Friday, December 30, 2016

Networking Skills

Bring Gui ren to benefit ur life

Gui ren are people that help u to network to improve ur life better and key to success and do u know Northwest of your house u can TAP on Guiren.

Sometimes NW of house u can put some flowers and is a  sector of blessings from heaven and represents leadership. 

Having gui ren can help more chance of successes and also bring wellness. And u can tap this energy by putting a 5D coin。

or a clear heng ball or yellow heng ball.
 This area is  fortunate to to attract good Mentor/Patrons Luck, it is important to ensure that feng shui in this sector is well activated.  If this sector is blessed with good feng shui, the family head or company or department head will have good prospectImage may contain: plant and outdoor

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Personally Gui ren Luck can be activated with

1) Gui ren bag (openly mentor) (launched in 2006)
Activate the environmental and overall and can use for before go out of house say some auspicious words


when down with luck or lack of help in office, say 1 time before go out ur house holding ur Gui ren bag

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2) Liu He Gui ren (secret help from universe)
Our personal powwer mentor luck. Is made of Zu Sa and gold powdered mystic knot, for keychain or carry is powerful
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