Monday, March 20, 2017

2nd APril 2017

2nd April 2017 is a day for Calming the energy and setting the things right for health and beauty.

This talk at National Library left 18 seats le:>

email name mobile to , will inform to transfer .

April is a month u can attend any health talk to improve energy and luck ( u can attend any others too)

April is a month to go short trip even JB to change overall year luck.

April is a month u can adopt an amethyst healing bracelet and wear on left wrist to increase personal luck

Few Hand Yoga will be taught in this class and it will help in luck and health.
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In April super luck day to rejuvenate health and beauty and luck is

2,7,9,19 and 20 and 21.

i) This few days:> U can eat some Promenganate juice , use my Vitality Oil shower rinse. Also those who have the Shampoo (Ting hao Yun, blended with herbs) use to wash hair good.
ii) Drink red bean soup good.
iii) Home if can cook rice one of this date good. And rice must have garlic in it. And this year rooster year, to clear health issues, eat the cooked garlic,
iv) Do ur rose water face cotton 3 mins for this few days. Ur aura will have good ren yuan. Spray ur Protection spray all around ur house .

Anyway 2nd April I have a special gift for all attendees:> U all will love it:> Stay tune:>

NB: Omhealth Protection Healing Spray and Tranquility Healing Spray are preservative free. Finish in a year. I wonder why u all use so long aahha. Daily spray to see good effect. Reall good product ok:> It clearn clean and heal.

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