Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Journey of Peace and Love and Light ( will correct the English tonight because i let the energy flow first)

Peach Story for Good Health

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When a family member health is no good or when we worry so much of our health and seems that particular year alot of health issues. Check the sector 2 of the  house yearly whether has broken things or untidy and clean that sector with essential oil and spray protection spray and make sure a 6d hulu is put there.

What to do?
Buy a peach home (around $3) good one ok.
Than rinse the peach with water. Than put on ur table (any table la) and says 

May the Peach offers to the Buddhas and all Gurus and enlighten beings. And than visualise this peach become many peaches and even a peach tree and offer to ur believe Divine . For me Guan yin. Than a Golden light shine to ur love one with love.
Than start to chant Om Mani Padme hung 108 times and says may this merits of offerings dedicate to all beings . And also my " ur issues and health , to heal who".

Than hor, bring the peach and share among family or to ur love one. Or urself eat.
No photo description available.
Time to brush ur toilet for month of May with

6 drops rose geranium
5 drops 5 element oil.

If u are reading this blog properly u are in late 30s or 40s or 50s.  I hope u can get something out here to help urself or people around u.
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Above pic by Bryan 6 years ago and i feel is a very good meditation pic u can use for healing and let me activate this pic for healing now.
 And those who are sensitive u may feeling energy tingling in ur palm now.

Back in 90s I met alot of great crystal healer, reiki teachers, energy healers and I do have alot of masters who whole heartedly teach me skills. But till today i refuse to do personal healing for people and i prefer to use this healing energy in my articles and blog.

Unless in workshop i may demo.  I belief when u have confident in urself and with Faith and simplicity all will be ok.

September 2019 I may conduct a FLower Healing Class on how to work with fresh flowers to improve energy and emotional freedom. Stay tune.

7th July 2019 Health and Beauty with Bryan is my 22 years of health talk summarise with 2 doctors . Do support. $18 per pax class@omhealth.com


Don't know I am just guessing. When we were younger we dont really have alot alot of worries or problems (even we have we can handle quite well).

We may have but it  seems that we are  able to get over it and face it fearlessly more than now.
When we are older we want health, peace and stability more.

However if  during our younger days we practice mindfulness and peace breathing exercise in our life than most of us will have a better old age with a balance emotions. But this is what if.... too many what if.... But is never too late.

Is never too late. Start now, every good thing u do to ur body and every good act and prayers u start doing 5 mins a day will be accumulated and benefits u and all beings.


Real Life: Be Courages u are more than what u re now, u dont need attend a $700 motivational class for people to tell u that. Alot of motivational class u went just feel motivated for a month than back to square one u notice. Human mind ma. ONly if u practice 5 mins a days with determination to be strong u become stronger eventually.
No photo description available.
In real life , we face alot of problems, from educational stress to work stress and even relationship family stress. All this stress if u dont let go stores in ur body . And alot of times during younger days u may have gone thru alot and seems everything ok but when u reach 40s 50s , body start to have symptoms like

Sleep Quality
Feeling unhappy easily
Lost of purpose.

This can also be cause by Adrelina glands burnt out and heart feeling tired and stomach energy weak result in poor digestion to metabolise ur food and ur emotions.
Also fear and superstitious and suspicious energy and lack of confident may result when a person get older. And sometimes we totally forget that we are our own Master of Luck and Health and fall into the trap of wrong views and wrong believes.

     Case Studies: Overdose of Healing of Unknown.

There was a student who are well verse in nutrition, reiki and energy healing and meditations. And she is very famous in Singapore that conduct motivational talk in 90s.

And in her 50s suddenly she faces alot of issues in life and within a year her parents were sick and than she go around to look for healers and fortune tellers (she forgets she is equipped).

She cant bear to see her family members sick (this happen to many in 50s as our parents are old le, but remember parents link at us is for many life times, this life time and also next... if we give them love and light when they around, they never leave us). Change ur mindset when u love one health is not good dont overwhelm by it and cause urseelf to be sick. Rem Buddha already warn us, life ----- death is unavoidable. And young people no worries because many times they see things like they are always going to be there.

Example when bryan lao shi is talking to u or send u newsletter, u think he will always be there because u so use to it le, as he always on fb etc. But anytime he may be gone, this life. Cherish people around u, take care them, give appreciation but dont take for granted.

She totally forget she is equipped with skills to heal. And she become so "soft ears" and buy this and that for luck and also spend thousands in stones and energy pendant and go aroud find healers . Whatever people says good she will go and buy.

And for a year she didnt sleep proper. One day she approach omhealth. And i says:

" Go back to ur basic. And Diam  ur mind"

Do 3 things a day that motivate u (but u cant tell them , and this time u must give them correct prescription)

3 things ( My purpose here is to help, even u dont have my products u can use ur own):
1) Every morning do a 8 mins yoga  (2 mins Child posture, 2 mins alternate nose breathing, 2 mins baby posture and 2 mins lie down with a crystal on the stomach (U can use my black tourmaline bracelet if u have. If not u can choose to put any crystal u have at home on stomach and also rub the crystal with essential oil
(If u dont have any crystals , put a Yellow Lemon on stomach and do this breathing exercise.)

