all. Simple and easy. So when u hang ur 6d hulu do put a blue tag on 3 m hook so it wont fell down.


19th Feb 2017

Niam Niam Good Luck talk left 30 seats:> Register fast


SpecialEdition Fa Cai

No automatic alt text available.

$68 (for this one ) All omhealth students $60

CNY to invite good new energy to house. A Palm Size Dragon tortise to put at living room face facing window or door:> Harness good energy, authority, protection, fame, health and wealth.

No automatic alt text available.

Above is $280 ( 3 pieces)

Email to orders@omhealth.com 

There is a shopping day on 4th Feb 2017 and all items by per piece.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

玉化上等 couch shell (crystalline) (left 1 onl有each)

This hand held mala is very very precious. It has the cheaper quailty that all can buy is my omhealth Counch shell mama 21 beads mini . Or the following collectiable jadedinise couch shell.

This mala is carefully tied by omhealth with power liuli and crystals healing:>

The conch shell was one of Buddhism’s eight auspicious symbols, signifying truthful  speech and strength. 

It brings in alot of good energy for people with feeling low and weakness in mind. Help a person not to be easily sway by others and be in right track.

Omhealth highest quality

Yellow黄砗磲, ($388)
White $188

According to ancient TEXT: this mala:
砗磲的作用之四:调整身心, 能稳定情绪、去除杂念、增加智慧、消除烦恼业障、调养身心平衡。
砗磲的作用之五:转运减压 ,特别针对体质较弱,运势较差,血液循环不佳,工作压力过大,患有忧郁症,精神官能症,头痛、失眠,大病初愈的人来说,应随时随地配戴砗磲。

No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.
jadedism type bigger double below size $188

Mini but normal not jadeism type.: $48 but also good

Image result for conch shell mala omhealth

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Moods emotion and luck

Year of Rooster is year to pen down your thoughts and the nuber 10th in numerology represent completion and new beginnings. Key work is u need to do something for yourself.
Image may contain: 1 person
Go reflex foot, buy a good new supplements, breathing exercise , change ur thought and work with BLACK TOURMALINE bracelet alot (old students start using, if u buy dont use, is like buying a hammer and dont use the hammer, u kept putting hammer in cupboard, how to nial it?)

Start using black tourmaline bracelet by doing affirmation in morning and blow at the bracelet or weekly put on stomach and relax.

Those who email me to order black tourmaline bracelet, I am doing it le:>



The granduer facial oil is powerful from cactus fruit:>

Image may contain: 2 people, shoes

Your Moods Your Emotion and Your Luck

When a person think that he or she has bad luck or low luck, that means they forgot about the nature of life and basically the whole situation of mind is filled with worry. When this happen. It is very dangerous, we will find smallest details what causes the so call bad luck and starts to put blames to things, items, people. That is very scary. Like is it this and that, Well when this happen, quickly chant CUndi mantra and it very quickly put u in right track. For friends of other religion, go to ur religious prayers.

Now u know why omhealth has the Cundi pendant launched in 2012, to remind all to have this in mind.

When a person mind is weak, weird fortune tellers will come in to bring u hope and fear. I wonder why not go direct to temple and pray...I mean Kwan Yin Pu Sa is there for us, and is u urself blocked until energy cant come in. U just need to adjust ur antenna.

Cundi Mantra Can be found in www.omhealth.com/kwanyinma.htm

No automatic alt text available.

Case Study:

Once a master in Changmai who lives in mountain. And a very very respectable master that go around to help people once a year . The master will give people blessings . Many dont know the blessing from this master is very "powerful" as he keep very low profile.

So one day, he decided to do his service that give blessing and flower bath for people free.

A very rich couple happen to meet this master in the temple (the master moves around to different temple). The master give this couple a normal wooded bracelet . And of course the couple dont know who he is.

Of course the rich couple accepted. That week, the rich couple faces alot of customer compliants from business (selling some spare parts). So the couple start to look for "blames" And was thinking the blessings from the monk is really the cause.

Guess what they throw the wooded bracelet away and than daily keep thinking of the master blessing is lousy. And this goes on for 2 months. And they even go other temple and do puja that kind....

4 months later: (in short). It comes to  notice luckily the customer complaints on some of the spare parts if not they going to lost alot of money , because a batch almost going to be sent to overseas.

To me this relates to many of us, we take critism very personally. Like if i scold u in whatsapp, u dont buy things from me anymore.

Once a receive a sms says" I am very disappointed u dont reply my whatsapp"

But I am kinda.... errr... no matter how updated blog and website , got this kind of people. Whenever I see the word disappointed, it burns me when I was younger time... Do so much free work still disappointed...

But now. I handle very very very good way. I totally errr act blur because if everyday i going to reply 200 sms whatsapp, i will lost myself...  Guan Yin Ma few thousand year also cant finish helping us... i only bryan ... there is max i can do le. I rather use the time to angry with all these weird sms or email to the energy of charity.

