Monday, January 9, 2017

Wonderful Energy 2017

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Even rooster and hen listening. Is the year of Female luck so a hen ahahah lead the rooster.... Is amazing.

Can u see the photo spot?

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Is a wonderful day:>
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yesterday workshop seminar the energy is one of the most strong one in this 12 years. Because of the Open Luck exercise we did and also blessings from temples from all over the world and Singapore. Believe anot every slides and every moment of the workshop my heart is wishing all to have good life:>


1)CD many track but kwan yin CD keep on playing even the technician change track. Means hor really kwan Yin Ma watching on us. And we must have faith

2) Butterfly dance , we normally use butterfly lover CD, suddendly the maching keep using the GUZHENG CD. And to many of us surprise this GuZhen music have butterly flap wings soung everytime we in synch with movement. And we do thank you Heaven and Earth breathing exercise the Gong comes in.

3) Unknowingly they say yearly my phone number open ahahah in lottery but this not important because we dont gamble... so is like a sign we are in right track.

Dont forget to attend the

Mark ur calender:

i)  19 Feb Talk (Niam GaO Gao good luck talk)
ii)  2nd April: Health and Beauty with Bryan (super health talk than bring in luck energy)
iii) In between: One yoga and 5 element exercise class gathering (that will be so powerful)

October time: 20 years anniversary talk with bryan Lao shi

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Even now i type , i can feel the tingling effect. Once again thanks for coming. I am preparing the slides and share to u through email ok:>

The two items given to you are specially activated by me even the calender:> So enjoy ok:>

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All who cant attend:

For all blog readers and those who cant attend. I have kept 4 box of items for u all to adopt.

i) 5 element oil
ii) WANG Purification Oil
iii) All the ten blends this season dragon lion dance and magneto scrub and the protection spray and tranquility spray
iv) Lavender face and rose water
u can order

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Two items: Fai Cai and Money Bag be ready on 5th Feb 2017 for u to get shopping cart (put at 1 ,6,8,9)

And also now u can get the Yellow Luck bag   personally pack by me , leng and lai and activated. The powder is agarwood. This luck bag brings peace and happiness. U can wear to sleep when insomnia or feel fear. Than keep in drawer. No need everytime wear. Is like emergency than wear. After a year or during this year, if really kana upside down. Take the powder burn. Than new powdew  u can put omhealth sandalwood powder:>

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Picture Gallery

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All who enters the door receive power
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Is a blessings: U can see Black tourmaline bracelet here. If u dont have one:> First to order in January ba. the black tourmaline bracelet bring alot good energy. U can email to

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tree in Singapore and house of the the Power people:> After the talk some even message me who are the power people who has the trees

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