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A very powerful Small Class 3rd Sep 2017

Is amazing that many told me, whenever attend my class luck will be very good:>

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Even the famous radio DJ mention in the social media. Every year if she host the show with me , that year her luck super good.

She host my event at Orchard Central in 2015. and 2016. And she told me after that she found a good man and married. And say super good luck everytime after event. Well I must say, everyone of us should learn one intention and do it daily.


" Everyday wherever I go, people who sees me, talk to me, be happy"

When u set this intention, at first may be very fake. But slowly ur thoughts change ur future, and u become a Gui Ren of course good things comes to u and people who sees u. Even enemy become ur side

You know why, because when all of us gather we always have same thinking. To be nice and good energy and I have teach u well to share love kindness.

Thats why when u find ur luck so so. Why not just come for my class and relax and improve ur energy and knowledge

Most Heng Heng Class for 2017 NOW

1) 3rd Sep 2017 Class , left 4 seats  930am to 1130am  

51 Cuppage Road formal Starhubedwin center and exact location will email and message u

2) 1st October 2017: 20th Year Anniversary Talk (U wont want to miss this Health and Beauty Class)

Essence of Gu Zhen, this time michelle lao shi will talk. And she will tune ur body organs with Gu Zhen.  

Fees: $38 , CSC Club, 930am to 12pm

3rd Decemeber 2017: First Book read with Bryan lao shi class at National Library and also invited Famous Music Teacher to teach vocal music therapy (half an hour).  ($38), 930am to 12pm.

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Small class teaching 3rd September 2017 ; a great insight in health and beauty ! With details explanation and techniques for calming the mind boosting immune system and foodcure ! 
Venue: Cuppage Plaze

Time: 930am to1130pm

Fees: $55

Left 4 seats !

Normally I will bring extra writeout to share as much as I can! Have u registered with Venue has changed to cuppage building somerset le!

1st October 2017 : 20th year anniversary

Fees: $38

Venue: CSC Auditorium
Fees: $38
Email now to

I have booked smaller venue as many venues filled up. So do register now:>

20th Year Anniversary for Omhealth.

I have decided to hold a celebration this 20th year anniversary with laughter and Joy.
Special Guest: Golden Award Michelle Lao Shi.

She will "copyright 2 songs " as a gift to all attendees who attended the class--- u will be able download latest Healing Music x 2 songs for ur breathing exercise and improve house energy.

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Topics Bryan Will Cover:

Segment A
1) Recall of past 20 years techniques ( and enhancement ) UPGRADE VERSION
i) Skincare facial Gua Sha
ii) Neck Shoulder Pain Enance Gua Sha method
iii) Stomach Slimming effective toning methods  (WORKS WONDER)

Segment B
Work with Michelle Lao Shi and Bryan Lao Shi,
Sound toning and Music therapy for

i) Anger issues
ii) Fear , worries and poor health

Segment C
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Bryan Lao Shi Simple Vital Meridians flow for with 7 SOUND
i) Lungs
ii) Kidneys
iii) Liver
iv) Heart
v) Spleen

Important Legs Massage points (pass down techniques by Orchard retired master)

Segment D
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Wild Herbs remedies for

i) Pain and aches
ii) Stress Tension

5th Segment
Aromatherapy Healing with Crystal With Bryan Lao Shi grounding meditation exercise.

6th Segment

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