Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Updated new the chapter

I have updated a new column call the lucky month. U read is very important and lucky month for each animal and is so good to work with it. And ** means most lucky month. Have one animal sign dont have ** so is ok .


Thursday, November 14, 2019

Free Gifts

Hi all

the free gifts for the orders the hulu and marble. I lack of 18 sets so there will have 18 pax i will post to u when i come back overseas activate.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Double 11

Hi all

the double 11 11 this year omhealth must do something for you all. I really dont know since when have 1111 and 1212 ahahaha

And yes I have made effort to have a free gift for u all. This are activated non religious table or wealthbowl items.

The hulu nuts is small yet carving perfect to absorb good energy and the marble to bring in good news to ur life. U can put in pouch to carry and put essential oil.

Omhealth has given free gifts to many for 6 years and every year we have a unique item.

So on top of 10 percent given to u all. Alot effort to find activate make these:> 

Our website is www.bryanwellness.com

No photo description available.

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Welcome Good energy

Lord Hanuman and our daily life and my research shaare:

I have shared with many Lord Hanuman in http://www.omhealth.com/kwanyinma.htm
and also recent Da Jia Lai Bai Bai class.

There are some FAQ:

Bryan I am buddhist and can I learn about Hanuman and will it clash.

Human beings create all clash. SOmetimes if u think, if we keep simple things will be great. Sometimes in life u may be facing a phase where all thigs comes and u are overwhelmed with negative energy. So I am just sharing simple method to handle as this is shared with me by master.

Keep simple , dont complicate urself.

I will chant Cundi mantra and listen to hanuman mantra songs.

Well first if u go Waterloo SiMaLu Guan Yin temple beside temple have a big lord hanuman statue and many will do a little prayers there. And i have researched that Lord Hanuman, is very compassionate , selfless and humble God and

Buddhism cultivate our heart and personal character and wisdom and compassion. But we are still human beings and when problems arises Lord Hanuman helps those who are good heart and compassion. And Cundi Guan Yin Protect and guide us too.

Just that certain time in life we need some "Music" in our life and someone close to us.

Lately I have learn from grandmaster music therapy and say everyone can sing lord hanuman mantra. And even after u chant ur Cundi mantra u can see a few Lord Hanuman mantra or listen to the music to strengthen courage.

Alot of time we lack of faith and courage. I find that when I pray to lord hanuman and cundi Guan Yin , it seems to strengthen my Divine love in handling obstacles.

When I sing or play lord hanuman songs, it seems to bring in good energy and totally dont affect any religion. Is we human beings that create the difference.

Lord Hanuman like Guan Yin Pu Sa, is very compassionate and help many and sometimes he dont know he is so powerful and continue to bless those who ask for his help.

Now if u are really lost and dont know what to do. Chant Cundi mantra and than dedicate to all beings than listen to https://youtu.be/mhb_jTigPCM (hanuman mantra). Tell me how u feel:>

Welcome talk I will share on how to work with Lord Hanuman to handle our emotion and problems to be pacify. And so we can have a happier life and help more people.


A very very Soothing Welcome 2020

As most of you experience the star signs of 2019. And ups and down which many gone thru. Even emotional tubulence. I can say 2020 will be a better year.

So i emphasis alot the importance of the cultivation of luck October , Nov and Dec so by 4th feb 2020 lap chun. We will have a smooth year.

Things I will do daily now (is sharing u can choose one or two)

1) Morning I will say positive things before go out of house
2) When wake up, whatever is the first thoughts. I will quickly says" BOOM, what am i thinking now, and all good thought comes in and i have a wonderful day"
3) Use my favourite oil before i go out of house and spray Tranquility mist
4) Throughout the day set a alarm in your iphone (like 3pm or 5pm) when alarm set off. Says " Sound of good energy is here"
5) Work with your crystals daily i suggest black tourmaline
6) Burn one of my incense abit daily ok


Aomra Oil to use

1) Healing frankincense
2) healing trees oil bottom of feet before sleeo
3) 4R rose oil facial GuaSha
4) 5 element oil wipe house


This november i activated the Fu Qi Hulu  at $28 each for u to put in office desk, beside bed or anywhere of ur liking

Image may contain: one or more people

And also Double 11 I will have limited Pineapple to give away worth $38 for celebrating my 22 years and also i always feel that dont be stingy to ur customer and people and good things will come

Friday, November 1, 2019

Power Website 2020

No matter how busy I am. I will update this website weekly.


