Saturday, August 19, 2017

Omhealth Coil Incense

Hi all this are the 3 famous coil incense from omhealth.
When the coil incense was first launched we further send for test of mercury and lead and chemicals and yes is chemical free.

I suggest beginners use Wishfulfilling coil incense and is wonderful.
Omhealth has another incense powder spa grade is the sandalwood incense powder.

Soon we will have aged sandalwood powder ok:>

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A) Wishfulfilling Pagoda Sandalwood Coil (Beginners use this u will love it)
B) Herbal Medicine Coil
C) Agarwood blend from Vietnam, hainan and Indonesian.

1) Omhealth sandalwood powder for face and burning or body scrub
2) High Mountain incense Powder

For coil incense is advisable to use incense clip .

If u buy omhealth incense burner it comes with a young agarwood powder and a clip and also another clip. At $68

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Agarwood coil incense is more difficult to lite up if u put on a plat of ashes if the ashes is not properly surface flat. So for Agarwood one i will use a clip. Because we use very pure wood and no combustion chemical in coil incense.

Incense helps t balance a house energy. The calming effects of incense are well known by Monks and spiritual leaders. Certain incense aromas work to slow down the heart rate and soothe nerves. These calming effects help to relieve built up tension in the muscles, enabling incense to also be used as a muscle relaxer.

Burning incense with windows opens helps a person to erase tension and also with  increased focus, creativity, and motivation naturally comes increased confidence. When your body is relaxed and your brain is firing on all cylinders, you’re at your best, and when you’re at your best, you’re at your most confident. 

Burning omhealth good quality incense before a a big test, or a big presentation can really increase your confidence and, therefore, your chances of success.

U can put on clip and put on plate and burn. If the coil burn too long, u can break it to burn.

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B) High Mountain Incense: The sweet Aroma create a sense of wonderfulness . Half a teaspoon make to a line and light it up:> U will love it:>
This powder is very amazing good aura. U can feel the instant of cleansing and healing the moment u lite this incense.


C) Below and a packet of small agarwood powder (new wood) at $68.
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