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Color Therapy Fengshui Heng ball (4th Feb 2018)

Heng ball was developed 4 years ago which was a HIT in Singapore. And till today. Is base on good intention of loving kindness and compassion and Wisdom essence.

Is always combined with a 3M hook for easy hang or movement in House.

Background of Heng ball was by a FSM which use this balls to correct house energy and inspired omhealth design the heng ball with positive thinking activation.

HengBall at miscellaneous area.

promocode is bff10 is release for spending $100 and above but does not apply to good luck items and also not apply on heng ball ah.

Heng dragon Tortise very good energy and need 1 month to make. U can now email to with address and name and we will record down ur order. Previously order from the gmail do wait ok.

Image result for bryan heng ball

Heng ball was designed base on Color Therapy and in a non religious way so it can be an art piece yet bring harmony.

2018 Flying Star with Heng ball Chart: 

U can start selecting the heng ball to put in your house base on the chart below on 4th feb 2018 start any day morning.
Time to collect ur hengball as it takes time to make and normally if u order late takes a long time.

1) Center : Purple, or red or green Heng Ball: To Control the luck of family

2) SE :  I want Promotion and business god
Yellow or Purple or Red Heng Ball: Benefits sales,  Money Luck Put wealth bowl also good. This sector activated benefits real estate business

3)South : I want promotion and Income increase
Green Heng Ball: Exam Luck, promotion at work, reputation enhancement

4) SW: I wan speed up Wealth
 Yellow Heng ball: Wealth and speed up wealth, Travel and movement. Help those in engineering line, sports, work for army

5) North and West: I want Good Health
Avoid yellow color and red color, if health issues please ensure this 2 color items not here. 6D hulu is a must. No need heng ball but 6D hulu West  and 5 D coin North please put, reduce stomach issues

6) NW:  I dont want SINGLE: Pink Heng Ball
Marriage, Dating luck , Mentor luck, people like u luck and travel luck: Put flowers here, A bottle of tranquility spray here and spray often. 

7) NE: I wan Love love sweet sweet and also my partner love me alot and people like me:

Red Heng Ball activate people like u and also no Shi Fei

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A definitely Star Movement month: A star reverse

This is a month which begins another movement of planetary star.
The Best Advice Symptom of this planet is feeling heavy in heart and mind abit blur.

Eat Some green grapes or wear green on Wednesday is good.

Earth energy affected and people are more prone to leg pain , stomach issues also. We can see the number of effects on transport too.

I have mentioned in Welcome Rooster year talk. This is a year that hidden issues will be surface and rectified and even ourselves will face alot of not here not there issues and may irritate our mood. But u need to change ur mindset because it signal u that changes and rectification need to be made .

So pay attention to ur feeling of anger, moody than in your heart says:

"I am aware of it now, I let go and move on and rectified what is needed"

Planetary movement

Some people blame this movement for “bad” things that happen in their lives. Instead, take this time to sit back and review where you put your energy in your life. 
For example, if family and faith are important to you, are you putting your energies there or just overextended in other areas? Take a moment to reflect.

Things will reverse back to question u if u have some issues. So is a busy month.

Wearing the Bai Wu Jin Ji coin affordable and great feeling this month. To help fight this. Wear 3 days can le. And remember to Pause and Speak (do not just bleah out words at meetings etc)

During this period

Eat Curry related food one time or twice can clear this downwards energy.

Dont  spread rumours or leaven bad comments on social media or share unconfirmed information ( many like to share those unsure utube).

Dont be sloppy on work, cut corners, dash off hasty communications. Inspect to protect!

Significant of this coin and can be use forever

I have designed this coin because alot of times, our heart is very worry for future and also worries of the unknown and affected by other's energy and environmental effect.

The word Bai Wu Jin Ji means we adapt all situations without affected the true aura within us, remind us that we are strong and courageous.
The behind of the coin is the pic of 8 immortals equipment they carry. Symbolise all help from Universe.

This piece is only $28 and well like by many. U can keep in bags or wallet and really kana upside down till very tired. Wear an hour can le. Or as long as u want.

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Listen to

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

14th Jan 2018 Event

Welcome Dog Year 2018 Talk

By   Bryan Lao Shi
Fees: $45
Date 14th Jan 2018
Email to with name and mobile and will be asked to make payment once confirmed.

600 Lamp will be light for all attendees with name submit to Wu Tai Shan. Is not easy to arranged and I made it because u all are very lucky students.

