Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Items to watch out

This is a special bowl I created for many to have a good wealth energy and lock in the wealth and stability. Bringing the luck of happiness to one's family. And 9 kind of auspicious energy to a person family. I always believe if u plant the seeds of goodness now , future will be good. (9 eye is a future star).

To order:

Email to orders@omhealth.com with mobile and name and address

each bowl set is $268
This bowl represent the 9 planetary systems balance and its essence.

Being in this area of luck for many years. I find that what worries many are the indefinite energy of luck compare to ancient time.
During our grandparents time, when a person work hard and put in effort , we can achieve results.
Some elderly just come from China and selling a box of fruits manage to support the family. ANd can go rich. But now the world is clouded with tons of negativity which we are fighting it . We pollute the world, environment etc. Make things more difficult.

Time are different now. The planet stars arrangement comes in a way that karma ripen quickly. People starts to answer their past actions.

Also u can see more and more different teacher in teaching and meditation coming up but is this the right path. We need to be careful. For me simplicity and also keep things simple is the key to better luck.

Heng ball has continued to bring many stability to many and this is the third year omhealth making of heng ball:> Happy for u all.

Some people may put in a lot of effort at work or projects but seems the path has a lot of blockages.

Well first we analyse it in a more practical way.

In the past life probably u left a banana skin on floor and the person fell down. So this life this person will come revenge . So if ur " Bank Account' or 福报 has a lot u can help to block away the revenge in a cushion way.

U notice, sometimes ur luck comes and goes. Sometimes it seems non stop one after another. So time is ripe and now is time for us to accumulate merits.
Now when u ask me, aren't we selfish kept thinking our own merits and being greedy , different from the Buddhist studies?

Answer is no no. If we ourselves cannot be ok, how do we help more people. Doing charity and helping people can be simple and should be in a relax way.

Sometimes u see some temple have charity lamp or oil lamp but each lamp can be few hundreds dollars or each lamp can be $20 or more , if u going light for family many may not afford. So this create stress when going temple.

So for me when a temple kept insist or "selling" lamp can help increase fu Bao. In a way I will start to question. FOr me is when we light lamp or pray at temple or do donation is happy and a relax way.

How to increase your Fu bao?

1) Daily, think of how u can not to lost temper or gossip others.
2) Daily, think how u can simplify ur life and be nicer.
3) Daily, think how u can be more patience to ur parents. I see many of us are very filial to our parents but sometimes our impatient can be so hurtful to them in words. Today when I was having breakfast at the hotel area. A lady kept scolding her parents because making a mistake in the seat number and their parents just ate quietly in the restaurant. Even she brings her parents for holiday but her words has remove all the merits .
I think u and me same same , many times we rude in words to elderly because we take them for granted.
4)Daily, think of ways to make urself happy and do things u like even for that few minutes. We give so much to family, boss, children. But we forget the ME. Many times when we do things or buy food, we think of what ur family like first. Even we like certain things, we put our need to last. This is common for many housewives. But this create also an unknown stored unhappiness in liver. Liver in luck is wood and means affect the growth of wealth. and also female related sickness.
5) Daily, spend 5 mins reading books from wise one. SOmeone well respected on philosophy and life.
6) Do something good, anything. Even a $2 medicine donation to clinics can help someone in distress.
7) Listen to nice music and positive songs once a week if can
8) Enter religious place, relax and restore ur energy
9) See a TCM once a month to improve ur energy or boil some herbs tea for urself. And clean ur house, pay attention to fridge and cleanliness and toilet cleansing.


9 Eye Tzi Liu Li Bowl

The 9 eye Tzi Liu Li bowl is design to meet the energy of above 9 criteria. The bowl energy brings in a warm Ki for house.
U can see ammonite fossil is there to move the luck around the house and a bowl of crystals.

This 9 eye is already worth a lot.

Below a new lotus bracelet for peace harmony and wealth and calm the mind.
Is the Gold sheen blue stone with lotus Tzi. This bracelet reminds u that beauty of life and remembering happiness and  beauty can be shining even the circumstances are hard.

It symbolise pure energy and also freedom of worries. Wearing helps body to  purify their minds, better understanding of  life and being goodness. It hellps people purify negative energy, create circumstance and base on own hard work to remove obstacles and illness to increase success

As mentioned

As mention a batch of mini tzi is out and another batch is September time;)

Enjoy the good tzi

Monday, July 25, 2016

Email and orders will take some time

As we are doing maintenance in system and courier audit so some delays in orders delivery thank u so much ah

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Will improve the bottle after this year

As we are trying to improve the bottle trying out different ;)
The incense u can transfer to a tubberware plastic containers
This container very tight cap so take note ok !

I kept focusing on quality but not packaging which is omhealth weakness ;) I will improve de
Thanks for understanding as our incense has gone thru test just that the packaging need a lot thinking thank u again 

Ready September late auspicious

We all remember ur mini tzi and all need time activate and also nric number match energy;) 

All mini tzi effort is powerful ;) 
And only ready on a good month

$188 series worth thinking collect

3 pieces made and is worth to collect
The tzi has gone thru fire making crafted and citrine and the blue golden sheen

Is a strong heart calming and abundance collections;)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Affordable real 9 eye tzi

This 9 eye tzi is of type 2 but is real one and also is very good vibrational energy;

Is good to invest one 9 eye tzi; u can put on a crystal bowl and put at home!

