Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Spleen Talk with Han Medical Group

In 2018 is a over earth year

And for the benefits health of all , I have decided to combine with Dr Xu And Dr Lin at Han medical to produce one of the best workshop in Singapore

Spleen merdians. This will be an ongoing talk and u can register if u are interested.

In this class we will talk about (Bilingual )

  1. Spleen Health and Digestive issue face by Singaporeans
  2. Acupuncture in class by Dr to let u release your Spleen Qi
  3. Sound And Breathing exercise to work for Spleen
  4. Simple Herbs and food-cure
  5. Skin Beauty acupuncture demo and its significance 
  6. Working with Aromatherapy Massage for Slimming tummy and strengthening Spleen

3rd June Class is FULL HOUSE and the next class will be 5th August 2018, and u can register now:>
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