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December words of Advice

2017 Dec 

Omhealth have sent out newsletter for many last two months, but we found out many old friends and students has changed ur email address.
Those who wants to be in newsletter, do email to class@omhealth.com (u must state u re newbies or old students and mention u want to be in heng heng newsletter or health newsletter or both)  Heng heng newsletter include temple information.3)

Upcoming: Charity December project, will announce tonight:>

1) Donate for lamp offering for world peace
2) Food  and medicine and coffin combine donation
3) Cambodia plant some herbal trees so can help more villagers.

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If this month luck in family and health and career not smooth. Buy some red items home. And wear abit red.  Morning time drink red dates tea (packet one if u dont wan cook) will improve luck alot.

If u can this month buy red heng ball (if u dont know what present xmas to get urself)


Just be aware and live life as with wisdom and compassion. We are still human, emotions will sometimes abit off but luckily we have remedies like final rinse body with 5 element oil and spray tranquility spray (best remedies for emo) and use auraGold20 oil for good energy.

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It has come to my attention than sometimes when planetary movements appear especially this few years which is quite common. Some fortune tellers will focus on negativity properties and amplify on the negative effects so much. But forgetting is part of growth and challenge

For me, i find there is a challenge I will share with u all simple foodcure and essential Oil (any brand ok, my main purpose is to share and help u all feel better) to handle it.

Bascially u can have rosemary  oil, lavendula, peppermint and marjoram (any brand) to handle planets movement.

My students u can use, awakening blend, purification blend, cypress, 5 element oil and Auragold 20

Next month we will have 2 new oil:> for collections.

A person life is always accompany with following issues.

1) relationships
2) Money
3) Career colleagues

And most of us neglect:
Family love and care (we thought we care for them but we were too busy)

Life in 2000 compare to 19xx is very different. In ancient time when a master teach a mantra it seems the mantra very effective and  recorded in many books the mantra has given people good results. Like sickness recover, health better and career better.

But why, now we have so many mantra, so many temple or religious places but seems the result is ....

This is because of ur mind too complex and lack of faith.  ANd this era we have thicker muds than ancient people and too complex and we are lazy. How many of u here, good luck time or happy time remember to chant or pray. But many what I know what problems come, wa chant until .....

I think consistent is important. For me I dont seat down chant because I too busy. but when i wait for mrt or in train i chant from heart. and when i go gym, my rep i replace with cundi mantra instead counting 1-9.

If u are a christian, u should have faith with God and just focus ur prayers and act:>

omhealth base is a Buddhist Taoist and Natural Energy believer. I always says go with the flow and also keep things simple and be simple really simplicity is the cure. And I respect all religion.

The right track is when u feel often joyful and peace than u are in a right track.

Past few years I have shared with u all, Guan Yin Mantra (which u should chant 3 times morning) and Cundi Mantra (a very good self cultivation and problem release mantra and is more.... u can visit my www.omhealth.com/kwanyinma.htm)

Recently I encourage u all to chant the Peacock King Mantra as described by Buddha that can help us alot in this era of time;
2/3 of our mind now is on work , relationship and playing with the Phone. U ask yourself how much time u have to be in personal development. Ur past karma is still as much as last time.

In this era have u made time for yourself to attend a health talk or a talk or read a good book or dedicate time to chant and pray and write?


In 2018 I will only personally conduct 3 workshop , one for health, one for luck and one for exercise.
And also charity work. I may have botanics garden charity walk soon.

My health talk motivation is for all attendees to have remedies to their problems and inspire them to take care of own;s health and family health

My Bai Bai Class Talk is for good energy and this year 3rd March we have a Grand Bai Bai Class talk and is a gathering and we will also chant mantra and learn some basic mudra for health

Exercise Class we will combine with a yoga teacher to share and teach:> Stay tune.

Peacock King Mantra can help alot of our issues and put us in right track. For those with sleep issues try chanting 9 times before sleep and dont think about it. Slowly one day u will find one week got 2 days sleep better and improve ok:>

U can refer to my write out in www.omhealth.com/kwanyinma.htm article Z
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