Friday, October 21, 2016

Preparation of Website Welcome 2017

Hi all

DO order ur 5D and 6D hulu at least one each. omhealth family can tie not many this year.

6D hulu can put main door after house cleansing. Dates will be given soon in website $48
5D coin needed for Tai Sui affected family members. $38

currently I am preparing welcome 2017 website

do not neglect the welcome 2016 website as it has alot good information and we still have few months ahead.

House cleansing Items are

KM Yan Set A: $126
Protection Spray KM Yan + 5 element oil+ Sandalwood Omhealth spa powder

KM Yan Set B : $76
5 element oil+ Sandalwood powder and KM Yan

FULL Items for house: My method:
  1. Omhealth Spa grade sandalwood powder $38
  2. 5 element oil  $38
  3. Protection Spray+ Tranquility Spray $90 a set
  4. Purification Inspiration Oil $45
  5. Magneto Scrub $55

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Hi omhealth main team has gone overseas

now left with Uncle Gan

to check email, pack and courier packing.

Liuhe Gui ren email will still be check by the team on Monday.

All email takes 3 days reply.

Currently if u order items, is me who reply sometimes broken english ahaha

but super good luck

I notice leng leng send many parcel since august and many forget make payment. Do make payment now, as I am gouing thru the record and dont want to sms la.

for email order do transfer first ok

thanks OK

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Healing Blend 18 bottles will be blended

NB: Healing oil blend is $45 and u can email name and astrology sign (libra etc). to

This healing oil blend is same as what i have been preparing last month. So those who have no need order again and just finish your bottle and complete it by January

If still left some in January. Pour all to whole body massage (in shower) and than scrub ur body. Cleanse

+++++++++++++ ( how to use oil)

In time in need of healing of personal aura we need to at all times work with our inner heart and body.

Many people nowadays drained from not own issue but family issues and friends.

A person is always affected by people they love and want them to be free from suffering , end up , own energy depleted.
Image result for healing angel

In course of my work. I saw countless email on family issues. Everyone is worry for this that and end up neglected to heal themselves.

U need to heal yourself , love yourself alot firts before you have the energy to heal and help people.
How to heal and love yourself?

Well by doing breathing exercise, having good food and learn to let go.

Working with healing oil blend allow us to access our energy field and discover the infinite area of possibility of healing within

I open my heart to Divine healing energy
Healing begins now with rays of light shine to my liver, kidney, spleen, lungs and heart
Healing begins now with love and compassion and wisdom
I am healed
I am whole
I am Light
And my body radiates love and light to people around me and sending crystal love energy of rainbow to the universe and mother earth that always nourish us and forgive us if we kept taking you for granted
I am prosperous, healthy, and happy and i live in abundance."today, i see the beauty in my surroundings and i choose to radiate joy, love, and gratitude."
Image result for both palm resting on chest
Do a butterfly dance sweep around your body and your palm is like a comb, comb ur aura and sweep away negativity. And put both palm at ur chest and rest.

Healing do occurs if u allow (keep thing simple)

Healing are the following steps when u work with healing oil blend

Detox the mind 

Notebook and Pen: ( detox the mind and body)
I always believe the Universe has the Source to heal us , we just need to allow the healing to happen. And for me i suggest, a pen a notebook and when u write physically. Energy is transfer to the book and if u can during writing apply any aroma oil, let the energy heal the situation.

Worst thing in life is u trapped so many worries inside your body until u dont know and live day by day. end up all this manifest to illnesses . So writing helps.

Image result for notebook and pen

Detox the body:

Do the above sweeping with healing oil blend and use 3 oil method

That is why I always ask my students to go do foot reflex, apply 3 oil neck shoulder, etc.

Image result for healing nature healing

Healing oil blend is inspired by a teacher to work with Universal love and crystal flower aromatherapy to adjust our auric fields.

Each bottle of omhealth healing blend is blended with alot of care and energy.

i) Blend of high energy herbs and crystal energy and sound therapy.

And using of healing blend remind us to

learn to live in the moment. Because to live in the moment is a great and powerful skill that will help us in everything we do. To "be here and now", relaxed and engaged in whatever we are doing, is to be alive and healthy.

Mindfulness is giving full attention to the present, without worries about the past or future. So often we borrow trouble from the future by constantly thinking about what might befall us tomorrow, instead of dealing with one day at a time.

