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Gui ren activation method

Since the welcome 2017 year talk i have mentioned that this is a year of Shi Fei and from that month till many things happening, i stress in blog ways to overcome shi fei.

Below a slide, where i teach people activate gui ren back in 2014 in temple ahaha:>

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Shi fei star is not just about gossiping but also about challenges one may face in health, relationships and career. Example, alot people will think the bad than the good of human, relation and situations.

So a person with proper religion (like if u are any main religion in Singapore, and u have faith with ur religion will be good). I suggest those who always say free thinker, go to study some religion studies in a proper school .

2017 is a year, talk less and do more. Unless u are a person of very discipline and well energies and know the art of speaking if not ur works may become swords and spoilt alot of  opportuninites/


For my religion advise:

Chant daily more on
Choose one below and focus.

U can day time chant Cundi mantra 21 times follow by Ommani padmehung

Evening time Chant Namo Amitabha 21 times

For me i chant when walking home from MRT or when in Mrt.

1) Namo Amitabha
2) Om Mani Padme Hung
3) Cundi mantra


How to have Gui Ren energy more in your life?

omhealth has 2 items which is good to activate the Gui ren is
1) Gui Ren Bag (launched since 2006)
It was imparted in Brisbane from an Ang Mo top sales in MLM ahahha when i was young, the use of this activated stones to symbolise abundance

2) bai Wu Jin Ji Coin
Created to enhance the effect of Gui ren energy and reduce people from affecting our mood.

U can put both together in a nice pouch and do any affirmations.

To increase Gui ren energy in ur life.


Ur handphone must have phone numbers of 18 successful people. And when this 18 person any of the 3 birthday, remember to send them birthday wishes. Or get them a small present once a year.

Also if can found out the richest and most kind hearted and add in.

Many people scare to have boss number, and keep talking bad about ur company and ur boss.
Look, every experience in your life is a creation of good energy for ur future and every obstacles mold u to better energy.

Alot of people including me less time, will talk gossip about boss ah or ur manager during lunch.
This create a energy of "piercing luck star" .

Piercing Luck Star: is known as ungrateful star, even the boss not nice, he still give u monthly pay and also do things that give u income. If u complaint too much , this piercing star will eat away ur luck. I come across so many people, keep complaining job, than one day kana retrench and super worry sad.

I suggest , if ur boss or manager no good. According to ur religion pray daily or chant mantra dedicate to the person.


If u manage to chant mantra from pure heart and dedicate to all beings and even ur boss or manager.... u become the power people Gui Ren, even u term them as good or bad.

U see, whether Boss good or bad, they must have something with them that become ur boss. Saying negative things to Boss or gossip behind is a mistake many makes and me too last time love to gossip with colleague in lunch time but hor, more gossip more suay.

B) Respect and think for others bring more gui ren star shine on u.

Example, i spend alot of time on articles and blog and u think who still keep writing blog ahah. So is good to learn to before askin questions check the answers inblog. U dont private message me as and when u like from FB etc because is not easy for me to keep looking at computer. Again many wont understand until they attend my workshop , and understand omhealth is one man show.

So remember work related , use email and will take my time to reply. If i didnt reply, i will reply as a articles for u. Imagine daily 30 over FB messages, whatsapp 100 over...

Oil for Gui ren

Omhealth Spearmint, Love miracle blend, rose water and Granduer facial oil

Food to increase Gui Ren:

Figs:> and Dried longan.

Stay tune for wash toilet day:> tonight. Power Gui ren activation.

Dont miss the 30th July 2017 talk:>


Ok i need to go Work first, later expand on this article

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