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FLying Star 9 : 2018 : Center of House

For complete star a detail explanation will be on Welcome 2018 talk. For oldies do register fast as is filling up fast.

On 4th Feb 2018 this flying star 9 flies to center of ur house, country etc. Also contribute to the energy of the world. Is a year of celebration, means after work , u dont wanna do any work related things and go drinking etc, but may cause health problems, so be more careful.
(articles falls under right side label " 2018 luck")

5D coin and 6D hulu are ready to order but just order some first. Those attending talk if u think u need more than buy that day but crowded

This is a year my students if u have my real 7 metals singing bowl gong gong is very good.
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Flying Star 9 flies to the center of house. That means it affect in general ur living room and indirectly affect the luck of whole family in general.
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Bryan Lao Shi researched

So when purple 9 star visit center this can be either good or bad. It depends on how we work with this energy. First and first main door , 3m hook change ur 6D hulu after 4th Feb 2018.

As we know center of house is Earth and 9 Purple star is fire as a result of the productive relationship between 9 Purple (fire) and 8 White (earth) in the center in 2018

In terms of economy that symbolise slight growth and benefits the young leaders alot and young ones may take over older leaders de in terms of power. So for those at work, and like my age now, we need to protect ourselves from taking over by the young one.

Also the Train right (u know what I mean), is better on feb 2018, to decorate the stations with more positive thinking poster is good and use more white metal below
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We shouldnt be

1) Lazy
2) Yi Lao Mai Lao
3) Resist to Change
4) Attend classes to upgrade yourself

Carrying the new coin of Fu Zai Yan Qian and Bai Wu Jin Ji put on office table or hang at living room is good.

In terms of Yi Jing this formation GEN represent fire indirectly denotes  that the economy of the world is facing challenges.  Economy will be tough but online business may be doing well more. More shop houses will be empty this year.

If I am your company ISO Auditor I will increase risk management  and SOP for companies . Reviews the policies

Also if  I am in Countries with flooding or bush fires I will have enough protections on the danger of natural disasters.  I always says the end of 3 months is a reflection also of the next year. Flooding is an early signs.

For us who likes to travels alot in 2018 (after 4th feb, please dont be stubborn, if the government say that country is not safe etc, than dont go.). Before travel go pray pray is good.

Carry with u the Travel Charm (people selling $80 over, omhealth for benefits u, at $18)

I suggest countries with Jungles and Forest do watch over fire and do sufficient protection.

Things to DO for House:

1) Any lamp spoilt or dim or weak at home or office change it. If ur lights near ur cubicle spoilt tell boss immediately change it
2) If u want put plant, u can put those plant with woody stem.
3) Light omhealth any incense once a week if u can.
4) In general family luck so so, brew a pot of Omhealth Gold tea mix with some Hawthorn and drink at living room. Eat some lychee sometimes or put some red apply living room is good.
5) Ur mobile phone or computer password (and is not the phone itself, is password), if has number 24 or 42 change away the number as this two number activate Siao ren.
6) This year living room put flower of life 5d Coin in a bowl of marble and light some candle or decor is very good
7) Dragon Tortoise works so well in 2018 as it brings the energy to stabalise in home and tell everyone in the house to wake up ur idea and be calm. Is good to use oil like Awakening blend and Purification oil on the dragon tortise as this will carry the energy around the house.

Omhealth Items for House luck 2018
1) 5 D coin flower of life: To release negative energy and bring back power
2) Awakening or Purification Oil on Dragon Tortise can also use Aura Gold 20 and 5 element oil. : To handle unecessary negativity and remind ourselves we are always supported. Any challenges are way of life to be better.
3) Bowl of marbles and put 5 d coin on top: Top up abundance and activate the metal energy
4) Omhealth Any Incense (Pagoda Coin Incense best to use easy) : Movement and creativity energy is what we lack of in 2018 as we have too much resources but dont know how to use.

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