By remaining in a relaxed and spacious mood, we can live in a spontaneous stream of mindfulness and awareness. Our minds will become steadier, instead of constantly scattered our mind chasing worry past and future.

Learning how to enjoy and be in the present moment leads to openness and timeless time. By being mindful, we find peace within ourselves.

Stages of using Healing Oil Blend

1) Apply oil chest and stomach or neck. And say release tension from body. And perform some deep breathing. Than feel which part of body in tense up and intention put palm near there and send energy.

Swing ur hand and relax

2) Restoring the energy of peace and joy.

Put ur both hand in prayers position and smile and do some breathing exercise.Take some deep breargs, expelling negative or dead energies as you exhale. And feel confident ur enery is restoring and peace and joy. Feel the beauty of life, sun and moon and stars and just smiles.

3) Nursing the positive energy

Finally put both palm on ur tummy and say, : positive energy will grow daily.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2 Announcement

Three Upcoming Workshop
Workshops 2017

1) Welcome 2017 Year of Rooster

A yearly event at NTUC auditorium
Fees: $45
Time : 9:30am seated
Heng door gift included

400 seats taken , left 200 seats; Do register fast old friends:>

1) Welcome the year with Pray method, techniques and foodcure
(religion content)
2) Blessings with 600 people affirmations together
3) Flying star make simple
4) Where to visit in 2017 for power energy
5) 4 season birth what to do
6) How to cleanse house
7) Pray Tai Sui date and with special set of the year
8) How to work with ur bracelet to improve luck
9) How to live happily from within
10) How to strengthen ur aura

Niam Ni Gao Gao Good Luck talk (Super Bai Bai content) 

Date: 19th Feb 2017
Fees: $50
Venue: National Library
Small class of 80

All will receive a special blessed gift

Time: 930am to 12pm

Our yearly niam good luck talk
1) Joss paper DIY formation new version
2) How to handle difficult emotion with sweeping
3) Art therapy of Symbols (10 years anniversary by bryan)
4) How to work with TZI beads for good health
5) How to find out what numerology number u lack of and in details how to increase chance of success
6) Guided Music therapy breathing exercise for
1) Abundance
2) Health
3) NOW
7) Meditation 5 mins a day with bryan
8) Ah ma method clearing negativity

3) Health and Beauty with Bryan Lao Shi PART ONE
Date : To be announce 2017 (
fees: $38

For all newbies u will love this class and for old friends u will too

NB: Omhealth has completed two project this month

1) Cambodia education project
2) Nepal after earthquake care for the children project

Thank you all for the participation and may u be well and happy.

Also for omhealth each anniversary , from our product we also deduct some to the medicine eheheh i didnt mention last time, is when time ripe than tell u all:>


Sunday, October 9, 2016

A lucky year ahead

Hi all Heng Ball Customer and crystal bracelet:>

A set of 9 lamp offerings for u all to be heng heng. I label omhealth customer ahahha:>

And thanks for support all these years. And today my birthday i specially wish all of u happy.


6 D hulu will be ready for order and 5 d coin

We only able to tie limited set. So u can order and keep till January than change the main door 6d hulu.

Normally a family order 2 6d hulu and 2 5 d coin and cover many stars.

I have completed the Life Story Chapter 19

u will see the 10 years of old pictures

Enjoying wealth will bring happines now
Giving wealth brings happiness in future
Wealth that is wasted by not enjoying or giving
brings only suffering and no happiness

A clip

Yesterday they were moving around with the pair of healing balls and is not easy exercise but amazing class students, u all did well.

Completion of 5 element exercise classs

Friday, October 7, 2016

Happiness and You

Motivation of OMhealth Woods and the Wishfulfilling coil incense.

Whenever omhealth sell quality products there is a message behind each product.

Look at this wood, is used in many aspect to bring peace and protection to people

This October to November, remember to burn ur wishfulfilling coil incense and make a wish month. Also spend more time to observe ur breathing and be in the NOW.

when in a group, u dont have to prove yourself


一直说放下, 不如放个屁。活着对自己好,对父母好,对世界好。不要刻意放下,真正的放下是你自然的放下到你不需要说,是无形的。先做好本分,放下就会慢慢接近。


Have u order ur coil incense? and wood. Is a rare one:> activated.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Wood case studies

The healing wood set dont have many le. If u want the activated one can order.

