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Significant behind each item Part ONE

Two years ago in welcome talk. I mention, if possible. Apply healing trees oil on ur ankles and wrist and walk on the stone near ur house.

Healing Trees Oil is one of the best creation by omhealth.

Story Behind:

Individual Aged Trees or Big tree oil cost alot and as a aromatherapist when young, i find that not many people can afford a  tree oil. But I find that Trees Oil is really amazing in building a person confidence and grounding and healing.

So I decided inorder to benefit more people, in the year of Dragon I produced a blend clal healing trees oil.

Balance Fir Tree,  French Cypress, Pine Rose Tree, Spruce, And Palmorosa

All items here can be found in

anyway many forget to make payment for products. i suggest once receive u transfer next day ok:> and do email once transfer. Every month I need spend two -3 days to check payment. 

In this era, many people day in and day out very not mindful. Sometimes dont know angry for what, busy for what or no directions. Because ur liver is very tired and when a person liver tired luck and health and digestion really affected.

So start using Healing Trees Oil again. U will love it:>

I was borned with a weak body, mom told me, after she given birth to me, i was in hospital for long time. And when young i have gone thru alot medication. When i reached 25 my neck bone degenerated and also skin has hyper hives. But thru natural therapy and breathing exercise and mindfulness. I am ok even though once a blue moon the neck issue appear , i use 3 oil method.

The reason why i wanna do less TV show because of my character , wanting every details to be perfect and it can be very taxing for me.

For now I am planning my 20th year anniversary talk. because of this talk , i scratched my head daily what to teach as I have 10000 years of data with me.

So i decided to have a fun free flow talk :> Stay tune with upcoming workshop

1) Health and Beauty with bryan (full house) 2nd April
2) More than 5 element exercise class
3) Bryan lao Shi 20th year anniversary health and Luck and Beauty (all in one talk gathering, Bao ni Sui Sui heng heng)
4) ONE KM mall 9th April , 2pm, got one event is free u must come.

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Year of Fire Rooster 2017

April will be a very very HOT month, Rooster yaer more or less energy has gone stable. And if u use frequently the Tranquility Spray on urself and Protection spray ur house. U will find any issues cleared off easily.

Using the spray helps to release tension and align a person to be more mindful and strengthen ur values of life

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Protection Healing Space Clearing Spray:
Protect, uplift, strengthen and purify environment.  is very popular product from omhealth it cleanse the fields of space around u or hotel room. U can use after argument or someone visit ur house already u sian. It cleanse the environment  and the space of unwanted energies.

Spray door and all corners of home

Tranquility Healing Spray
It create a shield of protection to preserve ur energy and is like an umbrella that preserve ur personal energy and shield u from unwanted energies.
U can bottled to small bottle and power  to use when you have to deal with many different people and situations, or for crowded commutes, air travel .
Emotionally it  release pain  of heart caused by love or over burden by issues or relationships or speed up recovery from grief of loss and open ur heart to be receptive of healing and JOY

Close ur eyes and above ur head spray to the sky 5 spray and let the mist envelope u


Thoughts of April: Balance your diet, and than move on. Dont be a diet fanatic. Once a while break ur diet. If u have food that u crave, have it and move on but dont be a practice. Out of simple food a person can be health. Is all about the mind. U think how come cow eat grass only can have so much strength. 

What we Singaporean lack of is fresh fruit and vegetables and eating at the right time. If u kept complaining about ur health. Try 3 days of steam vege before 6pm. And fruits before 3pm. U will see how ur body and thoughts transformed.
Drink abundant of liquid and omhealth GOLD tea is designed of high mountain and freshness and brings good luck.

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What to eat Month of April? Food element calculation was imparted to me back in 2007. And monthly I will share what food to eat for good energy.

  1. For money Luck  and overal luck boost: Any Sesame related food.
  2. For Office obstacles and difficult people: U must cook porridge urself one time this month and inside have Goji Seed and dried longan. Portion is 2 tablespoon of rice and 3 cups water/
  3. For house good energy: Sandawood omhealth powder a teaspoon , put in 2 drops purification blend and 2 drops 5 element oil and make to an heap and light up. Walk from bedroom to living room and leave the incense at living room. than spray Protection spray around the house. Month of April doing that will welcome good energy next month.
  4. For health issues: See any TCM doctor, or the very compassion Dr Xu Lili (me and Ma Kuang Zero zero connection). This month can be a health check month.
  5. Stagnant of life and feeling very blocked: Use the Vitality Blend oil

Fruits of the Month: Water Melon eat before 3 pm (moderate) Not juice, must bite after finish the water melon must say:

"Cleanse be, Safe be, all bad things leave, and all good things arrive now, spread love and light to surrounding"

Power Set of 3 items:

1) Wood of healing : A very powerful wood to protection and can put oil on it $50
2) Yellow Wealth bag: is a very auspicious bag, sleep issue u may try put this near bed $12
3) Travel coin and protection; it cost $60 somewhere. Here is $18

Above Protection set is  $68 instead $80. 10 set:> avalaible. Email to with name, address and mobile. Delivery 5 days.
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