2) Daily put a $1 coin in a box and the box is to collect $1 coin and end of each month donate to charity. When u put the $1 coin says" May this $1 help more people and remove my greed and expectation and unhappiness in life and fill them with compassion and loving kindness.

3) Watch ur lunch and dinner for 7 days (ensure u eat before 8pm). Some tell me not possible, please u want to recover u need make effort. Even u work late u can have a early dinner. and at least 8 glass of water and also eat 2 lingzhi pill a day from any brand u prefer.

Perform the above 3 things and see how it goes:>

After she follows the method, the third day she suddenly awaken and find that in life there will be obstacles and luckily there is someone and something to awaken her not to fall in trap of

Poor Judegment
Lost of self
Blur and worry non stop for no reason
Loss of confidence
Forget there is a power force within
Forget simplicity.


Eventually she recovers.  I dont give individual consultations but many finds the answer in blog. For past 20 years , i work with my own style , those newbies who dont know me tot i am arrogant and dont answer whatsapp or selective answer. Because it all depends on my time etc. IF everyone i need to whatsapp or reply individually i cant do what i need to do in bigger picture. BUt those who attend my class happily see the real me and happy right.

So I am the same lao shi u all know, reply whatsapp or may not reply. Because I remember I used to be so stringent and all past students very respect this and only email and dare not disturb me.

I can choose to be so marketing and entertaining to u i wan to but nope. Is not me.

People who spend hundred and people who dont spend , i treat all the same. I sometimes message certain students when I have nice crystal is just eager to share .  So rem , I am who I am and i do things for highest good.


Lessons Learnt

Simplicity. Always use your skills and talents for the common good and be more confident. Whatever I have share with u all in blog just use it. Eliminate power struggles, conflict and competition, which come from an ego desire to win. Promote harmony and become spreader of good energy in the world. At all time give urself few mins a day or a week to contemplate and look within (aiya u all read wont do one la, as u all 1000 years still dont buy a small notebook and write down issues).

, Do u know if u take time and space for yourself, it give ur body to recuperate from life's challenges, to reflect on the way ahead, strengthen yourself and prepare for the next phase of life.

Still your mind and quieten your emotions. When a person is in obstacles, is very easily fall into the trap of ignorance and listen to wrong advises. At all time go to a TCM doctor or western doctor when not well and if u need religious help go to ur proper religion leader and for buddhist u can go to any BIG temple monk they will help u.

Motivational Energy of this Bracelet
Ray of Healing Bracelet

Is not enough we just have good intention in life. We must act on it and practice it. This bracelet i call it Ray of Healing


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Omhealth Bracelet can be found in www.bryanwellness.com under miscellaneous. Also above bracelet will be put in the miscellaneous evening time and u can order.

Good energy tea for u and me

red dates 3
dried longan abit
shan yao 2
lotus seed 2 tablespoon

Boil half pot water, drink a cup warm

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Article 22nd May 2019

Peach Story for Good Health

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The black tourmaline has checked yesterday by a healer he says very good quality. Do u know this black tourmaline Tzi is limited sell one less one. Dont have le. Good luck for those who have the black tourmaline rbacelet.

To order black tourmaline bracelet u can email to orders@omhealth.com .

Monday, May 20, 2019

When omhealth design bracelet we think how it can improve us further. And not to overprromise customers on the properties.

I really love this two bracelets:> ANd of course lately the puti health seed design. Get some good energy items for urself:>

No photo description available.

Do u know u can use omhealth new coin in a new way.

u click the link to see the video

Friday, May 17, 2019

A wonderful Bracelet created

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Today I have created a new bracelet that has 4 items in it

High Quality more wear more nice Puti health seed. : Means health and attract good energy and give peace to wearer. Balance energy level
Citrine: Joy and abundance
Blue Tiger eye: Balance Yin and Yang energy. Encourage balance in ones emotion and fight sadness.
Healing Guan Yin Wood:  for protection and also healing.

I think this bracelet is born for the need to bring balance to our life and remind us to be courages at all time and if we stable our heart. We will have smoother life.

This is $168

Thursday, May 16, 2019

High Quality Affordable Healing Bracelet

Omhealth has designed alot bracelet and by foremast i love the black tourmaline bracelet.

Especially this era alot changes and negativity energy going on sometimes and stress. This bracelet works well. But please cleanse it la. Dont let it keep working and u do nothing to cleanse it.

U can spray with crystal mist or a drop of eucalyptus or 5 element oil wipe the bracelet and visualize pure white light purify it.

Black Tourmaline more than 13 years from omhealth. The black tourmaline and Tzi tested is not fake Image may contain: plant and foodImage may contain: plant and foodImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, plant and food

This are very good crystal bracelet range from $380 to $480 and 9 eye Tzi $480. From now Black tourmaline u can email to orders@omhealth.com to order them seperately and spell out ur concern from email. So i may remove from the shopping cart

I always like even female wear the bigger bead size.