Thursday, October 31, 2019

Qi Lin for a peaceful 2020

 化解七赤破军星,可在此方位摆放omhealth the going to be launch Qi Lin一对麒麟摆件来化解灾厄煞气,来生旺家宅运势。
No photo description available.
This star at living room is very unpredictable and troublesome.

But with 6D hulu main door knob and this Qi Lin all will be ok。

This Qilin please dont order first and also we dont have manpower to take order for Welcome talk. So u can buy that day:>

No photo description available.

Activated $28. It will be ready soon.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Energy of 2020

2019 seems not to be a very good year for many. Well is always the case when is last of the cycle and also the number 9 happens in the end of year number.

But again just remember to take care of your Nov And December ok:> SO we have a smooth good 2020.

Also try not to read into those fortune teller books. And it will confuse u and bring u alot of negative impact. Especially for rat and horse many say until like u are end of luck. Well dont buy that. Rat infact is your year, some challenges are bound to have because u are going to fly high if u have good preparations and merits accumulated.

So remember to try to Mist your house daily with Protection Spray and yourself with Tranquility healing spray for all animal sign.

Let the mist to create  Grounding Protection and Self Empowerment.

Try to use more Heng Heng scrub this 2 months for shower and your cypress and 5 element oil ok.

If can do chant more Cundi mantra daily and also listen to Hanuman Mantra. This will bring help, courage and compassion to your life.

See the source image

https://youtu.be/mhb_jTigPCM (This is youtube link to Hanuman Mantra I played at home)

I will share more on 5 element mantra and Hanuman mantra to u all in class.


Welcome 2020 Talk will be a special one this year.

We will have 600 pax sign mantra together to gather the good energy and so we have good 2020. And also let us be happy and joyful.

Date : 12th Jan 2020
Venue: NTUC Auditorium
Fees: $45
Time 930am to 1pm
email class@omhealth.com

A Bhutan coin dated 1979 blessed will be given to all attendees and each worth $29 in market. Alot alot alot of effort is made for this talk de. Hope u all receive with good happy heart.

A number of things good one happen as a sign that I want to share for all in the talk. And many times it happen during Guan Yin Dan. And I really hope i am able to inspire u to be more positive no matter what happen. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Flying star 7 for 2020

The energy of 2020 is affected by star 7 flying to the center of the building or house.

This will greatly affect a person relationships and even related to work and wealth issues.
This star enters on 4th Feb 2020. And is greatly amplified by the elements.

WHat it tell us is people are easier to be in disagreement in 2020. So we can counter it with dragonfly Aeonian oil and Grapefruit pink. Putting a 6D hulu and the main door knob is very needed. And remember to change anytime after 12th Jan 2020.

So " Star 7 " flies to center of house, center of building. I presume our lliving room can be consider center of house. Sometimes we need to estimate as we are not like those ancient landed properties houses. Where flying star with no missing corners can be applied easily.

Flying star 7 is Robbery Red Star: At all times we need to weaken it. Using some black or blue design items will be great.

This star may symbolize low luck, loss, disputes, and obstacles.

Remember those who have my elephant Liu Li or the wooden Tianlu u can apply 5 element oil cleanse it and Sun it in Jan and start putting le:>

Also living room buy something new decor with some blue color

Thursday, October 24, 2019

10 Face Puti Health Seed

There are some who ask me if you are going thru very rush patch in life and really no time to do things what can you wear?
Image may contain: food
I suggest listening to CUndi Mantra and Hanuman Mantra youtube 1 minute a day. Things will improve if your mind and heart changes the energy.

