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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Activated Big Charcoal bag

For order of any 4 essential oil from now Sunday to Tuesday.

U will receive a activated charcoal. The order starts only today and must be four bottle oil.

Oh for others who have order items previously and have used the promo code, please dont ask for gifts again ok:>

 This bag is a natural air cleaner made from activated. It can be used  to absorb odours, pollution and gases from the air without the use of chemicals . And u can put essential oil at four corners and put at places at home to improve fengshui . Specially designed and good quality.

Four bottles of essential oil u will get one.:>

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Friday, May 19, 2017


Hi all I would like to announce the date change to 25 June as my flora water gift for u is delayed ahahaa and also Leng Leng Europe back in 17 worry not enough man power help me

Crown of Success Oil

Announcement 4 items coming up

1) Power Spearmint essential Oil
2) Laurel Victory oil
3) Dragonblood power pack herbs power facial toner
4) WitchHazel facial water

I will announce soon.

But 18 June student, u will have first chance to get the oil.
Best Oil to invest yet , good fresh one seldom comes by.

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In market Laurel Leaf essential oil is 5ml at $60 plus. Omhealth launching this laurel Leaf essential oil 6ml at $50 and u will love it.
The laurel leaf was a symbol of victory in ancient Greek mythology. So to have this oil and use it daily brings alot of good energy for this year especially after DUan Wu Jie.
Image result for laurel crown
It is beneficial for the whole body. It improves the metabolic functions and also tones up the nervous system, thus making you more alert and active. Finally, it boosts the immune system, thereby protecting you from infections.

Other Benefits: is effective in symptoms like rheumatism, neuralgia, muscular pain, circulation problems, cold, flu, dental infection, diarrhea, skin infections and promoting growth of hair, and general health of the scalp.

Is limited 30 bottles; U can order soon. Are u interested.

  • Antioxidants in sweet bay laurel consist of chemical compounds that can help fight the damage caused by free radicals, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.
laurel has high content, also if blend with carrier oil in mixture with other oil it helps healthy skin, hair, and vision. 

  • And regulate the function of nerves, organs, and hormone production. It  relieve muscle pain or sprains. So is like an add on to ur 3 oil method.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Age and Emotion and You

Omhealth Logo is there for 20 years

When u look at the logo it symbolise like mother taking care of child.  And When I sell u the products is like omhealth take care of u like a child. We want the best for our kid and omhealth want the best for you. Take it this way ok:>
Omhealth logo is designed by a famous artist and relligious free. It symbolise, quality, happiness and trust.

Energy for this few months
Planets changes alignment , many issues may happen (due to cleansing and detox, u can see here fire there fire de): People may be more angry,  And fire up.
The key to handle this 2 months is to be calm and think positive, good luck will come one.
This is a challenging months so dont curse or swear , just say " Ommm or " Everything is in Light"

1) Dont say negative things out or people no good to u, dont say negative things because the energy will back-fire and saying mantra will balance u. Alot of things   good and Love will sprout and bloom soon. Is a clean up month ok: Clean up negativity
2) Chant alot Cundi Mantra or mantra of ur decision
3) Drink fresh coconut water.
4) Do charity work.
5) Remember to say positive affirmation every morning;

No matter what age u re, we will all grow older. But do u know we have control of how we want to age.

Some thinking must be change like
1) Oh , old sure will get sick
2) Oh, old sure will have disease
Also many when start to age feel the lack of time, anger and hatred.

Self hatred, bitterness, shame and guilt , fear and being judgmental and carrying alot  burden are some thinking of a person when getting old (for some).

All I know that we can change our beliefs about aging and make the aging process a positive, vibrant, healthy experience. We can format our believe systems.
We want to create and see our later years become our treasure years. We need to take the old out of our vocabulary. We need to know our future is always bright no matter what happen now.

When I see some elderly being frail, sick and frightened, I tell myself, it doesnt have to be that way. Many of us have learned that by changing our thinking, we can change our lives.


For the elderly and my friends. When we spend some time to work with essential oil and crystals, we can come up with creative solutions for our later years, we have real power that can change our nation and our world a better place. Age gracefully with strength. And from now anyway say

"Old liao... leg sure pain etc"
U quickly say: " I take back my power"

Its time for elder and u and me to take back our power from medical and pharmaceutical. They are being buffeted about by high tech medicine, which is very expensive . It is time for all of us to learn to take control of our emotion and health. We need to learn a way

Omhealth Aroma Oil

1) Granduer Facial Oil (makes ur face young)
2) Serums is a  must , i serum on face until ehehhhe
3) Flower water please use
Oil: Healing and sacred frankincense is the mother of all antiaging oil. A simple inhalation and rub chest makes u feel young.

