Monday, May 1, 2017

Dakota Health and Luck Exercise Walk 6th May 2017

Account to Transfer is POSB SAVING
033485310 ok:>
Payment to be made before class. Those who register cannot come, we will give u a voucher code for u to buy items and is above $50 for use with $25 ok

Amount is $28, open for students only or people who attended workshop.
Meeting location will be email to u once confirmed.
Is a gathering only and some simple stretch and walk abit and than u all can go eat.

(IS not a super class class, but of course some simple exercise will be taught, thats why this $28, $25 can change products ok:> N for products, u can order from class , and say collect on Saturday but what u want order must say clearly and email by thursday night as we need to pack)

On 6th May 2017 is an auspicious day . And I have chosen this day to have a Dakota health and Luck exercise walk.

Bryan Lao Shi Stone walk and his 5 element Qi Gong is now interviewed by Hong Kong Health show. And u dont want to miss it, face to face with me ahah and i shall share with u the Breathing exercise techniques in details.

All will receive a Peach wood mini gifts too.

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Limit to 50 Pax
Time Mountbatten MRT 7:15am
Fees: $28   ($25, U can use $25 to top up on omhealth products, and $3 other usages will inform u)
The exercise is 1 hour.
Email : (Title< Heng with Bryan at Dakota Health walk>)

After end, u can go Old Airport market for Good food:>

1) International Breathing exercise by Bryan Lao SHI and Body Movements.
2) Power Stretching for body aches issues
3) Stone walk method for digestive issues and back pain.
4) Health Improvements.

Priority Given to those who have attended to omhealth workshop before.

Register now:, once register transfer to, if the class cancels due to rain, the money u can use to get products .

For those who are coming can request for products. And the $25 for purchase above $100. Or u can save the voucher use in future:>

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