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4th Day CNY Special Articles

A talk that you wont want to miss

Da Jia Lai Bai Bai 25th March 2018
CSC Auditorium
Fees: $38
Seated 930am
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Hi all, 15 days of CNY for u to accumulate good luck. But even have some dispute or quarrel is ok if u say Bai Wu Jin Ji 3 times.

According Tong Shu:

accurate 12 animals is the link

Above is super comprehensive things to do and eat for 12 animal if u can follow throughout the year:>

Below is another version suppose for Magazine

Basic bracelet is still Black tourmaline for all: Remember use aroma oil

1) Positive Affirmation Flow
2) Equilibrium more

2018 is Earth Earth year, so dont let it dust ur confidence and also this year before u achieve success there will have something to make u give up. Never give up and when u feel giving up, hold ur black tourmaline and do strong prayers and let go.

12 Animal Signs Prediction 2018 Dog Year
1.     Rat:

1)Black Tourmaline Bracelet is good for you (adopt one if u never have)
2) Power  dessert for 2018 almond longan

Easy to gain recognition, facing with a choice to make. It is easy to let the people around you such as friends, superiors, boss, clients to notice the efforts you have put in, which implies that efforts will pay off. There will be more job opportunities and choices. Listen to the advice of the elderly will help one to make the right choice or prevent one to fall into the trap.

It is advisable to wear black tourmaline. Go to temple and have the bracelet or accessory go round the incense three times clockwise.

2.     Ox:
贵人运佳 逢凶化吉

居家东南和西北方light aromatherapy candle lamp and put affirmation flow oil or can put a lamp。

Have a lot of gui ren and be able to turn bad into good. When faced with an obstacle, will be able to receive help from others (ur Fu Zai Yan Qian coin is important). Hence do not give up too early and easily and things will turn better. If one wish to have more gui ren, one needs to broaden the network.

It is advisable to light a lamp at Southeast and Northwest of the house.

Lucky Dessert : Chendol abit (share ok)
Bracelet: Black tourmaline is a must , also 2018 add on bracelet is green phantom)

3.     Tiger
吉中藏凶 保守以对
农历9 – 11 月运势旺 ( burn more incense at home )

客厅, 办共室摆放omhealth wealthbowl

Whatever things you do will be according to your wishes. Remain humble to prevent falling into traps. It is a good year for you. However, do be careful of backstabbers and hence it is good to remain low profile. Do what you are familiar with and avoid areas that you are not familiar with. The best timing is 9th to 11th of the lunar month.
It is advisable to place a wealth bowl in living room, entrance or office.

Lucky Dessert: Pink ruby coconut
Must wear : Omhealth new design big rose quartz bracelet if u have , black tourmaline a must)

4.     Rabbit
喜事重重 福禄双全
稳扎稳打, 某事可成
3 – 5 月注意身体状况
每月初一, 十五及农历2/19 6/19 9/19  go temple pray
It is a good year for the rabbit. As long as one takes a step at a time, one will be able to succeed.  Smiling will enhance one’s luck. Do take note of health during 3rd to 5th lunar month. For elderly, to take care during the change in temperature as well as one’s diet. Do rest and exercise well.
It is advisable to chant more mantra and light temple incense on 1st and 15th of every lunar month as well as on 2/19, 6/19, 9/19.

Dessert: Ice jelly
Bracelet: Omhealth Citrine bracelet

5.     Dragon
劳心劳力 守成为要
注意言行, 以和为贵


It is a challenging year for the dragon.  One will get tired easily and requires to put in a lot of effort in one’s work and turns out in vain. Continue what you doing and do not be strong headed and compare with others. Be careful of traffic and note one’s words and remember harmony breeds prosperity.
Go to the temple to pray Tai Shui

Bracelet: Victory bracelet omhealth
Dessert: red ruby coconut 

6.     Snake
名利双收 水到渠成
吉星乳位, 工作运旺
投资有利, 偏财运佳
农历7 9 11 月运势低, scrub more with heng heng scrub daily
红鸾星动, 添丁发财

居家西方摆放 wealthbowl or hang a lucky item
It is a very good year for the snake. All auspicious stars are in place and job luck is good. Everyone will help you to gain success. Wealth luck is good and investments is looking good. Do not be lazy though. Take note of that 7, 9 and 11th of the lunar month luck will be on the low side. Take care of health. Love luck is on the bright side too. For those wishing for a child, this year is good too.