And with omhealth I say

omhealth Basic Must Have daily
1) Breathing exercise with aromatherapy
2) Wear a crystal
3) Eat greens daily and drink enough water


Heng Healing PendaANT: I first launched this pendant last year to help calming and better sleep. And i must say is good.

U can rub a drop lavendula oil and a drop rice oil on it. And wear to sleep if u have sleep issues. U can feel it absorb worries and reduce anger.

Helps to have acceptance of ones self and improve self confidence. 
It help to bring to your attention any problems that is interfering with your well being.
It  improves concentration
It encourage us to overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart. it heals inner anger fostering love and the courage to start again. it is useful for any kind of emotional trauma. It creates a sense of safety and security by dissolving internal tension.

$168 to $188 u can order from

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fire rooster 

As I mention repeatedly this fire rooster strong may till June so take note ur health also beside the super fire hot ! 

Protection spray spray around ur house and also tranquility spray above ur head spray Daily and let the mist envelop u with protection 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Auspicious mother s day jade

Is not easy to find good jade and I coloring done

The jade set here two items at $666

Individual to get is $338 and they re wonderful to have for peace calmness and face challenges! It brings good energy to u

set ne

Saturday, May 13, 2017

May Period of Challenges

Often I stress Year or ROOSTER

1) Gossips politics will be max but it will be cleared off very quickly
2) Chronic Illnesses can be reduced this year as is a year to find cure for sickness.

Wearing Ur black tourmaline with TZI bracelet (limited le, as more demand and less now)... will encourage us during difficult period and allow things to flow in right way fast.

Use ur black tourmaline every morning hold with both palm and do affirmations.
U can add a drop of purification or 5 element oil rub it.

Also put bracelet above incense burner lite the High Mountain incense can help alot.

MAY TIME: Fire energy MAX till 28th May 2017: Easily cough and sore throat. Drink mint tea
. And have a bottle of 3 leg brand pipagao a table spoon


There are 4 dates to take note to chant more CUndi mantra

16th, 24th and 28th May: This day, if can go temple pray and do donation ;
This few days use oil like Awakening oil and Love miracle blend.
Wash toilet this 3 days (choose one la) using wash toilet method (oil no short cut)

Dont forget to spray protection spray around ur house daily. As a bottle lifespan is 1 year and yes is all natural.

Everymorning a teaspoon of omhealth GOLD tea and 2 slice ginger. Can bring heaven and earth balance luck to ur body mind and emotion.


To have good Luck in MAY (non religious).
A) Clearing Obstacles and aches
U can put a bowl of water beside the bed and put some lavendula and peppermint oil on it. ( so start off with boiling water, so the steam will make ur room smell nice) than let it cool down and change this water. U can do daily for this month. DOnt injured urself and clumsy the water hor.

B) 3 drops of Vitality oil and 6 drops or rice or coconut oil massage stomach 3 times . Bring wealth and improve digestion and release stomach issues

C) Ginger lily flower oil 2 drops in cotton inhale 4 times a day to clear negative energy for this month. Add 2 drops to a cup of water final rinse body will clear any unhappiness brought home from work.

D) Drink Juice of Beetroot and Pineapple with Red Apple (ice abit). Drink twice a week for changing in auric fields and u can feel good luck arrival fast
Image result for cabbage
E) Cabbage fried with Ginger slice and Tang Hoon can bring career luck and family harmony luck

Malay Salad super good luck for this MONTH

Gado Gado... If u can find one:>

Image result for cabbage gado gado

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Be a lamp and shine from within

Hi all do remember , ur life in this world is not very long so let every moment be joyful and peace with urself!
Omhealth continues to shine with all of you!
Merits of donating water well and food and education for Cambodia is almost completed! And this are wonderful merits we shall dedicate to all beings ok!
We must always take note 花无百日红! everything has up and down! And everyone of us is equal! If u notice rich and poor people all just want happiness at the end! Stop wasting ur life but find answers thru compassion! Awaken ur heart by doing prayers , be nice to family and parents and do good!
Omhealth shopping cart promo is 1515 and 15 percent discount for spending $100 and above ! Do support ok!

