Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2017 Year End Challenges

Normally end of the year Nov Dec and Jan. Is like a cleaning up months. 

Performing the following for Dec and Jan .

  1. Heng Body Scrub
  2. 5 element oil rinse body
  3. Aura Gold wrist do buttery-fly dance.
  4. Use Foot patch:. vitarealm website have discount, u can use ur own brand also ok. ( VRPPROMO168 promocode) But u can choose other brand up to u.

The foot detox patch u can put few drops of Purification oil bottom of feet than paste.

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Bryan Lao Shi 小提示

1) 落伍的东西要放下来  ( Use marjoram and Ginger lily Massage stomach)

2) 处事要当机立断 (Use rose water on cotton compress eye 3 mins)

3) 多尊敬老师长辈,向前学习  (Use Awakening blend cotton inhale)

4) 谦虚待人,多为人着想。 (Use Bryan Relax blend do powerbath)

5) 自我反省检讨,从中找出解决方法 ( Use Purification and Peppermint to clear)

6) 不要坚持自己是对的,放下个人主观, 多听民意,重新planning ( Use Bergamot and PEppermint)

7) 避免神经紧张 (Peppermint and Lavendula and marjoram massage neck)


easily heaty and cough

Another dimension:

Things may happens

1) Things spoilt

2) Minor injury if u not mindful

3) Misunderstanding feeling 委屈

4) Luck is getting stress

5) Aches in body.

So this is the time chant mantra ok:>

And Omhealth is very thankful to few thousand of students.

Use alot of auraGold 20 oil and also 5 element oil to mob floor.

We receive prayers from Nepal, China and Sri Lanka and Cambodia. And i dedicate this to all of you.

Personally thank u.

Many students light lamp for omhealth and many whatsapp me but i dont have time to say thank u. So i thank u here.

Thank you. Omhealth is really blessed with Good energy and blessed. So the aura is really good.

 And besides that our students have put good quality incense in some temples so people can use nice incense to pray.

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