Sunday, November 11, 2018

Launch of new website

Hi All

I have announced the promocode late is Heng11 for 11 percent for $100 and above

Launch of the famous detox mask le and the coin  go and shop and support ba and is till tuesday:>

The new stem cell detox mask is amazing
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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Heart to Heart Talk

For 15 years or more this is one of the most hardworking blog in Singapore ahahha. Alot of blogger i know update awhile but uncle me quite often and i think is my passion ba.


7 years ago i did mention in the blog that the last 3 months  (Nov, Dec 2018 to End Jan 2019)
will help to determine your 2019 year. And if u can handle obstacles with wisdom and compassion  , u will have a better 2019.

Things to do:

1) Vegetables to help this 3 months: Try to have vegeterian once a week this 3 months if not twice a month.
2) Drink Grape juice
3) Go to your own TCM or go to Dr Pan at Han TCM to do a stomach accu and ask whether can give u one more needle at  Yin Tang (control our luck and clear negative)
[ I want to say me and HAN TCM are not marketing, u can go to ur own TCM ok , my main purpose is to help up. If u all dont go also ok, go foot reflex and ask for activation of stomach and head reflexes and than apply 3 oil neck shoulder.

Issues you will face this 3 months:

November 2018 , there will be a day or 2 that some may fall into the trap of spiral negative thoughts because of a star call "Spiral Energy Star" This star will suddenly affect u that you may feel tired, depressed abit and like everything also not smooth. And even u have the techniques to handle them u tired to do it.

Remember  there are  going to be days when may not feel 100% ok. And we will feel anxiety, anger, confusion, and sadness. So remember no matter what luck or prayers u do as a human  we will have times of emotional distress in our lives. 

So this few months if u meet difficult situations or people or family member that are negative, let us be kind, compassionate, and reassuring.

Instead we let this "star" from affecting us and letting our negative thoughts and feelings spiral, we can try acceptance.  We can say to ourselves: “It’s ok that I am feeling sad right now.” “I’m transitioning; this feeling won’t last forever.” “Of course I’m angry right now, who wouldn’t be?” “This feeling is serving a purpose, and I wonder what that is?” Let’s try to give ourselves permission to feel whatever emotions are coming up. Acceptance empowers us to look at the present moment, embrace our emotions, and consider what to do next.   

A) When You Identify a Negative Thought, Change It With a Positive One

Things you can do to help u sail thru this 3 months easily

1) When u feel everything is wrong and very wrong, never give up as marks my word,this will pass....... Get a note book and write down how u feel. Is not a joke , i have written this method in a magazine and receive alot of positive feedbacks.

Than use a red pen cancel the negative thoughts patterns words
Related image

B) Dont do too much as when u re negative u will be tired to do many things. Use positive affirmation oil 3 drops in tissue carry with u throughout the day.

C) Use 3 drops heaven and earth oil for final rinse when negativity arises. See how it can help

D)  Mantra to help this period

B) Dont rush and do so many things in a day or always say busy. Stop 5 mins and Start Appreciating Everything!

This is best way to handle negative thinking? Whenever you’re feeling so bad that you can’t find any positive thought in your mind, it’s time to use Grapefruit pink with lavender oil inhald and do alternate nose breathing 8 sets. Tell me ahahha u will feel good.
If your body has healthy prana or Ki, you naturally affect those around you in a positive way
People enjoy being with you . By practicing the alternate nose breathing you can start to channel your prana energy consciously in order to become that vital, positive person that people want to engage with.

When doing alternate nose breathing u can enhance with a drop of Equilibrium blend on ur wrist.

Image result for alternate nose breathing good energy

Bryan's famous Healing spray since 2008

An article re- write 

I have two types of spray : since 2008

The day u receive please finish using it within 6 month as there is no thickener or preservatives . It may condense the plant base like apple cider vinegar the deposit. 