Below is a student who has gone thru different stages of life and even spend a lot money and lost oneself going fsm! But lucky he turn back and go back to basis! Simplicity is best ! A simple chant of guan yin mantra or cundi mantra and calm urself down will do!
Those who have crystal bracelet do remember u can smudge and cleanse ur bracelet and energize with high mountain incense very healing!
Black tourmaline is available for order now !

Monday, May 8, 2017

High mountain incense 

Today I smudge my black tourmaline and other bracelet with the high mountain incense powder and I must say the bracelet energy super good!

Energy of compassion love and cleansing; when u wear it u feel immediate happy lol!

Incense art is not associated with religion is like tea art but in ancient time! Enjoy nice good incense at home is way of life!

I love this high mountain incense you can really find peace with it! 

Burn for protection, strength, healing, prevent nightmares, and encourae body to heal various ailments.Burn for healing, purification, protection, balance, grounding, clarity, insight and wisdom

U can order now is $55 and also in shopping cart 15 % for order or $100 and above ! 

$25 Dakota voucher not for this promo ok!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cambodia kids today happy

Last few days we have provided stationary and water filter to villages! Today omhealth charity group provides burger 🍔 and chicken ,fries and soft drink for 200 student at Chhob Smach village about 90 km from Siem Reap! Many of them and most of them first time to have tasted this! I would like to thank all of u and the 30 donors who combine with me! ay

Friday, May 5, 2017

Wonder 2 Bracelet

I must say the wonderfulness of this two bracelet. Many has it and find that is really good.

It seems to calm down anger very fast. This is a year where anger unknown and also politics in office or family comes fast and go fast. But most important thing release fast from system and dont want to be affected.

Especially those in sales or business or office high level this two is wonderful to have.

Victory bracelet seems to deflect gossips and blames and protect a good person from harm. Or even is under situations it helps to clear it fast.
Turquoise mountain green is a rare peace. It helps in health healing and aches that has been around for so long and sometimes u like wanna live with ur aches, this bracelet will wake up ur idea and u feel slowly ur health improves.
Wear this green turquoise and do a stretching exercise u like. U find ur back recover very fast.

No automatic alt text available.

Dakota Walk 6th May

Slippers, and wet tissue.

rain or shine i will be there although if rain walk will be cancelled thank you; so if heavy rain u rest at home and the fees change products ok;) 一切随缘;
Rem is Mountbatten Mrt exit b

Omhealth Coil Incense

Hi all this are the 3 famous coil incense from omhealth.

A) Wishfulfilling Pagoda Sandalwood Coil
B) Herbal Medicine Coil
C) Agarwood blend from Vietnam, hainan and Indonesian.

Agarwood coil incense is more difficult to lite up if u put on a plat of ashes if the ashes is not properly surface flat. So for Agarwood one i will use a clip.

Incense helps t balance a house energy. The calming effects of incense are well known by Monks and spiritual leaders. Certain incense aromas work to slow down the heart rate and soothe nerves. These calming effects help to relieve built up tension in the muscles, enabling incense to also be used as a muscle relaxer.

Burning incense with windows opens helps a person to erase tension and also with  increased focus, creativity, and motivation naturally comes increased confidence. When your body is relaxed and your brain is firing on all cylinders, you’re at your best, and when you’re at your best, you’re at your most confident. 

Burning omhealth good quality incense before a a big test, or a big presentation can really increase your confidence and, therefore, your chances of success.

U can put on clip and put on plate and burn. If the coil burn too long, u can break it to burn.

Image may contain: candles and food

Image result for incense benefits

B) High Mountain Incense: The sweet Aroma create a sense of wonderfulness . Half a teaspoon make to a line and light it up:> U will love it:>
This powder is very amazing good aura. U can feel the instant of cleansing and healing the moment u lite this incense.

 Image may contain: food

C) Below and a packet of small agarwood powder (new wood) at $68.
No automatic alt text available.

Image result for incense benefits

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bank Account Article

How have u all been?

I first started to write for people to find peace in 2007 and to be in right track..
Follow by I start to write many articles on "Bank Account" and hopefully those who find stress in life can find answer there.

I find that we are busier than the past yet many people's health and spiritual development are not in progress. We always say no time but yet when ask u to do a 5mins breathing exercise a day or to chant Cundi mantra 10 mins a day... U give urself many excuses.

Also for those who have chanted for many years... do u have faith in your practice. When issues happen did u lost your trust and shaken ur faith.