And I personally have research that 10 face Puti Health Seed (Original Nepal) is a very good remedies and wear in time of stress or add to ur pendant to wear.

Many find it  is highly beneficial and has healing properties. And has ample of positive energy and curative power. 
In books it says

1) protect wearer from all kind of worries and stress (i am thinking may be is the energy that prevent us from falls to the down)
2) Protect us from negative influences from the stars
3) Achieve success in life

It helps the person to overcome difficult times, problems, hardship and to achieve success in life. Remind us to move in the right direction of life. To eliminate all the negative energy from human life

It is highly recommended for the people who have been experiencing a very bad phase in life

Job Searching this is a good puti Health seeds.\
For long term sleep issues u can work with this 10 face

This size in market is $480.

Omhealth limited is $280.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

More About the 2 famous Healing Mist

No photo description available.

Tranquility Healing Mist

The label was designed by a reiki healer and his art is very power one.

This mist was created back in 2003. The purpose of this healing mist is to create an evelope of auric cleansing properties when spray above the head few times and let the mist cleanse and heal aura

It contains organic Mandarin Oil , Juniperberry Oil, Rosalina Oil, and healing crystal herbs.

Rosalina is native to the outback of southeastern Australia. This glistening, refreshing herbs was traditionally used by Aboriginal people as medicine, while the flowers were infused to make herbal beverages. The aroma and personality of this plant is Bright and LIGHT.
Junipeberry: Good health, Purification , Wisdom, Clear sadness, Improve relationships and family communications. Remove negative energy
Mandarin: Joy love and High energy

Mist urself with this.

Protection Space Clearing Abundance Mist

This mist created same times as Tranquility Healing Mist and main ingredients are OAKMOSS and Patchouli.

Oakmoss:relates of Protection and Strength ,growth,settling  legal matters, money and prosperity and meditation. Chanel No 5 have this ingredient.

Patchouli:  Protection and Grounding.

Spray around corners of house or spray ur bedroom and living room. Everytime u back from home. Or spray the house for good energy/

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

To have A better Alignment Simple and Easy

Everyone wants improvement in life , in health and work success. We try to change ourselves , change our attitude and sometimes u are just too busy to do so much .
See the source image
Why not we realign our bedroom or our house simple sector to let this Universe adjust your energy.

So total I will share with u working with ur year of birth to let Universe and positive thinking brings some good things to our life.

Once your find your lucky direction. Is time to check where it is in your house or living room or bed room and u clean it And spray protection spray around this corner frequently.

Do you know yearly of putting a 5 D coin at ur lucky direction is also a good way to activate this Success energy to your life.

But today here I also work with heng ball.

Items: 5D coin, Protection Spray, 5 element oil for breathing exercise

Do you know my protection mist and tranqulity mist is more than 10 years history le. And yes all pure herbs so if for months u dont use will have the crystalised herbs deposit. Please change yearly.

Spray the mist and let it enveloped good energy.

Heng Ball of your personal choice


Image result for Gua Number from 1960 to 2000

There are many ways to work around with it:> U can work with bedroom or your living room. But if space not allow, we can work with a facing direction and use crystal for breathing exercise.
No photo description available.

In 2020 is so important we plan early to have a better 2020.

Gua Number 1

Place 3 ingot with a 3 leg frog on the floor of this sector SE.
Place a antique Green Heng ball at SE (this is ur personal one) . Heng ball is easy to use because u can have 3M hook and hang it.
U can also put a Cai Shen or laugh buddha related itens here.

Coin Method
Face SE and holding Fuzai Yan Qian coin and do breathing exercise with 5 element oil.

Gua Number 2

Northeast is your direction.
Your NE should always check whether is clear of clutter.
Place a yellow Heng ball at NE  which is your personal success direction. And also try to make a wish daily here.

Coin Method:
Face NE holding Shi Lai Yun Zhuan coin and do breathing exercise and if can use 5 element oil.

Gua Number 3:

South is your direction
U can place the omhealth ruyi dragon or dragon tortise or any auspicious peachwood items at South.
South u can hang a Red or Pink heng ball which is ur personal success sector.

