Thursday, January 4, 2018

Jan 2018

Ruyi elephant once a year appear. Symbolise wealth luck and family health. U can put 1,8,9

Also the hulu set $55 ready. U put ur crystal inside. Than can put beside bed one of them for health, and the other one at living room. Last year those with gold powder can continue use. Just that inside u  a cotton put in ten spice oil few drops ok le:>
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Flying star tells us simple way to iron out the issues in life. For example when ur life suddenly filled with gossips and not in peace, we quickly go to look for star 3 , 7 see whether is cluttered etc. We clean it up and spray some omhealth either protection or tranquility mist.

#1 - Brings success and win and confidence
#2 - Cause  illness and diseases
#3 - result in fights and unhappiness
#4 - Bring good human relation and renyuan and education luck
#5 - Cause very bad energy if not suppressed but if at one corner of house ignore
#6 - Brings help from mentor luck from heaven
#7 - Result fights and fight fight
#8 - Brings all goodness if u think positive at this sector
#9 - It plan out and bring future luck

In fact those have my elephant ($68) can put at 8 and 9 .

Elephant ruyi is omhealth products since 2012 and now yearly this timing we have 30 set for adopt.

Who want can emaill to

I have updated the 2018 star 7 and 8.

In Jan 6th to 3rd Feb 2018. Rat must watch ur health. But star 6 Gui ren star is in control all of u will receive help from heaven if u have faith and think positive.

But there are 2 star that affect ur thinking;
1) Anger star : Block ur views so u cannot see good luck
2) Think of worst of people and think negative about people star: This star will result u blame wrong people. So be very careful

To handle this 2 star, burn the Auspicious Incense and High mountain incense combine u will see good results. Abit will do.

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Food for Jan to Feb 2018

red apple 1 , Chinese pear 1, Sugar cane red 1
Chop all and boil water , whole family drink/

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