Try not to let your past control your future and your now. Learn to be postive.
Many of us forget to smile. Look at mirror and smile for 10 days. Love urself and do things in life that make u calm and happy let making a cup of Omhealth Gold Tea (u know when u make omhealth gold tea the aura very good one)
For those that are facing challenges or lose or light ,keep"fighting" dont give up. Is not easy, u tell ur friends also useless... why not pray and write down ur issues in a note book than work with black tourmaline bracelet  .
Learn focus on yourself and your own happiness then more love and happiness can come into your life. Eat proper food ( i suggest royal jelly twice a year), spending time with family, friendsthe more you think about your own happiness better things can happen.

Life is really full of surprises and unpredictable issues. Many times we are overwhelmed with present situations and problems in life and forget that there are many ways to handle.
Up there has given us the techniques and methods but we didnt make use.

I remember 15 years ago i have both heel having spur and plantar issues and almost needs surgery. 
I didnt see it as bad but  I see this as a wake up call to stop my poor habits like never stretch and run and always eat cold food. And than learn from many master to recover and hopefully with my experience i can share and help more people to recover from heel pain.

When we have health issues, we dont think it as bad but record down findings and also share with people who have the same illness how to overcome it. Than look at ur diet, ur mind and also ur heart.

This is a year of DING YOU year, gossips and issues can surface up quite quickly but it can be resolved quite quickly too.

I am actually very busy with my work and research . And today on my way home, i was thinking, how wonderful it is I can later do my 5mins crystal black tourmaline breathing exercise and 10mins chanting of mantra and dedicate to all beings.

Everyday we should have something to look forward to. Giving urself 15mins or 10mins a day allow u to recharge ur batteries. And see tremendous result in being mindfulness.

Like today, when home, i was quite tired but when I set down to chant mantra... I feel thankful that we are human beings and can learn to chant and have chance to chant mantra.

Today I am so excited after chanting , cloud of Blessings appear, which i have decided to write an article now to share. I want to tell all of you. No matter what situation u are in now. U are the only one that u can help yourself.

Cloud Captured today after a short prayers. It symbolise an aura of faith and up there is watching u all the time and we must really learn to be compassion.
Image may contain: cloud, sky, skyscraper and outdoor

Let me share with you a simple way to have a good day everyday.
Related image
5mins Visualisation

A) Every morning 3 mins. Chant Om Mani Pad Me Hung few times. Than close ur eyes visualise Kwan Yin Pu Sa in front of u looking at ur Shining Light at u.
B) After that Visualise Guan Yin Pu Sa above ur head.
C) And now keep this in heart. And when u go out or office, people are seeing u as a compassion Kuan Yin.

This is a way we be more compassionate and your work, ur business will be better and better and ur character will also slowly improve.

Dakota Walk Saturday

Hi all do remember if I no time to pack items will courier u;)
Very busy this few days and yes our cambodia project three is success again now have books and water too for another village!

We also provide medicated balm buy from cambodia itself for the family to use.

Money !

Monday, May 1, 2017

Dakota Health and Luck Exercise Walk 6th May 2017

Account to Transfer is POSB SAVING
033485310 ok:>
Payment to be made before class. Those who register cannot come, we will give u a voucher code for u to buy items and is above $50 for use with $25 ok

Amount is $28, open for students only or people who attended workshop.
Meeting location will be email to u once confirmed.
Is a gathering only and some simple stretch and walk abit and than u all can go eat.

(IS not a super class class, but of course some simple exercise will be taught, thats why this $28, $25 can change products ok:> N for products, u can order from class , and say collect on Saturday but what u want order must say clearly and email by thursday night as we need to pack)

On 6th May 2017 is an auspicious day . And I have chosen this day to have a Dakota health and Luck exercise walk.

Bryan Lao Shi Stone walk and his 5 element Qi Gong is now interviewed by Hong Kong Health show. And u dont want to miss it, face to face with me ahah and i shall share with u the Breathing exercise techniques in details.

All will receive a Peach wood mini gifts too.

Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor
Limit to 50 Pax
Time Mountbatten MRT 7:15am
Fees: $28   ($25, U can use $25 to top up on omhealth products, and $3 other usages will inform u)
The exercise is 1 hour.
Email : (Title< Heng with Bryan at Dakota Health walk>)

After end, u can go Old Airport market for Good food:>

1) International Breathing exercise by Bryan Lao SHI and Body Movements.
2) Power Stretching for body aches issues
3) Stone walk method for digestive issues and back pain.
4) Health Improvements.

Priority Given to those who have attended to omhealth workshop before.

