Friday, January 18, 2019

5 D Coin and 6D hulu

Hi all

Six D hulu coin main door side change yearly

5D coin rice urn change once every 2 years.

Fridge side take care whole kitchen , change yearly willl do


Living room side , can change yearly but max is 2 years as we want to harness good energy.

Is activated $38 for the 5 D so u add up compare to put many FS items, it really handle alot le.

For me I would

Yearly  I Do a change

6d hulu main door

5 D coin fridge (take care fengshui of kitchen)

rice urn (once every 2 years)

Living room (if that year handle alot wealth issue just change)


All ur previous old house items wipe with dragonfly oil can remains same sectors . Is very ok.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Cai Shen And Dragon Tortise

This mini dragon tortise is different from what u see in market almost similar look. We use very good wood and custom omhealth made (no doubt some will start tooo duplicate normally).

But we activate further with marble which make us unique energy.

Dragon tortise put essential oil on it and carry or office first day put on desk right or left side will do for a day. (so we dont care which day is start work day as we work for boss and cant choose) Also ur tranquility healing mist is the very powerful for 2019. Spray the mist around u daily.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, food
Image result for door facing compass

So the above when he takes a compass stand at door and if the compasss point North means door is facing North and the Cai Shen can 3M hook SE which is left corner.  At all times the Cai Shen use oil on it rub is very powerful.

Cai Shen can put in living room from now or if u want 5th Feb 2019

All pass year luck items from omhealth u can put anywhere in living room or 1,6,8,9 sector as in the website.


Special Cai Shen Sector to put in living room for those who wants to follow.

Big Door Facing

Sector and facing is different.
When I say facing is when u use compass at ur door see door face where ok.

Ur Cai Shen special luck to hang in living room

Door Faces ----Hang the Cai Shen living room with 3 M hook

东  -----南

North   --------- SE
NE -------------- SW
SE --------------- North
South -----------  East
SW -------------- NE
West ------------- NW
NW--------------- West

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

FLying Star 9

Rating: 4 stars
Celebration Star (You Bi)右弼星
Celebration Star versus Tai Sui
The home of the 6 White Fortune Star, which is metal element. The domination relationship of fire and metal make this section good and bad luck mixed. It enhances the home of the 6 White Fortune Star, turning it into a wealth-making and power-enhancing section.
Celebration Star and Tai Sui both are fire element. Thus, people might easily get anger and irritating. Therefore, be watched up what you say.
Floor Matt yellow
Lunar Apr, Jun and Dec, be careful of things related to fire, don’t gossip, be alerted for legal issue.
Spray Protection and Space Clearing Spray at this corner. Before going to work, spray Well-Being Healing and Tranquillity Spray overhead and say love and light.
5d coin to balance 5 elements. To empower,
To reduce the potential negative effects, use the earth element as a remedy. This can be a decorative piece of glazed pottery or porcelain.
Coin: Bai Wu Jing Ji (have fan), 5 d coin coin
Essential Oil: bergamot
Heng Ball: yellow
Heng Item: Spray Protection and Space Clearing Spray, Well-Being Healing and Tranquillity Spray,

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Flying Star and 2019 details are here

Every year i spend alot of time to update a website

Hope u can make an effort to read about details of flying star and what floor matt to use

Friday, January 11, 2019

Lacking of Gui Ren Remedies

End of year is common to have a series of event and challenges. This is star transition stage. So at all times keep urself cleanse (Spray Mist ) and light the incense in ur living room especially on Friday.

Welcome talk 2019 left 8 seats and those who want to register this abit religious talk do come.

Gui Ren Luck

U will notice some people when they have problems, helps comes to them very fast and some need to handles things themselves most of the time and lack of mentor luck.

To tell u frankly my Bazi by right is lack of Gui ren help luck. From young time till now sometimes i need to work hard for to achieve my goals.

Example, companies and places wont give me a slots to sell things back in younger days. Radio , tv all these no chance at all.

But 15 years ago  one day, I think my life shouldnt be lock down by Bazi. I create my Gui ren and future with positive thoughts and placement of items and drink red dates Longan Tea.

What is Gui ren? I have written for a magazine on this.

Gui ren are people who come to ur life and give u a lift when u need help . So this people are people with good energy.

So why not create ur environment with Gui Qi to attract Gui ren from 12 directions. For omhealth we attract Gui ren from 12 directions.

1) Scent of Gui ren: Rose Hydrosol Organic  (I have shared to bring this rose water to Tian Hou temple and bless abit) or just use it daily

All rose related products bring Gui ren. From our rose shea butter to the tose balm words wonder ok.

2) Use the Liu He
See the source image
State ur animal when order. Those who have continue to use it. In keychain or when in need of gui ren put beside ur bed daily.

Liu He was launched 2 years ago handtied by omhealth using Zhu Sha stones

It aids the owner by enhancing the inspired thinking and communication. Many people use this talisman to align the Chakras and also to release the resentment and fear.
2) It help a person due with anger from the heart and jealousy and help a flow of good energy to the world.
3) This Liu he if keep near work place can enhance good energy and prosperity.
4) for sales people it helps in boldness and also clearer communication to close sales
5) This combination helps to clear blockages

3) The New Coin flower of life coin is a replacement of GUI REN BAG

This new coin Flower of life coin is more than what u think

It helps to pacify timing Taisui and at the same time it create an energy field of all time is ripe for success. So no time is bad time for u.

