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DOng Zhi how to receive good luck

Is year End

and now December till before CNY is a very "Things happen together" month. Alot of very judemental issues and stress issues may pop up. Also health wise is norm many will get sick or unwell, due to change of season.

And dont forget this 2016 the sickness star stays at center palace so many immune will be weak. Stay strong and positive is important this end month.

Whatever happen, continue focus on ur positivity. Thats why my welcome 2017 workshop hold on 8th Jan 2017. Is not to be too early but just a nice timing.  This workshop will have alot of blessings.

I will be making a trip to IPOH this week to light a 10 days Coin incense for 8th Jan 2017. So all , 8th Jan 2017 morning Ipoh side will start this coil incense for all attendees.

How to handle 2016 year end drama?

i) At all time when hippcups at work or house, put 3 tablespoon of salt on a small paper cup with 5 drops 5 element oil and 5 drops cypress oil and 3 spray of protection spray on salt and put on office table or  behind bed room door (3 days will do)
(do it if cant sleep or feeling very weird)

ii) Perform Magneto Body scrub, year end le , this scrub will ensure body aura is at tip top.

iii) Drink red bead soup. And before drinking red bean soup, in the heart say "百无禁忌,好运来“

冬至大过年 ( Bryan 老师开运法)21st December 2016
this 太阳南回归线,represent new beginnings... also that explain why before that the month is tough as new beginnings needs transformation , so ur heart ur mind and work may have more thining to do.

A) 5 element oil method improve luck. That day, go to ur bedroom and look for NORTH and seat there at 11pm (errr i sleep le). Seat there and do 3 mins breathing exercise. As that day North of ur room will have very good energy , not only bring power to ur energy and improve ur health.
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B) Lion God method
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(Lion God, Lion God, please brighten my SUN MOON and Star, let me have good energy thank u)
say above while touching the head of lion outside temple and than hor touch ur head and shoulder

C) DongZhi Shopping Day:

Well, may be this is marketing ba... But each year DongZhi is a shopping day, buying a new supplements or getting something can bring in the energy to have income. U can visit order items that u need to use. So for those who order items only on that day from 7am to 12pm will receive a HENG red packet .

Dongzhi is a day to adopt omhealth bracelet too if u want to. Any email sent out that day consider ordering le. And we will include only for that day order a red packet.

(I suggest u all buy today few bottles of 5 element oil and healing trees, tenspice oil all these)

On that day ahahah the Salt Himalayan salt will be ready for order at $20 a packet.

D) Dong Zhi dont quarrel , even people make u angry, u chant  BAI WU JIN JI super power

The person who make u angry or make u difficult, they may kana.... So key to good luck is DONG zhi talk less. Even gossip also dont say because will bring she fei to u for 2017.

DOng Zhi, i will post a lucky pic at my facebook, u just say some heng commments.

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Welcome Rooster Year 2017 8th Jan and also the niam good luck 2017. How can u not register? Above just a small tips. To learn the power techniques... U must come.

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First temple Visit started in 2012 and we have rested in 2016

And I have ask God we can have another one and YES. This year temple walk will be one temple and is right after lapchun iteself and will be 5th Feb 2017)

It will be so simple, we will gather and visit the temple , pray le than walk to the healing trees and eat breakfast and go home.

We will send a email to all who have participated temple walk before:> and open for registeration.

Below is i ask for permission for temple visit in a group for blessing and yes we got a YES.

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