Register now:, once register transfer to, if the class cancels due to rain, the money u can use to get products .

For those who are coming can request for products. And the $25 for purchase above $100. Or u can save the voucher use in future:>

Friday, April 28, 2017

Aromatherapy Bracelet

Grounding bracelet

$138 come with the 5 years old peach wood;

To order email to , courier is $5. With name address and mobile;

This is a wonderful for calming the emotions A calming- but healing force energy can be felt. renew of energy and remove of unwanted energy in body and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment.

This bracelet is a power of courage and gives people stability as they go through changes in their lives. It diminish the negative aspects of one’s character (toxicity anyone?) and allows us to see where modifications might be needed.

For people who always feel tired and lost of direction. Try this bracelet. Is call aromatherapy bracelet because it can put essential oil on the stone and it will absorb.

Good Oil to use

1) Awakening oil : Break away from gossips and Shi fei
2) Purification Oil : Visiting more Yin places
3) Wild Ginger lily : nausea or giddy

Main Idea of this design : 
Enhancing Creativity, Communication, Cleansing Negativity

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Happy 20th Year anniverssary

Image may contain: 2 people

U all remember omhealth most famous first generation bracelet was in 1999 Blue turquoise and follow by Black Tourmaline bracelet.

Below i was wearing my bracelets, featuring u can see the victory and turquoise green (rare with amber)
Image may contain: 2 people

I often says Black tourmaline bracelet is a must have bracelet as it brings a person grounded to feel safe and more confident and protection plus successes.

Follow by Turquoise (the rare turquoise now is this green type) and the victory bracelet.

Image may contain: 2 people
20th Year Anniversary

Is been a long 20 years omhealth has worked its way thru from Essential oil, acupressure and crystal therapy. Come to think of it is really hardwork. From take a trolley to different parts of Singapore with Mama to give workshop and selling just 3 bottles of oil last time to your support now.

I tell u ah, last time, even I have all the good knowledge to share, people dont really eblieve , because this world very Sian Shi, either u need to have a power Mentor or you famous or from rich family.

For me, every workshop or event i go till today, i always tell heaven my Kao Shan is intention to help more people and also spread wellness to all people plus to have a good business for myself too.

I never thought of TV show or media as I am a very introvert person by nature. But really 误打误撞, HK and Taiwan Show and Local health shows allow me to demo.

Health Luck And Beauty

To tell you the truth, there is no short cut to above. U need to work hard for it and u also must practice let go and forgive too.

I know this few years many people has gone thru alot in life... but again if u really can step back to kick off with some simple exercise for urself 5 mins a day. Ur health will improve and it links to luck and beauty.

The Body, Luck and Detoxification
I try my best to educate people that the human body has a natural ability to detoxify itself. And once ur health improve ur luck will improve. Example if u have stomach issue, it will always be related to wealth.

In fact, the body has several systems in place for removing waste. 
The excretory system plays the largest role in detoxification. Our main organs that compose the excretory system are the skin, liver, lungs, large intestine, and kidneys which is in fengshui the five element. And if u can balance body five element u ok liao.
One way is i wear my 3 bracelet together sometimes. (One also can, and do breathing exercise)

I told many not to see fortune tellers but again is ur choice. If at anytime u see fortune teller and affected by their words. Come back to omhealth and kick off with basic.

A) Breathing Exercise Daily : 3 mins (Use awaken oil blend)
B) Drink Gold tea with 2 slice Ginger (3-4 times a Week)
C) Choose an accupressure i teach and do daily 3mins or walk the stones.

I suggest if u luck is blocked this 2 months, wearing bracelet left wrist and put a drop of oil to the bracelet twice a week (Purification or vitality) u will feel the auric fields improve. PLus scrub ur body with Magneto.

If ur house energy has been stagnant for a long time. Use the High Mountain incense powder and also spray the Protection spray ok.

This 3 bracelet really blend in nicely when u wear together or wear one will do. But if u have 3, wear at home 3 of them, U can feel the Tian Di Ren energy.

