Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bank Account Article

How have u all been?

I first started to write for people to find peace in 2007 and to be in right track..
Follow by I start to write many articles on "Bank Account" and hopefully those who find stress in life can find answer there.

I find that we are busier than the past yet many people's health and spiritual development are not in progress. We always say no time but yet when ask u to do a 5mins breathing exercise a day or to chant Cundi mantra 10 mins a day... U give urself many excuses.

Also for those who have chanted for many years... do u have faith in your practice. When issues happen did u lost your trust and shaken ur faith.

Try not to let your past control your future and your now. Learn to be postive.
Many of us forget to smile. Look at mirror and smile for 10 days. Love urself and do things in life that make u calm and happy let making a cup of Omhealth Gold Tea (u know when u make omhealth gold tea the aura very good one)
For those that are facing challenges or lose or light ,keep"fighting" dont give up. Is not easy, u tell ur friends also useless... why not pray and write down ur issues in a note book than work with black tourmaline bracelet  .
Learn focus on yourself and your own happiness then more love and happiness can come into your life. Eat proper food ( i suggest royal jelly twice a year), spending time with family, friendsthe more you think about your own happiness better things can happen.

Life is really full of surprises and unpredictable issues. Many times we are overwhelmed with present situations and problems in life and forget that there are many ways to handle.
Up there has given us the techniques and methods but we didnt make use.

I remember 15 years ago i have both heel having spur and plantar issues and almost needs surgery. 
I didnt see it as bad but  I see this as a wake up call to stop my poor habits like never stretch and run and always eat cold food. And than learn from many master to recover and hopefully with my experience i can share and help more people to recover from heel pain.

When we have health issues, we dont think it as bad but record down findings and also share with people who have the same illness how to overcome it. Than look at ur diet, ur mind and also ur heart.

This is a year of DING YOU year, gossips and issues can surface up quite quickly but it can be resolved quite quickly too.

I am actually very busy with my work and research . And today on my way home, i was thinking, how wonderful it is I can later do my 5mins crystal black tourmaline breathing exercise and 10mins chanting of mantra and dedicate to all beings.

Everyday we should have something to look forward to. Giving urself 15mins or 10mins a day allow u to recharge ur batteries. And see tremendous result in being mindfulness.

Like today, when home, i was quite tired but when I set down to chant mantra... I feel thankful that we are human beings and can learn to chant and have chance to chant mantra.

Today I am so excited after chanting , cloud of Blessings appear, which i have decided to write an article now to share. I want to tell all of you. No matter what situation u are in now. U are the only one that u can help yourself.

Cloud Captured today after a short prayers. It symbolise an aura of faith and up there is watching u all the time and we must really learn to be compassion.
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Let me share with you a simple way to have a good day everyday.
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5mins Visualisation

A) Every morning 3 mins. Chant Om Mani Pad Me Hung few times. Than close ur eyes visualise Kwan Yin Pu Sa in front of u looking at ur Shining Light at u.
B) After that Visualise Guan Yin Pu Sa above ur head.
C) And now keep this in heart. And when u go out or office, people are seeing u as a compassion Kuan Yin.

This is a way we be more compassionate and your work, ur business will be better and better and ur character will also slowly improve.

Dakota Walk Saturday

Hi all do remember if I no time to pack items will courier u;)
Very busy this few days and yes our cambodia project three is success again now have books and water too for another village!

We also provide medicated balm buy from cambodia itself for the family to use.

Money !

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