Life is a series of event and depends how u face it. Some people personally already not very good energy and when they wear something good it dig out to improve and a ignorance person will see it as why and why and refuse to reflect.  I have so many students wear BT for 15 over years and they can see the transition and when look back , sometimes we are too naive and silly and now we grow wiser.

If buddha can kana food poisoning in human realms. We hor anything also can kana, my point is dont be to supersitious. U know this good energy, wear le happy can le, sometimes shun and not shun is part of life but u know u always have a tourch light with u to shine and turn it on. So turn on ur black tourmaline tourch light of wisdom.
See the bigger picture.

No photo description available.

Many love this affordable high quality bracelet

The purple one remind us to connect Divine Love and heart and also balance. Is very important for people who give alot and drained. To work with this bracelet to bring light love energy energygise u.

It has amethyst 2 tone, kunzite, sakura quartz and rose quartz

The blue one is  Aquamarine, Moon stone blue and kynaite. A total peace to bring healing rays to ur world and when u speak people listen and also use for presentation and meetings and when u feel u need to communicate with love.

I have details their properties: http://bryanwellness.com/products/miscellaneous/

One more Health Talk And Healing Energy

7th July 2019 is my 22 years of Aromatherapy Talk 

I will be inviting Dr Pan to address the issue of sleep Quality with remedies and Dr Xue for his amazing presentation in physio exercise to handle back pain and knee pain (is valuable as his skills is very respectable)

After that i will use the script 22 years ago and run thru some fun recipes that I have shared before but with added fun ingredients. I have also prepare a healing crystal exercise to add on for u learning:>

Register now ok:

Venue: CSC club Auditorium
Fees: $18
Time 930am to 1130am
Han TCM $10 voucher will be given to all attendees/


Three Powerful crystals to share

1) Smoky Quartz terminated
This is High energy smoky quartz and rare to find and I love this grade smoky. Ranging from $168 to $200.
At first when u look at it is normal but with upclose view is amazing. Put in house living room or hold for grounding. They are an excellent crystal to keep nearby as they continuously receive spiritual vibrations.
They regulate and attune these spiritual vibrations to the energy of those who are nearby and receiving it.
This allows you to receive an infusion of the love and light from the higher realms at a comfortable frequency.
Skeletal Quartz Properties and Meaning

2) Danburite

This is so rare and when u saw some clarity one just grab. Is a highest vibrational stone. And many times once awhile only have a few appear. And dont put in bed room as his energy high. Use day time to meditate on it or heal.
A lady called my her hand movement was difficult. And that day crystal class she just get a small danburite and point and sweep at the hand daily for 1 week and its movement recover alot. Is a kind of crystal that re awaken our potential and i love this danburite how it surface the things i need to face and help me to reach a new level in life. Cant believe my first danburite was 13 years ago and inside a box until lately it appear .and suddenly I manage to have a clear danburite and is like a thousand light shine inside and more use more clear.

U need to rinse with water danburite after using
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U can see my this few danburiet. The biggest is $380.

Monday, May 13, 2019

3 Cards reading

Ahaha if u read my story online

http://omhealth.com/BryanAroma.htm When i was in Australia back in 90s i do reading for people to polish my skills . And back in Singapore I was active in doing Card readings. But totally stop now ahah.

So once a blue moon i will do a mass reading for all here.

No photo description available.

Before u scroll down; Choose top middle or bottom on how it can further help in ur life.

Soon I will have a class on flowers energy and crystal 2 IN 1; Stay tune.

But quickly register the 7th July 2019 Talk at CSC club u will love it:>

Image may contain: 4 people, including Lili Xu and Niklas Seet, text
Time is ripe this is first time physician bone specialist Xue appear in my talk and his presentation is very interesting and amazingly good and he will teach u physic exercise that is so unique and to the point of problem; physician pan will make u sleep better from now too!
Please register as is the only health talk I am going to deliver this year


No photo description available.

If u choose TOP: Gratitude

Your healing message is thru gratitude affirmations , ur world will be brighter. Sometimes u may feel under appreciate or lost the purpose in life. This card suggest u to do a Gratitude affirmation upon awakening and before sleep for 7 days and to address ur issues and improve ur luck further.

Affirmations:I give thanks to Heaven Earth and all beings who have assist me throughout my life and truly thankful. And I release all negative thoughts pattern and totally surrender to Divine Love and thank u for everything and all experience I have now is to achieve better and shine light to the world.

Oil to use for seven days is : Love Miracle blend . Use in tissue carry in bag. 5 drops in water wipe table

Crystal to use for improving ur energy is hold http://bryanwellness.com/products/miscellaneous/healing-stones/natrolite-%E7%99%BD%E9%B9%A4%E5%85%89%E7%9F%B3/

Natrolite can click above and do 6 deep breathing daily.