Is very good as is the future star of brightness and in few years time price will go up high!
Enjoy adopt one if u can

Special promo a day

Ten set only order this two coil incense and receive a ten goodness table display ; Is a symbol they say to  dispel negativities and afflictions caused by planetary, cosmic and Feng Shui cyclic changes.

is call a kalachakra symbol. can see in many temples. I decide to make it as a gift for those who adopt incense. And limited for today. The metal use is not top quality but the painted area is very high quaity. The base all these may tarnish but not the painted area.
(not for sale)
Kalachakra Tenfold Powerful symbol is a very important protection amulet in Tibet. Kalachakra is Time Wheel literally in Chinese. Tenfold Powerful symbols are consisting of 3 pictures and 7 Devanagari. 3 pictures are sun, semi-circular moon and dissolving flame whilst 7 Devanagari is seven syllables (Ham Ksha Ma La Va Ra Ya ). 
U can put office table good la:>

Email orders@omhealth.com; 

This place on table is very auspicious to represent goodness and correct negative effects; is done on simple metal but the image is clear and activated as a 心意for all

Mystic Knot and Fresh Morning Oil

Today Special Day

1) Mystic Knot with Fresh Morning oil at $78 (can be a gift for friends and put more than one at home)
2) Heng Ball making period , u can order now:>
3) Black tourmaline bracelet will be made base on request thru email
4) Special Serum set (10 sets) of Antiage Serum (use day) and Magwhite Serum (use night) at $100.
5) DragonBlood Eye Gel $55 and DragonBlood $80 face antiwrinkle glow gel and Rose Face Pump Flower Mask $68 at $188 (was $203)
6) Rose otto Hydrosol + Lavender Grapefruit extract Water + Face and eye mask (power whitening and hydrating) at $150 was $158

Above promotion in impromtu starts today and end tomorrow 10am:>

Email to orders@omhealth.com with name and mobile. And also payment to be made before courier to u and takes 4 days:>

All will receive a marble activated on auspicious day and put in house with $1 coin.

Special Day Set above is $78 , courier fee $5.
Normal Price: Mystic Knot $68 and Fresh Morning oil $45

Fresh Morning Oil

This is a grassy blend feeling freshly walking along the gardens. It was inspired by my Morning Botanical Garden walk.

This oil i will use in my body rinse if the day I wake up with slight heaviness.

5 drops in a small pail of warm water and final rinse my body after shower.

Fresh Morning Oil

10 drops in a pail of water wipe floor. U will know the difference.

Important of Morning 3 mins breathing exercise.

Look, u should be in the stage that feeling tired to do anything in the morning because u prefer to sleep abit more or just rush to work. But by neglecting a slight proper breathing. Ur luck energy, ur aura , ur health will not improve.

What is LUCK? Luck is 运气。运用身体无量的气与宇宙的气增加好磁场。

3 mins Breathing exercise

One hand chest one hand tummy. this touch therapy will balance ur system and also ur luck aura.

2 drops of fresh morning oil on ur wrist. rub and warm. Dont inhale first. Just rub and warm.
Than close ur eyes, turn on a music from youtube of 3mins. Relax and say

"I am vibrating in highest energy and all my organs are awake and healthy."

Than with eyes open, use your right thumb rub the mystic knot 9 times.


Significant of rubbing Mystic Knot.

The activated mystic knot was introduced by omhealth more than 10 years. Rubbing mystic knot disperse uncertainity and fear.

In ancient belief
harmonious flow of auspicious energy uninterrupted by any setbacks, misfortunes or accidents. Because of this, the symbol is often used in feng shui amulets for abundance, love and protection

FOr Fengshui it can be put anywhere. But u can also hang at SW area of ur room or house to improve family relationship. Using this symbol in the Southwest of the office brings good business and workers all happy.

Daily breathing for people with health issues:
A drop of purification inspiration blend wrist,
take 9 deep breaths starting from deep in your belly all the way up through your upper lungs. Breathe in through your nose slowly until your lungs are fully inflated and then breathe out through your mouth until you push all the air out.
NOTE: Many people have chronic health issues is because drink less water and oxgen level in blood low.
And the body treats the food as a toxin, allergen or threat and initiates an immune response toward the food. If you suffer from chronic sickness like sadness, depression or fatigue ,food allergies, start performing the deep breathing exercises before meals and you should start noticing better digestion and feel better within weeks.


Special news today: For all students who have involve in charity of rebuilding Stupa in nepal. Ur statues names is inside the Stupa and also dedicate to all Omhealth students.

This pic was sent to omhealth today.

All this pic is sent to omhealth today. The energy very powerful. u can feel it the tingling effect for some who are sensitive. make a wish and send to all beings and say some prayers.
Nepal Buddha stupa (part of exclusive omhealth group sponsors and pictures)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Thoughts Paints Your Future

Shopping cart is www.omhealth.com/shopping_cart

This period flu coming le, best to use peppermint oil, lemon oil in tissue also:>
Also ginger can be found in shopping cart,

On radio mentioned yesterday the neroli facial oil can massage chest area to release tension and stress.

Well i learn about TPYF since 2001. That time I met an Australian teacher who tell me the secret of this sentence when I was learning the art of Singing Bowl with Her.

NB: Those who have singing bowl of omhealth, u can put  on a piece of cloth and than gong few times holding it. It can clear ur energy.

Things will get better if u think positive now but making it an effort every morning.
The energy of the Star is going through transition from July to September 2016. The star of truth and star of Future starts to going according to many star sign galaxy path. Symptoms is change in job or department . Or things u plan may not have good results.