Image may contain: indoor

We have 500 seats filled up and left 150 seats. So must register fast;

Each person for talk will receive

1) Special One piece calender by Bryan Activated
2) One Paper with the most powerful picture to color for good luck in 2018 (art therapy)

This year we wont have  other door gifts for 14th Jan . But instead omhealth decided to

1) Donate the door gift money on that day for medical kits for cambodia and dedicate to all beings by u all.
2) Light special arranged for Bryan on 14th Jan 100 Lamp at Famous五台山 for all attendees to have better 2018 and develop kind heart and peace.
3) A school requested pencils and will also donate 1200 pencils to the school and this pencil printed with omhealth and yellows color, symbolise sun Energy and when the students write with pencil, all of attendees wisdom also brighten.
No automatic alt text available.
NB: Best things to get that day are a special $18 item, 5 element oil, cypress oil and Auragold 20 normally people get on spot that day as vibration different itself tat day personal buy and carry . Limited  (cannot order de, buy that day)

Image result for year of Dog
We are sending a email to the previous year students who comes yearly. If by Friday no reply, we will open to the waiting list le. I very very nice de ok.

This year is a specual 2018 year. The money for door gift for 2018 welcome talk, we will use for light 
Related image

  1. What is installed for 2018 and What to enhnace ur career in 2018
  2. How to work with 5D coin and 6D hulu with flying star  for health, career and family harmony(10mins)
  3. Animal Sign major things to watch out
  4. Overall Luck of our geographical Position and how we handle
  5. The Sound of Om and Sound Therapy to enhance our luck and walk out of "Low"
  6. Seasonal Important Dates in Chinese Tradition and what to cook of hang to improve family wellness and prospertity
  7. 拜拜的好运方法
  8. Poems for each animal in 2018 (where 600 pax gather to say Good luck Poems to implant energy)
  9. Poems to recite in temple:>

World famous Lion Dance to enhance ur energy. U can bring ur bag of Crystals bracelets and when the lion dance Drum Gong let it absorb the sound.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Update daily

Hi I have decided to update daily:> And hope u will enjoy reading.

A star a day keep heng heng all the way:>

I dont have time to do nice graphics de:>  Hope u dont mind.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Motivation of Heng Items 2018

Welcome 2018 Talk will be a very special one:> And u will be learning tips and techniques on luck improvement in a natural way.Image may contain: 1 person, standing and crowd

600 pax positive affirmation together will be a power thing to do. Have u registered?


Upcoming we have arrival

1) Singing bowl (7 metal solid real one hand hammered)
2) New coin of 2018 ( will be written in next article)


Every few years I have a new house and personal items. Compare to many shops they each year for an animal sign will have 5 to 6 items to change yearly.

When i design things my motivation are

i) Make it affordable for all
ii) Minimum Hu Ha and easy to instal luck
iii) Feeling and calculation of right timing ,(normally symbolise by at least 3 person strike lottery (i dont promote lottery but small small on special occasion is ok but if u against it, ignore ok, i can force my students de, or change in luck once launch)
iv) Activation of items need alot effort.

Motivation Behind
i) 好运轮到我 ($28)
Image may contain: plant
This key chain or thumb drive or bag charm is a design from omhealth ideas.
Alot of time we are thinking, when is good luck coming to me. But in fact we forgotted that good energy is just near us and we lack of a vehicle to motivate or move to us. This Wheel of luck symbolise and push ur luck to a better one. The wood used is a auspicious rare black wood and it has healing energy of calming. And i find it when combine with either one of the oil below has a ability to create a good aura around u

1) Aenian Dragonfly oil
2) Bay Laurel
3) Love Miracle blend

The wood is purple healing wood and a bodhi seed. 

In chinese is 辟邪和保平安,represent保平安、吉祥之意,而且还能净化aura when combine with essential oil,令人宁神静气。 

Omhealth Intention: To motivate every individual, we will face ups and down and is part of life, when this doesnt affect our heart and our courage to fight we will receive good energy very quickly.

Soon all these items will be found in market but omhealth direct with activation is only place u can get. Each piece is $28 and activation 1-2 weeks. U can order from


Peach Wood Dragon Tortise:

Omhealth first launched its peach wood (All in shopping cart, miscellaneous)

Image may contain: shoes and text

1) Tian Lu  (Bring wealth)
2) Hulu Tian Lu (Bring health)
3) Ruyi Tian Lu (Authority and Joy)

Items above can be used to place in flying star of any 9 stars especially Hulu Tian Lu add ten spice oil can put at flying star 2 and 5.

Heng Dragon Tortoise:

Represent the Courage and re-plant the courage within you. Many of us feel weaker as we grow older and alot of times we get frighten of things very easily. Like a boss email or a colleague threat. But again we have forgotten , how many MOE school exams and test in life we have gone thru to be what we are now. We come to the world with nothing and we will leave this world with nothing. Saying this not to ask u give up everything but to let go of unnecessary stress and tension and dragon tortise with the Ba Gua behind the shell represent the energy within you.

I suggest the oil to put on the shell of Ba Gua once awhile.

Dragon Tortise can be activated to block unnecessary negative thoughts which most of us easily developed.
Image may contain: plant and outdoor
How Bryan Lao Shi work with Dragon Tortise
For those of my students I have work with Dragon tortise energy since young. It doesnt means it immediately alleviate the poverty that I need to go through when I was a kid but I can see how it build me to be a better person and meeting the right teacher for me to excel.