Choose Middle:

U can see alot of people choose middle in facebook. The anxiety is not a bad thing here. In fact I wan to congratulate because u let inner fear and worries surface out the moment u choose and for highest good once u clear any worries, anxiety and doubts in life. U can achieve ur goals and be happier.

This card suggest u to be happy again. Is been a long time u have not laugh from within and smile from within.
U can choose to be happy and shine again. What ever worries u have , what this card suggest is to do light breathing exercise.

Affirmations: I breath in Light and exhale darkness and fear  3 times
I breath in light and i exhale golden light to the Universe 3 times
I breathin in peace and i exhale peace. 3 times
U can say the word in ur heart.

Crystal to use: Unakite


Essential Oil is to use Egypt Geranium for healing and Shine again.

Bottom Card: Sacred Source

This is a special card. IS to tell u if u are doing charity work or if u are always praying for people and help people. U are in the right track and Up there is telling u be strong and there is a force of help shining to u.
If u totally always busy and never listen to ur inner heart to help people or have time to do charity. U need to start so u can see big changes in ur life.

Many times charity many thought of going to help physically etc or give money. Well this is only some of example. If u busy. U can do charity by once a week update ur facebook with positive pictures and words to guide people. And dont make it religious. U can do some positive encouragements words to spread to the world.

This card can also means u may be going thru some struggle but fret not as answer will be reveal if u quiet urself and tap into ur inner power.

Oil to use: Rosemary blend with Lemon and Egypt Geranium for tissue inhale and put bag

Crystal http://bryanwellness.com/products/miscellaneous/healing-stones/ametrine/

Monday, April 29, 2019

Improve Ourselves Further and Good Luck

I believe by now u should know the world is flooded with so much informations for what ever issues we have but why many of our emotions and issues did not decline but seems to increase.

All must always remind oneself, our luck cannot always stay good, there will be Up and Down. Human life u should know by now. Visiting Power Temple, wear Power Pendant wont really let u escape all obstacles.

But why  do I still wear crystal and pendant. Well thee intention is. When I wear my crystal bracelet, the activation of the bracelet will cushion me and remind me to be grounded and all will be ok and be strong and courages so I wont fall to bottom rocks. I mean human luck every ten years willl have challenges, i know that, u know that, but please dont fall to bottom. And obstacles is nothing, the problem arises when a person lost the courage to fight obstacles.

Wearing Holy Objects. remind me m there is always a higher force to take care of me. And This higher force will always remind me to do good and forever do good.

So when u ask me, ur business no good what to do . Than I  will ask u, when your luck and business is good what did u do to contribute to the world? Did u continual improvement and be prepared for when there is low period.Like risk management?

Omhealth business is more tough than u can think of. Nowadays , u go shopping everywhere korean skincare and essential oil, packaging nice and easy to buy. And what make people want to visit bryanwellness.com to shop. How much stress can I face?

Alot.... but again with faith and focus on quality it takes 15 years to now 22 years to hold it. So if u business just few years aand some set back.... can u just adjust ur mind and work harder.

For me, I will gather students do charity, I will write article to motivate people.

Times are bad now many says, and retails are bad. My website business of course will be affected bryanwellness.com .people will be careful in spending, projects may cancel.but what will bryan lao shi do?

He will meditate and with wisdom learn how to improve himself. How he can make hiself more useful and help more people. And he will launch quality products despite market set back; Because Heaven has also given me alot of opportunites.

Business no good? Why not like me wake up early to plan like 5am and continue education urself. Go temple quiet ur mind but not ask and ask to have more business. The concept of going to temple ask must be rectified. U have everything

The key word is " Simplicity". Things can be so easy to handle but because of commercialism and survival people love to complicate things to feel comfortable.

Example: A student have some stress with negative energy. And when i feel it is just the emotions creating negativity no negative energy from outside or following her. But if  I tell her that she it wont help much. And actually for this kind warm Power Bath of

Eradicate Negative Energy with following Powerbath
2 drops five element oil
1 drop Heaven And Earth blend
2 drops Clary Sage 
In a pail warm water and take a morning towel bath and scrub will help.


But when a person face alot issues or already imprint the mind with negativity , above seems to simple. Thats where the danger of wanting to do something different and try all spells or fengshui method making herself busy until more stress.

So simplicity is the key to resolve all problems from health to situations.

Simplicity can be: Have  notebook and pen write down issues spell out. Than read aloud. Follow by chanting of Na Mo Da Ci Da Bei Qian Shou Qian Yan Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa Mo Ah Sa 21 times and ask for help .

Simplicity can be: As above shower with the oil

Simplicity can be: Go to Temple like Guan Min Shan or Fu Hai Can Si, seat infrom of the Thousand Arm Guan yin 10mins to absorb the Wisdom Energy.

Simplicity can be: Dedicate every week one day eat vegeterian and healthy food to detox body and mind and heart. I now work with Thursday to be vegeterian but overseas i wont yet.
See the source image
Above is KMS Brighthill.


MArketing Area? I hope u can support Singapore products but all my items i do it with sincere.