7.     Horse
先蹲再跳 突破僵局

居家西北方或客厅, 书房摆放 elephant omhealth如意

The first half of the year may not be smooth sailing. The second half of the year will be better. Whatever challenging situation faced will be resolved. Hence, do not be discouraged during the first half of the year.
Placed an elephant  in the Northwest of the house or living room.

Dessert: Black Sesamee paste
Bracelet : Black tourmaline or the Gold sheen black obsidian

8.     Goat
动中求财 切忌投机
农历3 4 月恐有口舌是非 (spray protection spray and wear more Bai Wu Jin Ji)

Light incense at home the auspicious herbs

The wealth luck is good however, avoid speculation. The wealth belongs to action type, which implies that one will need to move around for opportunities and do it and not just say. Beware of love disputes. Also take note that there may be disputes due to verbal misunderstanding during the 3rd and 4th of the lunar month.
Light more incense to attract gui ren to help resolve the challenging situation.

dessert: ice jelly
Bracelet: Affirmation bracelet (black tourmaline priority) 

9.     Monkey
吉星有缺 起伏不定
农历6-8 月易有官司是非

佈施回响, 累积功德

There is a lack of auspicious stars and is a stable year for the monkey. One may end up working hard on own in work. Emotion is easily affected by external. Factors. Investments may not be smooth. Take note that there may lawsuit or get cheated during 6 – 8th of the lunar month. It is however, a good year for self-upgrading.
Participate in more pujas, give back and dedicate and accumulate merits.

Bracelet: Fa Jin omhealth bracelet ( or black tourmaline will do)
Dessert: Mango pudding

10.            Rooster
逆水行舟 兵疲马困
做事吃力, 进展受阻
健康, 财运均无大碍
农历4-5 月为运势高峰

May meet with obstacles. Progression is slow and a little bit. For those with business partners, it is easy to have disagreements due to different ideals. Health and wealth luck is fine. Must remain clam at all times. Luck is on the high side during 4th to 5th of the lunar month.
Burn more auspicious incense and do more charity, treat it as a year for good luck in 2019 preparation. Ur year will be so good. now is learn and accumulate good mertis

Bracelet: Black tourmaline bracelet
Dessert: Red bean soup .

11.            Dog
太岁当头 逆转人生

May meet with obstacles. However, one may be able to surpass the challenging situation and get better.  It may be a good arrangement to let one have a good change.
Participate with more puja and go to temple to pray Tai Sui
But ur luck consider good as many good work boss will find out. Be humble.

Dessert: blueberries related
Bracelet: Omhealth Amethyst bracelet 

12.            Pig
吉星高照 积极进取
农历3 6 9 12 月财运佳


Good year for the pig. Have a lot of gui ren. Wealth luck is good. For love luck, marriage luck is high. However, there may be disputes. Try to lie low and avoid disputes. Wealth luck is good on 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th lunar month.
Wear more 5  bracelet and natural jade will help to block negativities.

Bracelet:  Omhealth Clarity Bracelet (black tourmaline a must if u dont have) 
Dessert:  White almond paste

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Health Blog

A good health and skin is good beginning ok:>

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Da Jia Lai Bai Bai 25th March 2018 is open for registration. Is at CSC club, u will love this talk:> How to have better luck and energy:>

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A good Start and A good Year Begins with Positive Mindset (Bank aCCOUNT ARTICLE)


Past 15 years , every year say old 6d and 5d coin, can just throw in recyle bin. But this is always asked yearly. So this year i repeat again.

