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Super News:

1) 5 element oil may run low stock soon. For old students, u can get 2 bottle to keep for this year as lifespan is 1.5 years. And is super useful for u ok;

2) New oil on the 15th day of CNY:

on the 15th day of CNY we have a new Powerful Oil and for health and luck and very healing.

喜马拉雅山 Juniper Berry at $45.... Stay tune:>

The plant is small bushy shrubs or tree, 3-35 feet in height growing at an altitude ranging from 8800 to 15,400 feet in the Himalayan region . The berries are plucked from the branches of the plant once a year and dried and ground before distillation. 
Is a cleansing and purifying herbs and for detox and also many healing purpose for cellulite and wound that heal slow. Many who have aches in body also use this oil. And in world war 2 is a oil used in Hospital.
Juniperberry oil when dilute urself with rice bran oil apply:skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis and weeping eczema respond very well. It is used as a preventative against ticks and fleas.

Is the oil of rooster year too as we know rooster year is the year to remove sickness once and for all.

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By the way when CHinese New Year is good to wish people CNY.
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Special for Today Shopping Day: The Golden Opportunity Heng Ong Wang Mala with Tzi of Tu sa
at $108 and this is special for today only. U can order from shopping cart on 31st Jan and amazing when i type this is 831am... In line with the abundance numerology.

Flying Star:
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Well we know the flying star for 2017 number 2 (Sickness star) flies to the NorthWest of the house or sector NW of a room. So sickness star most affect are Pig Dog.

So remember to take care number 2 and 5 (south) with 6D hulu. Main door we dont care is 2 or 5 we put a 6D hulu door knob.
All will enter a lucky draw to win a pure gold Tian Lu bracelet with black beads.

Promotion code 8888 and discount $8 for spending $100 and above will start at 932 am:>

All will receive a mini marble today:>


Wealthbowl (
Omhealth wealthbowl 2017 best place to put is EAST  . Well this wealthbowl is forever and can put anytime now or if u want put 5th Feb 2017 onwards any auspicious day.
Wealthbowl 2017 at East meaning to bring 财富临门。

 Wealth Number Lucky Number in 2017 is 13, 27, 31 72

How to have this number in ur life this year?

Example: Everyday u can choose 8:31am/pm do affirmation with Heng Mala or 8:31 sharp do breathing exercise or black tourmaline bracelet make wishes daily.

Or u can daily 7:20pm/am do something auspicious.

2017: According to numerology is a celebrate year..... 2016 is a year to keep spending money... 2017 is a year to plant the thoughts abundance energy... But is also call a Quarrel year. And we need to talk less.

That is why we have the Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin *$28, and the Yellow Bag $12. This to ward off negativity and gossip energy.

Also on the 5th day of CNY, in ancient time, the woman of the house will go to the kitchen, and chop onions loud loud on chop board or make dumplings. The Chopping sound must be loud so to clear all XIao Ren.Image result for chop board onions

For me, male or female can do.

Tai Sui page:

The Tai Sui  is really an amazing Grand Duke Jupiter Star.
Every year will have animal affected by Tai Sui. There are a total of 60 Tai Sui which rotate to take care of the year.

The actual Rooster comes in on 4th Feb late night. So i consider to pray Tai Sui on 5th feb 2017 start any day is ok for those affected by Tai Sui.  Anyway some says 3rd feb some say 4th feb to me 5th Feb start pray tai sui is best.

Well many will say oh Kana Tai Sui no good. Well is not true. U need to in Harmony with Tai Sui and can gain support de. So people can carry Tian Lu to appease Tai Sui.

In 2017 the Tai Sui is Tang Jie General and he is a warrior. And u can put ur iphone screen save the 2017 Tai Sui pic and ur personal year Tai Sui pic (collage to ONE) so u are in harmony with him too.

Also a Tian Lu is good :In FengShui, Tian Lu is the heavenly variation of a particularly powerful and auspicious creature of good fortune. He is said to have the power to assist anyone suffering from bad Feng Shui due to having offended the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). 
(Omhealth has the peachwood Tian Lu in shopping cart, u can invite one and touch daily )

Trust me, many other religion friend kana Tai Sui mostly is affected and ask their parents to pray for them ahahah indirectly.

Is a study of star sign u know just that chinese Ancient wisdom use a Hero Chinese character to represent nature of each star.

Before I carry on. Remember this few days before 5th Feb 2017, shower final rinse more with 5 element oil and use magneto scrub too. Very effective for good luck.

There are two power day in 2017. One is 5th Feb 2017 the temple walk day. and the other day is the 15th day of CNY. Do more charity work this 2 days.

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Summarise Again Pray Tai Sui Steps

1) Buy the Tai Sui set (prepare alone for those attended the class) others can buy from temple
2) With Pure intention heart light up 3 incense and pray to斗
3) Than pray to 2017 Tai Sui ( bring some sweets to pray)
4) Than pray to ur personal birth year Tai Sui
5) Than go put incense
6) Burn the Joss paper
(Joss paper write on Bai Jie, Address, name, date of birth Chinese and the chinese day u buy)

Image result for 拜太岁

Pray Tai Sui (Temple like Arumugam road any day after 5th Feb 2017, u can go pray urself)

Start pray on 5th Feb 2017 for those affected by Tai Sui (all animal sign is good to pray to Tai Sui)

(not according to Temple but according to ancient books) So dont confuse.
Monkey, Horse,Rooster, Rat, Rabbit, Dog is good to carry 5D coin and Bai Wu Jin Ji Coin.

When u pray to Tai Sui in Temple with 60 Tai Sui around (arumugam road)

U first pray to the Tai Sui of the Year 2017 than follow by pray to ur personal Tai Sui which the year will be shown in the temple and u can find it.

So in short
pray to流年当值太岁,than 本命太岁。 拜拜本命太岁,可以保佑一生顺利,吉祥如意,凡事逢凶化吉,做事的心应手,是你一生最强的守护神。

This will ensure a better 2017. When a person affected by Tai Sui normally that year is a challenging year because only thru challenges u can grow. So as long as u pray le and carry some Tai Sui appease related item like 5 d coin or tian lu related item u be ok and any obstacles come fast go fast.

Iphone Method

I below use meitou software:

First find 2017 Tai Sui and than find your birth year Tai Sui. Than put two pic together, than put in the text and choose as screen saver or print out.

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