Black tourmaline $338 - $480, Victory $150, The rare turquoise $288

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bryan Lao Shi News: Open Luck food

Hi all
this two months May and June the fire energy
u need to make this herbal tea to have smooth luck
Also start using ur gradeur facial oil the energy is good;

May 2017

1) This is a month if u can go garden walk to or nature walk one to two time can improve whole year luck. When u go walk apply Healing Trees Oil at ur ankles ok:>

2)  DIY Carrot Cake to have good opening luck and to find job easy

1 red carrot
3 eggs
2 Spring onions
Sea salt

Image result for 胡萝卜煎蛋
1) Carrot please cut to mini strip thin thin. Wash the spring onions seperate the white and green and cut.
2) 3 eggs beat them in a bowl and add the green part of spring onions.
3) On a frying pan put in oil add the white of spring onions and say: 开运吉祥 3 times
4)fried the white of onions awhile and think of good things come. Add the carrot fried until soft. Add somemore oil and add in egg.
fried two side till golden brown.

Image result for spring onions
Spring Onions Green: Clear negativity
Spring Onions White: Bring in good energy,

Learn more foodcure on 1st OCTOBER 2017 Bryan Lao Shi 20th year anniversary talk:>

May 2017


Juniper berry oil and Vitality Oil in warm water hand or footbath can clear away alot misunderstanding issues.

Wash toilet Date: 7th May 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017

Bracelet of Ren Yuan and Peace of Heart

Bracelet of Ren Yuan and Peace of heart
I designed this bracelet for Mother's day special. Because this is a bracelet for people who always want to change their lifestyle and yet dont change.
This bracelet was designed with high quality gem at $188 2 pieces in facebook. but with overwhelm request I have decided to extend 6 more pieces at $150 for Mother;s day week. After that really cannot go down le the price. Because using high quality rose quartz garnet too.

To order u need to email to with mobile and address. Payment need to be made and email to inform to POSB saving 033485310. Courier fee is $3.

Courier company will increase omhealth fees another 20 percent. Actually we absorbing alot courier fees le. SO may increase $1 soon. In Singapore minimum courier fee is $8 and some places is $10. And now we still charge 3 and 5. not easy ah.:> Hope u appreciate the efffort, And sometimes leng leng send hor, is use her off hours to do it.

Is also a bracelet for people who always feel stagnant in life and also give alot and forget about ownself.

The use of garnet by omhealth was back in 2001 when two ladies requested me to design a give birth baby bracelet for them. And two of them after a year happen to have babies. I wonder... Hmmm but now their kids 16 le:>.  Time flies.

I decided to design this bracelet again because the lack of compassion love energy for ourself. Many of u here are born in 60s 70s and 80s and alot of time we have alot of stress of giving to many siutations and put ouself last.  This result in lack of self care . We need to love ourselves to give love more to society.  Taking care of self is very important.

I designed this bracelet with 3 different ren yuan stones.
It symbolise powerful energizing and regenerative and encourage ourselve to balances, strengthens and protects.
It remind us to balance our left and right brain, alleviating fears and providing confidence to change one's life
I hope it can  inspire u  and give u the charisma and renyuan u deserve and assists in owning one's gifts and abilities, and sharing them with others and helping people.

21 days affirmation with Bracelet

I am love, I am abundance and I am Joy
I accept peace and joy in all aspect of my life.
I release all anxiety, doubt , worry , and I am filled with joy and power.

Image may contain: plant and nature

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

High mountain incense powder

This incense is really a very good powder! When it burn u can feel a very healing and calming! A little burn a day can feel the auric fields of house improve slowly! 

Is a 养生的高端人士所追捧。蕴含着生命奥秘的崖柏之香气,更是集天地之灵气日月之精华的香气中的极品。

The lucky tree

I still remember early this welcome year talk ; I mentioned the lucky Fengshui trees planted in our homeland ! Guess what I am now at taiwan and my homestay is planted with this trees!  My life is always filled with synchronicity and affirmations ; that makes me believes in faith determinations and prayers ; to me if u pray ( any religion ) with faith all things will turn out to be lucky and good!

Some of u may be currently unhappy with situations , people or seems difficult to find a job but again u must not give up the five to ten mins prayers a day!

If u think carefully, in one full day , how much negative thoughts and worries we have and if we can't even give a five mins to our mind that is very sad and good energy can't maniefest because is blocked by ur negative thoughts!

Life is all about challenges and a lot of times happiness come fast go away fast and end up the negativity seems to take over frequent if u don't do ur homework like practicing happiness! Some ask why so fake need to practice happiness! Well because if u practice happiness , slowly it becomes way of life and when u run into issues this inert energy can quickly lift u out of negative situations!

Why I use essential oil ? Because omhealth essential oil is a life force of energy ! Not only is clinical grade. But is full of love care and energy! I don't know how Long omhealth oil business will continue because is a niche market which I continue to maintain this way!