I may be doing abit marketing here. But just wanna let u know this coin takes alot of my effort to create and is by a Singaporean at $45 only.

Rub this coin daily and put in ur bag feel the energy.

But if u really want to hang in a room

here it goes

South of Room:  Pig
RAT: North East or North
Ox: North
Tiger : South
Rabbit: NW
Dragon North
Snake: South and SE
Horse: NW
Goat: South
Monkey : North
Rooster: North
Dog: South

And this are the sector u can Increase ur ren Yuan by putting FLower of Life coin and also stand there spray the Tranquility Mist from head let the mist envelope u

Monday, January 7, 2019

Welcome Talk Cai Shen

Today we have activated the Cai Shen Wood for 2019

There was a typo as it is $25 not $20.

And is beautifully activated with love and light

No photo description available.

How to Use?

Put living room and rub 5 element oil on it and feel great

The marble have great story do attend event and will explain.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Welcome 2019 Talk Are You ready?

This year welcome 2019 talk 13th Jan is full of preparations.

30 more seats: email for details

I cant believe I have been in the number 18-20 years in this event. I remember 12 years ago Year of Pig I was giving this talk .

This year I want to be different and implant blessings energy from Masters at all corners of the auditorium and stores. 
So be happy and even something irritates u, heart remember it is dissolving your 2019 negative energy. And remember when u see me first thing dont say things like

Lao Shi I still cant find job
Lao shi I am ......


Lao Shi Morning and Happy Heng Heng

Remember once a year only.

This talk is going to be so free flow and I want to share technqiues to overcome the Ups and Downs in life.

From Set up to slides to setting up is parents me and cousins. So is not easy. Do be patient with them and me ok:>

I wish all have a wonderful time and my most happiness blessings merits and energy send to all.

Those who are still waiting want to come or not want to come. Just think is 20 years le and if is something good why not just bear with me for 2.5 hours.

Opening 5mins
Dr Pan: Secret Taiwan Good Luck method 10mins
Bryan Lao Shi : Start Talking all about energy healing luck and lead a exercise
Lion Dance and Dragon Dance implant with blessing energy to spread on all.

Break Time: Shop for Cai Shen and Oil and Flower of life coins.
Michelle Lao Shi New Aura Music to cleanse ur energy
Sectors fengshui luck
Energy of dates 

End of Talk When all Energy sets in got 18 pieces of Special stone for u to invite
s stone: stimulates creativity, attracts money and love, and helps you to achieve your goals. With color blends, it connects directly to the Heart Chakra, helping you to hear your heart, and encouraging love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Monday, December 31, 2018

2019 Better Luck Video

13th Jan

Hi all and congrats u are attending 13th Jan 2019 Event:>

Some info for you:>
Image result for lamp offerings nepal
Omhealth will be lighting 500 lamps in Nepal that day
Providing 100 bowls of noodles for orphans
Prayers flag of Success above mountains to be place at Nepal

This are actually part of ur fees goes there. So rejoice and think auspicious .If ur mind tired and abit exhausted bring peppermint oil apply a drop neck shoulders. If can put 5 element oil tissue throw in ur bag that day.

So all above happening 13th Jan 2019. And I hope you attend the class happily and make wishes during the lion dance session.

Things to note:
Queue to buy things if need wait just be patient
Queue to take lift. Sometimes need to wait abit but I infuse the waiting area with Geometric energy so if u need to wait longer means ur body need it
All corners are visualised and activate with positive energy so be happy.
Bring ur crystals and bracelet to be further activated with the lion dance drums.
Do remember after lion dance, think positive and say good things. My quote words if u see me that day is 万事顺利。
We prepare a order list so if that day u tired to queue buy (but queue buy at least one item very heng(yeah my sales ma) but I always says my intentions is to have good sales and also benefits all.(very direct)

Things to buy:
Hope u can support omhealth

1)      5 element oil highly activate that day $38
2)      Dragon tortise with marble: $28 very power to handle a lot issues and useful
3)      Cai Shen $20  limited for Hanging house on special dates
4)      6D coin and 5d Coin must get
5)      Wealthbowl new can order as we have 20 only

We cant prepack that day as I don’t want tired my papa n mama. That’s why now, each talk is precious I don’t to continue next year

Door gifts will be given in the class itself. Be seated 930am but 9am I need set up so u can shop around.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Shanti Mantra

Whenever we go yoga or some exercise, u will hear some teacher says

Om ShantiSee the source image

Put a drop of your any oil u like on your wrist and say 3 times om Shanti slowly. See how your days become more and more easy to handle:>

A time of now we need alot of healing energy from ancient knowledge to bring peace and power back to our life. Try something simple and when 13th Jan 2019, u all attend my class we do a 15 mins energy mantra reviews. To take back our power ok:>

which i think is very good to include this words in ur daily life. On 13th Jan 2019 I will share some new mantras with u all and how to do breathing with it to prepare you for 2024 period 9.