Related image

Fortune: Dragon fly oil , Love Miracles oil blend
Prosperity: Awakening Blend
Longevity: Hulu Peach wood with Spice up ur life oil
Happiness: Victoria secret and Vitality Blend
Wealth: Dragonfly oil, Mindfulness grounding blend
Harmony: Positive flow affirmation blend and Equilibrium
Love: Love miracle blend
Beauty: Ding Oil
Luck: AuraGold 20
Virtue: Bryan relax blend

5 element oil: Clear all negativity so u can receive the energy of all other oil.
In this blog, there is a label under , BANK Account, right side label, inspiring articles for u ok in singlish

All u want in life is above actually but , actually if u think u have them now, u have it:>

Hi all

today this articles are for two group of students and newbies

1) Feel luck doesnt seems to shine on them and get worried
2) Went to a Fortune teller (common among youngster) and get more worried.

Let me talk about

1) Feel Luck doesnt seems to shine.
I always mention for past 15 years in the blog different techniques to improve your luck. But is up to you to learn and work on your mind. When a person feel luck is not right normally is about

1) Job
2) relationship
3) health

For Career you need to know , that is all about working for 3 meals and a place to stay. If ur 3 meals and life is stable , dont keep thinking your current job is bad. All job that u consider bad is a learning curve for u to receive a greater gifts. If u are looking for job and still cant find,  quiet urself and pray. U be ok:> Sometimes is not about luck but economy, give urself a time to learn and improve.

Dont forget, uncle bryan can resign from his engineering job  and being an only child and family not being well to do, is not easy that time... But with hard work and countless determination. I am ok now.
(Have u been turned down by 199 email when u beg them to give u a chance to give workshop when u dont have a job for 2 months, fear and worry of course will come, but with determination and faith all is well)

But when a person is down, the big possibilities is overwhelm by negativity and very little will think positive.

This is the time u need a procedure daily to instil positive energy into ur system

( I cant reply to ur email with long questions, but answer can be found in this blog if u read under "bank account articles"

Bryan 1 of 10 methods
A) Wake up and first things to recite:  " Everything is in Divine Order "
Also a good shower and final rinse with any good brand essential oil u have (I say these is there are many other brands readers, what I want to focus is methods not selling of oil, of course if u want to use u can use omhealth
Omhealth Oil:
i) 5 element oil, Cypress, Purification Blend

B) Breakfast must eat (as breakfast brings luck to your system, people with low luck should not skip breakfast)
C) Read a paragraph from any inspiring book and put the book beside ur office table
D) Use aroma oil or good luck items u have and touch them daily
E) Whatsapp one person in ur friend list with positive messages (despite u are in LOW, there may be some people who are more low, ur inspiration whatsapp can help them and help u
F)Throughout the day chant any mantra 49 times
G) Before sleep , i will apply essential oil on palm inhale abit and sleep

Optional: Singing bowl "GONG up ur energy" is taught to me by a famous healer back in 2001, try it:>

U focus on problems, u will have more problems, u focus on possibilities u will find more answers.

Fengshui Method

Two special coin is designed to balance a person luck.

1) Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin ---- carry is to dissolve negativie thoughts and vibes from others so wont affect ourself. This coin is especiall good if u see a fengshui master and they instil fear in u and create worries.

2) Fu Zai Yan Qian ---- Brings u good energy to ur life in all directions

3) Make urself and ur house smell good. I put 6d hulu behind door is to block negativity, and a 3 leg frog or wood item to put essential oil  so u come home smell good and block negativity.

Everyday before u go out of house, stam ur left foot one time and say" Every people I meet today are Gui ren 3 times"

Learn more on 25th March Da Jia Lai Bai Bai , u dont want to miss it ok:>
CSC club, , Fees $38

                            Fortune teller:

I always say dont  anyhow go see Fortune teller le. Ur Bazi is read based on DOB etc and there is a formular to caculate whats ur life. But again, from ur day of birth till now, u might have done. I know the few top notch FSM and Zi wei master and some of them i give them medical health advise. All I want to say, they told me, alot of good one also no good one in Singapore.

