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Bank Account articles: House Harmony energy

In Flying Star fengshui there is a particular star NUMBER 3
This star if not handle carefully it can create alot of quarrels and anger and misunderstanding with people:

Is 2 months to CNY. And year end energy is like" Feeling down", "Stress" because is exchanging of stars and new energy coming in. So with positive thinking using incense, oil for shower and listen to good mantra music. Help u recover quickly. Come fast go fast.

So be very strong all. And u have all the techniques i teach. Just use one of them.

How to Create Harmony in the HOME:

is common that once a blue moon the house may have some disharmony energy as we are part of the Universal energy. We human sometimes create negativity and it will be like a substance that stays in the house and once accumulated to a stronger energy it create disharmony. Or sometimes it can be due to the disharmony star 3 in the house which need to be handled.

To harmonise the house: 2018 NE of house put red heng ball.

Every month the quarrelsome star will fly to different sector of the house.

Jan 6 to  3rd Feb :  SW
4th Feb  to 4th March  :East
5th March to 4th April : SE

so if u find ur house abit disharmony, go to this locations light a essential oil burner for a day or burn some incense powder at this sector once a week. Add some red decor around above few sector at that month.
Now u dont have to do anything if ur house in harmony. If disharmony that activate the methods.

B) Bed energy represent good relationship with urself and people. Once a week u can burn some High Mountain incense around the bed and open the window.


C) Permanently using Crystal at SW of the bedroom u can hang a Pink Heng Ball or a Clear heng ball


D) Using Harmony blend oil to diffuse in bed room bring good energy.

NB: Using omhealth rose hydrosol for face compress and eye compress, encourage u to see good things in life
Using Glamour mist on ur face encourage good aura
Using Granduer facial oil helps to resolve negativity people away and people respect u.

Thats why i combine oil and water very powerful to massage face or neck. If that day u use moisturise for face. Ur neck is water and the facial oil massage neck can le.

E) Steam Sweet corn at home . And share among the family brings good house harmony energy.

Diffuse the oil below ba or tissue fan blow house.
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Do u know Singing bowl put beside bed can sometimes help sleep for certain people. And I have a client also very prone to sickness. And after he put a singing bowl and a bottle of essential oil beside bed. Before sleep apply oil and morning gong gently:>
This singingbowl is hard to come by at $280

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A personal Experience:

More than 15 years ago. A friend has some terminal illnesses and I went around to look for a master for healing. And someone told me about Rinpoche temple and from there I learn about healing, mantras and the importance of simplicity. Indeed rinpoche has healed many.

Once I organised a temple walk and many are lucky to visit Kunchok Rinpoche blessings back in 2012.

U all can visit Thank You rinpoche Link here : http://bryanverygoodluck.blogspot.sg/search/label/Thank%20You%20Kunchok%20Rinpoche

Things Rinpoche inspired me before he left the World are

1) Dont think so much, just chant mantra
2) Careful dont anyhow go to unknown center or follow wrong teacher
3) Anything just chant name of Tara or Guan yin Pusa or guru rinpoche mantra
4) U people create problems because ur mind think left think right . Calm ur mind daily 5 mins.
5) Follow the right Teacher, if cant find, just talk to Buddha or Guan Yin in ur heart, and they are around to guide u.

I still remember he will scold people who are very Superstitious and not in right track.

I still remember the few months before he passsed on. I was asked to do The first Taiwan show on 女人我最大。It was one fine evening, and I visited him for blessings. And actually i was told even he is really very sick he do alot of blessings for people. That day when I arrived, I remember using some oil to perform acupressure for rinpoche. This is so blessings.

Today articles is about sharing with u

Do not be confused, at all times when you are lost, go back to basic.

1) Simple prayers to Buddha or God of ur own religion
2) Have a proper meal , perform some breathing exercise
3) Go Waterloo Guan Yin temple, u can seat on the chair or red carpet chant mantra .
4) Yearly pay respect ur ancestors or write a prayer name for them in some temple.
5) Everyday do 21 OM to clear any imprint of people saying ur negative things (or a fortune teller say u no good etc)

1) Be frighten by any master who impose fear on u. Like say ur luck no good must do this do that.
2) Be superstition when sick or luck low, keep thinking that instead transform ur mind that all these negativity u re facing now better than facing still dont know. at least u are facing face to face and do good deeds to dissolve it.
3) Blame things all others when luck no good. I remember a disciple once blame a item  a master give him for low luck after receive the items , without knowing the items has helped him to block alot bad things.
4) Gossips in temple or church

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