They are supposed to calm the mind of the reciter and environment around him/her. Reciting them is also believed to be removing any obstacles for the task being started.
Shanti Mantras always end with three utterances of word "Shanti" which means "Peace". The Reason for uttering three times is for calming and removing obstacles in three realms which are:
  • "Physical" or Adhi-Bhautika,
  • "Divine" or Adhi-Daivika and
  • "Internal" or Adhyaatmika
According to the scriptures of Hinduism sources of obstacles and troubles lie in these three realms.
  • Physical or Adhi-Bhautika realm can be source of troubles/obstacles coming from external world, such as from wild animals, people, natural calamities etc.
  • Divine or Adhi-Daivika realm can be source of troubles/obstacles coming from extra-sensory world of spirits, ghosts, deities, demigods/angels etc.
  • Internal or Adhyaatmika realm is source of troubles/obstacles arising out of one's own body and mind, such as pain, diseases, laziness, absent-mindedness etc.

In English you can print this out and put near ur flower of life coin and says this daily to kick start your day with good energy

Om, May we all be protected May we all be nourished May we work together with great energy May our intellect be sharpened (may our study be effective) Let there be no Animosity amongst us Om, let there be peace (in me), let there be peace (in nature), let there be peace (in divine forces).

Thursday, December 27, 2018

A 2019 new energy Exercise

Hi all

this website is update yearly with the flying star 2019. All your lucky tianlu liu liu u get last time can put in all of the any lucky sector . Main thing is to get a 6D hulu change main door and also adopt the new limited flower of life coin.

2019 is coming soon and what have you achieved and what you need to let go , u shall do it this few days.

Be kind, loving and compassionate. Be supportive of people doing good and encourage people around you. Put on a smile this few days and use rose hydrosol on ur face as it brings Happiness for 2019.

We shall not be a cold 3 C technology way of treating people. In the era of overwhelm with technology information. Alot people just read the info but without digesting it and applying it.
Thats why nowadays people get angry easily and worries alot as the wood element in our body is burn by fire of technology and alot of times youngster when want to do business cant sustain long.

U can know all about good luck by pressing a search in internet but u lack of the motivation and energy to move this energy into u. What is 12 animal signs to u? To me is nothing a foreccast of this and that and end up also like that. But with omhealth forecast we talks about remedies changes and colors u need to wear to improve and what to eat etc.

See the source image

Our life now is  like the young  Sailor moon receiving Moon Wand but dont have the power to activate it.

 What happen to people now is, u have alot of magic wand but u dont know how to code and uncode the way to activate this magic wand.

Before u can activate the wand in ur hands. U need to check this 2 energy center. One is to let go and one is to forgive. Once u forgive and let go. Good energy can come faster . Use Heaven and Earth Oil in these breathing.

See the source image

As I say start your day with 21 Om or a simple mantra if u follow me for 20 years u should know by now the benefits. And look at how u have handle all obstacles in life well. Looking back, u will think wow....

In life we faces challenges, challenge of daily work issues, family and health. As we grow older this seems to be more obvious and we can either be very very ok when we get older or we get more impatient. So what are u feeling right now?

Check ur energy at ur heart (chest area) Breath in and out
Check ur energy at ur stomach area . breath in and out.

All I want u all to do this 2018 end is to grow and expand and let go of what is not needed. Just feel the energy around heart and stomach this few days. Is it tense, relax or block. And feel the feeling around this two area. And than do 478 breathing on each area 5 times.

Say in ur mind: I am healing, I am peaceful, I am loving and I let go and forgive.


Welcome 2019 Talk (Significant Behind Each Talk)  : To activate good energy for those who attend with love and light and to let go and forgive and welcome good energy.

This welcome yearly talk I have given 18 years so far.
Time  has changes, in the past I dont have to email or ask people to register (even last time not much technology)
but now my helpers need to send messages to remind people. U are all so busy but ask again busy about what?

People changed as now the website and social media are flooded with information u want to hear. Or marketing flow that u like. For me I remain same to say things that will help u and not instant remedies but vision of 2019 and further.

2019 is near end to period 8 and during period 8 time I have given advise to some businessman which fluorish now but sometimes i failed to help some who didnt want to change their mindset and sometimes i cant interfer the karma of people which u need to go thru the things u need to. But I always provide u with cushion remedies.

Is not easy to give and prepare welcome talk

1) 6 months before talk u need to iching sense what is the future year and what topic to share
2) Book venue and wait for people to register
3) Implant good energy to the event and invite good lion dance and dragondance
4) Prepare items for display in talk
5) Daily planing and i meand daily doing slides to ensure 2 hours of topics to let u learn something

20 years ago omhealth started this luck talk . And last time in market dont have much of these. But now is flooded with talks and many are tied with alot of hidden cost. In my talk is always giving u best topics to handle

2) Health
3) ancient methods of handling
4) Western method of cleansing
5) Music therapy in class to clear ur energy

we gather to have a better future year.

I dont know how much longer I will be giving this event  as parents age are catching up and me too.

Each talk spends me alot of energy. And in terms of sales, i normally have the same items like 5d coin 6dhulu for u to suppport me.

Old students: This talk is once a year only for u to renew energy in a unattached way which i dont ask people to follow me as a master but like a friend who share things. If u can make an effort to come. It was announce more than 6 months but if u are busy is ok. But bear in mind, i rather u be more careful choosing what new fengshui path u choose. At all time check, is it the method use very complicated and create more issues and worries than simplicity.