Coin Method
Face South anywhere and holding a Shi Lai Yun Zhuan coin do breathing exercise with 5 element oil.

Gua Number 4

North is your direction.
This is a direction for yyour success. This is a very good sector to have ur success. U can place a bottle of Tranquility Healing Spray and mist this area daily.

Ur heng ball is blue color.

Coin Method
Face North, Spray the tranquility Mist and hold the Fu Zai Yan Qian and do breathing exercise

Gua Number 5

Male: NE
Female: SW
 your direction.  This sector West if can put a wealthbowl or hang a cai shen in this sector.  3 leg frog is best at this sector but not all rooms u are convenient to put.

You can put white heng ball.

Coin method
Bai wu Jin Ji coin is amazing for you and u can hold it and do breathing exercise with 5 element oil.

Gua Number 6

West is your direction.  Put the God of fortune in NW is for ur personal success. Wow the heng ball use is the Jing Gang Heng ball.

Coin Method
Shi Lai Yun Zhuan coin with five element oil facing W and do breathing exercise is great.

Gua Number 7

Northwest is your direction. A 3 leg frog facing NW in your house is powerful. Put a spray bottle of tranquility spray and mist this area is good. Display some happy items here.

A heng ball of deep yellow is good for your personal success.

Coin Method:
A Shi lai yun Zhuan coin and do breathing exercise facing NW.

Gua Number 8

SotuhWest is your success and positive motivational direction. To further improve your energy this is a East u should ensure clean and free from clutter.

U can hang a yellow heng ball to enhance your energy.

Coin Method
A Shih Lai Yun Zhuan coin with 5 element oil facing the SW to perform a breathing exercise.

Gua Number 9

East is your success direction. Keep your east of house clean at all times. Heng ball to use is deep green and hang it here.

Coin Method

A shih lai yun zhuan coin facing East and do some breathing exercise with 5 element oil is great.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Remedies for Your House energy 2020

I find that for a house is important to re energise the sector of house yearly. With High Mountain incense .

Lucky Color for 2020 have a few and I want to stress only Green

As we know green for year 2020 can relax our body mind and emotion which can balance alot of stituations that we are facing and elimination of anger and worries. This is also very good for nervous system. The green heng ball (any of the green) can help. Also in career growth

Omhealth has; Bright green, antique green and Dark green. U can check bryanwellness.com under miscellaneous.

The green heng ball can put in bed room or living room or study room. If u have a green already for many years, get a new one ba and choose u favourite green.

No photo description available.

Standby Now

1) 5D coin
2) 6D hulu
3) Exclusive Qi Ling For house center is so important. It will be announce with the pic nearby it cost $28 and very very very good. Is limited this year we have 200 pieces. I thinking how to let you order. And some is for Welcome talk to put at center stage for u to adopt.
4) Green Heng ball for good energy
5) The green cricket of China Jade although not expensive is powerful and available for u for everyone at $21.

All items mentioned is omhealth exclusive and soon market will be flooded when i show the pic here. But is ok.

Not So good sectors in 2020

The NSG stars will be positioned as follows: 
Illness Star 2 
will be in the South sector:
This is the cause of health issues and troublesome things. A 6 D Hulu is important.
Animal Affected by Illness star in 2020 are  Rooster Rabbit, Rat, Horse  so carry ur Shi Lai Yun Zhuan coin is important. If last year u buy u can reuse it ok:> Also Check the South of ur room or living room put the 6 D hulu. Check now ba, stand by.
Yellow Diasater Star 5
5 Yellow it at its greatest malevolence when it creates severe illness, which can impact your ability to make a living, or having to spend excess amounts to treat your injuries or health. Remember: your health is your wealth. 
It will be in East and a 5 D coin will be fine/ And animal affected 2020 are  Rat and Dragon . So u can daily chant Cundi Mantra to be positive. And carry a Shi lai yun Zhuan coin. 
So check the East and  South of ur house especially Rat and Dragon put 5 D coin or 6D also

As 5 and 2 we totally handle both if u are affected by one sector
Violence Star 7 Center: 
Now this is where ur wealthbowl in living room can be powerful. If u got the wealthbowl last year u can reactivate it by putting a $1 coin on eve of CNY 2020. Also put the Qi Ling activated by omhealth on CNY Eve.
put the Qi Lin this year for bring good news and fight the violence star.

