Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Testimonials and fruits lucky selection

Sunday Class full house

Please bring along happy heart and also a box of color pencil:>

As is the year rooster

Kick start with 2nd April Health and BEauty talk part ONE to achieve good health;

National Library 2nd April 2017
Time 930am seated and ends at 12pm.

U will love this workshop:>
email mobile and name: class@omhealth.com
This class also for new comers and repeat students:> For new comers, is the entree for u to attend future exercise class:>

All these years omhealth has alot of testimonials for items

I remember the very first testimonials was in 2006 time ahahah Gui Ren Bag, black tourmaline bracelet . That time alot people feedback in the Comment box in blog.
(i disable the comment box now as there are many junk mail ).

Follow by Flower coin, BBC coin and HIT is the HENG BALL. Till today heng ball bring alot of happiness.
Last week alot 6D hulu user reported feeling calm and positive mindset in handling situations/

And today: Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin and Liu He Gui ren is amazing.

___________ Design and activate of products_______________

omhealth products and good luck items are designed base on the 6636 calculation of peace and self development. We believe to be in natural course and not to force things out of it. And we know that health is number one. And to have good health we must learn to have good heart and learn to let go and be a kind person. This are the aura that all omhealth goodluck items emit. We believe in peace, compassion and love and wisdom.

May be thats why it works in many ways:>

Blessings always come in different manner, example, when u are sick, ur body actually building up a new defense system to make u stronger, or when sick, u find a good doctor.... Or when u have obstacles at work... the items strengthen u and give u courage to handle and new situations.

When u looking for job, my items open up ur learning aura. Thats why i tell many who cant find job, use liu he and gui ren bag and love miracle blend oil and also go attend any 1 day course from CC or short courses. This aura once open up, job find u.

We have too many cases students who be positive and found job. I dont believe like u wear few thousand dollars things and guarantee u to find job. For readers who cant afford items, dont worry. With ur peaceful heart chant 南无大悲观世音菩萨。
my items make it very affordable for many at $26 for Liu He, $38 for gui ren bag and Love miracle oil at $45.


To order Liu He Gui ren:

Email to orders@omhealth.com ur name and DOB and Chinese Animal Sign

Than payment is $26 with courier fee $5.

Include mobile and address.

I find that many start to order things without making payment first and i find many forget to transfer once receove items may be u too busy.

So I am going to ask u to follow my system which was since 2 years ago, pay first and will courier u. I hope u understand ok:>


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When u are in a fruit store this month which fruit u want to buy for ur colleagues

A) Watermelon
B) Star Fruit
C) Pear
D) Papaye or Pineapple

Choose One before scroll down

Wealth here means: Happiness, money or opportunities
In ur wealth month of the year: Do charity,  Use omhealth 5 element oil, wipe floor, rinse body (please dilute avoid face), spray tranquility spray more

A) Ur wealth luck is coming in strong in March.  In march u must do alot of planning and things will be successful

B) Ur wealth luck is in May, u will gain alot of wealth in many ways.

C) Ur wealth luck is in July, wealth growth for u easily. But cannot greedy

D) Ur wealth is in November..... In business will have alot of opportunity.

http://www.omhealth.com/shopping_cart/essential.htm  Juniper Berry Quietly launch le for Sunday students but some are avaliable in shopping cart

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