Remember we are human beings, I met many power masters internationally, no charm or methods can make u escape from issues. Techniques and wisdom and seeing the truth will help. Let us work together.
See the source image
Register ur Welcome 2019 13th Jan 2019 and especially old students if u choose other methods, do come this time again and see the simplicity of omhealth. 

Fees: :$45 ( topics u learn is more than this)

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Jade of Healing (Go facebook Bryan Gan see the video of this jade u will love it)

Having a Jade to wear is really amazing and the feeling is very very good.

Year end normally omhealth have jade of good quality and carving are very good and rare,

Family Jade
Image may contain: food

Is so good to have a family jade and this are the good one. Left is bamboo of success and right is dragon with wealth rat this brings alot of auspiciousness.

They are $580 each and this are very good to wear and calm urself at all times. Interested quickly email to
Image may contain: outdoor

One carved the money coin center will turn

No automatic alt text available.

Healing rare Ring

Image may contain: plant, food and outdoor

Above the ring super beauty and the purple hulu also

a set $1680

Image may contain: outdoor
Jade Guan Yin $480

Welcome 2019 Wonderful talk

This is a talk to welcome 2019 and let go of things which is not needed.

2019 is a year of challenge and renew and accumulations of energy for better future. Let omhealth share with u the do and donts and techniques to cushion ourselves and face all issues with love and light.

Related image

techniques to renew ur energy fields thru ancient chinese methods and western psychology methods so to achieve a balance body mind and emotions.

Bring your favourite crystals to the class and let omhealth dew of wonder water mist spray on it to renew in the class.

Many are overseas and forget to register for the class.
Do register now is

13th Jan 2019.
NTUC auditorium
Time: 930am to 1pm

Fees: $45
Do email to

Sunday, December 23, 2018

GuanYin Jade

As i mentioned in previous articles. Omhealth jadde is always unique because we have the source to old master carving good jade and present to students once a year , in year end for the jade.

Wearing jade can clam a person, And indirectly balances nerves and soothes our breathing rhythm. It was said traditionally for guarding against serious illnesses. And calm any fear . I believe it signifies royalty and peace alot.

I love to wear jade with watery quality and see how the color changes. And this quality of Guan yin Jade is the grade i like most.

Each is $488 but worth a value for the energy and carving.

The picture does not do its justice but all are very good pieces.

Image may contain: shoes

And the back

No automatic alt text available.

Jade is a wonderful stone of balance. It is considered to be a lucky stone that offers good health, wealth, and love. Jade can help you realize your full potential and attain purposeful goals. Jade also helps lift stuffed-down emotional issues and bring them to light for resolution. 

Guan Yin jade of this quality at $488 is not easy to have in market now and hope students can adopt one and keep. Omhealth jade business 20 years le always for hiighest good and for students de:> and i love jade and dont want to mark up to ridiculous price.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Welcome 2019 Talk 13th Jan 2019 ( Most Sincere talk I announce)

This is the 18th year of Welcome 2019 talk.

Sometimes i ask myself after 18 years how are some of my students. Do they still persistent do the things I teach. And also when meet with obstacles in life, do we have faith or blame things never work?

I never blame things or situations in life. To me, what we faces are really a test of our faith and courage so that we can take on a bigger role in life.

My parents told me that i actually can rest and they dont want to see me so busy all year round for this welcome talk.

Many if u dont know, the talk main aim is to instill positive thinking and energy to people and attendees. Especially the star sign is moving in all directions where a person energy will be affected and there are too many "false" informations in the market which create more confusion than solutions.

Because of that my slides and my information for sharing are pass down from different masters in Singapore and overseas.

Organising such a talk is not easy. Especially I dont have PR skills to reply all whatsapp and sms. So sometimes ahahah u loose some students but most of them come back as I say only focus on my teachings and sharing.
Image result for ipoh temple
Welcome talk 2019 , 13th Jan 2019, 930am to 1pm is filled with lots of good informations this year to deal with

1) BIG change luck year
2) Prayers methods that works
3) Handling of situations in life with fengshui techniques.
4) Implant of good energy for all attendees this year
5) Master ur energy with ur own faith and Bai bai method.

I wonder u all will remember to attend? I hope old students can make effort to register by this Friday. I will be going Ipoh and pray for all attendees. Register ur by Friday ba:>
This 2019. I have activate a flower dragon tortise for u to bring to office or put on ur computer table with a marble/stone.  Is handcarved using peachwood. And u can on open work day. Apply Dragonfly oill (most functional oil) on the dragontorties. At anytime when luck is abit low. apply the dragonfly oil and wear in bag.

This is limited pieces because is not machine made and really good energy. At $28.8 at shopping cart. Do go to order ba.

No automatic alt text available.


Lapis Lazuli with Citrine and Larima

I must say this is one a very healing bracelet that u can wear to instil healing energy.
It empower your thoughts, it can also protect you from both psychic and physical attacks in both your personal or professional life.
Lapis lazuli is a good protection stone because of all the protective energies that it holds. But it’s also a manifestation stone because it can help you make your dreams a reality!

