Monday, July 3, 2017

Special 30th July 2017

30th July 2017 

A special workshop created for all students to renew your energy. Many may find the past six months is kinda of challenging. But aren't u all feeling better now?

Sometimes when we fall into obstacles... we may be overwhelmed but again this blog has provided to many information for us to sail thru the obstacles.

Now if u think back.... is not that bad.

Having strong energy aura is very important at this era of time. And simple visualization and affirmations builds strong aura.

Let us 100 gather to do Affirmation together and with mantra and songs. Also u will learn some Joss paper new pattern and pray pray methods too.

Dont forget our date 30th July 2017
Fees: $38
Location CSC (will email for confirmation exact address)
email to :
(we have 30 more seats)

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Let us gather and cleanse and clear our energy to welcome the next 6 months with good intention and happiness.

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