They told me self cultivation is the key to good luck.

a) prayers
b) charity
c) help others

all above totally change ur bazi.  Bryan Lao Shi Bazi , was once read by few famous world FSM,
one say, totally cannot do business and must stay in my engineer job that time when i wan to resign. One say I am super lazy person. This 2 FSM still around and i heard in market they sometimes even say the person family members will die in 10 years time, or husband will have 3rd party in few years time.

So uncle me wanna say, with good heart and positive mindset, ur bazi no longer it is. Thats why u cant read the Bazi of Monks and Nuns.

Also a old fengshui master doesnt mean is a good fengshui master. There are many master in market, everyone call themselves master but the master can be kindergarden level, Uni level or college level. U wouldnt know.

The thing about FSM , is when a collegaue see one and than will go back office say is good and than everyone say is good. But when u go, u know is so so only.  Lately I heard there is a FSM who suppose to be sort of retired lady. She say she very experience, end up a big group of office girl go find her.

SHe even say some of the married lady that one of her son will not filial to her when grow up. This create so much worries since her son only 4 years old.

I teach u a key to know whether a FSM is good.

NO good one is
1) 倚老卖老,say" U dont listen , next time something happen dont find him/her" (this type can be old but yet stubborn and arrogant)
2) Chu alot pattern until u feel very confuse and than use religion to inspire u, than suddenly ask u must buy a $10000 things if not luck wont change
3) After see le, heart more heavy ( this type u know already, so go to www.omhealth/kwanyinma.htm see what to do)

Good one is

1) Give good advice and scold u if needed and just tell u to be positive and dont instil fear but respect for u
2) Give u advice that inspire u

and best fengshui master is actually yourself. U know it one. Just that u are clouded.

In conclusion too dependent on fortune teller will result in (again i respect those FT who helped people and direct people to a positive route, got good one also)

Danger over dependent on FT:

Lost of many chances in life
If I listen to the famous Fortune teller 20 years ago, i will be working in a job i dont like. and over dependent in FT may result in narrow mindset and u may dismiss certain opportunities because the fortune teller tell u that animal sign no good for u
You may resign everything in your life to fate and not dare to act to change the course you’re on. 
Mentally stress
After some FT, u may feel more fearful, anxious, guilty or stressed if they say that there are no realistic solutions to your problem or ur say ur love one or family members will have life issue etc.
Let say if u dont follow their advice u will be in trouble.  U suddenly feel ur life , dont own by u anymore and lost all confident and making decision dependent on calender and FT

Way of Good Luck

Let good incense abit flow the Qi of your house daily.
Image may contain: outdoor

When feel block:
Gong my way up
Image may contain: food
and put auragold 20 oil and rub the dragon tortise big

Before go out of house say auspicious words
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CNY Power (Courier 1st 3 day of CNY by Leng Leng)

Hi all 36 pax since CNY welcome talk and order things from email , have not transfer the products u have taken. Do it now by today:>  Thanks ah:>

Email to

$108 below mala

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Heaven Pardon Day 2018 (Bryan at Temple lor 29)

Heaven Pardon Day was introduced to all omhealth in 2010. And is a good day to go temple and ask for forgiveness and give thanks to Ti Gong and also with compassion heart , it can clear alot of health or related life problems

Heaven Pardon Day as the name suggest is a day to ask for renewal of body energy and be a better person. Also ask for forgiveness so to reduce our problems in life. Is a day people pray to


Pray with sincere heart and also regret on wrong doing , example, keep complaining in life etc....
Is a day that u can do charity for medicine donation and chant more mantra dedicate to all beings.

2018 is a year we need to spray alot of Mist before go out of house. Example Tranquility Mist. As is super fire and will create obstacles.
Yourself office can spray Glamour mist on face not only good for skin but good aura.

Remember cannot be selfish must learn to pray from heart for all:>

2018 Heaven Pardon Day:

15th Feb 2018  (Monkey cannot)
16th April 2018 (monkey cannot)
1st July 2018 (rat cannot)
13th Sep 2018 ( tiger cannot)
28th Nov 2018 (horse cannot)

Cannot means that day Cong ur animal, if u want to go choose the date no cong to. But for me personally I dont care de, and will wear red to go , go le home eat Tang Yuan can break the Cong feeling.

