Friday, January 19, 2018

My personal Confession::: Heng heng ok

Hi all

if u understand when i give a event workshop. My intention is to give all the techniques to improve ur luck and help ur well beings. A event where I dont keep and teach what i need and more than 120 percent.

But i mention, to u all may be a simple sms or whatsapp for a question is simple to me. But imagine I wake up 4am to start working daily reply email , checking orders and my work.... Everyone 1 sms can be 200 sms or whatsapp a day. So i say dont message ,me, just email can le. AHahha hope u all understand ah.

All u want to know i put on website And if queries u can email to but floor plan etc i dont.

No hard feelings, i need to write out ahaha so u all understand omhealth just one person doing all typing.

I am asking myself, am i too pamper u all le. U all need make effort to check.

Many asking me floor matt color. But i already given u all the flying star sector, and floor matt color put in long ago but u all must read ok

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