I have designed two bracelet 15 years ago ; I think most of u have seen this

1) Clarity Bracelet  http://bryanwellness.com/products/miscellaneous/crystal-bracelet/clarity-bracelet/
When I design this bracelet i just wanna focus on wisdom and health. But as I get older i find this bracelet emit an energy of purity Light and also balance of body mind emotions. Is a great bracelet i use to release stress and when my mind is stuck.

2) Black tourmaline bracelet : What can I say, Is the first bracelet all should have.

 Encourage one to - transmutes negative energies of all kinds (including thoughts) into positive energies. (not instant but slowly u will be less and less negative)
➢ Strengthens immunity ( I believe is when i put rosemary oil to the bracelet and wear and do breathing)
➢ Relieves stress and anxiety
➢ Promotes detoxification ( I put 2 drops 5 element oil on it and rub and put stomach do breathing)
➢ Increases alertness
➢ Improves self-confidence
➢ Grounds energies - associated with root chakra so we can feel secure and less cold hand cold feed and feel protected and be NOW.
➢ Balances and clears chakras and aura.


Summarise:Religious Corner: Alot of problems arises from Human 5 Poisons


贪 greed , wan more and more
嗔、Angry this and that and cant let go
痴、Stupidity not understanding. Dont know what is right and wrong
慢、Ego, always priority of self and dont bow down , always look worst of people and look down on people


I come across the names of the 5 Buddhas are:
  • Vairochana
  • Akshobhya
  • Ratnasambhava
  • Amitahba
  • Amogasiddhi
See the source image

东方不动如来(Aksobhya),又称金刚不动佛 代表清净人的嗔恨之毒,将识蕴转为大圆镜智。 南方宝生如来(Ratnasambhava),又称宝生佛 代表清净人的傲慢心之毒,将受蕴转为平等性智。 西方阿弥陀佛(Amitabha),又称无量光佛、无量寿佛、无量光如来等 代表清净人的贪心之毒,将想蕴转为妙观察智慧。 北方不空成就佛(Amoghasiddhi),又称不空成就如来 代表清净人的嫉妒心之毒,将行蕴转为成所作智慧。

And I find  saying the name of 5 buddha can help us to work with this 5 poison we all have.

For me  when I am overwhelm with stress and negative energy, after i say the Name of Guan Yin with respect , now i will ask for balance from 5Direction Budha

For me I dont  time to do chanting. When I find obstacles or feeling low. I will

Na Mo Fo
No Mo Fa
Na Mo Seng

Na Mo Da Ci Da Bei Jiu Ku Jiu Nan QianShouQianyan GuanShi Yin PuSa Mo Ah Sa


Na Mo Wu Fang Fo

please bestow me Wisdom , Compassion and strengthen my 5 elements

or  say

Oh may Buddha of Five Directions help me balance my 5 element so I can be a better person.


五方佛 Summarise)、


Thursday, April 25, 2019

A Oracle for you today

See the source image

(I am holding a 54beads mala which I launched in 2007 omhealth 54beads mala, those who have it, congrats the Tzi now very high price le)

When you reach some age u may become abit impatient and resist to changes. Well is normal. All will be ok:>

I got a feeling for those reading this article, what you want is coming to you. And appear in your life.  If u have been praying for comfort in life and ur love one. This energy will appear and u will know it ok:>


Sometimes in your mind will think
After my prayers in temple or Church or ur own beliefs... Why isnt things happening faster?

Or after wearing the black tourmaline bracelet why... changes seems slow.

Can this journey move a little quicker?  May I achieve my goals faster?  Why what I pray for didnt really happen?

  Lessons I learnt all these years especially i met so many Masters, Teachers from overseas and local.

Divine blessings has the pace of our path perfectly timed so that all the necessary ingredients for you to be successful perfectly  ----

People, relationships, situations will come when you are ready for them. Imagine u are not ready and for a promotion with more money but more responsibilities and u totally lost how?

Image may contain: flower and text

Surrender your self created imposed stress and once ur pray or make wish, have faith and let the energy flow. Absolute and unconditional trust in Divine or higher self will help you get over all obstacles very quickly.

Not many read blog but if today u happen read this sentence and u going thru alot of things pass few months, well congrats things are getting better after this Month or now.

If you feel alot of negativity or uncertainty in life , this is because up there is taking over i response to your deep true needs and helping you through a tricky time.

Let us embrace and allow this to happen. You are safe and focus on Divine connections with simple mantra 49 times to quiet ur mind. Focus on Divine love and connections with peace in your heart and let everything unfold, as it will.

Practical Lessons:

During this period dedicate a 5 mins: Use Love miracle blend oil on wrist (if u have) and than chant Om Mani Padme Hung 21 times or more and than close ur eyes smile in ur heart.

Please dont do so much visualizations just be with yourself.
See the source imageSince 2004
Optional : If u have black tourmaline bracelet, place the love miracle blend oil on it and hold it.

Above exercise can do without crystals but at least some essential oil of high vibrations and u can use ur own brand.


