Friday, May 18, 2018

A brand new Energy

It must have a been a very exciting monthsssss for many. Things are moving in fast and yet fatigue pace. Fret not , time to welcome healing energy to our life now:> But is important we understand some simple life philosphy so we can sail thru this 2018 easily.
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Things u all should not forget is to put 6d hulu behind main door ok:> And time to smudge it with some incense for 10 seconds and say :

Cleanse Be, Safe, Protect and all who enter and go out of this house compassion and lucky.

Those who put toghter with the 3 leg frog put affirmation oil on it.


This period till mid june is one of the hotest month. And in a year lack of water, and metal. We wil notice lungs and respiratory issues need to be taken care of.

Using Oil like

1) Eucalyptus radiata
2) Peppermint
3) Positive Affirmation Flow 

in tissue inhale helps to clear blockages and protect the lungs.

And because the fire is burning the WOOD which is our liver. people get very very bad tempered easily. That is why we have the tranquility spray for u to mist above ur head daily before u go out to reduce the effect of bad Ki.


In a human life of 100 years or less, there will be certain years or months u find alot of things happen until your heart very tired. And this can be relationship , work or health.  One thing dont dwell in it. Do some breathing exercise and than do regret and chant Om Mani Padme Hung.

Breathing Exercise: Quiet Your mind and in ur heart says 

" All my thoughts stop now, listen and bring back my heart.....

(any thoughts arise, say out softly, is nothing.....)

Do for 3mins...

Than say Sorry to all beings u have done wrong in ur own words.

Than Chant Om Mani Padme Hung

NB: This period of time dont anyhow go fortune telling, because most of the advice will be more confusing and very more stress..... When luck no good, do some charity, go temple waterloo rest for 5 mins. Quiet ur mind and heart. Once heart quiet and mind quiet, luck will stable, once stable bad luck disperse fast.

Handling Negative ACT or negative Karma or 恶业。

if u scold people or bad to people or done something negative, do u think after that do some good deeds can it be cleared?
Some when some people face alot of issues in life, dont know in past life some has done wrong to alot of people so this life, need to face the things need to face. 

(Like person A scold someone later, and u feel bad, and than u go do charity, do u think the people kana scolded feel ok or still anger?)
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Than How can we reduce this Negative Karma?

Analogy relates to above
(Analogy: But person A everytime have do charity and invest abit of charity to a flower shop. With regret apology to the person u scolded and than look for this Powerful flower shop, and the flower shop send flowers alot to the person u scolded and pacify the person.)

So we can deduce from above, if  u at this period of life face alot of issues , dont keep dwell on it. Quiet ur mind and bring back ur peace in heart and look at presence and ignore all negative thoughts.
And perform "Regrets" (analogy apology to the person)  and chant Om Mani Padme Hung (daily invest to the flower shop, like giving tencent to the shop and each time u give ten cent, when other people have problems, the flower shop send 1000 times to people who needs. )

So chanting mantra is also gaining of merits too and ur doing charity good deeds.

So if u really face alot of test in health and luck;

A) 忏悔
B)Chant Om Mani Padme Hung (扫除按你门铃的业障)


就好像at least 现在有观音法门帮你。

And above is my simple way of explaining Guan Yin Practice. 

So when ur karma strike, u know u have a way , chant Om Mani PadMe Hung

In order to have good happy life, u need to 忏悔, chant Guan Yin Mantra. Than luck go dont make same mistake again.

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Essential Oil Method to handle luck:
Oil and stones in

All crystal and oil suitable for everyone. But particular stones if u during stress is very very even fast to calm the mind:

Born between 19th Feb to 4th May
Small Stone
Use Pyrite flower crystal, put in ur bag or table. 

Oil: Work with eucalyptus peppermint

Born between 5th May to 7th Aug
small stone
Blue lace agate, aquamarine

Oil: Fresh Morning blend

Born between 8th Aug to 7th Nov
Small Stone
Dragonwood small 

Oil:  Lemon, bergamot

Born Between 8th Nov to 18th Feb
Small Stone: 
Red Carnelian

Oil: Awakening oil blend

How to use the above Oil:

5 drops in cotton stick to fan blow around house and u
5 drops in water rinse body
1 drop tissue wipe office table and phone

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Apply oil to stone with tissue. Than put stone on navel and rest for 5mins.


2018 Power Healing Mala $500

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Power of Good Ren Yuan Products:

1) Rose Balm
2) Secret Garden Balm
3) Auric roller
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