Wednesday, February 1, 2017


U have the shopping till Sunday so every day we will have special items at Miscellaneous de

Today is send "poor" away day. ANd also a day to temple can pray pray for wealth luck.
Also today if can kitchen cut some onions and make some loud sound chop chop chop.

Send 5 Poor away day today. So today I will use 5 element alot drops in a pail and use hand wipe floor too.

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Than hor if have coil incense heng heng light Pagoda coil incense, if not tissue put ur favourite essential oil and stick to the center and blow good energy and blow away the 5 bad energy

Today hor start can eat some porridge also good le:>

1) How to work with Promo Code?

after u buy select all items, u need to enter the voucher number for promo code this time is

"8888" and click recalculate.

2) For those forget use promo code , leng leng has auto deduct for u. Or in future next order, email order, inform her and she will tele for u and deduct $8 but most do transfer the payment slip she minus $8. For email order will deduct for u end result.

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( I tell u hor, end up i am so busy tracking ah, please learn how to use promo code)

3) When u confuse ur door or sector it affected by 2 or 5 star, simplest a 6d hulu just put can le. Because 6D hulu when put on bad place reduce negativity and on good place amplify the goodness.

4) Rooster is avaliable for all who buy with promo code as mentioned. (it will be avaliable till stock  last till 5th Feb)

5) Lap Chun is 3rd feb 2017 mid night and some overseas calculation due to timeline may be 4th feb.

I choose 5th Feb 2017 that day pray Tai sui  (from that day any day) because 5th Feb is Universal good day.

6)  Black tourmaline bracelet is now avaliable for order le.

7) Packing is leng lai and mom. So if we miss out rooster  let us know  , we will give u ok.  CNY cannot use the word disappointed. Ahahah my most dont like word when i see email is "disappointed: for small matter

8) Rooster still avaliable for students and we limit 50 to the facebook readers that day only. So now have:>

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