A wonderful case study

A customer today told me a interesting findings

Shen mentioned many years ago, her aunt receive a small wood like size of 2 cm by 2 cm. And give to aunt.

That time her aunt's son cry non stop all the time. And when the wood given to the son, the crying issue stop.

This wood is the dragonblood wood. The 3 pieces of wood is all the special category. U can carry or hold it when feel not right.

Is a piece i now carry with me daily. Is good.

A new findings is the black wood, Ge Mu Ge wood and dragonblood wood are very good energy. It can clear no good energy.

For people who are very very sensitive one. U should have this wood. But putting in office can bring alot of good energy especially if surrounded by many difficult people.
Seems to enhance house or office energy for some who get it.

Wood below is 3 types to collect:
$18, $28, $28. u can get one also ok de


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

5 element Exercise Class

Hi all

8th October a powerful class , the day before 9th of 9th lunar month.
Exercise attire , bring extra t shirt to change
8th October 2016, time 930am to 12pm
Fees: $55

This five element exercise class is final one in 8th October and from head to toes it include a series of exercise for all.

And we have a track on using the healing balls given to all.

I hope u can make an effort to attend this exercise class. Start moving ur body and move ur luck.

Dont always get stuck there and refuse to move.

we have 8 more seats available for the class.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Special Month 9th Chinese Lunar Month

5 element exercise class falls on 8th October and is a special day: Dont miss this 10th years anniversary class; Register now $55. 930am CSC club.
Details will inform u.

Right after the class i am flying to Cambodia to do the charity work. And i wish all of u happy ok:>

Super good luck color is YELLOW this chinese lunar 9th month. Err my bedsheet yellow ahaha

I have launched the 3 wood because this 3 wood has max collection energy for positive energy happiness and prevent the chances of negative energy getting near. For those who want can put car so doesnt look fengshui. Is not a fengshui item to me, is a quantum energy of healing item.

It can be put in office, pockets, bags or travel.

Email with mobile address to courier courier fees $5


The whole of Chinese 9th month from today . Is consider a very very auspicious month for improving overall luck of personal, house and family. Those who do it or set a positive intention strong one this month can see good results. Is a seasonal day of one of the Chinese calender, nothing religious is the weather star sign planetary day.

Normally I will travel this month near my birthday remember------- after anniversary talk.

Wash Toilet 8th October :

But this year the day before my birthday i decided to conduct the 8th October 5 element exercise class . Because is a special day before my birthday 九月初九 and the day before is 除日so we can exercise together to remove all negativity. And welcome 重阳节with a 满日。
Oh u all can wash toilet on 8th October anytime ok... see the label beside.
Image result for 9 lamp offerings

And on the special birthday this year I will light a lamp for all omhealth clients and hengball clients. I hope on my birthday day the triple blessings energy goes to everyone.

My birthday day is nothing le, so many years le , i also low profile u all know. But this year to me is special and i want to work with this energy and send alot of good happiness energy to all my clients with my crystals. Imagine everyone on 9th OCtober one of the few timing do the following.

What to Do 9th October 2017(重阳节)

This is a day where good luck come to u if u do something simple.

A) Eat 9 layers Guek (u can share with family if u eat little) or Eat Rainbow cake. Dont buy the lazy 3 color one.
B)The day before can buy some YELLOW chrysanthemum decorate living room and hang omhealth FLOWER COIN if u have This is very powerful. U see omhealth flower coin launched many years u all can use forever.

POEM TO SAY THIS day or copy with ur GOLD PEN note book. Those dont have gold ink pen can go taka stationary shop buy this month . (Those who say dont know read chinese, sorry cant translate for u this is a chinese day, even minister learn mandarin, so ask ur freind read together with u, do something for urself. SO my indians and other races friends also learn.. learn ba.)
Image result for juhua Poem:
1) 九九重阳节,愿你好运重重,脸上的笑容如阳光般灿烂,每天都像过节般快乐。重阳节到了,愿你快乐幸福永久,健康好运一生。

