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Healing Blend 18 bottles will be blended

NB: Healing oil blend is $45 and u can email name and astrology sign (libra etc). to

This healing oil blend is same as what i have been preparing last month. So those who have no need order again and just finish your bottle and complete it by January

If still left some in January. Pour all to whole body massage (in shower) and than scrub ur body. Cleanse

+++++++++++++ ( how to use oil)

In time in need of healing of personal aura we need to at all times work with our inner heart and body.

Many people nowadays drained from not own issue but family issues and friends.

A person is always affected by people they love and want them to be free from suffering , end up , own energy depleted.
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In course of my work. I saw countless email on family issues. Everyone is worry for this that and end up neglected to heal themselves.

U need to heal yourself , love yourself alot firts before you have the energy to heal and help people.
How to heal and love yourself?

Well by doing breathing exercise, having good food and learn to let go.

Working with healing oil blend allow us to access our energy field and discover the infinite area of possibility of healing within

I open my heart to Divine healing energy
Healing begins now with rays of light shine to my liver, kidney, spleen, lungs and heart
Healing begins now with love and compassion and wisdom
I am healed
I am whole
I am Light
And my body radiates love and light to people around me and sending crystal love energy of rainbow to the universe and mother earth that always nourish us and forgive us if we kept taking you for granted
I am prosperous, healthy, and happy and i live in abundance."today, i see the beauty in my surroundings and i choose to radiate joy, love, and gratitude."
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Do a butterfly dance sweep around your body and your palm is like a comb, comb ur aura and sweep away negativity. And put both palm at ur chest and rest.

Healing do occurs if u allow (keep thing simple)

Healing are the following steps when u work with healing oil blend

Detox the mind 

Notebook and Pen: ( detox the mind and body)
I always believe the Universe has the Source to heal us , we just need to allow the healing to happen. And for me i suggest, a pen a notebook and when u write physically. Energy is transfer to the book and if u can during writing apply any aroma oil, let the energy heal the situation.

Worst thing in life is u trapped so many worries inside your body until u dont know and live day by day. end up all this manifest to illnesses . So writing helps.

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Detox the body:

Do the above sweeping with healing oil blend and use 3 oil method

That is why I always ask my students to go do foot reflex, apply 3 oil neck shoulder, etc.

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Healing oil blend is inspired by a teacher to work with Universal love and crystal flower aromatherapy to adjust our auric fields.

Each bottle of omhealth healing blend is blended with alot of care and energy.

i) Blend of high energy herbs and crystal energy and sound therapy.

And using of healing blend remind us to

learn to live in the moment. Because to live in the moment is a great and powerful skill that will help us in everything we do. To "be here and now", relaxed and engaged in whatever we are doing, is to be alive and healthy.

Mindfulness is giving full attention to the present, without worries about the past or future. So often we borrow trouble from the future by constantly thinking about what might befall us tomorrow, instead of dealing with one day at a time.

By remaining in a relaxed and spacious mood, we can live in a spontaneous stream of mindfulness and awareness. Our minds will become steadier, instead of constantly scattered our mind chasing worry past and future.

Learning how to enjoy and be in the present moment leads to openness and timeless time. By being mindful, we find peace within ourselves.

Stages of using Healing Oil Blend

1) Apply oil chest and stomach or neck. And say release tension from body. And perform some deep breathing. Than feel which part of body in tense up and intention put palm near there and send energy.

Swing ur hand and relax

2) Restoring the energy of peace and joy.

Put ur both hand in prayers position and smile and do some breathing exercise.Take some deep breargs, expelling negative or dead energies as you exhale. And feel confident ur enery is restoring and peace and joy. Feel the beauty of life, sun and moon and stars and just smiles.

3) Nursing the positive energy

Finally put both palm on ur tummy and say, : positive energy will grow daily.

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