I feel this bracelet attract good luck and fortune. It symbolizes good luck, and any wearer of this stone will have the energies that can turn all negative energies into positive ones.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Welcome Talk 2019

Hi all remember to register this 2019 talk, it will be a super special one with interesting news and techniques: to improve luck;

Visit below:>

Thursday, December 13, 2018

2019 七赤破军星 and 12 Animal Wealth luck

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text

Image result for 转运书法
In 2019 above star flies to SE sector of your house and office or living room

Now u will ask me what is this star about and the properties. I have described it clearly at

This is the sector we need to take not of when we are doing big plan or projects in 2019.Ensure u mist this place often.

Now have a lookout 2018 Dec and 2019 Jan. If u find start to have gossips and blockages at work. U can go to find out SE sector of your house cleanliness.

Using Protection Spray Mist will help alot.

Welcome 2019 Talk 13th Jan 2019, Fees $45, 930 am to 1pm ,

In welcome 2019 I have done alot of research on ways to improve energy and luck using ancient remedies.And hope can share with more of u. Do remember to register as we left 100 seats.

We have been going thru alot this few years and why are we facing energy depletion and what can we do? Time to do something for yourself.

No automatic alt text available.

This dragon tortise is very powerful for 2019 Wealth and u can put few drops oil and bring to office to work on open luck day. Is  hand carved and uc an order now and comes with lucky marble.

Wealth Luck of the 12 Animal

Rat: You have Tai Yang Star in 2019, so wealth is not a problem. As u have quite a number of chances and things will go in proper manner. There are 6 unlucky stars affecting ur overall luck but they will be weak if u can do positive affirmations daily (but u will forget one la) with Positive affirmation flow.
Ur wealth Direction is going South Side or North side shopping mall buy some fruits home when luck is low

Rating : $$$$

Ox: According to Tong Shu wealth luck is low side. Do not invest blindly need to ask 3 person before any investment. when come to work u can breakthru and rise high but alot effort to make. 
So ensure brighten ur living room or change any lamp in ur house which is dim. Change light in living room can change ur luck . Use clear heng ball at main door. When wealth luck is low buy a yellow cup and drink from it daily. Ur power wealth luck oil is Ding Oil.

Rating : $

Tiger: Strong wealth luck and ur gui ren comes from female side. Use rose hydrosol more ok. 1974 tiger extremely wealthy , in my context abundance doesnt mean money. it can be many forms. Although wealth energy good but sometimes half way will have obstacles. So be positive luck is in ur side. Use ur Shi Lai Yun Zhun more. Ur luck wealth oil is Heaven and earth.

Buy a pig bank and paste the 5D coin over it and star putting $1 coin super good luck

Rating: $$$$

Rabbit: Definitely with Good luck energy 2018 it extend to 2019. As u have San Tai and Jin Gui and Jiang Xin u can bring luck to people around you. As this year Temple walk i will ask rabbit to spray the lucky mist to u all. U all at least pass the person mini ang bao.  U have direct and indirect wealth in 2019. U can even invest in Houses. Ur boss will notice u so any misunderstanding will be cleared off. If ur wealth abit low, Sun morning sun ur back for awhile between 7am to 9am.

Green Heng Ball is realated to ur wealth luck in 2019, u can get and put in office.

Rating: $$$

Dragon: A year u can earn ur income and stable urself. After a tiring 2018 u have. Now is time to rise. U have quite some changes but with hard work u can achieve what u want (as if u dont know).  Tips now.

Ur house outside the ceiling light cannot spoilt. At NW of your house spray the mist of Tranquility more or put deep purple heng ball will help.

Oil to use for wealth in 2019 is Victoria secret.

Rating: $$$

Snake: Errr wealth luck near zero according to the book if Tong Shu. Lucky i tell u now. As u can use 2018 lucky star to activate it. Now u quickly get the Shi Lai Yun Zhun coin and also wear a favvourite bracelet. Go Suntec water walk 3 round and says , Wealth luck will sustain in 2019. Super ok liao.

U have now till 3rd Feb 2019. Dont say I didnt teach u.  A lookout to be challenging at work in 2019 > Dont feel sian because is just a predictions from books and I always believe in good positive thinking.

Do charity is good now. Uss 7am to 9am Sun once a week SUN ur upper back and also if can put a Cai Shen picture .  I suggest u to be vegeterian twice a month in 2019.

BIG RED heng ball

Rating: __

Horse: Wealth luck is not bad but u need to manage your wealth well and because the presence of many Gui ren this year even u meet any issues they can be resolved quite quickly.
1978 Horse willl excel at work and also remain positive and helpful to people. U have a tendency to be very critical this year so at all time think before you speak.

Using Green Heng ball helps in accumulated wealth luck for you in 2019. This heng ball color and ur lucky heng ball in the chart can be different and this green is more for wealth setting.

U may have issues with loosing of focus and loosing temper easily. Using oil like lavendula vera and grapefruit Pink can bring alot of calmness

Rating: $$$$

Goat:  Do not overlook your work or perform blind investment. If u need to invest in any form, combine with ur love one or advises from friends is important. Do not be greedy this year like any online earn money opportunities be very careful. Alot of changes at work environment and people too. 

You need to maintain your cool . Aiya Tong Shu say until no good. But I know in 2019 U have a lucky star call " Hua Gai" We can amplify on this star. Get a yellow heng ball. 

Perform online charity on 5th Feb 2019. When evening do turn on your living room light half hour earlier to brighten ur energy.

AuraGold 20 oil 5 drops in cotton stick to fan as often as u can.  And using Wishfulfilling Pagoda incense works wonder.