Before go temple:
Perform a heng shower, U can either use heng heng scrub or 5 element oil 5 drops in pail water rinse body.

For students:
To temple and heng heng: Carry Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin and Fu Zai Yan Qian coin and also a cotton with cypress oil and auragold 20 oil

For others: Use any essential oil 5 drops in cotton put in pocket.

Image result for heaven chinese god


U can bring some Joss Paper to pray at lor 29 Geylang Shun Tian Gong.顺天宫
I will be there at 10am, if u are there we halo:> Hope to see some old student 15th Feb 2018 than I will walk to donate medicine. Those who want can come and say halo to me s:>

U can bring 5 Oranges put there pray. And than after pray can take orange back home eat.
Hi all 2018 MUST HAVE Items

1) Protection Spray : Spray House as and when
2) Tranquility Spray: Put near door cupboard, before go out a mist above head feel good
3) Positive flow affirmation oil and Equilibrium oil blend balance 2018 energy

Old Articles since 2010 on heaven Pardon day

Article A
Procedure to transform Luck1)You can face the Sky, close your eyes and make a little wish. First of all, make a confession of the not so good things you have done. Make an effort and tell yourself you won't repeat the same thing again. It could be very simple things such as losing temper to parents, friends or people around, badmouth/gossip about others etc. Thereafter, you made a wish and say thank you God(or any of your religion).

2) Bath with heng heng scrub before temple, in pocket put cypress oil and auragold 20 in tissue put pocket or handbag.

Article B
Pray to TiGong sincerely and work hard and also do positive affirmations too is very important. When u reduce ur compaints and niamness.... heaven know u are ready and give u what u need. Some people always want promotion at work... but when Ti Gong give them, instead gratitude they complaint a lot stress etc. For me having to do Taiwan show and local show , give so many talks and reply email etc can be stressful. but whenever I complaint I quickly confess and say Thank You TiGong and ask for forgiveness.

Apply Affirmation Positive oil and Sometimes Equilibirum oil it is a great success for me.

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Temple Walk Video

I have updated:

a poem on incense and flower arrangement u can chant.

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing

Also today we have donated 200 School Items to cambodia. The school Name Kramom Bour and Ounlong Tbal, This is new school which is 100km from City. And children need help.
Today this children first time receive present. Omhealth with students we dont queue up Bank, we promulgate helping others in Lap Chun
Image may contain: 4 people, people standing and child

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage and outdoor

Also for 100 of the 3leg frog, we going to donate meal for them.

Click below can see the video;

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Special Tips PART ONE

In fact this year 4 other company invited me to give fengshui talk but i I have deciede since 2012 to deliver once a year my own event. My last fengshui talk was with CPF Board in 2012. After that i turn down all company talk le:>


Do visit 

Rooster Year: I have mentioned in 2016 end that 2017 Rooster year is a year where there are lot of past hidden issue surface and many see thing clearer. 2017 is a year where there are so many happening coming up.

2018 according to 12 fengshui master in one of my yearly conference. Is not a easy year also. There may be alot of opportunity but only few is ok. That end up deplete ur energy alot and creates alot worries.

Because too much earth which affect our spleen and also lungs (no metal) related organs. And people get very impatient because of wood element.

Key word of 2018 as in My fengshui talk is

1) Tolerate and be calm ( work with essential oil and breathing exercise)

Bryan lao Shi famous Tips for smoother 2018

1) Put ur 6D and 5 D coin in place starting now or 4th feb 2018 and u have whole of feb and march to put the items u want. 6 D hulu behind main door knob.

5D with a bowl of $1 coin is a must in living room.
(for 15 years we only have this 2 special items

2) Rice urn on 4th feb 2018 change to new 5 D coin, old one throw recycle bin. Fridge one continue use.

3) In 2018, travel must watch safety ok. Before travel go any temple pray for safety and if u want can carry the travel charm at $18 which some place selling $80 plus.

4) Go less night sport in 2018. But if u need to work late , do carry Fu Zai Yan Qian Coin

also ur Black tourmaline bracelet will be in good use for all animal sign.