Food to eat April 25th to May 25th

Many ask me how do i come up with what food to eat for luck and many feel it works. Well , this is what i do and i have been in this holistic line for 22 years and i keep things simple:>

Herbs::  Invest 2 portion of pearl powder (i normally go Sin Chong to grind the pearl powder myself there) . Eat one portion alternate day before sleep. Help deep sleep and hot weather also.

Dessert: Barley water with lemon: Helps to clear negative thoughts and improve relationships

My sales Time:
See the source image
I always divide my sales and articles ; I want to write articles to help people but crystals I always put optional:>

54 Beads Amethyst mala with 2 tzi $380

Black tourmaline bracelet $380

Email to orders@omhealth.com

Omhealth Special Energy Gem Crystals Bracelet For balancing and good energy
No photo description available.

Supporting www.bryanwellness.com . I am very thankful all who make effort to support this website ANd omhealth can also focus to do the charity work and also bring in good quality products:>

Must support local ok. Now essential oil and skincare only onebrand in  Singapore OEM for u all:>


2019 is a year of attending a education lesson to renew energy. And to gather positive people together to learn and grow. I go back to teach this old topics again because it will benefits many.

Hope u can make an effort to attend this workshop eemail now ba:>

7th July 2019 is a Talk I given 22 years ago. And I really hope u can come and renew ur energy to feel healthy and young again:>

Image may contain: 1 person

Monday, April 22, 2019

A little crystal Healing will be good

If u read my crystal history . I started crystal healing back in 1995 where the peak of crystal healing and simplicity rules in Brisbane.

I got to learn and know many crystals there from teachers and healers and also crystal shops. Even the ROCK Sydney where i get my first citrine wand and laboradorite.

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
1995 Sydney Australia from a Powerful crystal healer and that inspired me to what I am doing now to share how simple crystal healing can be and dont be overdo. Like here negative energy and there aura making all things so airy fairy.  Believe in yourself too and listen to your inner voice.

I am getting older and really want to spend more time with my family and my Higher self but sometimes i cannot let go my students and hope they get better and excel. So today I want to say

1) Let go of fear and light can shine in
2) Dont always everything u are the priority
3)Ur original self is pure and full of energy so take back ur power. Sometimes re arrange your thoughts and dont stress up.

As time goes by i slow down in giving crystal class. I want to make it so simple easy to understand. Crystals appear in mother earth to assist us in development but not complication.

And i believe because i believe all of us has capability to self heal and we need to go thru what is needed. We just need to keep things as simple as possible.

I have 400 over whatsapp so if u receive a crystal pic i send u dont worry not asking u to buy ahahaha sometimes cant help it to share with some students.

When feeling negative emotions, meditate with your favourte crystals to release that energy

Sit or lie in a position comfortable to you, but not too comfortable to where you may drift off to sleep. Hold the stone in your left hand and gaze upon it lovingly focusing on the calming and warm vibrations of the crystal. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and acknowledge both your positive and negative emotions. You can then receive the loving energy as it flows to your heart or bring your crystal-filled hand directly over your heart to connect with your heart chakra. Feel the strength of your entire being. 
Danburite is the next healing crystal of high energy. This big pieces is my personal one and is now cost $480. 
Small one is around $80. It has a very high energy.; This is a very high frequency energy crystal and it connects mind and heart. powerful energy to assist your life. This crystal may be clear and colorless. Personally I find this rare high energy crystal helps me to focus and kind of handle issues that i always dont want to face it with a gentle touch. It seems to calm u down. I feel the Buddha within this crystal and one of the crystal I feel so good with it.
This crystal helps in  self love may assist in smoothing the path ahead of anyone who uses such a crystal. The vibration unknowingly bring peace and harmony. It seems to bring the light from above to our heart.

U can order for this pieces:> And I hope it can help many:>
No photo description available.

Omhealth Black Tourmaline Bracelet Is what u need and since 2003.
Black tourmaline bracelet: Is the one all should have as the first crystal bracelet
Repels negativity; lifts dark mood into the light; grounds root chakra to the earth energies.
Omhealth Black Tourmaline bracelet with Tzi  has a calming effect when needed, grounding flighty or scattered energies into the earth.  Those who face challenges from negativity, frequent worrying,  can try wearing it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Ultraviolet Fluorite

I am so glad to conduct the crystal healing and Qi gong class last Sunday. It turns out to be so healing to many and alot surprises. Yes is my 22 years of crystal and qi gong energy all focus for that day as I will be resting for 1.5 years not to have this crystal class. This is to charge my energy to new level so i can share more here.

This blog will be updated more frequent from now as I was busy with work.

Image may contain: 9 people, including Irene Chan, people smiling, people standing and indoorNo photo description available.
Many feel in a way awaken in the class. Thanks that is the energy i put in before the class. Rest, Happiness, Let go, Heal and Trust Courage.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and indoor


The Crystal class season normally I will have nice crystal and yes this season we have very very healing UV fluorite.
UV Fluorite:  is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing energy.  It allows mental and physical coordination.  A powerful energy healers, Fluorite can also clear the aura of house and body from muddy energy and sadness sianness clearing.