This star is going this way to readjust the DNA structure of luck for many. Also what u send out to Universe past few years, things starts to happen.

Everyday u hate going work. U dont like ur work etc.
Tell you: The chances of getting transferred to another department or change of boss is high too.
Universe want you to be happy. So will change ur job.


Things to watch out July to August (September will let u know)
1) Take note of your health. ( Select a breathing exercise and do 3 mins every morning)
2) Office table or working table or study table at home

Ur working computer put screen saver of desktop picture of waterfall

When u are facing ur Office Table
Left corner of office table you can put a nice small glass bowl or bottle of Heng Salt

Go Diaso but a $2 small nice cute bottle or jar.
Now clean the jar, wipe dry.
First layer put a cotton and on cotton sprinkle omhealth sandalwood powder and 8 drops of healing trees oil
Fill it 1/3 with seasalt. And than put a $1 coin.
Than cover with salt the rest.
And on top put  5 drops of PAF lime and 5 drops of Love Miracle blend
U can leave this jar on office desk left side of u.

And when stress open the cap for 5mins.

This oil use are fix cant change

Healing trees oil at base symbolise grounding and removal of negativity
$1 coin represent u are in SGD and luck plant in
Top is PAF lime means JOY coin and also love comes

This is called a office luck activation of good aura. Also if u receive a project to do, alot of problems, u quickly do this.

The bottle can leave on the table till September (and is a good protection as 7th month here soon)

B) RIght side of table put a 6d coin hulu. This reduce a number of Shi Fei in office. If is not convenient. If is not convenient to do that. Put a red heng ball right side of office table.


Omhealth Ginger is free from Chemicals. So for Singapore weather u need to keep in freezer. If not those little bug like the rice one will appear in humid.

Improve overall luck

Luck is Ki , Ki is Luck

3 piece of omhealth ginger, put in a mug pour in boiling water. Steep for an hour. Drink it 3 times a week.

If you are going through a bad time and need to attract good luck into your life, read on to see what types of herbs can help you easily attract luck, wealth, money, abundance and healing to your life. It also works to attract good luck, wealth, success and power. 
So when boil le, set an intention says:
Heng heng Ginger drink le heng heng happy

Fruits to eat in July

1) Rose Apple twice a week
This helps to clear negative debris in body.

First, clear the sees at the bottom of rose apple. Than dont slice the rose apple. Bite from tip to bottom of rose apple.

This way eating rose apply taste more and more sweet. It symbolise ur life getting better.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Omhealth on Radio today

Today 1150 am I will be on radio FM 972:>

Enjoy the topic today

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Travel safety charm more than travel

When this was launched early this year ; main purpose is to implant the feel of safety energy whenever we go;
I have not written much:>

I hope that this piece of art  unite people in intention of peace and protection and to heal personal and global issues (sounds big but i believe combine good intention). I hope everyone to be motivated in life:>

When u are free:> Hold ur charm or bracelet
1) Let yourself relax.
2) Feel the gentle peacefulness.
3) Focusing on the picture of this art may help facilitate the flow of good compassion energy

I first come across this drawing last year and in fact a good small one like this was sold at $80 plus ;
So later many types starts to emerge; but to me is ok and intention of this travel charm is to bring safety to people who have and I have one more intention is if every one have compassionate same intention when combine together become a power net of energy.

How u use?
1) tie to ur luggage
2) tie to travel bag when overseas
3) Sleep affected can put awhile beside bed
4) For home. Hang side by side with clear heng ball.

Now clear heng ball is the very first heng ball omhealth created with respect to masters .

Clear Heng ball is $68
Travel (more than travel charm) $18

Courier fee is $5


Let holder to encourage good energy and safety and reputation灭恶缘而无灾祸,息疾病而添福寿、家安宅吉。

For me I hang together with a clear Heng ball just my intention for amplify house energy;
$18 each to 结缘 and activated:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

25th Sep 2016

2016 Shui star go backwards. I purposely conduct a health talk for against the number 2 sickness star. Reason, a good october, november, december will bring a good 2017

This is a powerful soup call Forget Worries Soup.

Is refreshing and yummy:>

This 25th Sep talk I will be preparing hand written notes. Now u know for past few months what i will be busy with :>

Venue: CSC Auditorium
Date: 25th Sep 2016
Time: 930am
email: class@omhealth.com
Fees: $45

include auric roller and foot-patch

5 element exercise class students

平安吉祥如意 Bryan's Birthday Class--
Heng Ball Health Ki Gong Class

This class we will perform the 5 element exercise together ,

how to use this health balls for good sleep and health

And also slimming 2 track of cardio exercise:>

Bring ur Good Morning:>

Venue: CSC
Date : 8th October 2016
Time: 930am
Fees: $55
Free: A set of $48 worth Healing wall health balls

 will be email to registered students:>  class@omhealth.com

Aahha this classs is really a almost free class to gather:>

To me this class is really a exercise class to bring all 5 element class student together:>

And this class I invest on this health balls for everyone a set:>

8th October 2016 ( Bryan Lao Shi the day before birthday). Some fees will donate for charity de:>

 August time: Limited 50 seats only, priority to 5 element class old students.