5) Animal to watch out are

( Visit and under animal sign choose ur oil and put in Hao yun Lun Dao Ni, carry daily)

  1. Dragon
  2. Snake
  3. Monkey
  4. rat 
  5. Ox

This 5 animal in 2018 , will face some hippcups but this hippcups is really an amazing test from up there because u will shine in 2019. U must but chocolates for people once a blue moon, also before help people think carefully. Take care of family alot this 2018. Also if u lend money to people this 2018 will more difficult to take back. But if u decided to lend, rem take it difficult take back.

Tranquility mist daily is very good for you.

Other fengshui master will say until u sian. But omhealth will teach u all to use essential oil and methods to handle.

6) PAF lime  (8 Drops, Rose Geranium 4 drops, Rosemary 5 drops)
In a bowl of hot boiling water And put in bedroom for 2 nights one corner.
Absorb all the suayness and ur health will be better in a week.

Bryan lao shi secret rice pot method.
Use red permanent marker write on 4th feb 018
No automatic alt text available.
Rice cooker bring good house energy.Cooker must use even u don‘t cook once a month. 

So everyone who eat from this rice cooker cooked will super ok in 2018.


Power Items:

1) Black tourmaline bracelet One size. Is still the most talk about bracelet , all should adopt one.

2) Calmness bring good energy Mala Necklace. To wear when feel very angry or cant sleep.

Is blended with alot of good energy

Sleep problems are becoming more common and people are looking for natural alternative treatments.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor & am not giving medical advice. Crystals should be used as a compliment to & not as a replacement for regular medical care.

Lack of sleep problems may ends up influencing many areas of our lives; concentration, relationships, weight,  emotional well-being, decision-making, communications, spiritually. All of this…left untreated…eventually ends up effecting our health.

A) See a TCM and take the herbs once a day for 30 days
B) B plus C multi vitamin daily for 30 days
C) Chamomile tea 3 times a week (not daily)
D) Wu Wei Zi 8 seeds in water drink daily day time.
E) Lavendula vera peppermint and marjoram massage stomach 3 times a week.

The Healing necklace mala  

(my intention, but is not a miracle cure ok but my truly intention activated for u, give it some time to work on ur aura)

  • helps overcome  sadness and stress and anger and  fatalistic mentality, and the resignation of oneself to the recurring emotional patterns that create blockages in the energetic field. 
  •  absorbs and neutralises negative energy from your aura while you sleep.
  • Promotes a more logical way of thinking, and encourages resolute action
  • They're excellent for recovery efforts from addictions or destructive patterns, help us become more dependable and cheerful. Deal  with grief, letting go of the past, and curing guilt
  • Enhance the respect and compassion we have within ourselves. 

Many have sleep issues, so i design a nacklace slowly to let u have better rest. is not a miracle cure but beside seeing a TCM doctor and take health food for sleep. I suggest crystal healing , But a crystal healing session in market is $180 an hour so not everyone can afford. So I design a mala neckalce for sleep and reduce stress. Wear when needed.

Is not a fashion piece is design base on energy grid.

They help you to actually get a good night’s rest and sleep through the night. It  bring soothing and calming energies that help you to relax. They work to absorb and repel all negative energies, ridding your body of stress, anxiety, nervous energies and frustration about not being able to fall asleep
symbol of gentle love and beauty. This stone is believed to have a distinct calming and soothing effect on the person that wears it.

My intention of this mala is hope ur insomnia, and stress can recover and have a nice skin too ahaha.

25th March 2018 (LUCK)
Da Jia Lai Bai Bai will have alot tips to help you

CSC auditorium 930am
Fees $38

15th July 2018 (HEALTH)
CSC Auditorium
Fees: $35

Health and Beauty with Bryan
Auspicious date to conduct health and beauty talk

Invited 2 TCM doctor also which help to break away the lack of metal year. Doctors are metal in 2018 and will bring u allgood health energy

Fees: $35.
I will announce this in radio in March and will very fast filled up, u should register now:>