Monday, December 12, 2016

Welcome 2017 8th Jan 2017

Welcome Year of Rooster with dash of difffferent.

Many has registered for this workshop. And many newbies too. And wonder since I have shared so many information on facebook and website about 2017. What topics i am going to cover?

Well definitely , old students will know this is a very different from the stereo type fengshui workshop in the market. Where the aim is to sell items aahaha or share 12 animals in 3 hours or flying star...

For me alot of effort is need to prepare this yearly workshop. It took me 4 months to prepare the topics.

Why  4 months? The techniques imparted by my master to me is alot. So i need to arrange the topics on how to deliver to u in a simpler way.

This 2017

we have alot of wonderful topics like

How to pray?
How to handle negative energy
How to increase the Ki and house Ki
What are some of the technqiues we can use to work with heaven and earth energy
Ur birth date how and what to do to improve luck
What color and how to use it
Ur house fengshui and ur health quick remedies
Singapore where to VISIT in 2017 for good luck


Fees: $45
NTUC auditorium
Time: 930am to 1230pm

Old students, u always last minute register and I must say dont delay le

U will love this workshop as we have gather alot of good energy to this workshop too. In a way all who attend will receive healing blessings from 3 temples:> And I wish all well.

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