All the oil by FedEx and the freigh charge just increasing! But when I see ur health and mind become better I will continue this business! As they say if bryan around oil will be around but when I am very old and pass on this business will not sell to anyone or have someone to take over! As u know my this way of business is onceand for all go all the way!

That is why when people invited my oil to be in shopping mall or China to market my products I turn them all down; a lot of media and friends laugh why I am so stupid but only my mom and dad know what I want; 

Omhealth oil will still be unique and will never be in mainstream market and as long as you love the oil I will continue to provide you the best oil; since 1998

Today I have shown you the ten spice oil because it break alway the negative thoughts pattern ! At any time your faith and thoughts seems to be shaken use this oil!

Also the red victory bracelet so far so good and feedbacks are wonderful as it seems to secure things and prevent backstab from office and people!

Victory Braceelt is so amazing in affirming our thoughts and also prevent small people from attacking our aura is really a must have bracelet for all especially u re in business or manager or need to take a lot responsibilities at work or life ! It seems to shield you!$150

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Healing amethyst Braceelt and mala

Some amethyst is darker and some lighter ; some like lighter some like darker but all has good healing energy and activates proper !

Appreciate ur amethyst as u can see a bead need good quality area to be cut to a stone feel the healing energy

  1. Braceelt is $128 with aquamarine and amber 
  2. Mala is $228 double size with volcanoe stone

The mala is beautiful at $228la 

  1. Bring peace
  2. Bring wisdom
  3. Restful sleep
  4. Ease stress
  5. Be more compassionate with wisdom
  6. Release deep anger and loneliness 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Suffering Stress and Another Views: Bank Account

Article: I have drafted out and evening time will add on tonight (so ignore the grammer first) ,
12th April 2017. And may do a live facebook 8pm.
Newbies this article is park under the label " Bank Account". U can read many articles from there.

Do remember order the HIgh Mountain new incense powder , is very good.
Vitality Oil is $45 and is a very good oil for health and digestive issue . by mixing with coconut oil or rice bran oil massage srtomach daily.

After reading so many email from u, and dont have time to reply. I have decided to write an article for u. I tried not to be religious so it can benefits to everyone.
Today we shall work with our left and right brain to work on stress and suffering.

Image result for left and right brain

Everytime when people ask u develop more on ur right bran, but again how to do it. As if i can say " RIGHT brain" activate... Is not like that. Nowadays people give u solution but never teach u how to do. And today I shall work with the exercise u can use to work on that.

When u right brain is activated, ur life will be less stress even if u have alot of burdens in life, ur luck will be better and health will be better.

30, 40, 50 , 60s, 70

I think when we pass 35 40 50, it seems everyday there are alot of things to 烦,苦恼。Every moment can be worries . Even u know how to pray and chant alot alot but u still 烦。

Is like we have alot of hidden 痛苦,no people will know. U see some aunties in temple can chant half a day but once they step out of temple or church, they gosh very stress and worries. WHy?

Then for people like u and me dont have alot  of time to pray... die la?

Now let me use a more pyshological way to look at mental and physical suffering using R-Logic. This is tricky and not easy to explain....

责任 (responsibility)

A) In this world there are a type of people who are very irresponsible type 无责任心 seems to able to be like very happy and lead day by day happily and dont care people dont like them. Can eat can sleep.
B) There is another type of people over responsible and take things to heart... which may affect health and sleep

So can we learn from A and be responsible ahahah..  Now u know exactly why u bodyache and mental stress alot.

This is called learn from the negative and use it in my life to be more positive. That is an art.

U see why people with no responsibilities like they happier than us. Like I put in so much effort to give seminar , make myself so worry 10001 things , worry u all no learn new things , not enough info transfer to u.
But i see some Speakers for 10 years keep using same topics to earn the event fees and they so free and so happy.

(like my oneKM mall i redo all new material, wake up 6am cook and go market etc but i happy ahhaha because i exercise the techniques).

Alot of unhappiness is cause by wrong use of responsible heart 责任心and when we dont know how to handle this ze ren xin (responsible heart) in a right way, we created expectations which create 烦恼。

Over responsible for family until u get agitated if they never follow ur way
Over responsible at work , but not appreciated and every details at work u do ur best
Over responsible for friends and relationships yet u feel upset if ur needs are not fulfilled

Now in medical side we look at people with intellectual disability,they seems to be always happy because they dont think alot.

Now as my English is not very good, (old students u should catch what i mean).

