Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Be a lamp and shine from within

Hi all do remember , ur life in this world is not very long so let every moment be joyful and peace with urself!
Omhealth continues to shine with all of you!
Merits of donating water well and food and education for Cambodia is almost completed! And this are wonderful merits we shall dedicate to all beings ok!
We must always take note 花无百日红! everything has up and down! And everyone of us is equal! If u notice rich and poor people all just want happiness at the end! Stop wasting ur life but find answers thru compassion! Awaken ur heart by doing prayers , be nice to family and parents and do good!
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Below is a student who has gone thru different stages of life and even spend a lot money and lost oneself going fsm! But lucky he turn back and go back to basis! Simplicity is best ! A simple chant of guan yin mantra or cundi mantra and calm urself down will do!
Those who have crystal bracelet do remember u can smudge and cleanse ur bracelet and energize with high mountain incense very healing!
Black tourmaline is available for order now !

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