Rating: $

Monkey: Ur income will increase or your wealth able to accumulate this year. Safe investment can be done for ur side. If u want to start business this 2019, well u can. U have alot of ideas star floating on u this year. If u lazy nothing will happen. But if u determined to think abit more , gosh u excel this 2019.

BBC coin and Shi Lai YunZhun coin witht he small dragon tortise bring to open work day 2019.   Monkey 2019 not suitable to go dieting or loose weight. U can maintain weight and eat healthy too.

U need to eat good food this 2019 for good luck. Yellow heng ball is ur excel wealth luck catalyst.

Rating : $$$$

Rooster: Easily lost of wealth thru unknown incident. So u can lock your wealth by putting a wealth bowl in living room And a gold sheen obsidian in bed room for good sleep. In terms of investment dont do so much or avoid if possible.
2018 this last two months if u can do charity and chant more mantra, and 2019 ok de:> dont worry

Alot book say Rooster 2019, no gui ren at all. But omhealth look more details that u have a Wen Chang Star so try to work with him. How? Look at the flying star chart, activate star 4.  Spray Tranquility spray at North of house more in 2019. At west of house or room put a 6d coin hulu if possible.

After 2018 DongZhi, u can go pray Tian Gou at temple and 2019 pray tiger god.  Heng ball is Yellow can help u better

Rating: $

Dog: Stable wealth Luck. U are not suitable to do risk investment this 2019. All must be low risk and cannot be greedy.  As u have 5 negative star surrounds ur star, so is important to cleanse urself often.

Stay low profile is better in 2019. You are quite inorganise this year. DO more auspicious act like go outing with friends who are positive thinking. 
U have the tendency to feel sian and lack of motivations. So this result in low wealth luck. Some affirmations is needed ok:>
Also once a blue moon buy some nice yummies for ur colleagues can bring wealth luck star in 2019. 

Southwest of house put 6D hulu this 2019 can help wealth issues.

Rating: $$$

PIG: Well is Ben Ming Year and many fengshui master will do a hu ha say alot of issues etc. Well to me Tai Sui is ur support too this year. The challenges given to you will bring excellent luck in future year. No push no gain.

Although in ancient Tong Shu there are alot of  negative stars for u. I look at the positive star u have call " Tian Jie" means it can help to resolve issues if u say affirmations.

Use Bai Wu Jin Ji coin as it can help alot. Get a small Fu Gui Hua plant and put outside ur house or balcony can improve luck.  1959 pig go see HAN TCM and watch ur steps.  Of course pray to Tai Sui will help alot.

In 2019 first week of CNY , donate medicine online.

Ur lucky heng ball is purple or red.

Rating " $

Below will be avaliable for those attending Welcome 2019 Talk to adopt at $20 after lion dance.
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Are u ready to come for this welcome talk

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Important December 2018 and January 2019

Year end feeling overloaded. Sick sick (weather la). Flying star in place and new tai sui star coming in. Do a cleansing u will be so good feeling.

13th jan 2019 Welcome talk left 100 seats. Have u registered ? with mobile ok. Fees is $45 and payment need to be made first

According to calendar and Calculations since ancient time. The end year energy affect the new year energy and last 3 month of the Chinese lunar year may be a reflection of coming year.

So to me this 3 months cleansing and clearing the house and fridge is important.

A) Fridge cleansing : U must throw away supplements and things that are expire. If ur family health and wealth has been in a downside lately. 

Use eucalyptus, bergamot or lemon and cypress or Tea tree oil combine in a pail of water and wipe the fridge inside. (need 3 oil ok)

Than background music should be Gu Zheng Mo Li Feng Fang

This will clear ur present anger situations or renew ur luck.

I love to stick a 5D coin at the fridge side reason is we cant change our kitchen fengshui as we stay in a fix design place so we can work with 5 d coin to improve the house fengshui.

5 D coin is now avaliable in le

B) Toilet cleansing: Is the most important to clear off gossip, Siao ren and negative people and unsmooth condition in one's luck. Also toilet cleansing help promote good health and aura of the family.

Use the five element oil, rose geranium oil and scrub the floor coconut brush.

C) House Floor wipe 5 element oil mob floor. Whole house good energy. Whole year of dull energy stuck in ur house let it be clear.


Bergamot and Lemon: Cleanse dark sticky energy
Cypress and Tea tree: Good deep to issue and terminate it
5 element: High aura field cleansing
Rose geranium bring in Gui ren energy.

Is good to light Herbal Medicinal incense when doing house cleansing.

See the source image

NB: 3rd March 2019 Temple walk will be opened to those who attended the welcome talk 2019

Monday, December 10, 2018

Jade and You

I have been working with Jade since 2001.
Jade is said to bless whatever it touches, serving mankind across the globe for nearly 6,000 years. 
I still believe once a FSM started off by introducing people to buy jade from me long ago. And now many selling jade at a high price.

If you need a piece of jade personaly collections. Email to, with name and mobile , when have jade of ur price: Range from $488 to $1888. Leng will message u. All jade is selected at good grade by Bryan lao shi personally.

If we talk about crystal healing... I always feel Jade is the mother of all crystals and good jade is hard to come by nowadays. Every year the price is going up and up and up. And it will never go down.