We make only 18 a year and u can order le

A green Heng ball put in living room enhance the house energy. We have 3 greens choose the one u want

No photo description available.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

2020 forecast: rat

Year of 2020 omhealth prediction
Green jade and any green crystals is the key to good luck in 2020. Start getting some green color jade or crystals! (for all animals)
At your home heng a GREEN heng ball (any green)

Well congrats 2020 is your year and 2019 tiredness will be erased off. Good fortune begins if October to Dec 2019 u think positive and do more good deeds.

Essential Oil of 2019 October to 2020 are
Positive affirmation oil and Rosemary

You will have urge to find new job and hobbies. Guess what new opportunities coming. Forget about those forecast that say rat is bad i mean u so old le should be smart.All rat in the world should stand together and think positive and all rat will be positive
The more "seeds" you plant now will result u have great harvest
Main challenges are yourself, is ur own past habits and doing and laziness that cause u feel lousy. So at all times eat good food. Once a week pamper urself with a good meal.

Let go of unhappiness things and focus on what u want。

Flower of life coin important to carry and 5 D coin. Best heng ball color to adopt

No photo description available.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Power of Actions: Good Luck Comes

Image result for dream and goals

To achieve your dreams and goals is never too late. U need to make the first steps and decide. Dreams can be : Better health , make more money, be more spiritual or peace of mind. 

You need to put your heart into it.

Many of us have a dream or goals but everytime we think of it;We feel is difficult to achieve or too much for us and we never make the first step.

20 years ago i have a dream to be an aromatherapist and share with people on healthcare etc. And I want to move out of my rat-race engineering  office job. I told my friends i want to be a natural therapist back in 1998 and many just look at me....... . (it seems too far away). 

But i didn't give up, since 1998 i used my free time to work on research and document down everything i learn from teachers and share with friends on acupressure never give up etc.  Now become LOL health and beauty guru.

Take one step at a Time ( You need to start somewhere, some time)
Very often we dream of something in our life. We think is too difficult, too high. And if only we can make an effort and take one step at a time.  If we can make up our mind to do that, we can achieve things that are quite impossible.


U complaint ur health always no good ?
Did u make tiny effort daily to bigger effort daily in diet, sleep and exercise

U complaint ur relationship no good. U want a better relationship
Did u make effort to improve ur EQ, ur character or upgrade ur personality

the list go on......


Related image

In our rat-race of life, have u ever want to live a quiet peaceful life to get out of the demand fro ur boss your colleagues and endless desire for $$$ and all the goals u have life endlessly .... endless demands and needs.

And many of us have more worries and obsession. And i know  some aunties, who told me 20 years ago
" Oh if only i raise all my children and they are married and etc i will be in peace. But 20 years later i talk to them, they have new worries and never have peace of mind."

Why not set ur goals for peace of mind now 10mins a day.

Peace of mind is all about self cultivation.  If you could really learn quietness for 10mins a day. U will find many things in your life will improve. Once peace of mind achieve, energy increase good luck come.

Inner Silence with Healing Trees Oil/Auspicious Heaven and earth

In silence and relaxation your body can relax yourself. If u able to relax, ur energy will improve, what u want will come more easily.  Alot of times we are tense in our body, we are exhausting the energy in the body and without this energy, is difficult to have good luck. As good energy means good luck.

The more you learn to relax , not too uptight. U can achieve what u want in life easier.

Image result for reclined butterfly poseImage result for reclined butterfly pose

Preparation  1 drops of heaven and earth oil and 1 drop 5 element oil in tissue and put beside ur head.

Put a drop of healing trees oil base of foot and than do this pose left or ride 3mins each.