U can register first , will be a Sunday class@omhealth.com date announce tomorrow. With mobile . Priority to ex students:>

1) Work with Heng ball a pair worth $48
2) Revise 5 element exercise
3) Muay Thai Kick to for slimming the waist line
4) Meridian acupressure tips
5) Head kwa Sha methods for eye brightening

Fees is $55

Activated mystic knot usage ( updated 2010 article)

This is more than 6 years ago article i think. The mystic knot was made popular by omhealth and we stop for many years and now we are activating limited pieces and each set is $78 comes with Fresh morning oil (worth $45)

Bryan's Activated Mystic knot technical specification:
  1. Maindoor: Welcome Good energy to your house. Block away negative energy.
  2. Living room: Fight negative "Qi" of the house due to poor fengshui yet bringing about harmony
  3. Bedroom: Brings love balance to your life. Activate love ones to appreciate you.
  4. Study room: Focus and Concentration. Activates the study star.
  5. Office: Reduce all Office politics.
NB: Fire activated by Bryan 老师 . Email to orders@omhealth.com to place your orders.

I started using mystic knot since 2007 and they really work wonders if given proper activation. I have to thank my master for the capability to activate this mystic knot to the highest energy. I have activated 88 mystic knot during my birthday month.
Fengshui items need not be expensive. Most important of all, one must make an effort to cultivate your personality and loving kindness, and all problems will be rectified.
Example: Qing Dynasty Palace has the best fengshui, but why still face a downfall. Its the heart of the people....
Bad luck will not stick with you always and forever, if you are determined to strive on, be positive, have faith and never give up. Good luck will not always surround you if you do not practise compassion and cultivate loving kindness to accumulate your luck bank.
Bryan 老师 tips sharing:

Usage A: If you hang it at your gate.
Before going out the house, rub the mystic knot with your thumb 3 times if you remember(no need to make it into a procedure) and say " 出门就遇到贵人,东也一群贵人,西也一群贵人,南也一群贵人,北也一群贵人, 贵人贵人贵人, 一切吉祥。

Is this religious? Nope. I am just using the power of positive affirmation and law of attraction to magnetise my main door. Remember if you practise good luck daily, it is easier for you to be in good luck. Remember, practice makes perfect Hhhahhahaa.

$78 and 15 set only ;)))

There are two who order last week, u will get ur oil thanks You.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Power activation Yuan Tzi only ready when i activated must wait

Is mini but is best collection!

The Tzi is not the ancient type from grave or ancient people . But is best quality made with aged agate and activated by Mr Gan.

Is good energy.
promote growth of compassion, increase creative energy in our body, reduce anger , brings happiness and always remain hopeful. It also encourage us to think in positive way and so direct us to good fortune and live harmoniously with universe and bring in abundance

Hi all Register early


Anyway drink the above good this month

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Auspiciousn Yellow King Dragon Scale Tzi

Omhealth Is the sole sole having this TZI  (AYKD Yuan Tzi)

Previous those with Tzi pendant, that Tzi is really also a limited quality type

There are few types. And today one is limited edition:> Enjoy

Those who order the mini one is nice and will be given a blessed 5 color string to tie

3 sizes

and I tell u each of them vibrates to the max energy. Buy one and keep for family luck and take out touch or enjoy.

It has 3 version base on sizes

1) Mini AYKD Yuan Tzi 50 pieces (most of u order le)
2) Small AYKD Yuan Tzi ( 20 pieces and each )
3) Big AYKD Yuan Tzi ( 15 pieces BIG GREAT collection at $380 worth alot good to keep one)

a) Mini AKYD is so powerful nice and the scale> Tie with a color string and wear on first or 15th lunar month $68

2) Small AYKD Yuan Tzi


Five element oil

The five element oil with marble left 17 bottles those wan can order and collect that day ok

Meet and Greet

Hi all

those who have register the meet and greet , please understand is just really the show meet and greet ahahah... I wont be teaching any thing de.

So those who are going and registered I will pass a hulu for u all, but limited hulu. Hulu give finish some will have marble ;


Cindy will pass the items to u all here . 10th July, be happy ok:>

Today OT cindy will reply email at 8pm tonight Friday:>

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Panasonic alkaline water

28th August Panasonic have a alkaline water event and will invite me to give talk
Time will confirm 

Jam making
Tea making
Juice making 

If u wan can pre register now as is a free talk and limit people and their door gift not bad! It will be a weekend two hour

They will open to public soon; but u can register first and is free plus is fun

Those who wan email to Cindy 
Title August Panasonic event exclusive vip

10th July Heaven Door Open Day (updated from 2008)

2016 July
This is an amazing year, those event company organise my time all falls on special day. And i wish all good good. This day 10th July wear yellow. If those free can go 10th July Bugis Plus see see the taiwan people may be me abit at 4pm.

Omhealth has limited hulu for all coming, can inform class@omhealth.com cindy. But if give finish come come see the show abit if free ba.

For those going and want to buy the limited edition five element oil, u can email to class and cindy will pass u all that day with the big marble.

WHich temple to go?

u can visit these temples where we organise event before. Or waterloo Guan Yin Temple.

Wear ur yellow, this reduce the fire monkey, creating so much fire burning our water and wood, end up cant progress in career and always lost temper.
Use ur Protection spray

Is a day where Jade Emperor through his compassionate heart will ride 6 dragon and perform inspection of good and evil.

Is also a day we reflect our wrong doings and perform confession if possible by looking at sky.

U dont even need to spend single money cent to celebrate this day. Just be good and reflection and pray to Heaven will do.

A day where pray pray will help u

1) 补运,改运

no need pay people few hundreds dollars to pray, please take note of the commercialise trend coming up on this day.