NB: Protection Mist Ingredients:
Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Potassium Sorbate, Oakmoss Absolute, Patchouli Oil . So in Singapore weather u put 1 year almost will have castor oil condensed in it. And i suggest u change abottle ok:>

Protection Spray and Tranquility spray lifespan should be 6 month is freshly without preservative flora water . So please dont keep for a year. And the plants deposit after so long may appear as all spray free from preservatives thank u. How come a spray u all can take a year to finish de:> use use ok. I one bottle every two months.

A) Protection and Space Clearing Spray

The flora water is chemical free and design ur skin can touch it. Is so powerful to cleanse space like offices or new house. Some people spray environment one spray daily.

Or after u visit some places which u come home feel weird. Spray this spray and say OMMMM. feel great.

Blended with a special herb called, OakmossIt's earthy to green scent allows it to be blended with many other woody, floral and even fruity essential oils for perfumery. (see perfume blending for more information). It's few healing qualities include antiseptic and expectorant. During ancient time, it is a herb that represents money incomes and abundance. Blended with a few other organic flowers.

Usage: It is flora water that can spray around surrounding, bedroom and office . For healing and calming effect . It can be sprayed in the air. No harm inhaling because it is fresh flower water. Clearing and space cleansing

Example of usage: Somebody in the office visited you and has created an unhappy environment. Spray this flower water into the air.
$50 for 100ml. It comes with a protective mini Black Tourmaline.

B) Well Being Healing & Tranquil Spray
It is a spray to take care of our mood. Also in office can spray to create happy energy and ward of negative thoughts from friends. When u spray above ur head, a mist of lower kingdom will shield u like a white light. I use it now 2015 before do breathing exercise or yoga

Spray above ur head and let the mist envelope u .

If you are always impatient, rushing, always no time for yourself, panic, distress, fear for no reason, exam stress and mood swings, Well Being Healing & Tranquil Spray can help to heal the heart and emotions when you feel down or having insomnia due to worries. It also help to release and break away from sadness. Promotes emotional balance and well being

Usage: No limitation; No strict rules to abide with. You can spray at heart area. Painful area, around the air. Personal Healing and Tranquil Spray helps to speed up healing process.

$50 for 100ml. It comes with free mini healing stone.

Promotion: 2 bottles for $90 promotions 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Red Coral and Pearl mala

This few years is very tiring for many. We need some motivational energy and healing energy. Stones like cuprite (raw omhealth has at $188) is great and this coral (range between $68 to $138 is amazing)

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Red Coral is strongly recommended in a healing methods and also it seems to bring wealth in many area. I find this is a very powerful crystals.

Red Coral can be add on to ur wealthbowl.

Is $68 to $138.

U can email to with mobile and address, once confirmed with payment will courier u.

No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.
$88 to $138

Red Coral: I first come across in 2002 which it cost me alot for a small branch but I lost it.
And is amazing this year end it appear with alot of shine;

This coral has the capability to work on negative energy, improve human communications and relationships. It was use during ancient royal period. It encourage yourself to listen to u body organs and remind them to take a good rest .
No automatic alt text available.
This are uncolored rare quality red coral. Filled with protection, prosperity and sincere energy of  love. It seems to bring wealth and opportunities to all in different area.

This era is not easy. Many faces challenges, some make it some circle for chances. But at all times we should never give up and let this red coral give u a kick in energy for ur house and family.

I find that this red coral balance your emotions and dispels feeling of worries and feeling the need to depends on things or others for happiness.

How I use:?

I put in wealth bowl add on:>

I turn on a Gu Zhen Music and rest for 5mins to rejuvenate myself/

Video A: Inclusion in crystals


Video B: Red Coral

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Small Prediction 2019 (Every 2 days update)

2019 do be more alert in driving and traffic.

Welcome 2019 Talk 13th Jan 2019 , I will share the hand mudra for improving family luck, health and wealth. This is imparted by a master to me. And also this korea trip I manage to learn a 1000 arm Guan Yin Poems and hope can pass down to u all.

