Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ren Ri

Ren Ri : Buy Lavender water and scrub is good:>  Or use it this few days:.
 If u have been using rose water , time to alternate with lavender organic flower water, it symbolise good healing energy and also good Ki from universe.

Use ur Cny10 to buy above two items:>

Omhealth today wishes all customers of all religion a good and happy human day;
Today we have a promocode Cny10 for all;

Da Jia Lai bai Bai 25th March 2018 will be 8th year anniversary and rest for a year plus before we give this class again:> For those never come for welcome 2018 talk should even come more:> Fees: $38. DOnt hesitate ok

Oh today if u can buy things and people give u $1 coin as change. Put in ur bowl in living room. Those who have not set up 5D coin in a bowl, can shop in shopping cart the 5D coin and put next few days:> Collect ur $1 coin today:>

Today ren ri: Light more omhealth incense at home:> Also eat pearl powder, if not go People's park SinZhong get, the shop that day lion dance their pearl powder super good luck. Next time I than tell u buy Fu Hua. Now go Sin Zhong, also Bedok mall.
Today Lunch time, eat any noodle or pasta or mamee noodles snacks also can:>

For 20 years le omhealth has work day and night in providing informations on mindfulness and also alternative way to achieve good luck through foodcure and always remind everyone, life is like a timetable of event (like ur secondary school timetable) things we need to go through we dont skip but bravely face it and after that we will graduate. But once we graduate we are to new level of challenge.

For me I know a person age of different timeline will face different issues. Some of u may go through a year call " Series of Event" this period is the time all things good and no good comes together. This is the time, u need to be careful not to fall into trap of weird group. Anything blur just go to your own religious head. For me u can go Guan min San or Shuang Lin Si or Taoist Temple Arumugam road for prayers or ask gudiance. Or simplest go Waterloo Guan Yin Temple to pray for consecutives 9 weeks, weekly anyday before 9am. (no need daily, i mean once a week).

Omhealth Luck Items like Heng ball is a very good item to inspire Light and good energy to your house. Today Human Day, U can get a birthday heng ball :> Is very good ball to put in ur bedroom. Scroll Down

This Friday I will be at the Orchard temple at 745pm to 8pm. Is a good day. U wanna go u will see me there:> Those who see me I will give u a red paper :> and a blessed medicine Buddha Card:>

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Today at Nepal, a friend is helping to write name for omhealth charity group and also omhealth students and customers and hang this prayer flag in holy place. Is very lucky have someone do for us today. Alot effort made. And I hope feel the rejoice energy. In life, what more can wee ask for. Life is really short. Let us drop our worries and let Heaven Take care for us, and lead our life with peace and helping people.

( Oh those who order 3 leg frog in facebook, many never go buy do go shopping cart buy as we reserved for u)

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