Chant Cundi Mantra 108 times dedicate to all beings today.

Touch the Ruyi Tian Lu please and also the 2 house items.

For students who have my this 3 activated items past 3 years, u can bring to temple

The tian lu is to bring in wealth and happiness  ( U can put purification oil a drop)
the Hulu Tian Lu is for locking wealth and bring in health (u can put ten spice oil and cypress)
The ruyi tianlu is for u to be respected and remind u fuqi is thru good act. ( u can put 5 elemnt oil)

Above oil is optional, dont have all oil, u can put ten spice oil alone.

Bring above three items if u have and go over incense.

Is a powerful 3.

Fruits to eat
1) Go buy Can fruit Longan pray le and family eat.

If u want to spend money
1) U can order a heng ball with shopping cart that day, order and comments make wishes
2) Do charity if u want to
3) Go buy a shorts or pants or socks urself.

Below article updated from 2008
10th July

Remember to light a coil incense at home symbolise good energy and welcome good energy. Those with marble, add some $1 coin to the bowl after go temple when reach home. The $1 coin u can go over the incense urn at Kwan Yin Temple.

Touch ur crystal , stones very good.
Have been sharing about Heaven Door Open Day, which is one of the most auspicious Good Qi Day introduced since 2007. According to Historical Records of Prayers, the Jade Emperor will ride 6 dragons with an army of GOD,Angels to do inspections and help people.

[ I didnt know about the dragons, till 2 of my friends at the temple saw dragon in the sky on that day, (hard for me to believe) . When I study Qing Dynasty Book, it is recorded there will be dragon in the sky and some may see. I was so so shocked, as the 2 friends who relates about the dragon to me know nothing about Heaven Door Open Day. ] It happened in 2009 when they called me " Bryan, I at temple, got dragon leh, really."

All stones including crystals and jade will vibrate at the highest energy that day. Rub any of my activated crystals and chant any mantra. Remember to dedicate to all beings first as priority. Then pray for yourself.
During your prayers, also wish happiness to Jade Emperor and all Gods as a form of respect.

Visit temple and pray procedure. Remember is TI GONG and group of Gods.


9 to 10th July
Anytime cleans house with 5 element oil in a pale of water.
ii) Spray Protection Spray.
iii) Wash Toilets with coconut brush and rose geranium 5 drops, 5 element 5 drops with GIF lemon.
iv) Scrub body with Magneto scrub
v) Rinse yourself with purification blend 3 drops from pail of water.

10th July (itself)
Temple will be crowded, bring your own lighter. Also bring a small packet of sweets can le or small packet of red dates. After pray let people take. Red dates please buy best quality.

Extra Joss Paper to bring is TI GONG joss paper one stack can already. This day, this JOSS PAPER will vibrates highest energy.

ii) When go out to temple, apply Healing Trees Oil on bottom of both feet.
iii) Try to smell nice when enter temple, put any oil on wrist (if have sandalwood oil, if not lavendula vera) when pray

1) Removal of chronic illnesses

2) Restore reputation and wealth

3) Peace of heart and Tell TiGong and all God , u will be loving and slowly improve your character as instrument of love. And confess the year bad doing of urself like gossips etc.

At temple or at home, look at the sky and pray will be fine as well. .

Other religions can also look at the sky and pray, confess, and smile. No pantang at all.

Lighted candles regardless of religions to wish happiness for all.

Bryan's Prayer Method for home:

1) 5 oranges
2) 3 cups of sweet red dates tea
3) Ti Gong Joss Papers with Dragon rope
Light three joss sticks. Look at sky, pray and pray and pray....... until you feel so happy.... . When incense is burned 1/3, bring downstairs and burn the Joss papers. When burning Joss papers, say words like world peace, peace and happiness etc dedicated to all....

Light Bryan's sandalwood powder at the living room and coil incense, or use 5 element oils and apply on tissue. Tape the tissue onto your fan to blow the entire house.

Article 2 (2012)

Heaven Day Open - you can pray anytime. It doesn't matter whether you burnt joss paper a not. Its from your heart.History Research.

The Chinese has observed this day for more than thousand of years. Even before the birth of many Religious leaders including 乾隆Qing Dynasty emperor (most powerful era) talked about this day. Many heard and see the signs of Heaven Door Open. I don't call it superstitious but rather, auspicious.

[If Moses can reached out his hand over the Red Sea. And with great power, God pushed aside the waters, and blew a mighty wind that divided the sea in half! ]
 Yes. I believed in miracles.
Things I cannot see or explain but has been passed down for thousand years, there must be a reason for it. Use our wisdom to see and learnt why our ancestors had preserved this tradition and passed down over generations. It is very very meaningful and should be a lesson to be taught to your children...On this day of Heaven Day Open, we reflect, give thanks and smile. Putting religion aside, do you think this is a kind ofchinese virtuous of 德?

do not think it is considered religious or superstitious just by looking at Heaven to Pray. Chinese experts studied star signs thousands of years ago, and this day was predicted where the energy of Magnetic wave is very special.
What our ancestors normally do on Heaven Door Open Day?

1) Have flower shower or use magneto scrub and rinse 5 element oil
2) Touch all Stones to absorb the good "Qi". [Highest magnetic energy]
3) Pray and burn joss paper if u are in temple
(In ancient time the joss paper needs to fill in many things, you write down your problems, reflection on it, burn and remind ourself to improve our personality and cultivate virtuous)
4a) Confession of wrong doings by looking and heaven and talk
4b) Smile and ask for blessing. Many recorded improvement in health and luck after the prayers
4c) Give Thanks for what you have
4d) Smile again
What can you do on Heaven Open Door Day?