12 Blend to Handle 12 issues in 2019

Now omhealth essential oil Blend is amazing for use in luck and health .

2 famous blend:

5 element oil for rinse for body when visit hospital or Yin energy place. Or put 3 drops in pockets to carry around or wipe house with 8 drops in a pail of water

Bryan relax blend has a Yang Energy "Huo Xiang" Use for bath final rinse body improve the  Yang Energy

Universal Love Blend: Use 2 drops at home or body at all time to bring in heaven Good Energy

Cypress oil and eucalptus oil in water wipe fridge and kitchen bring wealth luck

12 Animal Blend for 2019
(The red color represent Tai Sui Affected)

Pig: Ten Spice Oil   ( Buy chocolates for family in Feb)
Rat: Quality Sleep Blend
Ox: Awaken Blend
Tiger:  Victorian Secret  (Buy Cakes for family in Feb one time)
Rabbit:  AuraGold 20
Dragon: Beautiful Miracle blend
Snake: Equilibrium Harmony (Buy new cups for family)
Horse: Aeonian Dragonfly Oil
Goat: Vitality Blend
Monkey: Healing Trees Blend  (Buy a new supplements for family)
Rooster: AuraGold 20
Dog: Affirmation and Flow Blend  (Buy a lucky gifts for family )

How to use the oil Blend?

3 drops in cotton, throw inside bag or wallet. It will last 3 days the scent, When the scent around it surround u with good energy. Those with red color above u can further help out in final rinse body 3 times a week.

The oil blend can put 5 drops in warm water to do footbath or hand bath 10mins when suddenly alot of obstacles in life. As everyone have 10 years big luck and sometimes every 12 years have some big challenge in life. This is normal.

This year Lap Chun and Chu Xi falls on same day and this day we have the Sui Po so it symbolise is a year we need to work extra hard and daily cultivation to accumulate merits by chanting a mantra is good.

This sickness star enters the House from North East this 2019 4th feb agressively as it is combined with illness star. So when sickness star and illness star combine we can see it will be a year to challenge our immune system and u can feel it 2018 Nov already.  So time to change ur 6D hulu behind main door from 1st Feb 2019. Is specially designed by omhealth with liuli. The oil one u can throw to any recycle bin in a red packet.

These items u can order first is

5D coin (tie activate by omhealth)
6Dhulu (tie activate by omhealth) (change for house main door)
Universal Love Blend to be greatly used for 2019 (but this blend as have lotus and orchid it will not be alot of stock)
No automatic alt text available.

12 Animal predictions Version ONE

(details one will be given to all attendees a copy on 13th Jan 2019 welcome talk 2019)

Dragon (2019 small prediction, details will be in welcome talk notes 13th Jan 2019)
Image result for dragon
2018 period kana TaiSui and I mean emotions wise will be challenging but again is year end le. Dragon for 2019 has a chance to find a partner for relationship if u have single for awhile because of the Hong Luan Star. For all 12 animal u have the best wealth luck and with the star Yue De once u practice compassion , alot obstacles can be removed. At work all of sudden in 2019 people listens and unnecceassary Siao ren disperse to one corner. There is also a small lost of wealth. And also last year alot minor illness, for 2019 wll be ok.

The red coral is good for u to put on office table or house. A 6D hulu at ur door is important to change it 3rd feb 2019. And last year 5d coin for tai sui u can throw to recycle bin 2nd feb 2019.

Tiger (2019 Small predictions , details will be website or given to welcome talk students)

 This 2019 tiger is intune with Tai Sui flow energy. Ur 2018 of tiredness time to be able to wash away . Wear ur black tourmaline bracelet more this 2019. Less changes in 2019 which allow u to have time to think about what u want in life. U have the lucky star of Sui He, means alot of gui ren is waiting to help u. U need to activate this to help u clear off obstacles in 2019, say some affirmations daily or if can have the omhealth new coin to activate it. Have more female mentor luck this 2019.

