Wednesday, February 1, 2017


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Within 3 days we have 2991 email and 
80 percent email by ( me, leng and lai ) is about sector and directions which I do clear video and article le ehehehe please read ok; order mix inside end up we process slow .... We last night overnight to clear email and now left 126 so stay tune ok!

I need to prepare my temple walk etc... So for those whatsapp or facebook message me, i cant answer at all ah. eheheh i need to process ur orders too:>

Most asked questions

1)old 5 d and 6 d just throw in recycle bin ok.
2) Five d with rice and salt is for last year, so if 5 d erode u can change new one on anyday 5th feb start or continue to use the erode 5 d for a year ok de. (reason why last year put salt because one in donket year the sickness star flies to center. .. So now ur 5d coin in red packet in rice urn no need put salt.
3) forget key promo code how... This question i headache answer, like u go shopping forget use voucher i also dont know how to answer, end up leng leng one by one go thru and deduct for the payment slip ahahah ok la. be more careful next time. Also please last month buy things one some email ask for deduct... errr

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