The first dragon Tortise I receive was back in 1988, That time I have won a lucky draw from a box of Moon cake which I bought at AMK Blk 252 ( i stayed there). And from that day the dragon tortise was in the altar. But dont know after how many years i was broken and than i have a new one till today.

The dragon tortoise I had the first one looks like this one that u are going to adopt. It combines the energy of peace, calm, benevolent, charitable, protection, lessons learning and strength with compassion.

Many ask me the difference between this 2 dragon tortoise. Well the $68 is the one i would put at a stationary place facing doors or windows or office table facing out.

The bigger one $88 is for me to put on palm and touch it when I am tension about things.

Image may contain: one or more people
Dragon Tortise need time to carved and activate. U can order from with name address and mobile. And will courier u in a month time.

We need to do the courier and courier fee will be added de:> Is a power piece:>

Tell u the truth this dragon turtle big one is like a very calming faithful pet that look at me when I am stress.
No automatic alt text available.

Below $68
Image may contain: outdoor

Monday, November 13, 2017

Welcome 2018

Welcome 2018 event ;

Ntuc auditorium 14th Jan 2018

Hengness talk and more than what u expect ;More than half the seats sold; do register fast !

Time :930 am seated till 1 pm

Fees :$45

Email :

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

FLying Star 9 : 2018 : Center of House

For complete star a detail explanation will be on Welcome 2018 talk. For oldies do register fast as is filling up fast.

On 4th Feb 2018 this flying star 9 flies to center of ur house, country etc. Also contribute to the energy of the world. Is a year of celebration, means after work , u dont wanna do any work related things and go drinking etc, but may cause health problems, so be more careful.
(articles falls under right side label " 2018 luck")

5D coin and 6D hulu are ready to order but just order some first. Those attending talk if u think u need more than buy that day but crowded

This is a year my students if u have my real 7 metals singing bowl gong gong is very good.
Omhealth has 8 more singing bowl at $250.

Flying Star 9 flies to the center of house. That means it affect in general ur living room and indirectly affect the luck of whole family in general.
Related image

Bryan Lao Shi researched

So when purple 9 star visit center this can be either good or bad. It depends on how we work with this energy. First and first main door , 3m hook change ur 6D hulu after 4th Feb 2018.

As we know center of house is Earth and 9 Purple star is fire as a result of the productive relationship between 9 Purple (fire) and 8 White (earth) in the center in 2018

In terms of economy that symbolise slight growth and benefits the young leaders alot and young ones may take over older leaders de in terms of power. So for those at work, and like my age now, we need to protect ourselves from taking over by the young one.

Also the Train right (u know what I mean), is better on feb 2018, to decorate the stations with more positive thinking poster is good and use more white metal below
Related image

We shouldnt be

1) Lazy
2) Yi Lao Mai Lao
3) Resist to Change
4) Attend classes to upgrade yourself

Carrying the new coin of Fu Zai Yan Qian and Bai Wu Jin Ji put on office table or hang at living room is good.

In terms of Yi Jing this formation GEN represent fire indirectly denotes  that the economy of the world is facing challenges.  Economy will be tough but online business may be doing well more. More shop houses will be empty this year.

If I am your company ISO Auditor I will increase risk management  and SOP for companies . Reviews the policies

Also if  I am in Countries with flooding or bush fires I will have enough protections on the danger of natural disasters.  I always says the end of 3 months is a reflection also of the next year. Flooding is an early signs.

For us who likes to travels alot in 2018 (after 4th feb, please dont be stubborn, if the government say that country is not safe etc, than dont go.). Before travel go pray pray is good.

Carry with u the Travel Charm (people selling $80 over, omhealth for benefits u, at $18)

I suggest countries with Jungles and Forest do watch over fire and do sufficient protection.

Things to DO for House:

1) Any lamp spoilt or dim or weak at home or office change it. If ur lights near ur cubicle spoilt tell boss immediately change it
2) If u want put plant, u can put those plant with woody stem.
3) Light omhealth any incense once a week if u can.
4) In general family luck so so, brew a pot of Omhealth Gold tea mix with some Hawthorn and drink at living room. Eat some lychee sometimes or put some red apply living room is good.
5) Ur mobile phone or computer password (and is not the phone itself, is password), if has number 24 or 42 change away the number as this two number activate Siao ren.
6) This year living room put flower of life 5d Coin in a bowl of marble and light some candle or decor is very good
7) Dragon Tortoise works so well in 2018 as it brings the energy to stabalise in home and tell everyone in the house to wake up ur idea and be calm. Is good to use oil like Awakening blend and Purification oil on the dragon tortise as this will carry the energy around the house.

