Sunday, February 9, 2020

Good Will Help All

I always believe this is the time for us to put our past years of practice into action.
This is the time to exercise ur wisdom and compassion and courages act which I have always says. And they always says in History, a difficult time will surface success people.

I think we shall and shouldnt go into what some says that what happen now is due to karma. I think we should reflect instead how to cultivate karma positive and touch the heaven to end this problems.

We know that Earth energy and disaster happens can be due to natural disasters and also a strong energy of negativity accumulated that resulted in global sickness. What do u mean by accumulated negative?

Human become gossipy
Human become less appreciation
Conflicts, jealousy and slaughtering and not filial to parent
Not loving the earth and misuse of resources

And all above that combines a energy that created in Chinese what we call 瘟疫,瘟神。

But can we do as a good person:

A) Take care of elderly and children this period, dont be selfish and care for people
B) We have enough news on the problems, we dont need ur amplification on social media
C) Take care of yourself and rather u spread news in social media to encourage people on healthcare.
D) Prayers should be more now with pure heart and dedicate to all beings .
E) Pray with sincere heart and good intentions, all will be ok
F) Vegeterian once a week

Gargle is good

If can

a drop frankincense and a drop of eucalytus in half teaspoon of salt in a cup water. And this cup water can gargle for a day. Every time gargle for 20 seconds.

And also do the lymphatic drainage as shown in the radio video below.


Actually according to many Fengshui master
Geng Zi Year 2020 , when ever there is Gengzi alot of things happen example

Past GengZi Year

1840: First Opium War in China
1900: Empress CiXi runaway from palace as uprise by her Army.
1960: Consecutive 3 years famine, alot alot people die from it
1900: India famine, million die and europe and South Africa some war things
1960: Africa many state independent, Americans involves in vietnam war.  ZiLi 9.5 earth Quake 14万death

So many students attended other FSM talk know about this. And I must  say we shouldnt amplify this negative things. We should start thinking of the good merits the world has done and u have done. Like Singapore we have many Free clinic and many charity bodies help the poor. And all these good merits if we can now recall them and as a group dedicate to world peace. It will be ok.

So i suggest everyone now in ur daily prayers. Pray for world peace with strong intention.

Everything will be 逢凶化吉日, 吉祥到。

Cundi Mantra and Hanuman mantra few times daily is very good.

Crystal Healing:

I feel everyone who has my black tourmaline bracelet is time to wear again. And this period u can wear right wrist.  Students who dont have black tourmaline bracelet u can order from with wrist given. Now will be standard price of $338.


Put Six D hulu at main door. And look at my 2020 website take care of Star 2 in your house.  Buy some herbal plant put in kitchen Once a month. Like thyme or rosemary or oregano. And put a flower of life coin around it. Kitchen represent family health. Keep it clean
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Qi Lin is very good to ward of negative Energy and this year our Qi Lin Back is a Mantra. I think is fated why I have this Great Compassion Mantra. Put oil 5 element oil on it daily and say some Om Mani Padme Hung.

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Essential Oil Bryan Lao Shi Sharing
Below are oil has anti virus properties. Omhealth Eucalyptus is a must u need to have and inhale from tissue

Please inhale daily

Eucalyptus radiata
with either or all below
Tea Tree

Do u know deep inhale eucalyptus daily 2 times and gentle inhale throughout the day strengthen lungs.

PAF Lime
Optional with Egypt Geranium

Purification of air and calm the mind and deflect negative sickness energy.

Power 3
5 element oil : First Launch in 2003 during Sars time.
Spice up your life For immunity
Awakening Blend: Super blend

Cypress and Healing Trees oil Speed up healing.

Put 20 drops stick to aircon when u reached home or fan


Omhealth Charity Group we do our part to donate mask honey and vegeterian healthy food to elderly

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I have been going around to different part of Singapore to teach about healthcare this period and i hope ur prayers include all elderly ok:

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