This 2019 , u may lost things easily and also feeling of loneliness. Using of oil to flow ur energy like Heaven and Earth blend is important.

Good luck plants: Roses once a blue moon buy and put home (not from NTXc, get from Cold Str)
Oil to use for shower final rinse: Heaven and earth Blend  (this will drive the Gu Chen star that affect ur luck for 2019). Ur new  Shi Lai Yun Zhuan coin helps alot. Wearing a crystal bracelets help
Lucky vegetables: Red color grapes or raisins improve ur luck
Crystal to wear : Black tourmaline bracelet.

Just want to say, red coral this year is rare and u can add to ur family wealth bowl for good energy. Is very rare.

Good luck plants: Guan Yin bamboo one stalk
Oil to use for shower final rinse: Positive flow affirmations blend to drive the Siao hao Starthat affect ur luck for 2019).
Lucky vegetables: lotus root soup

Crystal to wear : Calm mind Joy bracelet $88 wear to sleep

Pig (small predictions only, the details one out in website soon)
See the source image
This year Pig "Fan" TaiSui. When we talk about TaiSui affected is more on emotions and than follow by minor issues in life. So the tradition simplest method to handle, is pray Tai Sui and carry a 5D coin from 4th Feb 2019.For 48 years old Pig do take note of health and you can do some blood donation or accupuncture

. This year u have alot of changes using the art of 5 mins meditation (will be taught in welcome talk) will enable u to sail thru the year with ease. For pig this year if can activate the living room with a bowl of $1 coin(anywhere in living room) everytime home put a coin. If u find it too troublesome, get the limited edition omhealth brass wealthbowl.

This year blue berries juice or fruits help to improve your luck.

Good luck plants: Guan Yin Bamboo.
Oil to use for shower final rinse: Ding Oil Blend  (this will drive the Wu Gui star that affect ur luck for 2019). Ur 5 D coin to carry is important and also the Shi Lai Yun Zhuan
Lucky vegetables: Green vege blend juice or wheat grass drink
Crystal to wear : Calm mind Joy bracelet $88 wear to sleep

Image result for mouse

Quite a number of negative stars appear but luckily have a few good energy star call " The Sun" star will have help when in need . Probably good advice from Male boss or colleagues or friends too.

The present of "Cloudy Star" cause things which are discussed and confirmed to have changes which is very tiring sometimes. So project if not confirm dont celebrate first.

This year rat will have alot of work to do. And can be quite tiring..

Try to talk to Tiger and Monkey animal sign if can when luck is abit blocked.

This year is good to wear the new coin Shi Lai Yun Zhuan.
The new coin u can hold it to do breathing exercise on every day Ox, Dragon or Monkey timing.

Good luck flowers is Lily this 2019.
Oil to use for shower final rinse: Auspicious Oil  (this will drive the Mei Qi which affect rat alot in 2019)
Lucky vegetables: Ladies finger.
Crystal to wear : The new Restoration bracelet $75

(More will be updated website soon)

Friday, October 19, 2018

Tera Hertz Braclet with Healing big fluorite (original designed activated by Bryan Lao Shi)

This year I have created  3 Bracelet

A) The Sleep Bracelet for harmony and healing  $88
No automatic alt text available.
B) The Abundance Bracelet with strong protection calming and creativity  $188
No automatic alt text available.
C) Bracelet of completion with balance of Heaven and Earth $128
Image may contain: plant, nature and food
(The above 3 u can refer to previous post)


Healing Body Bracelet  ($75)


Please dont mistaken this bracelet with Chinxx magnet bracelet.

No automatic alt text available.

Terahertz wave that oscillates about 1 trillion times per second, there is an intermediate characteristic of radio waves and light, has been to give the various effects on the human body and substance. 
 negative ions are released from the north stoned is highly effective to heal stress and physical fatigue, we can expect the effect as a support for health 

It helps the mind not to be so much burden and stress letting a person to feel more organised.

I find is a good bracelet for those who are studying also. If u have alot of responsibility to take in life this bracelet teach us the impermanence of things and when we are more relax we can achieve more.