The above two pose do morning or evening dissolve inner blockages and when u do, feel the peace of waterfall to u and clearing all ur problems.

Success begins when there is silence in mind. And your body will feel vibrant and energize.
早安: 小小叮咛
1)多替人想 (like time to message people)
2)别一直中心为自己 (u are not always right)
3)多方便别人 (do learn the art of sacrifice )
4)要给老师说说接受改过 (respect people who teach good thinsg)
5) 别懒惰 (u ache u cant sleep u fat is because u lazy)
6)人家吃饭不要简讯或打搅人 (this one cannot forgive)
7)别带着愤怒回家,遇到负能量的人用5 element oil (good fengshui begins with good emotional energy)
8) 每一样东西想想不是巧遇而是机缘的安排 (u kana suay is because u surely have done something sala , go think)
9) 发生什么事,一切就是最好的安排 (all things is good, dont need here ask master there ask master, ask le still same one, if not u go ask)
10)bryan老师健康讲义 好的能帮到你别懒惰一年一两次。 (dont feel like saying, think for 10 years always say wan attend always say no time, thats why, no help——+)
11) 给人好的鼓励 (yes good luck begins)
12)多做脚底按摩和自己经络按摩 (learn from right teacher not half pass 6)
13) 问清楚, 很多时候是我们误会人,很多时候你讨厌的grab driver, not that they rude to u in the car, is u that day moody , And when they greet u good bye , than u know how negative urself is. (applies to daily life, before knowing that person dont judge them)
14) 别一直问promocode omhealth products very high cost good quality, each time promo is really to thank all customers for support but u also must make effort to support local company as we work base on quality, freshness and not really about marketing.
15) 多运动 晚餐早点吃 包你美美
16) 少说是非, lunchtime 说人是非, 会把厄运带进食物影响运气
17)welcome talk 2020 , most fees go to buy the 1979 bhutan coin with blessing for u all.Do support that day buy the 5 element oil please
18) Dont always see people first thing say negative words because the person dont deserve . U can greet that person first and slowly talk about it.
19) 初一十五好日子 别 发脾气, 如果没办法发了, 用heavenandearth 油。 clean ur fridge and toilet the day before with
5 element oil and geranium toilet
fridge use lemon and rosemary
kitchen use eucalyptus peppermint and rose mary

brings good energy
combines 5 element oil and auspicious oil this days for amplify energy

20) blog: bryanomhealth.blogspot.com and bryanverygoodluck.blogspot.com help many le for 20 years, do read. Instagram do let more people follow and help to build lao shi instagram : bryanlaoshi, thank u so much
东西买了要付钱 尺付要通知人别忘了 因为每一个product 是我心血 我没追是因为我相信你会还钱不过more than 1 month 我会不高兴 当我不高兴时我会念经忏悔因为我不想讲人
21) I can continue to niam but is enough for the day

Bryan Lao Shi Birthday Set 8 Sets (left 4 set email with pic to orders@omhealth.com)

Saturday, October 5, 2019

2020 year of Special

few more days for promo happy10.

Hi all welcome talk this year will be special register fast

venue: NTUC auditorium
Date: 12th Jan
Fees: $45
Time 930am to 1pm

As many says enough of the sluggish drama 2019. I must say 2020 is an exciting year of renewal and welcome truly. So my welcome talk 2020 have a special formation lion dance so all attendees can have good luck.

That day when lion dance take out ur crystal bracelets for absorbing this energy. A power water will mist around by the lucky person.

Feng Shui afflicted areas in the year of the Yang Metal Rat (Geng Zi) 2020#2 black sickness Star this year is in the south
#5 Misfortune and sickness Star this year is in the east
#3 Disputes/Quarrel Star in 2019 is in the north
Grand Duke in 2020 is in the north – 352.5 – 7.5 Degrees.
Three Killings in 2020 is in the south – 142.5 – 217.5
Sui Po in 2020 is in the south – 172.5 – 187.5

Lucky heng ball Color for buy new for 2020:



rem 5 d coin no need put all la, u choose where more concern than put

normally 6d hulu handle the star 5 important or star 2, but if star two is a corner of ur house no bother la. keep clean. but bedroom we put ba.

