Monday, April 24, 2017

Bracelet of Ren Yuan and Peace of Heart

Bracelet of Ren Yuan and Peace of heart
I designed this bracelet for Mother's day special. Because this is a bracelet for people who always want to change their lifestyle and yet dont change.
This bracelet was designed with high quality gem at $188 2 pieces in facebook. but with overwhelm request I have decided to extend 6 more pieces at $150 for Mother;s day week. After that really cannot go down le the price. Because using high quality rose quartz garnet too.

To order u need to email to with mobile and address. Payment need to be made and email to inform to POSB saving 033485310. Courier fee is $3.

Courier company will increase omhealth fees another 20 percent. Actually we absorbing alot courier fees le. SO may increase $1 soon. In Singapore minimum courier fee is $8 and some places is $10. And now we still charge 3 and 5. not easy ah.:> Hope u appreciate the efffort, And sometimes leng leng send hor, is use her off hours to do it.

Is also a bracelet for people who always feel stagnant in life and also give alot and forget about ownself.

The use of garnet by omhealth was back in 2001 when two ladies requested me to design a give birth baby bracelet for them. And two of them after a year happen to have babies. I wonder... Hmmm but now their kids 16 le:>.  Time flies.

I decided to design this bracelet again because the lack of compassion love energy for ourself. Many of u here are born in 60s 70s and 80s and alot of time we have alot of stress of giving to many siutations and put ouself last.  This result in lack of self care . We need to love ourselves to give love more to society.  Taking care of self is very important.

I designed this bracelet with 3 different ren yuan stones.
It symbolise powerful energizing and regenerative and encourage ourselve to balances, strengthens and protects.
It remind us to balance our left and right brain, alleviating fears and providing confidence to change one's life
I hope it can  inspire u  and give u the charisma and renyuan u deserve and assists in owning one's gifts and abilities, and sharing them with others and helping people.

21 days affirmation with Bracelet

I am love, I am abundance and I am Joy
I accept peace and joy in all aspect of my life.
I release all anxiety, doubt , worry , and I am filled with joy and power.

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