2) 九九重阳齐欢笑,真诚祝福少不了,全家欢聚真热闹,我在这里问声好,愿你事事都如意,一家老少乐淘淘!
3) 九九重阳悄然至,片片菊花扑鼻香;登高远眺心情好,忧烦无影乐陶陶;茱萸在手好运来,晦气远走不复还;吃口甜糕长精神,健康平安福寿长;送份祝福表心意,情谊深厚悦你心;祝君重阳步步高,幸福如意到永久!
Image result for 9 layer cake
9th October is is a day of going to nature walk walk like botanical garden.
Make chrysanthemum tea with few Goji seeds for family drink 。

Image result for juhua

Whole of Month 9th CHinese
1) Observe and reflect yourself (if u wan better luck 2017 , u must start reflection using the pen and note book method (write down how u feel, which part body pain and how u want to go about it and what to let go and who to forgive)

2) Do charity yourself

3) Start breathing exercise 3 mins a day this month

4) Use Magneto Scrub for body

5) Light Pagoda Wishfulfilling Coil incense for 9 days any day this month, a coil a day)

6) For health issue this month go garden one time walk walk wearing ur bracelet on right wrist (black tourmaline)

7) Adopt a heng ball this month or birthday heng ball is good (u can adopt the birthday ball even ur birthday is other month)

8) Do prayers or ur personal religious activity

9) Drink omhealth Gold tea or u have ur own tea right drink morning daily for a week.

10) Buy parents a gift. For those whose parents no long around, do a donation anonymous for them in any charity body. When donate, look at sky says, this donation merits dedicate to them.

11) Attend an exercise classs (reason is_____ i tell u later)

12) Drink berries, grapes, pineapple or passion fruit related things, simplest is the ribena pineapple passion fruit drink (drink abit can le no need daily drink, wait u fat).

13) Health no good one, see any TCM one time to 2 time this month, ur health will see good effect.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Full Holy Wood Set . A and B was introduce few days ago. C arrived today and final one. And rain bow appear ...

Below write out are by ancient recorded properties. For me personally I find auspicious to activate and collect and religious free

A) Dragonblood wood$18
B) Black Ge Mu Ge wood $28
It has high quantum energy to expel negative energy and brings in good luck to people. Self protection and good will and prosperity. Reduce jealousy. Protect house safety. Expel negative forces and brings happiness to people. It comes from the sub-Himalaya of roads, the tree is prized by ancient people for thousands of years. 
C) Black Gold Wood $28
All activated. And is amazing the third piece arrive and rainbow appear in a nice way.
They was in chinese 7th month people look for burnt black charcoal for protecton but this tree is natural black Gold for protection and good luck. 
The native or Avatar does it differently. It enhance body energy.

Thats what others says:

Wood of Fu Lu Shou

Full Holy Wood Set . A and B was introduce few days ago. C arrived today and final one. And rain bow appear ...

Below write out are by ancient recorded properties. For me personally I find auspicious to activate and collect and religious free, For me I find personally soothing energy.

Carry, put wallet or make a hole do pendant.

A) Dragonblood wood$18
B) Black Ge Mu Ge wood $28
It has high quantum energy to expel negative energy and brings in good luck to people. Self protection and good will and prosperity. Reduce jealousy. Protect house safety. Expel negative forces and brings happiness to people. It comes from the sub-Himalaya of roads, the tree is prized by ancient people for thousands of years. 
C) Black Gold Wood $28
All activated. And is amazing the third piece arrive and rainbow appear in a nice way.
They was in chinese 7th month people look for burnt black charcoal for protecton but this tree is natural black Gold for protection and good luck. 
The native or Avatar does it differently. It enhance body energy. for self-calm, clear mind, concentration and protection. Eliminate negativity inside body and improve forcefields.

Thats what others says:

5 element exercise Class 10 Years Anniversary

Image result for cupping

8th October 2016
Fees: $55 worth $48 wood ball
Exercise Ball included (Healing wood)
Email name to and mobile, will email u details and payments

Image result for music movement taiji
Attire: Exercise comfy clothing (do bring cloth change if needed as u will be sweating last 2 exercise)
A bottle water
a face towel

Image result for cupping

1) Powerful Taiji Music Movement by a famous Female teacher
2) Acupressure and Breathing exercise by Lao Shi Bryan
3) The correct Cupping techniques
4) Slimming 1 2 3
5) 5 element Qi Gong

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Liu He Gui Ren Item

Hi all it will be tied and takes time:

Do order before end of October ok>

Your Close friends: 六合是种暗合,暗中帮助你的贵人
is someone that always there for u when u need and never let u down. And will always protect u with care in time of bad and good.
If the year is not very good we work with this trinity friends to lend u a hand.