For me i do receive weird email or threaten email.. last time... but ever since my police security do the tracking eeheheheh now ok.... Sometimes when u be nice to the world. people from all walks of life come to help u.


Above can be applied to all... Human problems always dont see obstacles as blessings. If u can see beyond, u will know what i mean.  Your life in this world normally concern about

1) Money
2) Happiness from comfort
3) Recognition and fame
4) Praise by people
5) Dont want to be criticize by people
6) What other think of u
7) Health etc.

We do want to be free from suffering , yet we constantly do things to create suffering. Think about it.

Once we have a clear understanding of how desire and stupidity wastes our life, it is evry good to constantly watch our motivation to see which of our thoughs or action done during the day are positive or negative or ignorance,

Perhaps that should be our last task everyday, before getting to bed, we should review all our actions we did from the time we got up in the morning and determine whether they have been virtuous or non virtuous.

If u can daily do this review during ur most low of ur life (no need everyday write diary la), u will be shocked alot of unhappiness are driven by attachment and confusion and tiredness.

Mental tiredness is the worst.

Thats where u hold BBC coin or black tourmaline bracelet to perform 3 mins breathing exercise.
The art of omhealth black tourmaline bracelet, reminds a person to stay wisdom and thru power of black tourmaline and Tzi activation helps smoothen ur life. I love black tourmaline bracelet alot alot.

I feel that life is beautiful but of course me as a Bryan Lao Shi has my low and high/// When I am low... i use alot of oil and do bath, magneto scrub and go foot reflex and nap. I work with my body to clean it and become a magnet of good luck. When my luck very good and feel happy, i do more charity work too.

Alot of people mind is occupied by worries and some worries are things that have not happen. Sometimes u become so sensitive

example when office people black face to u, u think is bad luck, (u should be compassion and think may be the person have a bad day)...

When work scolded by bosss, well is really ur fault and take this opportunity to improve

Little Poem

when you walk, walk with a smile and compassion
when u sit, sit with a smile and compassion
when u stand , stand with a smile and compassion
when u sleep, sleep with a smile and compassion
when u look, look with a smile and compassion
when u speak, spear with a smile and compassion
when u think, think with a smile and compasssion

( for those who are very confuse stage in life, copy the above 3 times daily with a 2 B pencil and the pencil put Purifiaction oil)

FAQs (will update daily):

A) When to throw the 6D coin 2016?

U can do it now and change to new one. And any day from 7am to 3pm (when no rain)

B) Can we reuse the 5D coin at rice urn?
No automatic alt text available.
yes u can, just change the red packet and put some salt in in will do. Newbies, A 5 D coin in red packet with pinch of salt multiplies luck at house.

C) Sometimes after blessings in temple or get new items for house or luck item, suddenly luck no good?

Well, remember a glass of mud water, the process to suck the mud out will cause the water to be cloudy, but once u re patience , water will be filtered clean.

Remember, as long as you are human beings, u face good luck and bad luck. What makes a person different is he challenge himself and accept bad luck as a challenge and good luck as a rewards for the challenge. Please take note.

D) How do I use Bai Wu Jin ji Coin?

U can carry with u daily in wallet. And when people say negative about things and affect ur emo like in auspicious timing etc, u touch the coin and say the code:


E) Crystal and FS shop weird pattern
No automatic alt text available.
I teach pendulum healing in 2007. And conducted many classes. But lately some Chxxx people use it as a tool to sell things and use the pendulum on u and say u good no good.

This is totally against the law use of pendulum. Pendulum is to test the vibration for positive and clear negative with affirmation. Is not a tool to sell things and u dont do pendulum healing in public .... so beware.

F) What is the CD u played in class
No automatic alt text available.

G) When the money bag and Fa cai i reserve ready?

It will be ready after i find right day to activate and should be around 4th feb

Monday, January 9, 2017

Plant base extract herbs spray and 5 element oil (18 years le)老字号

Omhealth has 2 powerful items

A) Healing Spray (Protection space clearing spray and Tranquility Spray)
healing spray and each spray is chemical free and can last for a year. After a year use to wash toilet. And herbs extract will have deposit like apple cider vingear ahve the natural deposit.

非常的用心的吉祥花与药草水. This 2 spray please buy le must use ok:>

So if ur spray has passed a year change a new one.

Some keep for 3 years... i mean u all dont spray one ah. I spray hor each year use 4 bottles ahahaha

No automatic alt text available.

Protection spray and spcae clearing spray: Spray house daily if can one spray bring good energy.Normally I spray once morning and once evening

Tranquility Spray: Spray above the head and let th emist envelop u with love.

Both spray offers : 2 at $90

B) Activated 5 element oil

Since 1998 alot who do business or drive taxi or House agent will use this oil. How to say? Good energy. Yearly this period order is so power.

No automatic alt text available.

Wonderful Energy 2017

No automatic alt text available.
Even rooster and hen listening. Is the year of Female luck so a hen ahahah lead the rooster.... Is amazing.

Can u see the photo spot?

No automatic alt text available.

