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7th Month : A blissful Month if u practice

Indeed the eclipse energy and also the 7th month energy seems to produce a various effect in different parts of the world from some accidents to Typhoon. Hope all is well . Let us put our hand together to send love and light to world.

At all times we must pray for wellness of all beings. And also dont forget the gratitude and giving thanks to what you have and u are so lucky to be in a geographic position in Singapore.

Omhealth Charity Group will do our part on Charity Project in local and overseas this month.

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7th Month Simplicity But With heart of reflection and dedicate merits to all beings.

Have researched long time.

 Yes 7th month do have more "the others"  than normal but they are mostly suffering. U can chant more mantra and dedicate to them.  Used to have a some friends who can see and describe to me where they are etc. But i dont think I want to know and I dont think I want to share here.


Joss Paper Prayers: For those who like to buy those small set for praying downstairs:

At home u can chant 108 times Namo Amitabha at home intention dedicate merits to all beings.. Than bring the set u bought to ur house nearby (can include packet of rice with tofu and egg) , set up, light candle and incense ,burn the 7th month set. When burn, dont ask for anything. Just burn and after than chant ommanipadmehung , dont turn back and go home.

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Is a very kind compassion act. Here we have combine the ancient Chinese Tradition with Buddhism teaching of compassionate and taking care of all realms.


Some people energy are more sensitive than others ;

so u can wear

1) Black Tourmaline bracelet if u go out late.
2) Aroma Oil that is useful to carry with u are

Top 3 aroma oil
1) 5 element Oil
2) Awaken Blend
3) Cypress (Super good also)

For my Super Sensitive People:

Some who are more sensitive and cant sleep well this month, can 3 tablespoon seasalt in a ziplock bag and salt put all above oil a few drops. Put under pillow.

Carry ur black tourmaline, ur bracelet can put the cypress oil.
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Happen at Old Airport road side recited by an Aunty

A lady, stepped on the burnt ashes , curse and swear and  leg swelled , see a few doctors cant cure.
Than an aunty advice her go back the place, offer some offerings and ok le.

Anyway if u dont believe just keep quiet. And dont point and say ok:>


7th month is both celebrated by The Daoism and Buddhism. Is same but is some differences.

Daoism: 中元节
Buddhism:盂兰节 (try to pray to ancenstor this day, or if no time, u can before that day, go temple write name for ancestor prayers, normally only $20)

A)佛教的盂兰节: Talks about out of filial piety how 目连救母。盂兰盆is a sanskrit word.:
Known as Ullambana, Yulan Jie, 盂兰盆. Is a story told of the Maudgalyayana (Mu Lian), a disciple of the Buddha, who attempted to help his mother who was reborn into the realm of the hungry ghost. The Buddha instructed Maudgalyayana to perform acts of merit and to transfer the merits to his mother.
Following the Buddha’s advise, Maudgalyayana managed to transfer merit to his mother and to help her reborn into the human realm.
During Yulan Pen Jie, 盂兰盆, Buddhist offer prayers to deceased ancestors and  wandering spirits to help them in their rebirth in higher realms. There are also prayer sessions in monasteries to pray and to dedicate merit to wandering spirits.

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It means helping the suffering Ghost realms. It emphasis on the 15th day of the 7th Lunar month we do alot of prayers for our present parents and also 7 lifetimes parents.

And is a important day if you can do anyform of charity and dedicate the merits to all parents.


Below 3 poster will explain all for Chinese Special days三官大帝

So Chinese new year the "Zhap Gou Mei" to 7th month and 10th month all is according to seasonal Officer that take care of different aspect in life.

So for 7th Month is a good month to repent, do good and 5th September 2017 , if can do some chanting and prayers dedicate to your ancestor.

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is related to 三官大帝

shang Yuan Jie: 上元 (15th of  first Chinese Lunar Month)赐福
Zhong Yuan Jie 中元 (15th of seventh lunar month)赦罪
Xia Yuan Jie 下元 (解灾)
So now is 中元节: Is a period for reflection and also filial peity and helping people.

Increase YANG Energy of THE FACE:>
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Dear all This 2 items very powerful, Especially the face kwa sha, many use le can feel the energy.

Is a natural stones so have some mini dent is normal.

1) The Stone for massage face is high energy stone, can improve once's Qi
2) The two medicine ball when combine with aura20 oil can improve health and luck.

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