Omhealth Items for House luck 2018
1) 5 D coin flower of life: To release negative energy and bring back power
2) Awakening or Purification Oil on Dragon Tortise can also use Aura Gold 20 and 5 element oil. : To handle unecessary negativity and remind ourselves we are always supported. Any challenges are way of life to be better.
3) Bowl of marbles and put 5 d coin on top: Top up abundance and activate the metal energy
4) Omhealth Any Incense (Pagoda Coin Incense best to use easy) : Movement and creativity energy is what we lack of in 2018 as we have too much resources but dont know how to use.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

2018 Labels

All changing of 6D hulu and carrying new items can start at 4th Feb 2018. So we have alot of time to prepare. U can order ur 6dhulu and 5D coin first to prevent lack of items during talk and keep in drawers.

I suggest the

5 D coin rice urn change to this new one also.

Image may contain: indoor

On right side Label I will update a label call 2018 labels. So easier for u all to refer

Best Career and Business in 2018 are  People in banks, Jewelry, Sell insurance, sell machines, Bonds, Security business and house alarm system and Hardware stores related to metal.Your business will flourish alot and if u can carry the 福在眼钱 coin to enhace。

Well in 2018, is a dog year, overwhelming by too many" 卯"  energy so having a new coin for everyone is so important. Too much of this element can cause arguments and fiery temper and alot of obstacles. So omhealth this new coin can be launched to harness good energy and can be used forever.

This coin not ready yet.

No automatic alt text available.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  ++++++++++++++++++

Omhealth Dragon Tortise 2018 ( can be used forever) are ready for order and may be able to send u before Jan 2018.
Image may contain: plant, outdoor and food
Benefits of omhealth Dragon Tortise and when combine with Flower of Life 5D coin

Speed up good calm and feeling good heart in your family and when place in Wealth Sector of the house encourage positive and abundance energy.
For 2018 is 

SouthEast: Although SE has Good Luck Star 8 in 2018. It represent wealth and also prosperous energy. But because this year it is accompany by two unlucky star which is SUI PO and SHA QI. So although wealth easy to come but also easy to lost.

If it happens ur SE of ur living room has a table , u can put this Dragon Tortise and also put a 5D coin flower of life.  Now the 5 D coin Flower of Life in 2018 putting or hang at SE of house or living room can  block the unnecessary Sha Qi and increase family Energy.

Omhealth Dragon Tortise u can put essential oil at the shell side and put office table or alleviated area in house with the face looking out of window or main door.
So try to take note the SE of your house is there a table that allow u to put good luck items. If there is why not activate it but no matter what u put, extra put the Flower of Life 5D coin.

6D Hulu Coin

Every year 4th Feb 2018 start (any day) is time to change the 6d hulu behind main door. This is very good. But those who bought few months ago and still using no need to change. Lifespan is a year.

To dispose 6D hulu old one is simple. Put in a used red packet and  say Om ah hung 3 times and than throw the 6 D hulu in recycle bin.

Purpose of 6D hulu behind main door knob is to reduce the effect of flying star negativity 2,5 . But in general is very useful.

Guan yin dan 

bg11 for 11 blog readers to shop at 11 am and 11 percent discount for $100 and above not applicable to heng items !

Monday, November 6, 2017

Order of New Items

U all can order le

5D coin 2018
6D hulu 2018
Donut Hao yun Lun Dao Ni 2018

In the making

New Coin

Fu Zai Yan Qian.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Tai Sui 2017 and 2018

14th Jan 2018 will reveal a powerful special day that brings many good energy. HHEheheheh Have u registered this workshop at NTUC Auditorium。

(Article 3 tomorrow, when to given thanks 2017 TaiSui)

Those that has been with omhealth for 16 years know that our lucky insect is Dragonflies. And when things activated and it flies to me, means double good. It happens to heng ball ( u all remember) and after 3 years launch of dragon tortoise and the donut is amazing.

No automatic alt text available.
Image result for 姜武太岁
2018 Tai Sui (A Upright Justice General)

Article 2: (1 is scroll down)

Tai Sui 2018
Chinese are very afraid of Tai Sui and in 2018 the Tai Sui is Commander 姜武 (1622), he is known to protect people and also kills alot of bandits at his time. So this 2018 Tai Sui is a very Fierce yet compassion Tai Sui. This means that if u do bad things and hurt people u will suffer bad luck very easily.

Tai Sui in Temple there are total of 60 Tai Sui. Every year it rotates the Tai Sui that will take care of the year.

So when u go Temple pray, u can bring below Joss Paper (all  animal sign can pray Tai Sui) and 5 Oranges. Than u pray the Year Tai Sui and pray to ur own Tai sui.

2018 is a year of lacking of resources and money year. So for 2018 4th Feb this Tai Sui will arrive and if u can at temple bring some flowers, Ang Kun Kuek and also Fa Gao pray to Tai Sui very good. (omhealth 4th Feb 2018 has temple walk for students only).

Image result for tai sui

The BIG 4 Animal Affected by Tai Sui
Carry around ur new flower of life 5 D coin and if have black tourmaline bracelet wear right wrist.

