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WELCOME 2019 Part One (Cleaning House)

Welcome 2019 NTUC Auditorium

Special Guest: GuZhen Lao Shi with Flower of life improve luck energy healing
Dr Pan: From Taiwan Bring a secret recipes of herbs to DIY Siang Nang for remove negative Ki.

Left 180 seat email, Fees $45 , 13th Jan 2019, 930am to 1230pm

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Early preparation is always a good way to build up ur cushion for 2019 . I dont really like to write 12 animal signs and I encourage all not to read too much variety 12 animal sign and some can be depressions. Example for Rat, one group of FSM say good, one group say no good. Well for omhealth , our prediction is based on Tong Shu we try to find the simple way to activate the good luck star u have for that year thru , foodcure, oil and colors and heng ball to use. So for 2019

I have decided to have a label call Welcome2019Heng rather than a website ok:

I feel u should start buying and keep your 6D hulu and change in between 1st to 3rd feb or after 4th feb 2019 any date morning before 3pm.

Instead go around house to look for sickness sector, we reduce the effect with 6D hulu with intention so everyday u go out of house with positive mind set and when u home it filters as much as it can the negativity.
The frog most of u have can wipe with a antibacteria tissue with 3 drops purification oil.
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In 2018 , I created the formations of omhealth hand tie, 6D hulu Liu li with the 3 leg frog healing wood and I must says it filers off alot of weirdness, even we have obstacles or sometimes feel down, but seems the remedies and help comes in quite quickly. If u think back , gosh 2018 not so bad.

Series of Dates for your reference

House Cleaning Auspicious Dates大扫除吉日

Animal Sign to Avoid

Spring Cleaning, Clean Altar Dates除日迎新大扫除,洗神桌
Animal Sign to Avoid

New Clean House method:
Cleaning house can be any day. But the above day u can use it to do a mini procedure to kick start the cleaning.

Choose the day above. Early morning say, I am cleaning my house and cleaning away all
1) negativity
2) obstructions
3) Stagnant energy
4) Sickness and Anger Energy
5) Inauspicious energy.

B) Prepare oil for house cleansing
i) Eucalyptus oil for kitchen and fridge

Kitchen represent Family health and female especially, fridge represent wealth of family and health.  Please put 8 drops eucalyptus and 4 drops lemon oil in a pail of water use a new cloth and wipe

b1) CLean house everywhere with 5 element oil and cypress oil in water.
Especially wipe windows, window represent the capability to seek opportunities in life and any broken parts please reply.

b2) Toilet cleanings remember use the coconut brush and rose geranium 5 element oil and Gif to brush. Boss of the house need to brush.

C) When everything completed

Light High mountain healing incense (we dont use Kum Mo Yan) a tea spoon on a porcelain bowl and 4 drops 5 element oil around it and light.

Stick a tissue to ur fan with 8 drops 5 element oil and blow ur house for 10mins

D) Body Cleansing: The above date can be chosen as body cleansing day to clean one year of burden and suayness. Use Heng Body Scrub and when scrub turn on this music  Gu Zhen gao Shan Liu Shui from you tube. Final rinse body with 3 drops purification oil in a pail of warm water.

This body cleansing cleanse the flying star 2 and 5 clear a person anger, jealousy and remind us to be down to earth and grounded so in 2019 we can welcome good energy.

After that u all can throw the 6D hulu behind door and change a new one once u have finish cleansing the house.

NB: Cleansing house can be any day de but above dates are given to start the small ritual so u kick it right whole year cleaning process will be in place.


Items can be found in Cart:

5 Element Oil  
Purification Blend 
High Mountain Incense 
Cypress Oil
Lemon Oil
Protection Spray And Tranquility Spray
( I wonder, this mist is specially fresh design so lifespan is 6month to 8 months if not some deposit may form and is the herbs base, so try to use it daily ba, i mean how can u leave a mist 6 month cant finish ahaha). SPray the house with protection Spray and above ur head tranquility spray ba

Part ONe is about Cleansing House: Part 2 , what u clean u must now put in good energy.


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