Sunday, December 4, 2016

mini Lookup table

Summarised Lookup Table

Probably I try to load as much informations for all of you so the flying star what to put u may feel overwhelmed. So let me summarise for you here.......

Remember omhealth traditional cure:

Flying star handling using 5D and 6D hulu and also The Protection Spray, Tranquility Healing Spray

House Item any of it if u have: Mystic knot, Elephant ruyi, Tian Lu, Tianlu Hulu, house item 3 legged frog is powerful to put home facing inwards anywhere.

House item, is when put in good luck area, amplify good, when i negative area weaken the negativity, so is very rugged.

Good Luck star 1: 5 d coin with a bowl of $1 coin and marble.
Sickness Star 2:  6D Hulu or the two hulu set with gold powder inside
Robbery Star 3: Put a protection Spray and a 5 D coin or Gui ren bag can put on office table or ruyi elephant
Wen Qu Green 4: Put a red heng ball can help wealth also light pagoda incense
Big diaster  star 5: 6 D hulu or blue heng ball is good,
Best  Luck Star 6: Keep spray tranquility spray, 5D coin,
Misfortube star 7: Bai wu Jin Ji coin, BBC coin or 5 d coin is useful
Lucky star 8:  Liu Li Elephant, Mystic knot or wealthbowl from omhealth or 3 legged frog
Purple good luck star 9: Tian Lu Peach wood, Elephant, red heng ball.

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