Thursday, October 19, 2017

How do you feel?

Is very important to check on our emotion everyday. As it can destroy us if we allow negative energy to build up.

But again because of our environment and people we care for and worry for and our work and health. All these contributes enormous negative thoughts everyday.

Dont be the number of negative thoughts one person created can covers the map of Singapore.

So you should have a mini ritual a day to check on ur emotion. I think may be some when reading this article has a heavy heart. So heavy that you cant breathe or may be some are having a emotions that feel trapped.

 Well you can do something for yourself.

If u are feeling physically, energetically and emotionally drained we can work with some activities as described below

 1) Clean your house

Physical space and energetic space are highly interconnected. This exercise is simple process of clearing out and cleaning up your home , office, car space or toilet. If you are surrounded by clutter outwardly, you will be impeded by inner clutter....

Fridge: Affect ur mood: Cleanse with Lemon oil and Eucalyptus in wet cloth wipe and throw away expire things
Toilet : Affect ur overall wellbeing: Use toilet cleanse method

Etc ( I will share more)

U will be surprise be cleaning above both item first, u can feel the lightness. And when cleansing or after cleansing spray protection spray around the house.

 2) Practice Silence

Do breathing exercise with AuraGold 20 oil or Awakening blend.

Silence is like a beautiful flower growing amongst high grass at the corner of the garden. Do a breathing exercise .

3) Pen or Pencil with a notebook

Pen down your thoughts.

Foodcure for October to November 2018 

Taking this this period to combat the unlucky star that affect our energy.

Eating this item will help u balance the Yin and Yang And after take le, shower with Heng Heng Scrub u can feel the different.

The alignment of the planet stars last few months is heactic for many and now is time to nourish ur body

Related image

Image result for black and white sesame paste

 This is very important as it balance the Yin and yang of body. U can when u feel the energy has gone wrong. Black and white sesame on ur rice or drink a bowl black and white sesame paste.


News Launch of Pheonix Incense Powder

$55 (20 bottles only)

Dragon Turtle

email to. ! 

State clearly u want the $68 or $88! And if u put two set is ur wan 2 of the $68 or 1 $68 and 1 $88

Will only ready 14 Jan after further activate by lion and dragon dance ! U can order now ! Is high quality peach wood! Limited pieces !

State in email u want the $68 or $88 or both one set at 

Carefully Activated: $68 only ready January 2018  But u need to order before December 2018 from this email as it will be made extra and tie to each name and each has a serial number paper.

Put at house facing door or cupboard with face looking at door. I will explain more

The purpose is to create an energy of  Joy and Happiness to ur life even we are face with alot of things and is facing ur main entrance. Is a blend of Wisdom compassion and Ambition

Encourage the energy to work hard and help from good people and also welcome energy of family harmony and good energy in wellbeing and fortune and academic studies。


In January I will also share where u can put  dragon tortoise in  your health sector so a ill person can recover faster after see doctor.

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