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Welcome Year of Dog 2018

Omhealth first given fengshui talk back in 2002.
For a workshop in auditorium, is very not easy for me. Today I shall express my thoughts in this articles especially newbies are getting more.

NB: From booking of auditorium, going on stage and before event need to run up and down to set up the stage, arrange lion dance to your notes is really  ONE PERSON. Age catching up aahahahah i trying my best to have this workshop once a year to plant in positive energy and thoughts. So every workshop alot of prayers send to the auditorium on that day and timing from masters.

Thank God , my parents helping me to set up store that day and now have leng leng and lai to carry items to stores. Thats why sometimes , for orders i tends to forget packing things near CNY.
Now I have 3 personal students that this year help me set up powerpoint and microphone... (imagine all these while i need to handle)


For 14th Jan 2018 event
Specially prepared

1) 500 lamp offerings at Mount Wu Tai 
2) Donation on that day itself of food and medicine to Cambodia and merits dedicate to all from omhealth charity group
3) Lamp offerings in Singapore 5 temples to all attendees
4) Rinpoche blessings to all attendees in event
5)  Lucky blessed items (to all attendees)

U dont know right plus we have 500 lamp offering at Wu Tai Shan that day for all attendes peace and harmony
(Is not an easy arrangement) Mount Wu Tai Lamp Offerings for all attendees on 14th Jan 2018
Mount Wutai.JPG


Thanks for support all these years.

How it all started:

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Back in 2004 , omhealth given advice to that time, newbies fengshui master to be ,and now some become top notch fengshui master in Singapore.

And also in 2005 was a turning point for omhealth which help 2 fengshui master and 3 media big players in designing their house with crystal fengshui.

That time omhealth collaborate with a fengshui master to promote crystal cave. And do u know some of the big players businessman in Singapore has omhealth cave. ahahaha

Those student who attending the talk this 14th Jan 2018, many who has my cave in 2004 are coming....

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All these I kept in almost low profile (my character dont want to share until I have achieved what i need to) so that i can use my own effort to build my customer base rather than using them as a testimonial to attract people to my event when I was young.

But time is ripe now to share with u all and newbies after 15 years in fengshui talk how it all comes about. Because uncle me retiring to more backend le and only will give one fengshui workshop a year and a Bai Bai Class.
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Omhealth Bryan lao shi all begins to study crystal therapy and aromatherapy back in 1996 in Australia. After he graduated from Bachelor of Science, he came back Singapore in 1999 so besides working he spend most of his time building his dream to whether in crystal therapy and healing direction or health guru. So he concurrently work on both. And in Singapore he was trained in reiki, cyrstal therapy , color aromatherapy and back in Australia he earn hsi pocket money doing reading for people.

In 2003 he met a group of friend of his age who are in fengshui and given them advice they should start Bazi reading for people. And in 2004 he close his first crystal cave business which weigh 1 Tonn and need a crane machine  to carry to the bungalow.

From there omhealth starts to have media clients and one of the client who has not gotten award for 3 years, after omhealth prescribed him a citrine pendant , that year he got and award and also many testimonials coming up.

And omhealth in 2004 start to be invited to Ministry of Man Power , HDB to deliver fengshui workshop and follow by CPF board (consecutive 7 years fengshui workshop till 2013). And he did his fortune telling at Changi Airport for all CAAS staff, and that year he got very sick because over reading for people and in 2010 he dont do fortune reading le and dedicate his work sharing in blog and class .
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Omhealth was invited to work with fengshui master but i rejected all propsals and continue my work to deliver a workshop on self development. 
Those who attended my welcome talk workshop understand the technique thought to improve luck are ancient researched techniques and slowly i was drfited away from the fengshui scene when it becomes too commercialise and infuse fear in people. So in 2008 I stated a website call which Omhaelth falls out with some master because disagreement in prediction and continue to share with people that fate is on ur hand and with good simple advice and techniques luck can change.

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Back in 1980s , omhealth founder Bryan always hang around Bugis area because grandma was there, from there he has access to temple elderly which he learnt many luck improve method.

His dream was one day to have temple visit and Bai Bai Class , which many of his friends laughed at him.

In 2012 Bryan lao Shi organise the first Temple visit: and he has the honor to work closely with many temples. But again bryan Lao shi know, things will get attached and in 2016 he decided to end this project as he has done enough promulgation and move on.

In 2013 he conducted his first Da Jia Lai Bai Bai class, and he was interviewed by news and also people from museum attended .

Era has Changed But omhealth talk is always beyond .

Time has changed, with social media and youtube, u type 2018 and animal sign or fengshui there are 1001 articles. People yet are facing more obstacles , why? So i conduct a workshop once a year to implant positive energy. Which is welcome year talk.

Again I say era has changed and people who make effort to attend workshop are stress, clouded by stress and laziness and even though u know is a powerful workshop but ur negativity sometime block u from coming.

And I think I cant catch up with Facebook live media and amazingly instagram which people measures success base on followers numbers..... Ahahahah 

Welcome Yearly Talk topics are always implanted with

1) Techniques of good luck
2) Simple DIY method to handle the year energy
3) Mantra to learn and exercise to do for better year.

Every year is different and age is catching up. On top of alot of event and TV shows, my family advice me to relax and may be to give up this event because it takes 6 month for me to do calculations and prepare slides and training material.

Is not a talk of 12 animal sign and tell u what to buy. But is a full 2.5 hours of training that i compress 1 year of finds in this 2 hours.

And who on earth before giving talk prepare a website , some say u show to much, no wonder people may not come event. To me , event are topics that will blow ur mind away . Why every year is full house.... 

This year I put many newbies in waiting list and encourage old customers to attend , and Cindy my helper even personally sms to120 of u. But many didnt reply and so I decided to open the waiting list to newbies by Monday 1st Jan 2018.


Written more than 10 years of fengshui articles for magazine.  Every articles i try to instil positive thinking to all attendees so people can be more positive and yet effective methods to implant wisdom compassion and face life obstacles with courage and fearlessness

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Welcome 2018 Talk left some seats register if u think u want to attend this exclusive event with good energy.

14th Jan 2018
NTUC auditorium
Time : 930am to 1pm.
Fees: $45, payment need to be made once register. please dont make job difficult for Cindy has she is my volunteer. When ask make payment just pay ba before class.

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