It is said that improve blood circulation and speed up recovery from Sianess.

The bracelet is designed with a center piece of Fluorite Stone. This quality fluorite is good for a person energy field and it helps alot in mental depression and stress.

It helps us to think clearly and make clear decisions while under pressure.

How I use this bracelet for aura cleansing
Image result for aura cleansing
2 drops of Heaven and Earth oil on palm warm palm. Than hold the bracelet and you can use it as an aura cleanser by rotating it clockwise above and around your body.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Dear meaning of Bai Wu Jin Ji ( re-print)

What is auspicious? Is it like during ur birthday 100 people say good things to u and give u alot presents etc and everything according to u Way?

Or auspiciousness is the heart and mind feeling calm and peace and warmth, feeling of inner joy .

I think auspicious appears when heart become calm and open, things u don't understand u understand, things u cannot think right thru u suddenly awaken and wont feel blocked.

How to cultivate auspiciousness? That's where my coin :

Bai Wu Jin ji (launched 2 years ago comes about) 
No automatic alt text available.Image may contain: ring

When I look at this 4 words. It means alot to me. ALot of time a human being is affected by people sayings, environmental energy, Pan Dan, issues.

So the 4 words Bai Wu Jin Ji means hundred of negativity we may  face daily, will not let it  affect us too much and a design of the fan is to blow this worries away. Holding this coin u can feel the immediate calmness. And using of a drop peppermint oil with two drop Ding oil in tissue inhale can help further.

A Recall not to be affected by Others (2016 article)

we must learn to forgive and be free. 人只能活一次不要活得太累。

Sometimes u may feel the need to please other and be approved by others?

Worries/negativity from your actions in past life times can leave an imprint in your system that give u an underlying present worries and present guilt, sadness for no reason.

And sometimes u work so hard to compensate people around u , making u very drained. End up with lacking of self love, putting yourself second all the time and sacrificing your need for others.
U feel tired....

This may end up feeling tired at all times. Working with Bai Wu Jin Jin coin allow ur aura energy to forgive yourself, release redundant issues and let go of your fear and also fear of judgement instead focus on acting with respect and kindness to everyone including yourself.

Many people get agitated very easily or when visit somewhere that is more Yin , get affected easily.

This is a very good coin to carry with u and specially design and activated by omhealth.

So we always need to remind ourselves to be strong in aura and energy.

Try to carry 百无禁忌 coin and is a great gift for babies, elderly or urself.

When a person is sensitive you may feel everyone else’s energy or environmental energy. 
Your body is like a instrument that others people thought emotions. You also absorb other people’s thoughts and feelings. 

This is why after you have a conversation with some people, you may end up feeling drined or upset, this may be  because you’re worried and care for people.

Is good to care for people and situation but is important to shield ur body

We develop this coin is to remind ourselves not to be affected by negativity and the 8 immortal tools is like a shield

Protect Umbrella
Shield means protection against harsh, negative, or lower energies.
Create a shield by thinking positive or carrying this coin encourage that your energy to be clean and good and if you are  at harsh situation or environment or negativity, this will affect you. 
Similarly, if you live with someone who tends to be negative, you will absorb his or her energy unless you have shields up.

Image result for strong aura

Case Study:

There was once a my birthday and I wanted to celebrate just happily with friends. And on that week I wonder why i hang the Bai Wu Jin Ji coin at living room. Let me share here.

On the day itself:

I receive 3 presents:

White candles, White lilies flowers, A incense burner. Than on that day when someone pass me the burner, a lady friend accidentally says , it looks like a box of Ashes.

So ahahha that happen to many.

So luckily we have Bai Wu Jin Ji coin which blocked away these energy. And the thoughts of feeling negativity. In life things dont always go according to your way . And we are still as a human being may face what we need to and uncontrollable situations. So this coin comes in right time when u feel abit affected by others and with the coin, u also dont let others negative to affect ur quality self.


