Friday, March 3, 2017

Rooster Year

Bracelet of The Year:

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This bracelet 2 made for those interested is a super ren yuan bracelet at $480 and it represent wealth from 2 area, direct and indirect wealth.

Rooster Year 2017

Is a year, will let u see clearly many people. Sometimes things wont be in ur direction. But with chanting of mantra and be firm, u will be surprise how things will turn back around in ur direction if things are for highest good.

So be prepared a rooster roller coaster year and remember rooster can peck away unwanted people who u think is good but actually is with hiddden agenda.

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5th March 2017
1) Shower with the Heng heng Scrub can scrub away alot negativity and final rinse body with 5 element oil
2) U must take tea that nourish ur liver: I suggest cook Ju Hua and Go Ji seed and add some gold tea (optional ) if u have. As Gold Tea is good for this year.
3)  Herbs like lotus seed and red dates is good this day Bring alot ren yuan. If go temple bring some red dates pray.

If u facing already alot Shi Fei 2017.

Please go to WEST of ur house, daily spray the protection spray until shi fei disappear. Also put 5 d coin there. This can be done any day but especially u can kick off from 5th March super effective.

For 5th March 2017
Prayer can be very simple, just buy the set and light candle and incense than pray pray and whole set bring to burn. Take out the beans inside the set and throw to the incense urn when pray.

Elaborate prayers can be found in Nan Hai Fei Lai

5th of March 2017

Is a day to clear off debt of causing negative ties with people.

Alot of times we afraid of " Small People".

In Chinese " Small People" are people who create problems for u, people who makes ur life difficult in office or work. People who smile to u and when turn their back they back stab u.

But again. Many times we should reflect, are we the small people sometimes too?

Or sometimes we are unfair to others.

5th March 2017 is Chinese Tradition of Tiger God Day. Well is Chinese way to express the coming of another season, where that day, all animals which are in "winter sleep;" will wake up that day. Tiger roars

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So this day all the animal from the soil willl start to move and tiger will start to look for food.
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In deeper meaning: Is a day of reflection to

1) Be more understanding
2) Be very careful, sometimes the people u dont like are actually good people
3) All back stab are irreversible if on 5th March 2017, u chant any simple mantra and dedicate to all beings
4) On this day go temple to pray : I suggest Lor 27 Nan Hai Fei Lai as they have the most exclusive set for praying to Tiger God. Or u can go Balestier Da Bo Gong temple too.
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