Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 a Bazi of many opportunities but lack resources and abundance

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Be positive and hold ur Fu Zai Yan Qian Coin and say some positive words now:> Daily for 21 days:>

2018 is a special earth Year. There are alot of doors to achieve what u want but too many doors and lack of a good entrance. Also what happen in 2017 issues may bring forward to 2018. So now to 2018 4th feb . Is good for u to burn the High mountain incense and Auspicious incense at home.

Almost every year is not easy for past few years but again we able to sail thru with foodcure, aromatherapy and compassion energy.

2018 is a year u can have more white curtain at home. Some brass hulu set or metal decorations. Also go Suntec do something... What is that something? That I will leave to Bai Bai Class 2018.

But i can say 2018, u must take lotus seed with white fungus soup to open ur wealth and opportunity luck.

2018 is  a year of working on ur same project and improve on it. Is not about exploring alot of brand new directions. Setting ur foundation strong will bring bright future.

2018 is a year we forget to listen to ourselves and others. We probably will be flooded with worries and stress.

Thats why omhealth launch the Positive Affirmation Flow blend and Equilibrium blend . It allow u to think positive and have smooth flow of life in 2018.

Patience is the key to success in 2018. I mean please la, everyone knows patience bring success. But I am not joking. If u can print the word patience A4 paper and remind urself.

2018 is a year to attend classes, lessons and also strengthen ur personalities and skills. Be nice to people because 2019 will make use of what u work on in 2018 and fly high.

2018 we launch the Fu Zai Yan Qian coin is because to fulfill the missing Metal element in 2018 and also this coin brings good energy whenever u re.

In 2018 we have missing Metal Energy and Also have quite alot of wood energy. Wood means growth.

1)For family luck success. Have a bowl of $1 coin and put a 5 d coin in living room after 4th Feb 2018 anytime
2) 6D hulu maindoor behind door knob or a 3M hook hang behind door.
3) For Whole year of family Harmony: NW of house activate it with flying star method or u can just put a bowl of $1 coin with Bai Wu Jin Ji coin on it. The 8 immortal equipment from the coin and bowl of $1 coin will activate to bring smooth energy to house or office.

In welcome 2018 talk I will share with all the Affirmation of the Year to activate a General Star hidden in the year Bazi:.


Dont forget to attend Da Jia Lai bai Bai class

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