Dog: Xin Tai Sui 
prone to Shi Fei and also Minor accident. But by donation medicine and charity is good. 4th Feb online donate medicine ba.

Oil For u to Use 2018 (can start now as last 3 month handle ur next year): Purification Oil Blend (use in bath or tissue throw in bag)

Dragon : Cong Tai Sui
Well alot fengshui book say this 2018 u are cong and cong , double cong . For me i interprete is that u are preparing to 2019 good luck, so 2018 is testing and molding u. So for 2018 u should monthly pray to Tai Sui in Temple ok:>  And also Cundi mantra chant more.

Essential Oil to use is Cypress oil.

Ox: Bo Tai Sui
Careful of water sports and also lost of wealth  and small people blocking u.
4th Feb 2018, u can ur screen saver for mobile change to Tai Sui pic. And light lamp in temple.

Essential Oil to use is bay Laurel Oil

Goat : Hai Tai Sui

Easily quarrel with people and human relationship unknowingly u feel agitated. Go dental in feb 2018. Also Dragon tortise hang at home facing main door.

Essential Oil to use: Love Miracle Blend.

Article ONE:

Tai Sui 2017 Still in charge taking care of all till 4th Feb 2018.
So remember . What's happening from Nov 2017 to Jan 2018 is an indication of whether we have a good energy in 2018.
So this 3 months continue to think positive and handle ur daily life with love and light.
Items to use
1) Heng Scrub

2) Wash Toilet, spray Protection Spray in House

3) Light Incense in house
harness good energy.

2018 Tai Sui
Tai Sui is the Year God take charge of the current year who rules over all the earth deities. 

To avoid offending the Tai Sui, people do go temple twice a month to pray to Tai Sui

It is believed that improvement of health, luck, wealth, prosperity, family safety and helpful mentors supports will be granted, even during predicted bad year.
My personal experience and also 20 over years of research I discover that those affected by Tai Sui has more challenges. Like 2017, alot rabbit animal sign many things happen or changes at work of family.

For some although affected by Tai Sui, it can bring a new dimension in life. So we shouldnt be so concern by alot who say Tai Sui kana need to do alot alot alot Dos and Donts.
The Tai Sui prefers serenity, peace and calm but creates a horrid negative energy if aggravated or confronted. 

It can be as simple as going waterloo Guan yin Temple bring some oranges and sweet and pray to the Tai Sui once or twice a month on 1st and 15th.
2018 Dragon, Dog Sheep, Ox. Well although is 2017 only but this end of 2017 3 months u do more good things , so 2017 Tai Sui Handover nicely to 2018 Tai Sui.
Carrying a 5 D coin (to be used and change and no re use de) is best way to reduce to side effect from Tai Sui star to minimum.
Image may contain: 1 person

Flower of Life can be used to handle the Tai Sui star with love and light , activated and with the 3 tiger eye stone can balance ur emotion effectively. Is not a miracle cure, u still need to go thru what u need to go thru but with peace and love.
Also Optional (this Tian Lu pet with many for years, do u know "sayang " the pet and put near you can appease the TaiSui energy.
Essential Oil for handling Tai Sui energy is none other than 5 element oil on the wood.

No automatic alt text available.
Those affected by Tai Sui is good to go
1) Wedding Dinner

2) Birthday Party

or Temple event or that has alot of Joy and Celebrations.

3) Crystal to wear is the Black Tourmaline Bracelet with Tzi and drip 5 element oil on it and put tummy do breathing exercise once a week.
---------------------to be continued.  { What food to eat for Tai Sui Affected friends?}

U can order ur 5D coin and 6D huly now. ANd keep, start using only on 4th Feb 2018.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Power Video Live Facebook

Good energy! 
Phoenix incense is made of many herbal precious powder a little bit works wonder. !
All items will be in shopping cart miscellaneous tomorrow ! except the dragontortise seperately order

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Power Seven metals Singing Bowl

Omhealth has alot of good quality Singing bowl since 2008. Now we have 8 pieces.

Each at $250. Many in the market is semi metal. This is full complete one.

Image may contain: food

No automatic alt text available.

omhealth Good Luck Items (DRAFT, no time check englisg, tomorrow first)

Wow it has been awhile since I wrote the blog..... Was really busy La.

So today I am going to share with u a topic that was previously shared in my good luck classes

My  dear attendees still remember the Joss Paper in the picture below.

I was the pioneer to conduct Bai Bai Class in Singapore back in 2008 to preserve the Chinese Paper Art Culture.

Below are the common prayers to Gwan Yin Joss Series. Each Joss paper has a meaning beneath that represent Chinese Wisdom of Filial and Way of Doing Good deeds. But no one really study the words except uncle me and share with u.
Image result for 观音救苦真经烧

In my upcoming 2018 Bai bai Class  I will focus on the Joss paper and its  deep meanings as well as the non superstition way of life culture.