First i am not asking u not to be responsible in life, secondly i am not being compassionate over people with intellectual disability, please take note.

What I want to express here, if u look at your mental sufferings... is all about how u handle ur emotions.
Once my teacher tells me about this I really wake up instantly but lately i fell into the trap of mental sufferings because i "over responsible" on how to let my workshop to be very good for u and neglect my mental health and physical health. I should learn to be responsible yet not responsible to stress and tension. So luckily i use aroma exercise and handle it well.

U see , some of u may think, wa lao , u are not me, u wont know my stress.. But again, i am not u, but if u can work on it 5 mins a day an exercise, rather than live with ur sufferings and one day u will understand me.

(GOSh this article is so difficult to write, is like wanting to tell u how nice the kuek taste but u got to taste urself and i prefer to teach in class ahahah hope u can catch it).

Why a person have sickness is because of mental stress and inability to let go. Example if u tell a cancer patient they have 2 months to live on, normally they die faster because of mental stress and fear.

Related image

Have shield by doing exercise 5 mins a day.

How Bryan Handle Suffering from Mental Stress?

We suffer from mental stress because of the uncertainity in life, work and relationship and we think more.太会设定目标,like when we were kids, parents expect us to have high marks if not kana. (not me) . End up the new generations more stress. But again i am not asking u to give up responsible and 目标。

So many of u will start think, than bryan lao shi, can we think of a way to handle mental suffering and can we use our brain think of a way to solve this stress issues.

Ahahaha , I want to tell u, the more ur think the more u have mental suffering, the more u analyse the more u mental stress. 我们所处在的环境里,我们可以看到苦的纯在,这个苦你到底接不接受。 只要我们会用大脑的人,越会用就越会受苦。

Is like借酒消愁,愁更愁。因为烦恼是从你大脑created,你在用脑去解决,会更烦。
不用大脑用什么?So let us learn a technique to reduce Mental Suffering.

Bryan Lao Shi Purification Anti Stress Breathing Aroma Exercise

1) Butterfly Dance with dragonfly oil or personalised healing blend
2) 4,7,8.2    x 10 times daily ( will do a LIVE Facebook tonight 8pm)

DO daily for 21 days,

Mental stress and life suffering is cause by impurities trap in ur body. And if u keep thinking what to do how to do, u more stress. So just do the above two exercise.


Image result for addition math sign

Bryan Lao Shi Mathematical way to handle Suffering.
Learn " - " 减Subtraction and not  " 加+ " addition

烦恼 苦suffering is divided to 4 category

1) Physical Health
subtract health issue by doing breathing exercise daily

2) life and death
Subtract fear of death, alot people is because if fear that worsen health 吓死,
by chanting daily, so when have life and death sickness, u pray will be effective.

Today u all got do homework ma pray daily.

3) 意见多多
the most stress in life is alot of feedbacks that are not related and no faith. Example u go to visit a doctor and yet u keep asking the doctor good anot and have no faith. U attend a course, u keep thinking and wasting time the course good anot rather than spend time studying.
So subtract away 意见多多。
in life if u everything also  意见多多 , u will easily quarrel with people. U can have feedbacks or niam but dont over niam. Subract that away. When a couple always quarrel is because too much 意见。

4)Subtract mental stress
when we suddenly have mental stress arise, u quickly use aroma oil like dragonfly oil, peppermint oil. lemon oil, rosemary oil, vitality oil and do 478
Image result for breathing exercise

Learn Subtraction and not Addition

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Most Auspicious Incense Powder

Hi all this powder is $65 and introductory launch at $55 for all

Image result for high mountain top
The scent comes from the wood and is calming warmth feeling which helps to open mind and relax our heart, it has a very healing scent and promote feelings of peace and tranquility promote healing of body systems. The smoke is believed to have medicinal and therapeutic healing power.
Burning this incense make u feel peace and protected and some kind of wisdom feeling energy that lift up ur spirit and promote good fortune for ur house too.
I find this scent very unique which is a combination of happy, relax and also feeling gratitude of life
And i believe can balance blood presssure.

U can order next week.

It come to my notice, many forget to transfer amount when items collected. So i would want to know it takes my mom alot of time to do tracking. If u delay in transfer please inform.

Actually 2 years ago I have a system of pay or transfer first than we courier le. So I hope if u receive first is my effort in trust and sending u and u do transfer 2 days within ok:>

canno forget. Imagine from reading ur order, to packing and arranging courier... de:>

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