Thats why i invented to change door knob 6 d main door yearly. Rem health issues also alot depend ur personal cultivation cannot everything blame on the star. But if u normally dont take care health and u kana star 5 or 2 the probability get sick is higher than normal

Flying stars 2020
Good energy 2020:
·         Northwest –  Star 8 ( u can put all my auspicious items)
·         Northeast –  Star 1 ( u can put 5 d coin and a my good luck coin)
·         Southwest – Star 4 
·         Southeast –  Star 6
·        West –  Star 9 (for ur future luck use ur wealthbowl here)
Negative Energy 2020
·         East (health issues and alot negative energy) – #5 Annual star: 6 D hulu a mUST
·         South (Sickness star) – #2 Annual star: 6 D hulu
·         North ( Disputes and legal issues) – #3  (5 D coin)
·         Centre – #7 Annual star (5 D coin)

Tai Sui 2020 (carry the new 5 D coi mean)
Also use the flower of life coin as it has 2 tian lu (can be used forever) . 5 D need get new one.
please dont believe the 12 animal forecast in many books , is very not accurate 80 % is not happy one. Example the concept of Taisui affected is not that bad. IS kinda challenge to move to new status. This year the Tai Sui holding knife means things can be fast and clear negative fast. Aiya more details out soon

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Thank You All all These Years

Promocode for bryanwellness.com is happy10 

Image may contain: dessert and food


To celebrate tomorrow Bryan and mama English and Chinese birthday and 1010 promo we give a 10 % for spending $100 and above

 And I have activated
1) full lotus make of real Putiseed and wish all have to have peace and good 2020!
2) a handmade 3 wood incense not for sales exclusive 3 pieces so u can burn October and November and December and jan start good luck! 
3) a activated marble to put in ur effort Wealthbowl!

But let me celebrate with mama first and Chu power for u all

This is on TOP of 10 percent a gesture of appreciations! The promocode will end soon ! 

New purchase no back track and is my birthday cannot say inauspicious things and those who last week buy things u can buy again cannot complaint and ask me back track beecause many things for u to choose ok ! Ommmmm

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Welcome 2020 with New way of Topics Bryan LaoShi Welcome talk 20 years le

Hi all many asked me when is the welcome 2020 talk.
Well the answer is out.

We notice there will be alot people register for the class this year. So I open them to my FB and students first. Dont wait for last minute registration le.

2020 is a year of celebration after the stressful 2019.

Forget about the 12 animal forecast as 90 % in the market now predict is like everything also no good.

Venue: NTUC Auditorium
Date: 12th Jan 2020
Time: 930am to 12pm.
Fees: $45

Email : Class@omhealth.com NOW dont wait le.Last year many last min cant get seats end up keep sms me de:>

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2020 is a year if u able to make full use will bring good opportunites (if year have not come and u read those fortune book and say u no good than u wil be no good).
2020 with bryan lao shi " Kai yun" Gua Sha will let u meet special good people to help u in dilemmas, and  stress.

OCtober to December affect ur luck in Jan 2020
Things to do. (I will announce next week refer to blog_

Our chinese year of the rat starts on January 25th 2020 and exact rat comes of course 4th feb 2020 la (dont want keep explain 20 years about lapchun yet some may confuse....)。

Enough of what lapchun and when rat comes, we not looking at that unless u are giving birth to a kid, which u dont. Now is time to learn something new and upgrade urself and improve ur heart and wellbeing ok:>

From 1st October to December 2019, what u manifest will result what luck u have in 2020.
PROMO Bryan Birthday : (for bryan 22 years anniversary )
10th October (a day after my birthday). I have a promocode for all 10% at bryanwellness.com, so u can buy 6D 5D to keep first.And also give u 3 handmade incense cone (not for sale). And a lucky marble,
The incense cone make of 3 wood so burn on each month can harness good energy for 2020.
Promocode will give 1st October.
The metal element creates water, which means productivity and activity for the metal industries. These include: production of cars and machinery, IT, high tech industry, cosmetics, and health.
Metal Rat Year , Tai Sui is moving in the direction of the Pig (northwest). All those born in the Pig, Snake, Monkey and Tiger years will need to carry 5 D coin.