This stone has a harmonise effect on emotions and helps you to understand the need for balance in your life. ​​It increases self confidence. ​ We will be aware and release suppress. feelings.

Is a very harmony rare UV flourite for the house. It range from $380 .to $680

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

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$680 this

Monday, April 8, 2019

Easy but Not East Class--- Time

Last month while I was doing healing breathing exercise. Where I was thinking whether to continue teaching crystal class which many consider "冷门“。
Suddenly I have a calling that i need to conduct this coming 14th April Class. Without thinking whether there will be attendees i book the expensive room at National Library and yes without thinking I announce thee class in less than 10 days.
See the source image

Crystal Healing and 5 element exercise class I have decided to combine two of them to one class.

Can you imagine I have deliver this class for 15 years or more. But year by year is not easy to carry on. I feel the need for natural healing and realign of our energy so good things will come and also we know how to bring good energy people around us.

But many of u want quick fix. Never we know the geometry energy of this world has changed.

14th April i sincerely ask my old students and new one to experience the balance of energy center and also the 5 element Qi Gong balancing.

I still have 13 seats and hope all older students do make an effort to come for this class. And after this crystal class I should be resting for a year or more. I want to impart as much as i can.

I have personally from my busy schedule SMS 100 students first time and yet 5 replies and may be many dont read sms again.Nevertheless i have tried what i can with Universe energy of freewill. And may my skills be able to pass down to small group this coming Sunday 14th April 2019
See the source image

Date: 14th April 2019
Venue: National Library

Time: 930am to 1130am
Fees: $50
include a  free stone and a packet of healing salt and $10 HAN TCM voicher
email: class@omhealth.com

Chakras healing balancing
Flowers Healing
Five element Qi GOng
Find out ur lucky food for the year.
Symbols healing
mudra healing selected

At my age and stage now I actually dont have to deliver this workshop but I really hope to and to do my best to preserve this healing method and share whole heartedly.

But with the depleting of energy, lucky will be the one able to make effort to attend this coming Sunday. I wish to see old students.And my final personal sms ended last few days:>

Dont be lazy, old students, u have not done grounding and aura cleansing for long time, may be u have forgotten or may be u are overwhelm with so many things and u forget the simplest way to achieve joy again.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Crystals in the House

Last week when I was thinking what crystal is very useful now to perform healing and energy balancing.

Suddenly alot of feelings of balancing emerge which urge me to conduct a 14th April crystal healing and 5 element exercise class .

I used to conduct a number of workshop a year but u can see this few years i have been reducing to less than 3.

Hope those old students who can attend the 14th April Crystal aura balance and 5 element qi gong which i have a number of techniques to share.

Image may contain: text

This is a very sincere class to focus some of my healing methods that we need to learn and use it.


Smoky Quartz Healing :

helping to invoke feelings of being grounded, happiness, and abundant energy.
This stone said to relieves mental stress and also transmute stress, anger and fear to strength  and bring our mood back to a balance state. Give urself sometime to work with this stone.
I find Amazonite on the heart and smoky quartz and stomach area works wonder.

Image may contain: one or more people, drink and outdoor

Monday, March 18, 2019

House Cleasning with Oil method

is time to do proper cleaning with windows, doors and kitchen table.

All these affect ur house energy, family luck and health.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Energy Pattern and Your Health

The CNY energy has come to an end actually. Many notice the series of event and happenings which is like a chain sometimes for some. But all these is a preparation of good energy.

Dont do too much and rest well. Many notice i dont have a temple walk this year . Well because i want u all to rest the heart and mind. If u are tired just work with some essential oil and have a nap.

Life goes on no matter what happens.

Whenever u are stucked at situations, think how previous your life is. Think of how much u must not let your life become wasted in negative thoughts or people. Rise now to face all challenges of life and living--- but also give thanks for the smooth ride sometimes.

We are all humans ok:>


Energy affected many in sleep. Thats why i created healing mala, sleep harmony bracelet and the sleep oil.

Give it a try.

No photo description available.

All stones can be found : http://bryanwellness.com/products/miscellaneous/

under healing stones.
Green Aventurine can be replaced with Green Quartz

Sleep Oil can be found: http://bryanwellness.com/products/essential-oil/quality-sleep-blend/

I created a useful video for u

Friday, March 1, 2019

Suntec Spring

If u notice

once a year after CNY I will be invited to Suntec to deliver a workshop. Time flies is more than 6 years le eheheh;

And every time when we go is very lucky. Even u dont attend my event this Saturday. Go Suntec is a must this period till March. Walk the fountain with flower of life coin.

So if u not free to come my Body SOS talk, any day this month rem go walk walk renew ur luck.

Normally i will buy the mineral water from Giant and put flower of life coin lol to activate and drink and feel good.


I dont have much workshop this year, so only time to meet u is this event le.

