Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Heng dragon tortise

Is been 2 years ago omhealth don't have a new house items ! This year I have announced the heng dragon and many good things happen! Even I bring to KL to do blessing for all the tortise when take pic two tortise appear at 观音菩萨 feet! Is like a prayers I surrender all my worries under the holy lotus feet and please take care for me! 

After th blessings from two temples a red lion appears infront of the dragon tortise!

I have two design! The one smaller but details carving is for putting stationary  at home or office with head facing house opening !

The bigger one is for touching and healing of personal Qi!

Is very affordable price using good energy wood and activate with my so many patterns ! Only ready on 14th Jan 2018!

Is so weird , when I take pic one drago tortise , one tortise appear Guanyin feet but when I put two another dragon tortise another  tortise appear climb up ! To me is a sign of auspicious!

This dragon tortise is order le than we do! 

U must email to with name phone and address and 

$68 or


Or both ! Courier fees applies state clearly how many pieces!

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