But today I wanna share one of the Joss paper below which is u find above "观音救苦真经"。

Real Story

Back in the 1980s, a family can hardly survive for house rental. The Mother of this boy working day and night as a seamstress (who we call Sewing lady) to make end meet.Some days she work too hard she could hardly move her arms. Being the only child of the family, the kid knew exactly whats happening.

One day, the mother brought  his son to pray in the WaterLoo Kuan Yin temple to pray.  When human luck is at its  worst any nightmare could happen!. The envelop of cash which she put in her handbag was pick pocketed, it was her hard earned money saved to pay their many months owed house rental.

The boy saw the tears in his mother's eyes. he felt  discouraged . He couldnt understand such things happen to his devoted family (this happen to many now, after prayers if things dont go ur way u think other wise).

Years after years things happen as part of human life and the boy never give up the faith on Guan Yin Pu Sa and he knows  things happen for a reason. And today he able to share with students on prayers methods.

Luck is a way of life, what u need to go thru u need to go thru . No one but only your act and your merits, thoughts and actions can determine your future life.
What u have to expereince and debt u have to pay, u have to go through

You shouldnt blame anyone  but learn to accept with Forgiveness and move on with Compassion and Wisdom.

(Now .... Back to the story)
The little boy and his  mom was totally lost. A month later the Mom and littlel boy went to the temple again. They drew a "bamboo lot" and request a fortune teller outside the temple to "read".. The fortune teller say must buy  and burn 100 pieces of the Joss paper as shown below at $200 (in 1980s).

Of course they couldnt afford. Nevertheless at the age of 10, the little boy didnt give up. He asked around after school and learnt from those "prayers aunties" that the Joss paper could actually be obtained at $2 instead of $200  (that was how he know he knows many prayers aunties and began to learn many different prayers method.

Till today he still use this particular Joss Paper. It walked him through the journey of " a boy to a Man" and he shared with many the Art of Life.

Life is suffering, but not depressing. Accept that Sickness, Departure , Death and Impermanence are things we will surely face especially the greatest suffering in life, the leaving of our love one.

 (I know some of u ur parents migh have move on, and there is that special p-lace in your heart that u will still cry for them everyday). Instead chant mantra and dedicate to them).

I was told , the love one who has departed, ----they dont perish--- they only go went to practise in another , and one day ,we shall meet them. So practice Compassion and Wisdom and accumulate more merits so u all meet one day there with a box of merits and share to use for good after life.
Related image
When we pray, the Heaven will listen and really concerned about what we have been through.
But I believe Up There they are  more concern about how we react and respond to what we go through and how we handle. They freewill keep letting us go thru certain issues until we learn lesson. Sometimes they manifest as Angels (like teacher or books and let u wake up)

That is why as a human beings we are allow to make decision, trial,open to temptations, experiencing pressures of life to come so that we have the opportunity to respond either by trusting our feelings and life experiences or by studying advices (dharma) from Buddha's teaching or your religion teaching.

Like Buddha says middle path, but are u extreme in many ways even though u are out of middle path. U have a choice ok:>


Omhealth Developement of Lucky Items are imparted by alot of Master and self experience in life,

1) Gui Ren Bag: To active 10 directional energy to bring in mentor luck
(Do the Poems to find Job)

2) Flower Coin: To lock wealth and bring auspiciousness
(Can put beside flowers to activate house energy)

3) BBC Coin: To handle fortune teller telling ur Bazi not balance and also a protection coin
(Rub the coin with thumb and say balance of 5 element)

4) Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin: To let u be calm and at all time have the Grace of 8 immortals Wisdom and also not affected by people, situations and environment.
(Once and for all, wherever u go will not be Ban Dan)

Many of u put the coin throw in the bag. I suggest u to take out and say wishes.



福在眼前 Coin whenever u go there is a positive thinking around. Is specially design so ur mind will be clarity and also have energy .

Monday, October 30, 2017

5 Dynasty Coin Activation 2018

Welcome 2018 Event is open for registeration and 100 seats taken up from the day of announcing on Friday. So is very fast...

Fees: $45
Email: with mobile and details.
14th Jan 2018: 930am to 1pm.
Singapore most Heng Lion Dance to Grace the area and everyone with Good energy
For those want the dragon tortise to collect that day, it will be ready only if u order from and say collect. Is limited pieces.

Those who have order from we have start carving le:>

Year of Dog is a year where the Bazi do not have the element of Metal. Also because of energy formation we have decided to produce a new 5D coin. This can be put at 1,6,8,9 sector of house 2018 and amplify any good luck item u have.

In welcome 2018 talk 14th Jan . I will explain further the power usages of this 5 d coin.

We have decided to design the new 5 D coin with flower of life pattern and also include a new medicine Tzi above.

