Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bryan Lao Shi News: Open Luck food

Hi all
this two months May and June the fire energy
u need to make this herbal tea to have smooth luck
Also start using ur gradeur facial oil the energy is good;

May 2017

1) This is a month if u can go garden walk to or nature walk one to two time can improve whole year luck. When u go walk apply Healing Trees Oil at ur ankles ok:>

2)  DIY Carrot Cake to have good opening luck and to find job easy

1 red carrot
3 eggs
2 Spring onions
Sea salt

Image result for 胡萝卜煎蛋
1) Carrot please cut to mini strip thin thin. Wash the spring onions seperate the white and green and cut.
2) 3 eggs beat them in a bowl and add the green part of spring onions.
3) On a frying pan put in oil add the white of spring onions and say: 开运吉祥 3 times
4)fried the white of onions awhile and think of good things come. Add the carrot fried until soft. Add somemore oil and add in egg.
fried two side till golden brown.

Image result for spring onions
Spring Onions Green: Clear negativity
Spring Onions White: Bring in good energy,

Learn more foodcure on 1st OCTOBER 2017 Bryan Lao Shi 20th year anniversary talk:>

May 2017


Juniper berry oil and Vitality Oil in warm water hand or footbath can clear away alot misunderstanding issues.

Wash toilet Date: 7th May 2017

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