1) Keep your house smell nice, use the chemical free omhealth coil incense ( wipe floor,especially 5 elements oil)
2) Touch your crystals and do 636 breathing exercise 3 times (3 = Tian DiRen)
3) If you do not burn joss paper, simply write down on a piece of paper: Things that have been troubling you, than cancel it out with a red pen.
Use ur gold pen write wishes
4) Look up at the sky. Smile and do 4a,b,c and d.
5) All of us are equal. Respect each other. Practice Equality to people you like, people you do not like and people you do not care for.

I will be very busy activating Mala and bracelets on this auspicious day. You can order now if your want.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Sunday go temple walk walk and make wish and do good ;)

This day some place may become very commercialise remember this is day for everyone to confess and reflect and do good; we don't need to spend to clear luck , we need to purify our heart !
For people chronic sickness , luck so so , work with this day and to temple quiet urself and pray

Small Yuan Tzi Exclusive

I always learn that in times of economic down turn, is good to sell things that is very good for well being and wealth very high quality and dont mark up to heavenly price

The Small Tzi is a Tzi actually acquire by few shops in Singapore. And  I once and for all take all from the master. Is only $68. And I heard this are the one going to be market to $200 plus.

I feel blessed to be able to have it and let u adopt.

I wish all my customer, in times of difficult excel and rise like a star. And when u luck so good and very good, than u can buy more things from me

I believe good things come and good things stay and good things happen when we get things from good happy energy.

U can order the small tzi.

It will be string for u in a blessed 5 color string and activate till September 2016

Please order seperately and we courier when ready. We only have 50 pieces now:>

do remember give name, mobile address, last 3 number of nric

Monday, July 4, 2016

Chinese 7 month protect body method

Well, when we talk about "the other" things. U know what I mean.
As long as u are a good person nothing de la. But all these years i know if a person energy is low, is more easily affected in a way. But again we should be in harmony with all. And not to harm.

I have 2 nonreligious friends and can see. And well, sometimes is amazing howthe existence   of things we cant see. And sometimes after so many cases I have heard from close friends. I find that is important we also need to be compassionate about it. But again protection is also very important .

Case Studies I regretted

Last year, I brought one of the friend to a temple performing 7th month prayers for ancestor. And the head of temple wanted me to tell my friend to verify certain ancestors were there. I was curious also. And guess what, my friend can describe clearly who were there to the deceased family.

But my friend suffer from sickness abit and I regret doing that.  Because too Yin le.

So from this i know what can test and what best not to verify ;

At all time increase ur KI. Wear brighter color in seventh month ;

I shall not say much because lately what some friends been thru was beyond my explanation.

7th Month:

Talk less about "the others" and dont try to be funny. Even go pray ancestor etc, dont take selfie and talk less.

When affected, it is not easy to handle. And you dont want to go thru that.

Things to do:
A) Shower with 5 element oil anytime when u feel not right
B) Enter temple between 11am to 1pm best to absorb the Yang Energy. Carry Cundi pendant. And sometimes let the sun sun the mirror side of cundi pendant.
C) wear your bracelet and Tzi pendant. Rub the Tzi warm and Sun it sometimes.
D) Chanting CUndi mantra or 6 syllabus mantra when enter hotel or when enter some quiet place can have protection

Those who attend the welcome 2016 talk this year early on, we have given all a small 楞严咒key chain. Well is best to carry.
E) For those who need travel, can carry ur travel charm that u have.
F) Aroma oil like cypress, 5 element oil is powerful. When in hotel, u can bring a bottle of seasalt and put few drops of this 2 oil and put beside bed for protection.

FOr people who have problems sleeping after visiting weird place. U can use this salt bowl method beside bed for few days.

G) cant sleep well in hotel or home during 7th month, U can put the salt beside bed. Than bottom of feet u can put a drop purification blend.

Aroma OIl that has HIGH YANG KI

Awakening, five element oil, purification oil blend, Cypress oil, Ten spice oil.

H) Bryan's favorite Chinese POEMS  Affirmation: 出门经

U see chinese has longest history of working with affirmation and healing light energy using power of words and positive thoughts.

Hold ur black tourmaline and say that if u need to travel far or before go out . Bring in good energy.

Army/ those body more Yin.

1) Normally can go Kwan Yin Temple , invite the triangle Fu and than chant 108 times Om Mani Padme hung and go over incense 3 times. And put in wallet.
2) Wear ur bracelet left hand. Turn the Tzi to the front .

3) Bring a few packet of effective 藿香正气粉, This powder prevent travel sickness, normally i will eat a packet when arrive another country. It increase the Yang energy of body and says to drive away negative energy.

Those who want to know about black tourmaline bracelet www.omhealth.com/OBT.html

Also the Small Yuan Tzi has a lot of good energy. And is limite each at $68 to thank u.

The effort to make this tzi and activate is really good.

10 July ahaha 天门开

Sometimes won't u find things so coincidental

Starhub arrange the 女人我最大 meet greet at this day?

Those who register I giving u the Hulu mini and detials will email you;

Also we have the limited edition marble if u get the five element oil!
Good luck all

Blessed blessed single tzi $68 limited edition

This is a very good 开运吉祥物。 

有时,可以在太阳最佳也是阳气最强时。 加强缘珠。
Before sleep can hold this Tzi and make wish for ur good health. Slowly u can feel health getting better.