Back in 1990s, this secret friend fengshui items was so popular in Singapore but people forget about it. And it was not probably produced and made anymore.
However u need to notice this means the energy. And also infact in fengshui the clash friend is not really true.

Now the purpose designing this is time is ripe. Where everyone seems not secure and keep feeling tired. Zu Sa is best to be used to tie. It boost the energy and for those lack of luck and success with this motivation hope u can feel good and thoughts good and good things come

U can carry hang or put in car. 

This can be a wonderful gifts for everyone in Xmas too. As is animal sign and chinese tradition. Nothing religious. But it will be activated with sound energy

On top of each sign is activated with mystic knot because it is really mystical of happening of good things which symbolise happy life and longevity.

SO a present for birthday or gifts is really amazing. Also wishing all to have stable luck.

If You are Rat Your star Friend is Ox 
If You are Ox Your Star Friend is Rat
If You are Tiger Your Star Friend is Pig 
If You are Rabbit Your Star Friend is Dog 
If You are Dragon Your Star Friend is Rooster 
If You are Snake Your Star Friend is Monkey 
If You are Horse Your Star Friend is Sheep 
If You are Sheep Your Star Friend is Horse  
If You are Monkey Your Star Friend is Snake 
If You are Rooster Your Star Friend is Dragon 
If You are Dog Your Star Friend is Rabbit 
If You are Pig Your Star Friend is Tiger

To order email to

Title: I want Gui ren luck 

1) Names with animal sign, mobile and address for courier.

2) When completed we will email u ask u any more things to add on before courier.

3) Takes a month, once complete we courier ur orders

Introducing 2 holy Power wood

NB: If can keep the $18 DRAGONWOOD best and the $28 Black Diamond cutter if u want. Alot benefits de:>

One is Dragon Healing wood and is known as a royal wood that is very precious. Ancient time, they put the wood in water and drink for healing.

But for me hygene i carry it. U can order now:.

All will be activated :>

There are two types here one is dragonwood where light shine on it from iphone u can see the red color. And the other is Black Diamond cutter wood.

This batch from omhealth is the original high quality

According to tradition

1) Dragonwood and Black Diamond cutter wood
i) prevent to be affected by the others. Ancient mountain people carry when they go around Jungle when is more Yin
iii) U can put office table or pockets when travel or when feel not confident.
iv) Bring success to new endeavors 6. Enhance spiritual power and strength

it is independent to any religion and therefore is suitable to be wear or use by people with any religion.  It comes in mala by omhealth. but wood small piece carry is good enough

What other people say about this wood
1) Defense against negativity
2) "The others" cant near
3) Protect from people negative intention
4) Most positive item with full positive energy
5) Attract royal energy and encourage people to think correctly
6) Welcome fortune, joy and let u see things clearly
7) Reduce gossip

There are many in market , remember get from clean clean one and happy one:>

Omhealth Dragonblood is $18 and the Black Diamond Cutter is $28

Below is the Black diamond wood small log very nice to put beside computer at $55

Dragonblood big one i collect for myself $88 and i put in water test and use the water shower ahahha. I taste abit very bitter just for my testing, u dont ok.

4 years ago we have the bracelet
and now necklace

Necklace with charka is $250

Movement Year 2016

This year if u want to be successful, u need to have alot of movements

If u notice; omhealth this year do alot of outdoor show even I am so busy. And many times the outdoor show are free.

Star sign of Movement is strong in 2016 to 2017. If your luck has been very block or u want to have better luck.
Image result for grocery
Wear more yellow color clothing and go once awhile

1)   Garden (at least one time next 3 months)
2)East side shopping mall buy grocery abit (one time)
3)   Holland Village eat something or buy something home helps to bring wealth energy to house (choose good day go eat one time)

And tomorrow 12pm 29th Sep  if you come compass one support my radio show; Wear Yellow and carry a 5 D coin or flower coin or put 5 $1 dollar coin in pocket is super good. (either one)

Anyway tomorrow I will be doing a radio outdoor show compassONE. If u are coming email to, I will take note and have a lucky draw for u all. Email may not reply but will note.

