Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rainbow Day and Super Amethyst with 7 mineral and pyramid

Today I launched the WealthBowl Super 7 Amethyst ( and is really called super 7) each bead is 1cm.

So total bracelet is weigh lke gem stone cost: $228 for the bracelet, And a amber is present to lock energy. And coincidentally previously i mentioned wear amethyst in April.

4 made only:>

Is called super 7 because it has 7 element in it and it has pyramid formation.

Each bead is 10mm. It has pyramid and 7 element in it.

And so coincidental launched in facebook 3 plus and now rainbow:>

This is

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This amethyst is not normal amethyst

This amethyst appears to contain an amazing combination of crystal healing properties.

This amethyst has 7 minerals in it: Amethyst, Clear Quartz. Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Geothite and Lepidocrocite .It is one of the few stones that retains all the energy and clarity of each mineral in it even if all mineral are not showing in each piece.
Bracelet meaning
Amethyst:protective stone and safeguards you from negative energies in one's environment. It helps one to stay on one's highest path. It is said to enhance one's intuition, psychic abilities and aids in healing. It is also good for artistic ability and creativity. It may help with addictions like alcoholism and drug abuse.
Clear Quartz amplifies the energy of any other stone. It manifest your intentions. You can give it directions as to what energy you need help with and it help to manifest that for you. Clear Quartz Crystal increases energy flow and help the chi move more fluidly.
SMOKY QUARTZ Smoky Quartz is great for centering and grounding your energy. This stone is also used for protection and stress reduction..
Smoky quartz also does very well in helping with mental clarity and help memory.
CACOXENITE brings spiritual enlightenment, gives you peace of mind, opens your mind to new concepts, and enjoying learning.
GOETHITE Helps you to release emotional blockages and past conflicts.It also enhances intuition, creativity & psychism.
LEPIDOCROCITE Can be found in quartz. It may calm ADHD and ease hyperactivity. It is a very soothing and uplifting stone and helps depression. It is one of the most joyful stones I know of.
RUTILES are red, gold or silver on color. Rutiles give strength, vitality, and positive energy. They help alleviate depression & increase self esteem and energy.
And so coincidental I mention wear left hand and 7 mineral in amethyst and today rainbow of 7 colors appear.

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