Certain Jade when sell, it will less a piece in the world of the grade.
A good jade to me need not be Ice grade (which cost $10000 a piece now) type for collection. To me there is energy of aura in jade which interest me.

Why jade can calm a person down i believe because of the high content in magnesium, calcium etc.  Jade let u discard negative patterns holding you back from full potential and I love to see the color changes when a person luck is up and down to return us to normal state.

Jade is always link to abundance and good fortune and it makes an excellent partner for attracting good energy to ur life and also u can hold the jade in ur hand and think of good things happening.

As we grow older i find particularly black tourmaline bracelet and jade is very very good. Is time to have a piece of jade for yoourself as collections.

Jade has very good energy for emotional healing. The soothing energy from jade do relax our mind and take away anger and irritability also it help us to search for answers to our issues in a calm manner.

To tell you frankly omhealth sell jades normally end of the year and they are carved by old masters.

If newbies, u think $100 can get a jade is not possible. Jade a piece reasonable price for collection is $680 to $2000 (but in market they mark up 10 times my price for my grade).

Give u an example. Below in orchard sells $1800 and i only sell at $480.

ALot of times is jade finds u. And when u message me for it, i will send a pic of most suitable for u.

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Rare bracelet Jade tian lu $488

Image may contain: foodImage may contain: food
The white jade 3 leg frog and also i love this yellow jade of auspicious

No automatic alt text available.Image may contain: jewellery
The Jade Qi Lin which is very rare now. $688

No automatic alt text available.

Big Purple Jade $688

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Thursday, December 6, 2018


Welcome 2019 with JOY
Venue: NTUC auditorium
Date: 13Th Jan 2019
Time: 930am to 1pm
Fees: $45

email to with name and mobile


观念一转 幸福快乐 就在眼前

I have been busy with 35 events this year even though I told myself to work less. But this year my intention of giving workshop is whenever I go, may my speech and appearance bring wellness energy to people.

I am looking forward for 13th Jan 2019 Welcome 2019 talk , and hope the event will activate the seeds of happiness, joy and health for u and your family.


20 years of giving welcome talk and 20 years of sharing. I found that I have not done enough to help people in terms of thinking and searching of true happiness.

I find that many people are easily unhappy or affected by negative emotions. I must says the social media, books and research in past 10 years focus more on negative than positive. It will be good there will be more writers to write on happiness and research more on positive emotions.


The arrangement of the planetary star signs and energy karma of this world like pollutions and peoples mind created a pollution in human health and mind. U will find alot people actually have enough to eat and use yet, dont know daily searching for what and wanting more and more. U may be facing financial problems to meet month end or u may be having health issues and need to take medicine daily or u may be having relationship issues.... But we forget there are still some goodnees in our life that we have forgotten to be gratitude. And this change of mindset, may change ur situations in your life.

For those who are able to decode my today's article, u are a step closer to good luck.

Whenever I design some lucky coins is more than a fengshui items. I call it an item to break away the negative patterns in our heart and welcome new energy. Why I have the FZYQ coin is remind u to be gratitude and contented and why now we have the SLYZ coin is to tell u ur heart unable to let go and complication in thinking is the reason of all unhappiness.

We only have one mouth, how much variety of good food can we eat, we only have one body, we just need a proper seahorse brand bed to sleep, how much do u want to make u happy?

All of u know about these but often we are overwhelm with our work, family, money and forgtten the basic of happiness. Once basic of happiness is found, u can resolve ur issues in a more delighted hearty way..

I will share more in welcome 2019 13th Jan talk also a Buddhist Mantra will be shared in the class. Yes is a class with dash of religion in it but not religion religion but philosophy way of life.

No automatic alt text available.

This new coin opens the vortex of energy to bring change and positive energy to your life. With the two tian lu , it means a sign of double happiness and abundance will be presented to you when u perform self healing with the flower of life energy.

What to do with the coin to bring balance in ur heart? And welcome new energy.

Bryan Lao Shi Art Therapy  A

Buy a sketch book. Put the coin on the page.

Than in blue color write down what u face in life . Than use red color strike out and draw the pic above.

 Base on ur own creativity draw some items or just write all the words as shown above. If u notice after the session. Ur energy will improve.

Bryan has been teaching art therapy for 18 years. So this is best I can teach u online here.

The coin is design with a geometry flower of life to activate ur drawing.

The simplicity of  above techniques can help to reduce depressions, modify ur current situations in life and offer a rapid transformation in high stress society and health issues.

Is a month away to welcome talk 2019. And if u have not registered be fast ok:>

I keep this welcome talk 2019 very simple as I will be planting energy of Joy, Luck happiness.
for those who attend the talk.

Welcome 2019 with JOY
Venue: NTUC auditorium
Date: 13Th Jan 2019
Time: 930am to 1pm
Fees: $45

email to with name and mobile

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Auspicious Signs

Omhealth have two lucky insects , thru the Energy Calculation one is

Green Butterfly (discovered in 2001 where butterfly dance was invented and used in all event)
See the source image
One is Dragonfly (2012) where we launch heng ball. And from that time many students reported they saw dragonfly very sudden when in need of help or when put omhealth products.
A green butterfly appears at bryan's house window in 2001 when he was inspired to design the butterfly dance to clear energy center back in 2001.

And in welcome 2019 talk bryan will do this dance with all again to clear ur energy center.