This is small yet limited edition small tzi for u to keep and when u wan can tie a string to wear etc!

Only 50 pieces and this is exclusive omhealth have only !
Each tzi is only $68 and if market they will make up a lot; this is 有缘tzi!

To order email to orders@omhealth.com this are aged tzi to thank old customers for support and omhealth didn't want to mark up to $200 which is possible in shops; keep one Ba; 

Give me ur name and mobile and last three number of nric and will choose one for u!

July what to DO?

June and July will be the fire monkey energy burns to the highest state follow by the mercury star travelling in different directions.

Many things u think that will turn on A but it may turn out B.

Alot of issues will be happening from the liver issues because of constant worries and anger. Your lungs and stomach will be indirectly affected.

Many may wake up feeling ok and suddenly emotionally not ok. The roller coaster of the emotion and mood swing is very obvious.

On 25th September 2016, I will share with u the numerology of food to handle some emotion issues. But this will be a short but useful track for u. The seats for the talk left another 50 . Please register fast because when near August many old students will register le.

Please register class@omhealth.com, those who have registered do secure ur seats by making payment now.

Foodcure for July 2016

A) This tea
1. Clears the Liver, Brightens the Eyes. 
2: Clears Heat, . 
3: Treat hypertension.

1) 夏枯草 +桑叶 +5  red dates(dont remove seeds) + few slices 甘草 Boil for half hour than add some 菊花and when off fire.

Drink 2 cups a day for one day will do. Do it once a week. Do not drink empty stomach.

When u drink this tea, have a drop of peppermint oil rub neck shoulder. This tea will open up July heaven good luck star. And u will find things getting better.

Peppermint oil has a effect of clearing “乌云盖顶”。 Also those who have my Tzi or black tourmaline tzi. Take the tzi gently rub ur nose top part and forehead. It bring it good Ki to ur body. And also if u suffer from quarrel, lost of wealth, rub rub this area with tzi omhealth helps alot.

B) They say every year the last 3 months will be a reflection of the luck of next year. So start now prepare good luck for 2017 by working on star number 2 for 2016 which is illness star. Do things to control this star. Also use oil on bottom of feet before sleep and wear socks if ur health luck no good and suffer from career issues.

1) Left foot sole, lavendula vera
2) Right foot sole, purification blend
3) Morning a drop of fresh morning on wrist before go out of house.

C) Fridge:

Go to ur fridge and throw 2 things which is expire or u need to throw. Than wipe inside with eucalptus oil 5 drops on a wet cloth and wipe wipe.

This will be a special seminar

The reason is I have finalized some good methods to over headaches , neck pain and fatigue

Beside sharing with u the way of seeing TCM Doctor , I will include the right way to perform

1) physio stretch
2) acupressure points
3) tea recipes

This methods are effective;

Have u register for this 无所不谈 seminar? Do come ok 

Health beauty talk I don't have a lot but every year I have a mush attend one and you will benefit 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

25 sep 2016 talk

This will be a special seminar

The reason is I have finalized some good methods to over headaches , neck pain and fatigue

Beside sharing with u the way of seeing TCM Doctor , I will include the right way to perform

1) physio stretch
2) acupressure points
3) tea recipes

This methods are effective;

Have u register for this 无所不谈 seminar? Do come ok 

Health beauty talk I don't have a lot but every year I have a mush attend one and you will benefit 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

facing issues and turning away from attachment :(Bank Account article)

Bank Account article has been around for few years. And many times in my own language i hope to share with you ways to have a happier life. In this time of poor economy we can still live happily if we want to. But happiness.... what really is happiness....?  As we get older, we seems to be far away from it.... Because when u age 1, u want less, when u are 40 50, ur 40 time to 50 times wanting more things.

Happiness is by definition to me now as peace. And expectation or attachment is the opposite. When things or people didnt turn out to what u expect u  are unhappy. But if u think carefully, that is almost everyday.

Happiness is when the mind is parking at the contentment lot. Dont u find that now many times, your happiness is really dependent alot on external factors like

1) ur work,
2) How people see u
3) Ur health issues
4) ur relationships with parents, love one ...

Life dont really always appear to what u have planned for . Sometimes things turn out to be against what u expect. And we call it suffering .

In life we may be trying many time to achieve things we want, but sometimes endless trying we still cant get what we wanted-----, .... dissatisfaction. On and on and on..... chasing a satisfaction that is impossible to get. And as long as u have too many desire and keep following it, suffering has no end.

But if u stop chasing desire, satisfaction will come and the confused mind will stop the suffering.

Wealth and happiness has no relation. All these u know. If wealth and happiness has relation why so many rich people suffer from mental stress. They should be happier than poor people right?

So from all things u have gone thru in life, u should now learn that mental peace , undisturbed mind , peace of mind are things u should work on it now.

Now in life without understanding the cause of happiness, it is very easy to go on to the wrong direction and chase happiness in a wrong way. And this may harm our health harm people around us etc.

Alot of attachment is like drink salt water, the more u drink the more thirsty u are.

So from today:

Before getting to be, we should review all the actions we did from the time u wake up in the morning to end of the day ur virtuous and non virtuous act. And I believe if we do self appraisal daily like that u will be shocked many of ur happiness and unhappiness is circling on

A) Desire for material gain
B) Desire for happiness and comfort and health
C) Desire for respect and reputation and relationships
D) DEsire for praise and not to be criticise

Basically above four points are things that make u unhappy daily. But u can be happier if u detached.