Will be in shopping cart 5 D and 6 D hulu  3rd Nov 2017. For those who have 5 d coin buy in 2017 , calculated from date if ur purchase a year than change.  under miscellaneous

Related image

And there is an energy of red blue yellow which forms the full energy circle.
I will be activating it with Omhealth healing crystal for love and light .

This are tight by omhealth team with alot of love and light and activated in proper ancient Zu Sa spray and healing ink of red.

I do alot of research to ensure 3 different tiger eye is in this 5 D Coin Flower of Life

Blue Tiger Eye : Heaven Energy
Yellow Tiger Eye: Human Energy
Red Tiger Eye: Earth Energy

It symbolise to have a balance energy and deflect negativity with balance. I always believe all healing items if design with balance energy and inspire a person to be at balance, all will be well.

5 Dynasty Coin is known to 
i) block Sha Qi, sharp edges, 
ii) House/ Office Fax or all kind of bad  fengshui related to bad location or facing door etc.
iii) Tai Sui affected animal or put in car for heng heng
 iv) Change all ur rice urn 5 d coin with this one so 2018 and all years can find wealth (u can put for 3 years in rice urn)
Just put on the office table or anywhere that fengshui is not good, will be good enough. Or in drawers
v) Renew House energy

Tai Sui 2018

Animal Affected by Tai Sui 2018 :

Remember pray to Tai Sui on 4th Feb 2018 (which omhealth having temple walk for old students)
On 4th Feb 2018, bring ur new flower of life 5D coin and to temple and go over incense 3 rounds)

Remember when u are affected by Tai Sui, is not a bad thing, just that is like there is a commander now directly inspecting u to be a better person so stress and emotional turbulance will be norm. But trust me uncle me because of my Bazi if affected by TaiSui max than normal people 3 times, but i work with it and normally after that luck super good

Is call COng Tai Sui, Career CONG Up Up.

Carry my 5 d coin for this good energy.


More will be discussed how to work with Tai Sui for 12 animal sign in 2018 and how to pray:>

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Friday, October 27, 2017

A blessing trip with dragon tortise

As this 2018 we launching the dragon tortise everything is so auspicious in preparation

It rains when arrive kl and rains when arrive Singapore and after arrival my luggage the belt roll front of me!

I strongly believe the new coin and five dynasty coin and the dragon tortise is very auspicious !

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Heng dragon tortise

Is been 2 years ago omhealth don't have a new house items ! This year I have announced the heng dragon and many good things happen! Even I bring to KL to do blessing for all the tortise when take pic two tortise appear at 观音菩萨 feet! Is like a prayers I surrender all my worries under the holy lotus feet and please take care for me! 

After th blessings from two temples a red lion appears infront of the dragon tortise!

I have two design! The one smaller but details carving is for putting stationary  at home or office with head facing house opening !

The bigger one is for touching and healing of personal Qi!

Is very affordable price using good energy wood and activate with my so many patterns ! Only ready on 14th Jan 2018!

Is so weird , when I take pic one drago tortise , one tortise appear Guanyin feet but when I put two another dragon tortise another  tortise appear climb up ! To me is a sign of auspicious!

This dragon tortise is order le than we do! 

U must email to with name phone and address and 

$68 or


Or both ! Courier fees applies state clearly how many pieces!

! e two


only appear  7 days shopping cart Stay tune under miscellaneous and is $28

Friday, October 20, 2017

Welcome 2018 event

14 Jan 2018 Good luck talk and very fast will be filled up because is a good one!Old friends quickly register first  

How to handle dog year! Good no good omhealth has helped many sail they rooster years and give u the pattern to handle things! Many things in class we predicted seems to be happening especially the health part !

Fees $45

Really will be limited seats

Thursday, October 19, 2017

How do you feel?

Is very important to check on our emotion everyday. As it can destroy us if we allow negative energy to build up.

But again because of our environment and people we care for and worry for and our work and health. All these contributes enormous negative thoughts everyday.

Dont be the number of negative thoughts one person created can covers the map of Singapore.

So you should have a mini ritual a day to check on ur emotion. I think may be some when reading this article has a heavy heart. So heavy that you cant breathe or may be some are having a emotions that feel trapped.

 Well you can do something for yourself.

If u are feeling physically, energetically and emotionally drained we can work with some activities as described below

 1) Clean your house

Physical space and energetic space are highly interconnected. This exercise is simple process of clearing out and cleaning up your home , office, car space or toilet. If you are surrounded by clutter outwardly, you will be impeded by inner clutter....

Fridge: Affect ur mood: Cleanse with Lemon oil and Eucalyptus in wet cloth wipe and throw away expire things
Toilet : Affect ur overall wellbeing: Use toilet cleanse method

Etc ( I will share more)

U will be surprise be cleaning above both item first, u can feel the lightness. And when cleansing or after cleansing spray protection spray around the house.

 2) Practice Silence

Do breathing exercise with AuraGold 20 oil or Awakening blend.

Silence is like a beautiful flower growing amongst high grass at the corner of the garden. Do a breathing exercise .

