Monday, January 15, 2018

Thank You All

Thank you all for attending the event on 14th Jan 2018. I am sending out email slides for all attendees by Wednesday so by Friday:>  never receive tell . If u receive twice dont mind ok:> double heng ahahha

Oh many ask the doormatt color, well let me update the peace2018 website wednesday
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Is a wonderful talk and I manage to share what is needed for you to smooth sale in 2018.

I tried to make it simple so everyone can use the techniques.

Is not a easy to prepare talk for 2018. But yes we manage to learn together.

I will have a live video. On what is lion dance and keep for those who cant attend soon to be posted here. U all can order.

For those who want the auragold 20 oil and 5 element oil please order.

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