8th October 2016 is the day before my birthday, And I chosen that day to give 5 element exercise class because that day is 除日(so to remove negativity ) than next day is 满日(to manifest good health)

this class all will receive a $48 healing wood ball and also a Singapore famous Taji movement music teacher will be invited for this event.

Attire must be in exercise attire or berms or comfy


Best Tea to drink morning next 3 months is omhealth HIgh Mountain Gold tea. Really high natural energy and good.

Also the shampoo and conditioner set is design with many herbs for good hair and luck.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

12 年了 Rooster 2017

Welcome 2017 : 8th Jan 2017 : $45 : Open for registration ,

Email name and mobile once confirm transfer and notify.

Image result for rooster chinese free gallery


12 years ago our first Public Talk on Welcome Yearly Talk appear in

HDB/CPF. I was invited to give a Rooster year talk that time. Follow by many companies hire me to give a talk on yearly 12 animal signs. The last Statboard talk was CPF board in the year  2014. So after which I have turned down many company talk and focus on once a year gather at Auditorium talk.


2017 is a Metal Rooster on a fire Year. So according to many FSM is not a good but let omhealth work with to customise what we can do to smoothen the 2017.

Bear in mind your September , October, December 2016 is a reflection of your 2017 too. So start to do positive things but if u have been doing it is ok. Start any form of good diet this month.
Also why i ask u all drink one time (no need everyday drink) the ribena passionfruit pineapple is because they also very smart listen to us produce a yellow drink. Ahahhah. Buy 6 bottle put at house one time can le.

If not u can buy pineapple , passion fruit and blue berries blend

Items omhealth is in the process of making

1) 6D hulu ( we will tie personally and ready in December for you to change behind main door
2) 5D coin for u to carry once a year
3) 六合 latest animal tie, u need order now as we need to tie according.
4) 2 special item each at $18 Power item will be avaliable in talk:> U be surprise.
5) Get ready the following oil ( awaken, Fresh Morning, Purification, Cypress) Of course the five element oil

NB: Those who use salt method jar , u can throw the salt le.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Thank You All

This video will bring heng to all who see it:>

It was a wonderful Sunday just like past 19 years.
1997 founded omhealth but exact workshop in public begins with 2001. From 15 people to few hundreds workshop. And I am very grateful.

This 29th Sep 2016 I will be at CompassOne at 1145am live radio with Violet FM972. Do pop by. I have a special marble that heng heng u (religious free) give to u if u see me and say Da Ji Da Li.

They say blog is outdated but for me, I will continue to work on this blog which is filled with so many informations:>

Thanks too all once a gain who came to this wonderful once a year gathering and hope u really enjoy:>

The ribena and chicken essence yummy right and the rock bun.

All students I will email u the slide friday because will rest first and numerology number:>

Recent years I have given less workshop but hope to deliver one health class, one exercise class yearly.

Alot of old friends appear in the class. But the topics given delivered are 95% new topics.

I am a person who think too details to the fine details in everyworkshop . Normally after one talk I will be exhuasted aahah. But i ensure myself to recover fast by doing moxibustion and breathing exercise using aroma oil.

Yesterday was so coincidental. The moment I want to perform the Butterfly breathing exercise with everyone using a CD (1996 given by a friend same old CD). A friend who used to help me in workshop back in 2001 appeared. And everything seems to synchronise nicely.

I always believe if u have intention for highest good of all, what u do will always turn out positive so be determined and persistent in health care and acupressure.

Butterfly dance was inspired more than 18 years ago but observing the movement of butterfly and meridians flow and acupressure, it activate the Lao Gong Xue and Yong Quan Xue in the body and raise once person healing energy. Normally after butterfly dance with healing oil, one will feel relax and good.

Those who ask me to blend ur healing oil blend once a year, this is how u can use the healing oil. But for u, u can massage more to chest and stomach first before exercise. For others u can use one of my essential oil blend and apply wrist and inhale.

Below is a soup for prevention of cancer related issues and boost immune system.

Specially consist of many herbs and very heng one:>
SHampoo use daily and conditioner can use up to 3 times a week.

Shampoo and Conditioner Promotion is $70 a set
(many wonderful feedbacks within one use)

The purple Balm is also powerful arrival at $25
(scroll down last items)

Bear Stomach exercise for digestive problems