For those who spend $80 and above will receive my this Tortise Hametite, very good for wealth and protection and abundance and put pocket to bring gui ren and also remove stress tension.

Office table can put also for good support in life. As leng leng is working, we are only able to see email by 3pm today. So last minute we may not able to pack ur order. So if u are going to Suntec to support me tomorrow and want buy things above $80 email to orders@omhealth.com , please with mobile number. Cindy will be 1220 to 1230pm tomorrow at Suntec convention center level one for collections and pay cindy cash on spot.

For those spend above $200 will have the wealthvase liulu. Bring home with power items at suntec ok:>

Oh if fountain not open, just walk outside one round also good and must be clock wise.

Image may contain: indoor

No photo description available.

See the source image

How to have  good luck at Suntec?

When luck very blocked. Put a tissue with ur favourite oil in pocket. Than go suntec walk fountain and than buy rasin at Suntec Giant, eat on spot a few.

Luck will be better.

Fountain timing:

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

My talk is 1pm to 2pm at meeting room 2, Suntec and 2pm to 3pm on stage.

So u can go fountain after my talk alot of time. No need walk 3 rounds de ahahah remember most important is see the fountain can le.

The tortise above store wealth and absorb good Qi so ahahah if u have bring and walk or any other day when go suntec bring tortise drink water.

With omhealth oil in pockets and carry some good luck items, anyone who circles the fountain three times while touching the water will receive good luck and blessings. The bronze ring of the fountain is designed based on the Hindu Mandala, meaning universe and is a symbolic representation of the oneness in spirit and unity and further symbolises the equality and harmony of all races and religions in Singapore.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Gui ren and The Star

Number 2 sickness star governs from the month of 4th feb to 5th March 2019.

Now flying star fengshui can be very tiring if u want to follow. As yearly each sector of house will have a allocated star and follow by monthly the 12 animals signs is affected by the monthly flying star.

So within this period many are prone to sickness. But this will pass. Remember to take some Soy Milk. My soy milk method recommended by Some masters in magazines and papers ahahha.

Now so by now u should have sixD hulu at main door if not u can change a new one or put one. The old one can throw to recycle bin.

Also sickness star sector of ur living room or house is located at NE . So a 6d hulu is simplest to handle and keep the place free from plants which will amplify it. Also keep it clean

If a series of event is happening normally it can be due to ur personal development skills and ur character and dont blame fengshui first. As this month double 2 activation will surface ur weakness and bad qualities so when people say u or things happen is to train u and for ur own good. See how u want to take it. If u re petty  type, u may be affected. So learn to open ur heart.

Fu Zai Yan Qian Coin $38 was launched last year. The design is by Mr Gan to work with ancient knowledge of having balance 4 directions whenever u go. Is a very good coin to hang in living room or paste at ur office desk. As it balance the directional fengshui.

A good fengshui have few requirements. One is 4 sector balance. So one is conquer. Than is seasonal gui ren which ur liuHe can help and lastly change ur mindset about thing (working with mantra and 21 Om daily helps)

Image may contain: jewellery

No photo description available.

Gui Ren:

Liu He Gui ren is a important items designed by omhealth. It develop a person capability to adapt situations and open up the opportunities to receive advises and help from good energy people.

Example the rat Liu He is Ox http://bryanwellness.com/products/miscellaneous/good-luck-items/liu-he/
So when u face some issues in life. Buy Ox friend some chocolates or send a good luck messages to them. Omhealth design Liu He and tie by omhealth is because this ZhuSa good energy . And we choose Liu He instead San he because of simplicity.

Image may contain: indoor

Age of ending with 9

This is something i notice all these years and i just dont believe alot last time until hmmm i see so much database.

When ur age ends with a 9, normally will have alot of decision makings and tensions. This 9 is called the transformation corner change in Chinese believes.

Now we follow the Chinese Age. Example in 2018, a person born in 1950, his ang mo age is 68 but the Chinese Age is 69. So this person may go thru alot of things.

How to handle? Well if u know this year is ur end 9 age.
Image result for number 9
1) Do charity constantly .
2) Chant Cundi mantra and also dedicate to all beings
3) Change ur mind and heart way of thinking. Are u a very petty person, talk without thinking, direct and hurt people feelings or think of any negatives charactertistics u have write down and say u want to change slowly.
4) Attend Party, omhealth health talk (because in our health talk we always have butteryfly dance for good luck. Do u know everytimes attending omhealth health talk is way of transforming ur luck.:
5) Once a week eat vegeterian , Start slowly. Find out which day u are born, may be Monday. So ur Monday ur eat vegetarian for few hours. From half day to 6pm to full day. But dont make it a must must rules. But slowly. Also dont order seafood that u point it alive and kill on spot that kind.
6) Flower of life coin and Cundi Coin is good to carry.

Two Power talk in 2019 can improve health and luck.

1) Health and BEauty with Bryan $18 to $25 still decides depend on venue
2) Bryanverygoodluck Talk $50 (pendulum included)