Dragonfly is a insect of courage and lessons learnt. It appears to cleanse aways negativity and when we are in despair. Or when new good energy is coming ur way. Omhealth dragonfly appear again today when we launch new

SHI LAI YUN ZHUN coin and the new wealthbowl. And the dragon tortise. And I am very glad this new energy brings in the message to all.


The bowl and coins are ready to order especially the 6d hulu behind ur main door remember to change by Feb 2019.

I must say heng ball continue to bring very auspicious energy to 2019. Remember to order a heng ball for ur house and invite in good energy.

Image result for dragonfly

When 2 dragonflies appear in my house today. I am sure I am going in the right directions and thanks for support all these years and omhealth always want something simple and we always pray for our client to have good energy and fearlessness to fight any obstacles. I cant guarantee small flow of life but i ensure if u do some good procedure u can gain back the energy and power.

No automatic alt text available.

Two dragonflies at my place today 1st Dec 2018

Monday, November 26, 2018

Coins Omhealth Lucky Coins

Omhealth has a number of coins that is activated and produced by us

1) 5D coin to activate the wealth sector of house or to hang in office to block any sharp corners or facing the wrong things like doors etc.

2) 6D hulu, to put at the main door knob and change before lachun yearly. The old one u just need to throw in recycle bin at any shopping mall. Also 6d hulu is good for handling sect 2 and 5 of flying star too.

Above 2 coins we change yearly. Except the 5d coin that put at rice urn can put for 3 years and the wealthbowl as long as u want to.

This coming year 2019 is a year we can bring constant luck to the family and omhealth designed this heavy brass wealthbowl with citrine and also the good news cricket is for good energy.


Famous 4 coins can be found in

Is at the miscellaneous under omhealth coins.

Famous Coin and are all limited, some old coins like flower coin and Gui ren bag is discontinued and now with this 4 is very powerful to handle many situations

1) BBC coin: Balance the Bazi of body when u chant mantra and visualise all ur 5 organs have white lite
2) Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin: Shield ur body aura from negative energy and negative vibes and transform all negative to positive energy
3) Fu Zai Yan Qian : Capture the energy of all directions and with ancient 4 auspicious animal bring in grounding energy and remove mental blockages thus creating positive outcome. Even when face with challenges with this coin it let ur thoughts flow and have a lookout of good energy.

4) Flower of life and Shi Lai Yun Zhun: The strong power flower of life create a healing votex to accomplied , accumulate good healing energy. It remind us the peace in our life again and all disturbance and negative thoughts and sadness we can with flower of life create balance. I suggest u hold this coin to do 536 breathing exercise 6 times (inhale 5, hold 3 and exhale 6). This coin best hang in house anywhere that in need of healing. Also u can try putting beside bed with the flower of life facing up when u find difficult to fall asleep. But if u can sleep dont do that,

Also if u have aches in ur heart or body u need to see doctor but u can put flower of life coin above chest to feel the healing vortec enters and send light to the area in need of healing mentally or physically.

Image result for bbc coin omhealthImage result for bbc coin omhealth

1) BBC coin as shown above was designed to balance the 5 element in our body and u can see two circle which combines to form a hulu to balance the energy adn prevent energy leak from body . Is a good coin to use for meditation and chant the mantra of compassion.

Side 2 of coin symbolise smooth movement of life.

2) Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin

Whenever we do something, very sian if someone of bad energy say something to affect the mood and good energy. And this coin is designed with 8 auspicious element from the 8 immortals and to bring in alot of positive energy. Is good to carry it to places u consider negative and uncomfortable or when u meet uncomfy people or fortune teller who say somethings negative and affect ur mood.

Carry this coin and use ur thumb and rub the coin and read the words of meangings here.

This is one of the best coin that means what it says Bai Wu Jin Jin is like thousand poison arrows turns to flowers when u rub this coin and think positive. It also have a fan symbol to blow negative energy away.

Related image

Image result for bbc coin omhealth

3) Fu Zai Yan Qian Coin
Image result for bbc coin omhealth

This coin is very very powerful with a lucky Lion above biting the coin and also with the 4 chinese symbols of 4 directional energy N S E W. It symbolise energy to comes in from Universe and reach u and enable u to see things clearly and clear mental blockages and also symbolise at all places if u stable ur heart from within u can achieve what u need to..

4) Shi Lai Yun Zhun Coin

Even in Chinese ancient lion the ball have this design.

A breakthrough when I combine western healing symbols to the chinese healing arts of heaven and earth. It is good for bankers, healers, office workers especially to let u have healing going on and yet the right time in everything u do. With the double PiXiu it is like time of life. No end No beginnings, but with compassion and wisdom. All poison can be shattered.

No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

Flower of life  (Extracted from website by an arthor from

"This means that every time you look at the flower you see the beginning of everything
This means that you can connect with the origin! 

I hope that by now you’ll have realized what I want to say. Everything that does not proceed harmoniously in your life, if you feel like you’ve left the track or even if you are experiencing physical problems – all of this can be corrected, because you have the key to the origin.

Do you know that your first cells are located in your perineum, and ensure that the information of regeneration is sent to all other cells? These cells carry all the information you need to stay healthy. You just have to let them continue with this process and live your life in harmony, not in disharmony. And this is what the flower of life shows you. It is simply perfect."