Saturday, December 9, 2017

Auspicious handmade Singing Bowl Only from Bryan

Omhealth Singing bowl
5 to 6 inch diameter ;
Ensure full compliance of different METALS secret formula representing the sun, moon and other planets. This powerful metallic alloy generates a symphony of rythm to clear away negative Qi, move and heal stagnant and SHA chi.
I heard before, "A Gong of Pure Singing Bowl once a week, improves house fengshui without the need to see Fengshui Master."

Bowl that follows Tradition and Activation by Bryan using a old formulae

An excellent family item for attracting new harmony energy ,sources of income, opportunities, increasing sales and inviting constant good luck.

Frankly Speaking, using good quality Singing bowl + Kum Mo Yan Set + Protection Space Clearing Spray === or better than hiring a fengshui Master and save a lot a lot a lot of money.

For me, I will do the above once a month ^^

Collect one for the family and enjoy harmonics of good luck and harmony. How to use? A video will be made soon.

Email your order to Subject title as "Singing bowl with Bryan".

Only 10 will be made a month. $280

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Anonymous said...

Bryan , can make some small wan? Dnt hv
So much $ buy the big 1 leh. : p