Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gui Ren Bag 2008 as FAMOUS as Flower COin

Gui Ren Bag was introduced by Bryan 老师 in 2008 because of the strong Gui Ren star activation in 2008/9. It was discontinued last year due to its timing.
The strong Gui Ren Star Energy is once again here. I noticed a lot of you have placed your order for Gui Ren Bag again. Thank you. The number of testimonials from Gui Ren Bag is not any lesser then Flower Coin!

Gui Ren Bag will be activated this Friday. All can order now.

The year when I activated my Gui Ren bag, many opportunities in media came along. It was great to have a chance to work with Mark, the famous host. I think Mark is one of the most successful businessman in his cafe and as a TV presentor.

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