You are not Saint, u cant just wow , immediately drop all. But u can learn to live with peace. Accept what u are going thru, forgive, let go and confess any negative thoughts.

Example, u may have health issues, but since u have health issues find remedies and document down, what is the main causes and how and ways u want to improve. Than search what is the emotion that causes this illness.... rectify it. And than develop compassion heart by sharing ur experience to handle this problem with people suffering from the same illnesses.

Happiness can be very short and affected by external factor.
U can wake up feeling great but on the way to work, someone give u a black face and anger u, spoilt ur whole day. But if u have the skills, when someone treat u badly, u quickly use my purification oil on wrist and say: "I forgive let go and my character has improve further...:" And before sleep, that day, u have a great story to write... wow i tell u, slowly u will have more and more good luck.

Remember one thing about anger:

U can do alot of charity and do alot of volunteer work. But one anger destroyed the merits u accumulated. So is not easy friend not to get angry. Me uncle also get angry. but I am working on it.

I suggest this:

Use incense, mala, and aroma oil daily spend 5 mins do a mantra. ANd talk to urself how u want to improve yourself.

Trust me doing something better than doing nothing. Learn to handle your life. If u think carefully many times alot of good things happen in ur life but u didnt notice but out of ten things if one things bad happen, u treat it like end of world.

When I design bracelet, I wish all who were understand the motivation behind each bracelet:> This new haemetite Tzi stands for wealth and contentment and release stress.


25th Sep 2016 is a special health and beauty talk. U have the time do shopping, but u dont have the time to come for the talk even it benefit u? Well this is what we normally do. AHahaahhahah.
Make an effort ok:>

Friday, July 1, 2016

3 temple Hulu

Those who register from class@omhealth.com and coming to see the meet and greet 4 pm ; Bugis plus atrium level 2;

The focus is on the show not me ah , I only say halo; 

For those who register want to come do email to class@omhealth.com
Meeting location will announce in email to where we pass u the Hulu!
Do meet first with Cindy for this Hulu blessed at three temples; it will be given to those who registered and limited! 

Also that day those who wan get five element oil $38 will get the big marble can say at the email;

10 July super open luck for wealth! Wear yellow ; limit to 30

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Power news

25th Sep 2016 Health Beauty Talk is a special one

From Octorber to December 2016 preserving health luck will bring good luck in 2017. The reason is number 2 sick star center in 2016. So working on it can bring good energy:>

Do come to refresh the luck so to have a good 2017.

As this year the sickness star is in the center of the 9 grid. So having a good health talk will help

As many forget health is wealth and wealth bring health too.


2016 from July to September Wealth Method

A) East and SouthWest of living room.
Spray daily Space clearing spray. And say: "water wealth luck come to my house and family"
Bring in career luck and money luck.

B) Living room put this fruit until it turns orange and when it turn orange, u put ur bracelet around it for an hour.

C) this yellow one buy the not so orange one and let it turn deep orange to change ur house luck ;
U can get from flower shop market or Chinatown basement the market flower shop

10th July: I will be Bugis Plus Nu ren wo zui da, meet and greet. The main is the Taiwanese. So I will be on stage to greet all.

For those who want to come and watch is 4pm. Wear u yellow shirt.

for registered and reply ur email it will meet at the main door bugis plus

Testimonials a lot but no time put

Today testimonials ; don't know since when I have not put the testimonial le because a lot ehehehe;) today since doing this long waited article and just nice a testimonial came in

Cyst and breast tumor and TCM

A very detial on cyst and female health in health blog please go to that blog read

Now emotion and working with aroma and crystals helps

Powerful healing comes from the inside. Our emotions and how we deal with them have more influence on our health than the foods we eat and the exercises we practice. 

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the root cause of breast cancer has been understood for many centuries as negative emo. TCM views breast cancer as a negative energy pattern that requires certain conditions in the body to take root. When we are angry, stressed, or worried and overthinking things, our body's energy takes on a specific frenetic frequency, one that is hospitable to cancer and other diseases. 

By letting go of negative emotions, you can change your body's energy frequency. Doing this makes it virtually impossible for breast cancer to take root. In this sense, taking care of your emotional health is the most effective form of breast-cancer prevention and preventing a recurrence.

Simple preventive maintenance ( one of many recipes)
Maintain female health with a cup of tea evening of three rose and three jasmine flower;

Morning 2 omhealth ginger cup tea;

Use black tourmaline on chest and do breathing exercise

Do rem attend 25 sep talk

It seems to be very common that a lot female having the above mentioned and normally many operation going on this quarter or diagnose;
In my health blog I mention the stagnant energy of liver is main cause of many female illness so frequent clearing liver  energy with aroma oil and crystal helps

Please don't panic; before operation have clean diet but proper diet ; don't anyhow take herbs; u can only take herbs that prescribed by Doctor TCM from proper clinics 

Be aware !
Start to have doctors tie to a medical hall , sometimes they look experienced and convincing and for cancer or tumor they may recommend herbs that one portion is $300 and u need take daily;
This are not proven methods; and please go to proper TCM clinic;

This period work with black tourmaline Bracelet and chant any mantra and focus 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bracelet FAQs

FAQ on using working with Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Design is made of this stone

This is the attraction of good luck stone. It will tarnish as it will ironised but not rusty. So is normal this stone wear long long good.

It is specially good for stress release and attract abundance energy.

So is metallic color and not black tourmaline ok:>