2018 Launched of Oil  Heaven and Earth Blend

Is blended with a series of high quality oil and the reason omhealth produced this oil is because it helps to balance aura. This oil is excellent at warding off blocked energy and releasing fear and many times it is our own fear that blocks opportunities, abundance and progressions.

There are many ways to use this oil.

But daily , u can put 2 drops on ur palm and rub both palm together

Than inhale gently from ur palm a few cm away from nose.


Image result for yoga aromatherapy inhale

Few drops to ur palm, rub both palm till warm and sweep ur aura in the air few times.

Place your hands about  few  inches from your face with your palms facing you.
Close your eyes and begin to take long deep breaths from your nose, breathing in Heaven and Earth Blend.
Try to repeat for 30 seconds

Then take your hands and gently comb down from  your head moving them toward the back of your neck, over your shoulders and arms,torso, legs and feet. 

Your hands should not touch your body as you are energetically clearing your aura with the oils and your intention. 

Once you get to your feet, extend your arms out in front of you and shake out your hands releasing anything you’ve picked up that doesn’t serve your highest good.

Heaven and Earth Oil is a beautiful Oil:

This oil is $55 but to tell u the oil blend cost more than that in market. It has high quality.

Give this oil a chance to 

Image result for yoga aromatherapy inhale

Omhealth Blend working with Energy

1) 5 element oil Blend
2) Purification Inspiration Blend
3) Heaven and Earth Blend (latest Launched) $55
4) Positive Affirmation and Flow
5) Harmony and Equilibrium

Neat omhealth Essential Oil

1) Rosemary
2) Cypress
3) Juniper berry


Special Thursday: Be vegeterian a day for health and energy and peace:> 1818:>

This coming Thursday 18 October 2018

I will encourage all to have a day vegetarian with me :>  Do your prayers and dedicate to all beings ok:>

Oh this Thursday I will be visiting Yue Hai Qing temple. A temple I have not visited much for past 2 years. SO I will be there with traditional chinese candles to light up. I will be there around 1030am:> U all can go anytime:>
And with some joss paper and visit my old lucky Friend , the 100 years old turtle i think:>

No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: swimming

Friday, October 5, 2018

New Bracelet the meaning behind

Completion of Love and Care and Listen

Heaven and Earth Design is trademark of Omhealth

this bracelets works on healing of emotions, loving relationships, as your life fills with love on all levels. It encourage the energy of love to fill your life. 
It helps in strengthening all types of relationships; romantic, friends, family and business. In a way it brings prosperity at all levels. Also the combinations of kunzite, raw blue lace agate and green Opal helps to bring balance and emotional stability.


Fruit for October:
1) red dragonfuit  --- to extinquish anger energy
2) ABC soup to bring wellness in wealth and destroy negative toughts
3) Green apple carrot juice and celery to help fight sleep issues if drink before 3pm

Image may contain: plant, nature and food

Image may contain: one or more people and jewellery

Thursday, October 4, 2018

2018 Launch of new bracelets

Time flies. When i look at some old photos of omhealth journey of crystal healing. It all started 20 years ago.No automatic alt text available.

My old website on Crystals :

For 20 years we have conducted many crystal classes

Image result for bryan crystal class

I see how Singapore market growth and Chinxx  too in Crystals and their auctions are simply very very eye opening.

Image may contain: 1 person, living room and indoor
20th year anniversary Crystal , color therapy class.

I must say working with crystal in healing should be like the flow of Harp Music and feeling very comfortable. I have alot of crystals at home but more like collections and when comes to healing I didnt really intent much because probably i have too many methods.

But lately i start to relook at some of my old crystals and stones which they emit a kind of healing energy that they want to shine to the world for peace and love.

Crystals by all means should not be used as an aggressive tools for luck and money. Is more than that. It definitely want to spread love and light to people who have crystals.

No automatic alt text available.