3) Pen or Pencil with a notebook

Pen down your thoughts.

Foodcure for October to November 2018 

Taking this this period to combat the unlucky star that affect our energy.

Eating this item will help u balance the Yin and Yang And after take le, shower with Heng Heng Scrub u can feel the different.

The alignment of the planet stars last few months is heactic for many and now is time to nourish ur body

Related image

Image result for black and white sesame paste

 This is very important as it balance the Yin and yang of body. U can when u feel the energy has gone wrong. Black and white sesame on ur rice or drink a bowl black and white sesame paste.


News Launch of Pheonix Incense Powder

$55 (20 bottles only)

Dragon Turtle

email to. ! 

State clearly u want the $68 or $88! And if u put two set is ur wan 2 of the $68 or 1 $68 and 1 $88

Will only ready 14 Jan after further activate by lion and dragon dance ! U can order now ! Is high quality peach wood! Limited pieces !

State in email u want the $68 or $88 or both one set at 

Carefully Activated: $68 only ready January 2018  But u need to order before December 2018 from this email as it will be made extra and tie to each name and each has a serial number paper.

Put at house facing door or cupboard with face looking at door. I will explain more

The purpose is to create an energy of  Joy and Happiness to ur life even we are face with alot of things and is facing ur main entrance. Is a blend of Wisdom compassion and Ambition

Encourage the energy to work hard and help from good people and also welcome energy of family harmony and good energy in wellbeing and fortune and academic studies。


In January I will also share where u can put  dragon tortoise in  your health sector so a ill person can recover faster after see doctor.

Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: plant and outdoor

Image may contain: tree, outdoor and nature

好运轮到我: Ready next week . Those facebook order no need order again. Others wait for shopping cart. And also when u facebook put I want, Grace will message u for contact.

No automatic alt text available.


Limited edition Big one for touching and display $88

No automatic alt text available.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Power launch soon 14 jan 

Do take note will be launched ! But before launch of this two items good news for sign ahahah !

One is 28 and one is 68;)


Feel the energy everyone! Outside may start to duplicate but u can't duplicate the energy! See how it smile! And omhealth energy on the shell represent life is balance and be calm and all good things happen!

Bryan lao shi 8 days activate dragon tortoise! Can u feel the energy? Put at home anywhere face facing main door ! Office right corner! Symbolize balance of yin and yang and also calmness to house and bring good directly wealth and opportunities oat important thing activate with right intention wellness! Affordable at $68 but this one surely made to order activate! To confirm u email to. ! Will only ready 14 Jan after further activate by lion and dragon dance ! U can order now ! Is high quality peach wood! Limited pieces ! Leave a comment you all like ma ahahaa

Saturday, October 14, 2017

4th feb temple visit

For students and temple walk students only 

I must calculate the day and also must ask two permission before it can happen! Yes this year our temple visit is happening and today I manage to ask and permissions granted !

Permission granted from temple : bryan lao shi orchard temple visit at 立春 4th feb 2018! Each person registeration fees $1! 80 cent go joss and 20 cents go to bryan lao shi for energy exchange ( lesson learnt , this 20 cent I will use all to buy incense ahaha ) u can register now ! Only for students attended workshop before !

Friday, October 13, 2017

Bryan Lao Shi Independent reviews of products

Lobang not many days

A) Regenerix Gold sure good
I decided to buy online from US direct cheaper buying from local clinic ! It has 35 percent and free delivery ! special35 is the promocode ! I getting for my aunt who has heel joint pain!

Those who registered to take samples go take but if want buy dont buy from clinic (just buy direct from US website) ahahahha

B) Stemcell very good
Stemcell Orchid promo
HB88AVALON got 20 or 30 percent have 15% 

C) My products super good

dont like that la, i so nice intro u other people product u all must support me de:>

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Book Read Power

I am sending 3 batch email, if u receive 3 times means u attended my workshop 3 times before ahhaha so don’t mind ok, just ignore repeated email but means triple Heng:>

i this workshop is more like a conclusion for 20th Year Anniversary for what I have done in my entire Health and Beauty and Wellness event.
There will be some aspect of crystal therapy but non religious and is all about sound and music energy.

Venue: National Library
Date: 3rd Dec 2017
Fees: $38
Time: 930am to 12pm
Email to  today ba
Image may contain: indoor and food

Bookread with bryan lao shi agenda is out now😉
1) chit chat on working with Crystal and color therapy for health maintenance include details aura cleansing methods
2) simple incense art for balancing body 

3) herbs commonly use by bryan lao shi 
4) major topic on body ache and herbs sharing by Dr Xue TCM doctor with tekwando expert 
5) reveals of bryan laoshi 2017 famous exercises
6) Hand Yoga with Bryan Lao Shi for
i) Sleep issues
ii) Body aches
iii) Anxiety

7) Wash Toilet method for family health using Methods spray.