Also week before CNY 6D hulu behind main door can change le


Gu Zhen Lao Shi invited for opening.A tune to bring good luck

1) A music mantra to hand the missing elements and weak elements that affect our life. Sing together. A must learn
2) A hand gesture to perform and affirmations when face with fear and transition in life.
3) general Simple flying Star to watch out for (main one)
4) The flower fengshui (featured on TV by bryan lao shi which Lan Xin mei finds accurate)
5) Ren Yuan Kai Yun Gui ren Gua Sha
6) 12 Astrology lucky color and numbers and oil for 2020
7) Special temple date to take note
8) How to 祈福 in temple when facing issues
9) The main challenges in 2020 we face and how we handle
10) Food to take for specified animals sign and ur numerology for 2020

Joss Paper formations for 2020 to pray in temple

I must say very successful Launch 2012

Belowarticle was 2012 and time flies Cundi pendant was launched almost 8 years.

I hope u all still chant cundi mantra. Keep things simple. Today 2019 i do a video and to share with u as shown above.

I wanna share since 2012 i share cundi mantra, many benefits from chanting and focus. Dont think just hardworking chant daily and be good and slowly change ur mindset and heart and things will get better.

U can chant in CHinese or Sanskrit both ok

(Sanskrit: Namah saptanam samyaksambuddha kotinam tadyatha
Om cale cule Cundi svaha

All along i chant this way

稽首皈依苏悉帝 头面顶礼七俱胝
我今称赞大准提 唯愿慈悲垂加护
南无飒哆喃。 nā mó sà duō nán
三藐三菩陀。 sān miǎo sān pú tuó
俱胝喃。 jù zhī nán
怛侄他。 dá zhí tuō
唵。折戾主戾。Om, zhé lì zhǔ lì
准提。娑诃。zhǔn tí suō pó hē
Follow by 21 or 49 or 108 of Om Cale Cule Cundhe Svaha

how to order visit www.omhealth.com under order icon ok:>

The good quality and effort behind this pendant received tremendous feedbacks. Thank you. Once month if u can buy a big yellow chrysanthemum at house. Than put Cundi Pendant near the flower is good.

Blog under label Cundi Pendant, many article, how to chant can be found www.omhealth.com/kwanyinma.htm
Cundi pendant is very auspicious . And when you chant Cundi mantra look at the mirror behind. Is very good.

Cundi Bodhisattva is the source of all the Buddhas of past, present and future whose secret name is Great Victorious Vajra and had unimaginable power of blessings. Those who practice this bodhisattva will attain wisdom, victory in debate, harmonious and respectful family, improved relations with others, longivity, healed sicknesses, removed of negative karmas, and other wishes fulfilled.

Research Material

Case A: Mdm Tan, a good housewife find that husband lately have been very weird. She also dont know what to do. She dedicate her stress by calming down thru chanting of Cundi mantra. After a few weeks.... Guess what, when her husband go shower, she suddenly saw her husband sms float up from mobile (she didnt check and dont believe check mobile) but when she in kitchen the husband misplace the mobile and she happens to walk to kitchen, the message float up and caught her eye. And is a CHIxx Woman, trying to.....etc...

She handle the situation well. And save the family wealth. Cundi mantra, according to my master, is very good to help people see clearly many things and chant with faith. Cundi Kwan Yin statue is all the statue in Singapore u can see in Waterloo Kwan yin temple is Cundi Kwan Yin.

Bryan's advise: chant cundi mantra daily dedicate yourself for 49 days as one lesson. Than rest until you ready, chant any mantra. For me I dedicate myself almost daily chant cundi mantra.

Others Religion: Well u pray to your GOD also good. Have faith. And if you religion disallow fengshui than live happily . Dont criticise and dont change your faith ok:>