Thursday, November 8, 2018

Heart to Heart Talk

For 15 years or more this is one of the most hardworking blog in Singapore ahahha. Alot of blogger i know update awhile but uncle me quite often and i think is my passion ba.


7 years ago i did mention in the blog that the last 3 months  (Nov, Dec 2018 to End Jan 2019)
will help to determine your 2019 year. And if u can handle obstacles with wisdom and compassion  , u will have a better 2019.

Things to do:

1) Vegetables to help this 3 months: Try to have vegeterian once a week this 3 months if not twice a month.
2) Drink Grape juice
3) Go to your own TCM or go to Dr Pan at Han TCM to do a stomach accu and ask whether can give u one more needle at  Yin Tang (control our luck and clear negative)
[ I want to say me and HAN TCM are not marketing, u can go to ur own TCM ok , my main purpose is to help up. If u all dont go also ok, go foot reflex and ask for activation of stomach and head reflexes and than apply 3 oil neck shoulder.

Issues you will face this 3 months:

November 2018 , there will be a day or 2 that some may fall into the trap of spiral negative thoughts because of a star call "Spiral Energy Star" This star will suddenly affect u that you may feel tired, depressed abit and like everything also not smooth. And even u have the techniques to handle them u tired to do it.

Remember  there are  going to be days when may not feel 100% ok. And we will feel anxiety, anger, confusion, and sadness. So remember no matter what luck or prayers u do as a human  we will have times of emotional distress in our lives. 

So this few months if u meet difficult situations or people or family member that are negative, let us be kind, compassionate, and reassuring.

Instead we let this "star" from affecting us and letting our negative thoughts and feelings spiral, we can try acceptance.  We can say to ourselves: “It’s ok that I am feeling sad right now.” “I’m transitioning; this feeling won’t last forever.” “Of course I’m angry right now, who wouldn’t be?” “This feeling is serving a purpose, and I wonder what that is?” Let’s try to give ourselves permission to feel whatever emotions are coming up. Acceptance empowers us to look at the present moment, embrace our emotions, and consider what to do next.   

A) When You Identify a Negative Thought, Change It With a Positive One

Things you can do to help u sail thru this 3 months easily

1) When u feel everything is wrong and very wrong, never give up as marks my word,this will pass....... Get a note book and write down how u feel. Is not a joke , i have written this method in a magazine and receive alot of positive feedbacks.

Than use a red pen cancel the negative thoughts patterns words
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B) Dont do too much as when u re negative u will be tired to do many things. Use positive affirmation oil 3 drops in tissue carry with u throughout the day.

C) Use 3 drops heaven and earth oil for final rinse when negativity arises. See how it can help

D)  Mantra to help this period

B) Dont rush and do so many things in a day or always say busy. Stop 5 mins and Start Appreciating Everything!

This is best way to handle negative thinking? Whenever you’re feeling so bad that you can’t find any positive thought in your mind, it’s time to use Grapefruit pink with lavender oil inhald and do alternate nose breathing 8 sets. Tell me ahahha u will feel good.
If your body has healthy prana or Ki, you naturally affect those around you in a positive way
People enjoy being with you . By practicing the alternate nose breathing you can start to channel your prana energy consciously in order to become that vital, positive person that people want to engage with.

When doing alternate nose breathing u can enhance with a drop of Equilibrium blend on ur wrist.

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