Sunday, June 11, 2017

A little Tips for Better Month---- to be continued

Om Mani Padme Hung

Is almost half of the year gone. But in Chinese lunar month we are still in the 5th lunar month?

How have u all been? Remember this 2 months , carry yourself in ur handbag or ur workbag or office put Tranquility spray and a bottle of fresh morning oil can let u let go of anger and clear block situation very fast.

A) Tranquility Healing Spray  : Clear the fire and situation
B) Fresh morning oil use more for those who are not 顺。

When spray visualise the mist clear negative and smile. When u the oil dab or wrist and relax.

The fire burning formation has caused alot of politics to surface up and health issues to be surface but solutions are always there for you just that many were exhausted by what is happened and forget the tools that you are equipped with.

Now easier way is to daily Chant any Guan Yin School mantra example

1) Cundi Mantra
2) Kwan yin Mantra
3) Ommmani padmehung

Choose one and chant minimum 21 times morning . If u can seat still, u walk and chant , on the way to bus stop. And after you chant dedicate the merits to all beings. And also say, may urself today be like Guan Yin and people who see you be well too.
When u cultivate this simple method u will slowly get out of situations that u re stuck with.

Tea Art:

For people who face alot of blockages; Start making omhealth gold tea with a dash of omhealth ginger. When u drink say: Om ah Hung 3 times (before or after u drink)/


Buy a item from market that u can scrub ur back. This clear the negative energy hidden in "body" use ten spice oil to do the scrub. U will feel good.

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Rat this year is "Po Tai Sui" u will have wealth and opportunity but alot of Shi fei. U can look for north of ur living room or house put the brass hulu. Ur mind is easily stress this year, working with TianLU Hulu with essential oil is important. Also use ten spice oil on it.

Ox this year is ur  relationship luck with people improve this year, but have a five element star that affect u which cause health as a challenge. But with ur determination u be fine. Put 6 d coin hulu in office , will be helpful.
This few months use some oil for shower

Tiger: Alot of good star helping u but overwhelm with work. This few months use more awakening oil and also a "SUN" photo as ur laptop or iphone screen saver. U health if is a concern u can put the brass hulu at the SE of house or living room or bedroom

Rabbit:  Cong Tai Sui, well by now u should know the number of mini pop up incidents that people give u headaches or work.

I will do a facebook LIVE soon on these to continue at 10am today:>


Just listen this for a week if u are very lost now:>

There are many way to chant Cundi mantra

Beginners can chant the short version : Om Cale Culi Cundi soha as shown in my

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