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Renew your Energy 101 ways ahahha

I still remember the first time I conducted Crystal and Color Healing therapy at TPY Safra back in 2001.

To have this course to be conducted it need to go thru approval . And slowly thru hardword and faith to help more people , omhealth was invited to many statboard to conduct Crystal and Healing talk.
From CAAS (pyramid meditation) to a number of places.

2001 to 2017: I find that the stress level of people are getting serious. Although there are many technqiues taught but alot of us forget the basis and when a shocking problems arises (from retrenchment to health issues) many lost of focus.

Most of us react by
1) finding fault something wrong with house fengshui
2) Ask here and there and over worries
3) Lost of faith in all ur religion and believes.

But a person who daily practice of affirmation and prayers(ur own religion) and performing aromatherapy acupressure breathing exercise will be able to handle these stress.

In ancient time our ancestors used talisman to turn aside misfortune and bad luck. We can also use it to turn away energies that we do not wish to expereince and give it some time.

Bryan" Talisman" to turn away negative energy

Those with black tourmaline or my bracelet as it is activated, so add a drop of ur favourtite oil and rub it in. Than put on belly button, relax on bed 5 mins with a youtube music u like. See how ur energy flow ok:> Is very important to do that.

A) Continue to pray in respect to ur religion. But do give urself a day or 2 to rest and do things that u like to do.
B) Use aromatherapy oil like : Awakening , Purification, Vitality for shower or put tissue throw in ur bag. Use 5 element oil wipe house This helps to seal the aura , preventing stray energies from affecting you. It also helps u to dispel negative thoughts. As we know negative thoughts grows wild and ur thoughts paints ur future.
Energy renewal u can expereince within 3 days to 3 months.
C) Foot reflex urself or go Diaoso buy this $2 foot rest. And apply essential oil at side of ankles and step on it awhile daily. As this open up ur health and personal luck.
D) Look for a charity bodies do some simple donations and leave it as anonymous (when u donate just donate , dont think of this donation will help u bring u luck. Just throw in the $10 and walk aways)
E) If luck super low, once a week between 5am to 7am, walk the stone 3 mins near ur house and when walking the stone chant CUndi mantra 3 mins . Or stand on the stones.
F) If feeling anxiety and fear and lost: Check chinese calender when there is 除日,go see a TCM like from Thong Chai or Buddhist free clinic. And if u are having a very long queue means i clearing ur negative energy and during the wait bring a book read and must read positive books.

G) I keep telling u, Omhealth Gold Tea with two slice ginger works wonder. Keep drinking 4-5 times a week before 12pm. It raise ur aura.

Temple to Visit: Si Ma Lu Guan Yin Temple: Bring u own good quality incense go (buy a packet from incense shop, keep some at home, so when go u bring)
H) Money career issues, put 5 element oil 5 drops to the Peach tian lu once a week and rub from head to tail and say:
" I give thanks joyfully for the gifts i receive"
I) Health issues: put 5 drops ten spice oil on the tianlu hulu once a week and everynight rub the hulu says
" I resonate with love and release all else to the Universe"
J) Foodcure for luck improvements.
U can use any Honey but personally i respect this company and the honey Acacia is from a bodhi tree:

Drink Acacia honey and add a pinch of tumeric and a mini tiny black pepper 3 times a week. This clear negative energy in body.

K) Break away negative and bad luck energy in ur body. U can put healing trees oil a drop at ur foot wear sport shoes and go to ur house downstair pull up bar. Than bring a bottle of vitality oil. Put a drop in tummy (or apply before hand). Than hand at the bar 10 seconds. repeat 3 times.

This is method was created by bryan lao shi. The theory is our spine is the energy of luck. Some people spend $$$$$$ to clear this energy. But ahahahaha a sinple oil and hold this position helps to balance body energy and create good luck.

Try it, after doing u feel better and ur luck come. Those luck improve do go shopping cart shopping auto ok:> ahahah

K) Image result for hang on pull up bar


Drink pumpkin soup if sleep issues problems. Drink twice a week. Works wonder. When sleep good luck good.

M) Appreciate others effort. Alot people thought this blog is easy to write. IS not at all. And i appreciate students who with me for many years know that omhealth is one man one brain one person. And i do respect students who limit their question and ask by email. Sometimes i cant answer but and u all know i write articles immediate for u all. Also with technology developmenent. Everyday ir eceive 80 over whatsapp and alot of times are asking how much certain items is and where to buy things. I will try answer when free but normally cant le. Because getting old, eyes if everyday work like that and see ur messages i cant ahahah.

FOr my work now, i can choose not to reply any message of call anyone de but i think thats not me. So i continue to be the bryan lao shi u all know. But when come to profession dont joke with me or take for granted ok. 

Courier company once again increase courier fees by 50 percent and transport fedex also . So our courier fees for one item is $11 and big items is $15 now. So when u want repair ur bracelet please include courier fees for us. All courier fees for omhealth is $5 . We thank u for ur understanding :>

Mantra to chant for Buddhist or Taoist friends:

A) CUndi mantra  a must daily 49 times or 108 times.
Dedicate to world peace and ur family and urself and all beings.

Bring a packet of shell peanuts  and sweets to Kwan Yin Temple and a bunch banana put right side of the altar when u facing the kwan yin , ur right.

Pray le, bring home some sweets and peanuts to eat. Banana u can leave there.

(peanuts bring the one with shell, so when u eat at home means break away dark energy and renew)


A) 30th July 2017 is a last minute talk but made for old students to renew ur energy:> U need to be Niam.

B) Two new oil Bay Laurel limited edition and Spearmint will be launched. IS very good oil to collect and use for healing.


A 2005 articles renew

Admin : Leng

Lately did a market research:

The High mountain necklace was sold $600 in some places. All have their right to sell at all price de. So for those who get from me at $288 congrats de. Is a very good necklace to wear for sleep etc.

For those who collect will appreciate alot :>

Lately many told me their black tourmaline Dzi , which when go out take a look for energy one cost $680 plus just the Dzi.

Omhealth has maintain this at $380 to $480. $480 will be the around $800 plus.

This has no price de. And cant mass produce as those who have the black tourmaline bracelet will know.
A current survey done, and many feedbacks of its clam energy.

King of Healing Bracelet Black Tourmaline Heaven earth Design

U dont have to wear all the time, u at home or travel than wear. As u need to work so sometimes not convenient. Just sometimes put on tummy and relax.

This bracelet known for protective formtation to repel negativity . It  cleanses and balances the aura. Also remind u to be positive at all situations. So take note, nothing in world can prevent all these, what u need to go thru u need to go thru but reduce the effect

FOr years many work with the purifying energies of Black Tourmaline for both physical and emotional healing purposes.
This bracelet was founded in 2005 period and can help to strengthen one's fortitude against a highly negative environment, such as what can commonly be found in the workplace. 

To use it to protect against stress and to minimize obsessive thoughts. You can put a drop of oil on the bracelet , apply it abit . Than put on head with palm to relax it can help you to remain detached and neutral, and better able to make wise decisions even amidst confusing situations.


1) Wear at home if not convenient in office. But many wear when stress can feel the calmness. So u can put in bag, take wear awhile when typing in office.
2) U need to increase your energy , sometimes put on palm and the other palm on it ans seat down relax.

Below is a class i teach for healing meditation .

Seat on floor or chair. Left palm put black tourmaline. Right palm above head , seat for 5mins. Improve health and release tension.

Do you know by giving yourself 5 mins a day on crystal meditation can strengthen ur aura

Black Tourmaline ready for order witb name movile and wrist size and DOB

Go garden walk and do breathing exercise

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