Is a wonderful day:>
Halo allImage may contain: 3 people

yesterday workshop seminar the energy is one of the most strong one in this 12 years. Because of the Open Luck exercise we did and also blessings from temples from all over the world and Singapore. Believe anot every slides and every moment of the workshop my heart is wishing all to have good life:>


1)CD many track but kwan yin CD keep on playing even the technician change track. Means hor really kwan Yin Ma watching on us. And we must have faith

2) Butterfly dance , we normally use butterfly lover CD, suddendly the maching keep using the GUZHENG CD. And to many of us surprise this GuZhen music have butterly flap wings soung everytime we in synch with movement. And we do thank you Heaven and Earth breathing exercise the Gong comes in.

3) Unknowingly they say yearly my phone number open ahahah in lottery but this not important because we dont gamble... so is like a sign we are in right track.

Dont forget to attend the

Mark ur calender:

i)  19 Feb Talk (Niam GaO Gao good luck talk)
ii)  2nd April: Health and Beauty with Bryan (super health talk than bring in luck energy)
iii) In between: One yoga and 5 element exercise class gathering (that will be so powerful)

October time: 20 years anniversary talk with bryan Lao shi

No automatic alt text available.
Even now i type , i can feel the tingling effect. Once again thanks for coming. I am preparing the slides and share to u through email ok:>

The two items given to you are specially activated by me even the calender:> So enjoy ok:>

No automatic alt text available.

All who cant attend:

For all blog readers and those who cant attend. I have kept 4 box of items for u all to adopt.

i) 5 element oil
ii) WANG Purification Oil
iii) All the ten blends this season dragon lion dance and magneto scrub and the protection spray and tranquility spray
iv) Lavender face and rose water
u can order

No automatic alt text available.
Two items: Fai Cai and Money Bag be ready on 5th Feb 2017 for u to get shopping cart (put at 1 ,6,8,9)

And also now u can get the Yellow Luck bag   personally pack by me , leng and lai and activated. The powder is agarwood. This luck bag brings peace and happiness. U can wear to sleep when insomnia or feel fear. Than keep in drawer. No need everytime wear. Is like emergency than wear. After a year or during this year, if really kana upside down. Take the powder burn. Than new powdew  u can put omhealth sandalwood powder:>

No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

Picture Gallery

Image may contain: 1 person

All who enters the door receive power
No automatic alt text available.

Is a blessings: U can see Black tourmaline bracelet here. If u dont have one:> First to order in January ba. the black tourmaline bracelet bring alot good energy. U can email to orders@omhealth.com

Image may contain: 1 person

tree in Singapore and house of the the Power people:> After the talk some even message me who are the power people who has the trees

No automatic alt text available.
Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor and nature

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Floor matt color

Hi all many ask me the flying star updates:>

Normally the day before the Talk willl update finalised the floor matt color. This is omhealth tradition:>


Cheers tomorrow, talk do bring water drink. And will end around 1pm

Friday, January 6, 2017

Omhealth charity Group see le feel great

Now u know why alot of times we see our problems as too big a problem. Stop and be contented.

2014-2016: local, Nepal medicine, Sri Lanka food, Cambodia ;
Omhealth charity group has been around for more than18 years! I started off by volunteering with students to elderly home; but because of time constraint , we start to gather helpers all over world and also local and infact we have quietly donate to many ; I choose to announce today because time to thank all helpers! Act of announcing is not to show off what we have done but to motivate all to be contented! What omhealth has done is just to gather !( we disallow using charity for business or fame or show off --- this de merit all merits, intention is important !)
A letter from the association"here the school about 120km from Siem Reap city , the poorest students we provide schools supplies from your donation. They all so excited and thanks for your kind heart supporting them."
The kids send me a video from Cambodia and I think this is the greater blessings ! Thanks to all my students we always work together to help out! All these merits to everyone !

Video in A PAGE

Halo all

sometimes i think where do i get the energy to complete all website alone and doing coding and video.... is amazing :>>>> thanks for support. The complete link is here.

Anything not updated i will do so after talk:>

Welcome 2017:  http://omhealth.com/Luckcome2017.html

Some of you told me the flying star video embedded in Facebook here got cut off . So today I give u the link so u click can see the full video.


Monkey and Goat

Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse

Rooster Dog Pig Rat


Flying Star

5 and 6


2 and 3


1,4,8 and 9

Front Stage bracelet and TZI 8th Jan 2017

Hi all

at front of stage will have few power items:>

remember to get the limited $12 Yellow Luck bag:> exact $12 ok:>


For those want to get bracelet or Tzi pendant:> I and a group of right animal sign will choose for u:>
just email to class@omhealth.com. we give u a number; strictly for below 1 of the items:>

3 color Heng Ball will be avaliable at its highest energy


Those who get heng ball that day yourself from Leng Leng and Lai Lai (ask indivudal take for u very good luck)

Bracelet : $338 to more 480
No automatic alt text available.

Tzi: $280 to $380
No automatic alt text available.

Abundance avoid stress pendant $188 to $228

No automatic alt text available.