Omhealth essential Oil series has very good vibrational energy

To me crystal energy is

1) Please forgive me
2) I am Sorry
3) I Love You
4) Thank you

Many do not know how to work with crystal energy. As a lao shi. Is suggest 3 simple method to work with crystals that u decide to work with.

From ur bracelets or a series of stones u have.

Have an intention for the week which one u want to work with. And give it a seven days period.

Than use oil like rosemary and eucalyptus on tissue wipe the crystals with intention to cleans it and finally spray with crystal mist and say may the crystals or bracelet infused with positive energy of love for the highest good.

Than repeat the four sentence above 3 times
1) Please forgive me
2) I am Sorry
3) I Love You
4) Thank you

This few sentence works in internal energy.

If u can turn on a Harp Music when doing this and u will know your crystal vibrates at highest energy

Than for that 7 days wear ur crystal daily with intention of healing and happiness.

In life sure in one of the 7 days there will be up and down or challenges , so now is the energy to work with the crystals. Slowly u will be able to sail thru ur life easily

I love my black tourmaline bracelet as

Image may contain: food

This bracelet famous for more than 15 years and many students wear till today and tell me how they face their life with strength and courages. By the time now we should know nothing in this world can protect u from all challenges. Challenges are needed for growth , the bracelets and items serve as a reminder for strength and cushion u.

NB: Bracelet range between $338 to $480

Image may contain: one or more people, shoes and indoor

New Bracelet 2018

1) Heaven Metal  (love and light and Abundance) and blue sheen Labradorite healing bracelet

Stone of transformation,

This bracelet is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance.  
It remind us to breathe to balance and protect our aura and grounds our spiritual energies.  

It is a great combinations to  work on insecure and fear and strength of Divine energy to be in our system to self trust instead of affect by other people or mind sway by some fortune tellers example

No automatic alt text available.

2) Bracelet of calm and sleep. Is blended with sakura agate and blue lace agate with crystal of agate. Work with Sleep Oil for better sleep/.

This bracelet send in the energy of peace and harmony to our mind, thoughts and feeling.  It create a positive seeds in our system. I use it because it helps to protect us from negative influences which often lead to poor sleep pattern or nightmares.

This bracelet I wear to sleep so to increase the level of optimism in my energy. too.

Oil I use is Sleep oil

No automatic alt text available.

The Latest Oil brings alot of happiness and Auspiciousness to all

If your house stagnant energy has been for some time and personally u feel like nothing seems smooth feeling. Use this heaven and earth oil  as is blended with orchid and lotus and u will know what i mean.

Both a set here is $100 and free a healing high energy rose quartz,

No automatic alt text available.


Welcome 2019 better register fast ok

Monday, October 1, 2018

A mUST Come event

Welcome Year of 2019

Venue: NTUC Auditorium
Time 930am to 1pm
Fees: $45

(our yearly Good Luck Talk)

Bryan Birthday and Launch Website Gathering Health Beauty Chat

Image result for national library possibility room

Venue :  National Library Possibility Room
Date   :  11th Nov 2018
Time  :  9:30am to 12pm

This date is amazing. I have decided two weeks ago to conduct a gathering for my birthday with launching of new website.

I manage to gather alot of small gifts for all attendees and within 1 week is full house. And many wanted to attend.

Yesterday to my Surprise, Library called me on the 15th of Chinese Lunar month that someone release a bigger room and I was so surprised.

So to be this gathering chit chat informal session is a happy lucky gathering to share with u all these 21 years omhealth journey for health and beauty.

We now have 20 more seats . So register now  (seats open priority to ex students)

Free Gifts which I call one by one company to sponsor u all de

Free gifts from ( all worth $80)
1) Mct oil sampling oil
2) han TCM $10 Voucher
3) claraincy : Facial Voucher and products vouchers
4) Avalon : Worth $10 free gifts
5) Xinzhong : Healthy tidbits
6) honey company api uniflora : Free Enzyme
7) birthday activated wealth stone for all: Is small yet took me 2 weeks activate.