Wednesday, January 11, 2017

玉化上等 couch shell (crystalline) (left 1 onl有each)

This hand held mala is very very precious. It has the cheaper quailty that all can buy is my omhealth Counch shell mama 21 beads mini . Or the following collectiable jadedinise couch shell.

This mala is carefully tied by omhealth with power liuli and crystals healing:>

The conch shell was one of Buddhism’s eight auspicious symbols, signifying truthful  speech and strength. 

It brings in alot of good energy for people with feeling low and weakness in mind. Help a person not to be easily sway by others and be in right track.

Omhealth highest quality

Yellow黄砗磲, ($388)
White $188

According to ancient TEXT: this mala:
砗磲的作用之四:调整身心, 能稳定情绪、去除杂念、增加智慧、消除烦恼业障、调养身心平衡。
砗磲的作用之五:转运减压 ,特别针对体质较弱,运势较差,血液循环不佳,工作压力过大,患有忧郁症,精神官能症,头痛、失眠,大病初愈的人来说,应随时随地配戴砗磲。

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jadedism type bigger double below size $188

Mini but normal not jadeism type.: $48 but also good

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