Friday, April 27, 2018

Toilet Wash Date

April end to May is perfect months to clear out the old to bring in the new.
Checking your house what to throw or donate away or throw into recycle bin can bring alot of surprise energy.
The act of washing toilet and incense movement remove the energy debris that has built up over time. 
Once you wash toilet, ur bodyache can feel release, once you walk around your house with omhealth incense powder perform the cleansing, the energy of the space lifts, brightens, and circulates freely.
Negative energy of the house can be accumulated like a sponge from your emotions, thoughts, people who visits, or when u niam negative things.
This can be absorbed into the walls, furniture, carpet, ceiling, and objects or bed. Also the bigger negativity will stuck in toilet.
Refer to beside label " Toilet wash" u will have the procedures. Oil use must follow. As i dont like to repeat le:> Is been there for 6 years.
Wash Toilet Days are 
28th April
2nd May
11th May
anytime. Cannot ask maid , u need do urself

Move incense around the house

U can choose wash toilet day , wash le than move incense around.

Or if u just want to move incense around the house:

13th or 14th or 15th May

Significance of wash toilet : Clear the debris and also sickness issues
Move Incense around house:

Omhealth Incense move around can be
Royal incense and Auspicious Herbal Healing Peacock Incense.

After that u can light a coil incense in living room it will last for 2 hours.

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